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  1. YouveAllBeenAsking

    Simone Anderson #8 The basket case is losing the battle with Tattle

    Simone has started a new series where she finds her favourite tattle comments, chops half the sentence off and sends them to herself as a DM for the only party she can't get sponsored - a pity party. The comments are then scrolled through and posted as a reel for some cheeky engagement. I like...
  2. sausagefingertrent

    Simone Anderson #7 Simone’s Journey to wealth not health

    New thread for SimmošŸ„³šŸ„³
  3. YouveAllBeenAsking

    Simone Anderson #6 Blocked right now, thank you very much, I need some bots to show a human touch

    A reminder to all Tattlers on this thread: we are going to keep this space free of speculation regarding sexual assault, victim blaming or shaming. You are encouraged to report any comments seen breaking this unofficial rule. Carry on.
  4. louisvuittonbag

    Simone Anderson #5 I see it, I want, it, I tag it, I get it (for free)

    Thanks to @Couldntcomeupwithaname for the thread name! Turns out you could come up with a name šŸ¤Ŗ
  5. trentworksfromhome

    Simone Anderson #4 Fresh spawn for spon-con

    Welcome to the new thread, I know we all can't wait until Simone's Second Sprog is #earthside, but just like the latest release of Embrace Activewear, we'll just have to wait until she's ready to bless us with the details. To recap, after Simone's brand launch of "Asher Roo", she hastily added...
  6. trentworksfromhome

    Simone Anderson #3 Orange is the New Beige

    Thanks to @LadyChat for the great thread name. To recap the last thread, the Circus Queen of Beige paid us a fleeting visit for a couple of days, during which time she called us all thick cunts and fat, desperate housewives who need some cock. Congratulations to all of those who self-identify...
  7. YouveAllBeenAsking

    Simone Anderson #2 can't dance away the Women's Refuge shame, too many dodgy #ads to name

    Simone Anderson #2 The queen of beige keeps on grifting with her #sponsored child in tow.
  8. Kiwigem

    Simone Anderson

    Please can someone do a recap.
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