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Big Brother 2013, also known as Big Brother 14 and Big Brother: Secrets and Lies, was the fourteenth series of the British reality television series Big Brother. It launched on 13 June 2013 on Channel 5 and 5*, and lasted for 68 days, ending on 19 August 2013. It was part of a new two-year contract with Endemol, which secured the show until 2014. It was the third regular series to air on Channel 5 and the seventh series of Big Brother to air on the channel since they acquired the show. The series was won by 23-year-old Sam Evans from South Wales. He won the £100,000 prize fund, meaning that he is the first winner since 2010 to win the full prize fund.Eight housemates entered on launch night, including a set of twins becoming one housemate; with another six, including a mother and daughter, entering the house the following night. Unbeknownst to the housemates, an actor controlled by the viewers, Michael Dylan - otherwise known as "The People's Puppet" - entered the house on launch night, and this was revealed to them upon his departure on Day 9. On Day 33, after a confrontation between housemates Daley Ojuederie and Hazel O'Sullivan, Daley became the first housemate to be ejected from the Big Brother House since Big Brother moved to Channel 5. For the first time in regular Big Brother history, no new housemates entered the house following the two launch nights.
The fourteenth series saw the return of viewers voting to evict, rather than voting to save alike the two previous series. This way of voting had not been used since Ultimate Big Brother.This was the first series of Big Brother to be presented by Big Brother's Bit on the Side co-host Emma Willis and the first presenter change since Brian Dowling took over from Davina McCall in 2011. Willis continued to host Bit on the Side along with Rylan Clark and AJ Odudu, who replaced Jamie East and Alice Levine.
This is the most watched Channel 5 series of Big Brother UK averaging 1.9 million.

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  1. C

    Sallie Axl #9 salliexpress house of coutbore

    Continue here... thanks @MrsSavage for the thread title
  2. Belladonnababy

    Sallie Axl #8 Sherlock Hoelmes her pop tart feet, back on the gram shes admitted defeat

    New thread thanks @HanB33 👏🏻 🎉 can someone do a recap plzzzzz we need to ConTrOl tHe NaRrAtiVe
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    Sallie Axl #7 Our Sal the parenting guru, comes with cowboy boots and a tuna canoe.

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    Sallie axl #6

    Thread title thanks to (removed - title left blank) quick recap Sallie went “travelling Europe” where we were treated to the famous rap battle. she used khloe for a lift from the airport in Ibiza then quickly ditched her (khloe also does onlyfans and has a very graphic twitter account 😱 she...
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    Sallie Axl #5 Thinks shes Pete Tong, friends long gone

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    Sallie Axl #4 beef bagle out on only fans, kids are living at their nans

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    Sallie Axl #3 sells her tuna canoe, only gifted sushi will do

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    Sallie Axl #2

    dodgy accents and awful knickers, ditched her kids for drugs and liquors Thought of by @MrsSavage
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    Sallie Axl

    Soooo... Anyone following her? Opinions?
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