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The Only Way Is Essex (often abbreviated as TOWIE ) is a British reality television series based in Brentwood, Essex, England. It shows "real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way." Originally broadcast on ITV2, the series was moved to ITVBe in October 2014.The first series consisted of 10 episodes and ran for 30 minutes, with a Christmas special following later in the year. Due to popularity, the runtime was extended to 45-minute episodes and renewed for a year's airing. On 22 May 2011, the series won the Audience Award at the 2011 BAFTA Awards.
On 13 March 2016, ITVBe aired a one-off documentary hosted by former cast member Mark Wright, discussing the history of the series. On 28 February 2017, with the announcement of the cast for the show's twentieth series, it was confirmed that instead of the usual three series per year, ITVBe would only be airing two series, but with more episodes.

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  1. Rach88

    The Only Way Is Essex #12

    New thread Link to previous thread here
  2. Rach88

    The Only Way Is Essex #11

    New thread guys :) Link to old thread here
  3. Rach88

    The Only Way Is Essex #10

    New thread as you were :) Link to previous thread here
  4. Rach88

    The Only Way Is Essex #9

    New thread guys :) If anyone wants recap feel free x
  5. Sazbee

    The only way is Essex cast #8

    Carry on 😊 Mod edit: please hit watch to watch the thread, don't post messages that add nothing just to watch, thanks
  6. dddddddddddd

    The Only Way Is Essex cast #7

    Continuing on
  7. E

    The Only Way Is Essex cast #6

    Recap.... Clelia didn’t get any more interesting. Neither did Saffron! Poor Bobby got drunk and said something (likely to be true) to Frankie. Bobby apologised to Frankie, should have been end of but Frankie cried to Chloe who then made a crying Bobby beg for forgiveness from the Sim mafia...
  8. E

    The Only Way Is Essex cast #5

    Recap... So Clelia has unfortunately not bore-d off like most of us were hoping. Still clinging on and creating beef to get some airtime. Neither has the wannabe GC Saffron! Also getting involved in beef for airtime. Pete has now escaped the clutches of Chloe but now acting like Sid James in...
  9. E

    The Only Way Is Essex cast #4 thread! So the unanswered questions from previous... Is Georgia pregnant? Yes!!! We knew this in October but had to wait till the Christmas special to find out. Some found it cheesy, some found it emosh but nobody believed the rest of the cast didn’t know! We still don’t know...
  10. E

    The Only Way Is Essex cast #3

    New thread.... Recap from previous... So we’ve found out Chloe’s been at it with Pete for 2 years 🤔 they weren’t speaking but now are but aren’t in a relationship. Instead of being happy she’s shouting about Dan not wanting her over a year ago! General consensus on here is: - Amber is well...
  11. 265

    The Only Way Is Essex cast #2

    Continued from the Main thread of waffle.
  12. T

    The Only Way Is Essex cast

    There’s a few individual threads but I thought I’d start one for the whole cast to stop other threads derailing. Anyone got any tea? ☕️ Sex drugs and rock and roll...... I’m sure they all have plenty of secrets.
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