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  1. Funsizes

    Christmas Gift Guides/Present Ideas

    Hi guys! I'm absolutely crap at buying gifts especially for the men in my life, so I thought I'd start a thread where we can post what we are buying our parents, partners, siblings, nieces, nephews, et cetera!
  2. DanDanTheIceCreamMan

    Influencer Christmas Decs #2 the only roast that matters this festive season

    Carrying on from the original thread here: This is the place for all your big baubles... your gaudy gonks... your tasteless trees... see it, post it, roast it ;) Keep on tattling...
  3. Marylou

    Christmas 2023 #4

    Old thread Continue the festive chat here 🎄
  4. F

    Worst influencer Christmas gift suggestions

    This time of year all our influencers seem to be producing Christmas gift guides. I can't be the only one trying to find the worst gift to give or receive. So far the one I would hate the most is a sourdough starter.
  5. Madge2022

    Cleaning with Mario #113 Christmas time, mistletoe and WHINE

    New thread hens, thanks tae oor ain beaut @thatsnotstrictlytrue. No quite the autumn wan she wanted but a cracking crissmas wan. ETA: Ah thought ah hud left spelling mistake in, as wisnae sure if it was intentional as a tribute tae Beak, but autocorrect did me dirty 👀
  6. calmyourritas

    Christmas 2023 #3

    Only 2 months to go! 🎅🏻🎄🎁
  7. C

    What is on your Christmas wish list?

    Ok, ok, we all know Christmas isn’t all about the presents BUT, after re reading the present moans thread I’m curious… what is on your Christmas wish list?
  8. AdApathy

    EastEnders The Six - Christmas Predictions

    After February's flash-forward we're so close to finding out what happens at Christmas involving "The Six", an unidentified male, and a pair of amber cufflinks. Post your predictions in this thread! Do we have a secret EastEnders writer amongst us? Or are we all miles off the mark? You've...
  9. coconochanel

    Christmas 2023 #2

    Yes this is the Christmas thread where you can discuss all things Christmas 🎅🎄❄⛄☃. So far we have discussed.... What we put in Christmas eve boxes Ideas for advent calender gifts Things to do and see over the Xmas period What gifts we would like to receive Our Christmas traditions if we've...
  10. F

    Worrying about Christmas(i know i know)

    Is anyone else worrying about Christmas? With thr prices going up almost daily I'm starting to worry about the cost of things.
  11. rainbowlemon

    Christmas 2023

    I know it's still June. 🤣 I don't actually tend to do much myself. I didn't decorate or buy a tree last year. I don't buy presents for my parents or my siblings as the youngest is now 20. I skipped going to my grandfather's house, so didn't feel the pressure of buying for my cousin's kids...
  12. T

    Christmas time sales

    Hiya folks! Just wondering what everyone is on the hunt for in the Christmas sales? So far I’ve found where I’ve browsed online to be a bit dull and nothing’s grabbed my attention so I’m keen to hear from others! I don’t really live near a big enough town/city to be going out to actual shops...
  13. Saddlesoap

    Anti Christmas thread for those who need it 💗

    Just wanted to create this thread for those not into Christmas to chat about anything you like. Especially if you are alone this year, or find this time of year particularly difficult, for whatever reason. I'm pretty meh about it this year, although my mood will probably improve as the day...
  14. LennyBriscoe

    Ideal Christmas Dinner Guests

    Dead or alive, who would you love to have Christmas dinner with? Famous people, relatives, anyone at all. I would love to have Christmas dinner with my mum and dad, who are both dead. My husband and son would be there as would Andy Murray, Elvis and, randomly, Donnie Wahlberg 😂
  15. Souffle

    Hosting on Christmas Day

    This is the first year that I’m hosting at my house. Please give me all the advice and tips you can because I’m stressing, especially about cooking the Christmas dinner! 🎄🦃
  16. F

    Christmas Dinner "cheats"

    What Christmas Dinner "cheats" do you do? From • pre made gravy • ready made yorkshires • pre done veg Post them here
  17. Clickbait

    Christmas present moans #2 It's Xmas time & here's my present list, buy me what I want or you’ll meet my fist!

    Thanks to @Lucyxxxx for a thread title for the second instalment of Christmas present moans, a safe space to complain about any steaming pile of 💩 presents that you receive over the festive period. Previous thread here:
  18. C

    What do you do on Christmas Eve / Day? (A restful Christmas)

    Hi all. I’m curious, what do you normally do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Do you have a specific routine or set timings? Any particular activities, games or must do events. I’m intrigued but also looking for ideas. I want and need, to unwind this Christmas. This year has been truly...
  19. KawaiiSloth

    Feeling guilty for spending money on Christmas presents

    I've had to buy Christmas presents for my mum, dad, brother, boyfriend, and both of my Grandads this year. As much as I love giving gifts and treating them, I feel so guilty that my bank balance is now so low as a result. I've been trying to save money recently and Christmas has just seem to...
  20. S

    Tracy DiMarco #104 Christmas Tracy entered the chat room.

    Welcome to thread #104 🎶It's the most wonderful time of the year🎶 Tracy is IN LOVE and since her happiness only depends on men, she's happier than ever! Let her Christmas mess begin!! Happy Holidays little Joey, this year you might be the "fall guy"! Sorry for the lack of imagination and...
  21. heretoreaditall2019

    Christmas Watch 2022 #3

    Part 3!
  22. Warpaint

    Christmas Work Parties

    Do you enjoy them or avoid them at all costs? Have they gone dramatically wrong or just plain boring? I've never encountered one where anyone has been sacked but you always hear all the stories A few years ago I used to love them, but my team changed, my hours changed and now I just couldn't...
  23. Bubbledoggyyeah

    Christmas on your own

    Has anyone ever done it? It’s starting to look like I may have to this year and I feel physically sick at the thought of it. I’m already crying and anytime I see anything Christmas related I want to curl into a ball and not wake up. Please help.
  24. rainbowlemon

    Grief and Christmas

    Yesterday was a long day and my heart hurts. My friend died almost three years ago just before christmas. If I’m being honest I already don’t have a lot of friends, the people i’m closest to now are actually my 3 siblings and another person I meet up with every two weeks or so. What...
  25. S

    Christmas Gifts - buying from small businesses

    I try to buy all my gifts from small UK-based businesses. I have a few tough-to buy-for people and I end up wandering virtually around masses of small stores looking for inspiration. I wondered if we could all share our small business recommendations? Also this could be a place to ask whether...