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  1. saltymermaid

    Louise Pentland #16 £1000 on her charity project, £3000 on ugly xmas decorations that last a month

    Nobody suggested a thread title so I used a comment instead. Credit to @simbi123 Full comment was "£1000 on her important charity project, £3000 on ugly christmas decorations that last a month" - Lady tight arse Louise entered a competition for a free kitchen despite being rich of enough to buy...
  2. 1001 others

    I'm thinking about charging friends and family to come to ours for Christmas - thoughts please

    I know it's ages away, but we are hosting Christmas this year and I have to start planning now. In the past, we've mostly gone to one of my SiL's as she has lots of kids and had a large house at the time; but now she's moved into a smaller house and her kids have flown the nest. When we went...
  3. Oohthedrama

    Christmas! What I’m doing, eating, opening, giving right now!

    I want all the details! 😂😂 What are you doing right now, what are you eating on Christmas Eve night! Who are you fighting with, Have you got any pressies yet! Have you binned the elf and left Christmas boxes out. Are you wearing tragic Christmas PJ’s Are you still sober…. TELL ME EVERYTHING!
  4. 1

    Christmas Gifts 2021

    I don't know if it's just me but I love knowing what people have got for Christmas and also what they have got others, so thought we could all share! I've got my dad an Apple Watch and I am SO excited to gift it to him. He's wanted one for so long but hasn't had the money so can't wait to spoil...
  5. Blahblahahaaa77

    Covid positive for Christmas 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Hey all, Just making a separate thread for all of us that have tested positive in the last week or so and now Christmas is ruined 🤦🏼‍♀️. How’s everyone feeling? I’m on day 3 and have no smell or taste, my head feels like cotton wool and I can’t hear a thing! Has your family come down with...
  6. Stapleyourtongue

    On the 12th day of Christmas, the judge said to KP, no more get out of jail cards, not even

    Congratulations @Sparkly23, great title ❤ Carry on Krusties ❤
  7. Marj24

    Christmas Videos, add your favourires here!

    I think it's late enough to get in the Christmas mood, what are your favourite Christmas songs? I'll start with an underated song by a very handsome man ( and cute dog)! then many people's favourite Just adding this hanger from Kelly Clarkson Can't edit but above should read banger...
  8. nellyloz123

    Mason Mount #55 Christmas is cumming and so are the FBC, Let’s hope we find mason under our Xmas tree!

    Poll results 📊 A whopping jollopping 83% voted to shag rooting tooting Tone’s personality in Mason’s body. Quite frankly, that was the worst poll choice in 55 threads 🤣 ⚽️ Tony was hot topic once again. We all know my feelings on Tone and his nips 😍. If I don’t watch myself I’ll be starting...
  9. S

    Christmas Crackers

    Do you buy Christmas crackers for your dinner table on Christmas Day, and if so, where do you buy yours from?
  10. LaraQ

    Vicky Pattison #7 Christmas is coming,Milo's getting fat.Air Can won't propose,so don't buy a hat.

    The state of Vicky and Air Can's relationship remains precarious.She 's still on the beg.As you were.
  11. So so able

    Spending Christmas day alone

    Just wondering if anyone has spent Christmas day alone or is planning too as I'm giving it some serious consideration this year 🤶
  12. A

    Influencers December 1st/ Christmas Eve boxes

    Are these a thing? I’ve seen Hollie Evelyns stories today and she must have spent £100s on them on top of actual Christmas presents 🤯 seen a few influencers do them but hers was massive!
  13. L

    How much do you spend on your kids at Christmas?

    How much do you spend? Do you budget? Do you go all out? I've been gradually shopping for Christmas since August and just finished this month, and have probably spent about £350 on my daughter this year. But that doesn't include all the extras that come with Christmas nowadays - Christmas...
  14. PinkMariner

    Christmas Dinner - Do you pay?!?

    Read an article this week about a woman who is fuming because her mother in law has charged her for Christmas Dinner. It made me smile, because we do the same - in a round about way. Whoever is hosting does the food shop, tells the rest of us how much it was and we split it between us. No...
  15. T

    What are you wearing on Christmas Day?

    I’m looking for some inspiration to avoid wearing my PJs all day 🤣 Just a bit of fun but what will you wear on Christmas Day, post pics if you have them/want to.
  16. wakametango 2.0

    Christmas Wish Lists

    I’m struggling to think of what I want my OH to get me for Xmas i have the usual smaller bits like slippers and travel mug on friends/family secret Santa wish lists but the only bigger things I can think of are either New balance 327 or Axel Arigatos/New Balance 530s What have you all got on...
  17. BooksNCats

    Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

    Anyone struggling to think of Christmas gifts for friends and family? thought it would be nice to share ideas, bargains, decent small businesses etc. if you want to ask for advice, please say who you are looking for and this age & relationship to you. Include details if required. For example...
  18. L

    Christmas away - opinions welcome

    So I've had really tough year, my husband is no longer around and I don't really have much in the way of family or friends. As you can imagine, I'm really dreading Christmas, so was thinking of going away alone. What do you think? I have the money to do something wonderful and I don't usually...
  19. Oohthedrama

    Covid and Christmas plans.

    This was a conversation I listened to on the radio last week. obviously a lot of restrictions have been lifted, so that’s not the topic here, And unlike last year it’s not a ‘Christmas dinner for one’ alone, with one government approved gift from Santa 😐 but if you’re having people over, how...
  20. E

    Christmas playlist 2021

    PERFECT FOR PARTIES, CHILLING, DRIVING & DECORATING THE TREE TO GET YOU IN THE FESTIVE SPIRIT 1. Fairytale of New York - Pogues ft Kirstie MacColl 2. All I want for Christmas - Mariah Carey 3. Merry Christmas Everyone - Shakin Stevens 4. Last Christmas - Wham 5. Merry Christmas everyone -...
  21. E

    Christmas 2021

    Saw a really cute video with Christmas throwbacks. Brings back so many funny & festive memories. People in Ireland and England will definitely know these things. What is your favourite thing or memory of Christmas 🎄 🎅🎉☃️🌟
  22. MaryX82

    Alternative Christmas

    Hi all I was just wondering what plans non Christmassy people have for the season?I will get the nieces and nephews gifts but don’t feel like joining in the celebrations at all this year.So what other films/food/activities could I do to have a slightly less hectic season.I am off for nearly 3...
  23. Beggars belief

    John Lewis Christmas Advert 2021

    It’s a no 👎 from me! What is wrong with the people doing these adverts the last 2/3 years?? Bring back the trampoline and the animals for me or even the man on the moon! Better than what they are doing now, disappointed 😔 always looked forward to the John Lewis Advert too 😢
  24. Affiliatedlink

    John Lewis Christmas Advert 21

    Any thoughts? It’s just too cheesy and predictable for me 🙄, I‘d love to have seen something a bit more upbeat for a change. All sentimental, warbled Human League cover of Electric Dreams etc etc..same same. It’s a No from me. Bah Humbug
  25. Cooksie

    Christmas Party Outfits 💃🏼

    What is everyone wearing for their Christmas party’s this year? I’ve been scrolling through online shopping for hours hoping to get a few new bits but haven’t found anything I’m feeling yet!
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