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  1. Stripper Vicar

    Sallie Axl #60 Hoe on the snow in the Chateu

    New thread just in time for her “amazing” dj set from a cave in TULUM* *that she paid for with a groupon offer 🤣 Thread title as per @Lyla001
  2. Stripper Vicar

    Sallie Axl #59 please come back sallie, we love you, warts and all

    So our Sal went awol for a few days and had us worried sick but fear not she is back baby 🥳 Thread title winner was @WhatasadlifeJane, well done a crate of crab sticks are on the way 🦀 So where in the world is our favourite porta potty ???
  3. Stripper Vicar

    Sallie Axl #58 Boiled egg in a wig, top DJ 24 at my gig

    Well done @KittyKat1988 for the new title 🥳 A 23andme test is on its way so you can also find out if you are part Scandinavian part cunt 🤣 Can someone do a quick recap plz
  4. geordiegirl

    Sallie Axl #57 Momma didn't raise no quitter but she did raise a frog licker!

    Thanks to @BirkenheadTranny for the shiny new thread title! Prev thread here: Sadly Donkey Punch didn't make it into the title this time but keep voting for another one...
  5. Stripper Vicar

    Sallie Axl #56 stuck in bed still rough as a dog, it's never her fault let's blame the frog 🐸

    Well done to @KittyKat1988 Old Sal is soyyy ill and is having the worse luck and its all the damn frogs fault !!!
  6. Stripper Vicar

    Sallie Axl #55 Ghislane Axl ✌ it's a Vibe. Old crabstick Val and her teenage tribe...

    New thread in time for the inevitable TULUM comedown. Thanks to @RuEvenReal for the title and special thanks to @TheInformant for Ghislane Axl. You both get a VIP trip to a shit rave 💫🧿 GO HOME SAVILLE...
  7. geordiegirl

    Sallie Axl #54 Boobs hanging out & getting drunk, now the vegan’s straddling a poor elephant's trunk

    (Wasn’t sure if ‘tits’ were allowed so changed to boobs just in case😂) Thanks to @Halfbaked for the new thread title! Prev thread here: Our Val is...
  8. Sir John Elton

    Sallie Axl #53 Flying business class like she's high class totty, when Sals Actually in Dubai to be a porta

    Thanks to @RattyBumBum for the suggestion! Would anyone like to recap?? Val has touched down in Dubia and it would appear after a quick STI check,has filled her load, done what is needed and is now out on the town, sashaying around on her own in her silver boots. Val has also been to...
  9. Platformcrocs

    Sallie Axl #52 Vegas had a better birthday than Val

    Buckle up rat gerlz, Val is in Dubia to shag punters celebrate her birthday. Actually she spent her birthday in the bogs taking pictures of herself. Wow happy memories. Can't wait to bring the girls there can ya Sal, better make sure Lisa the Enabler books the time off work to chaperone. She's...
  10. Platformcrocs

    Sallie Axl #51 The Tuebrook ostrich, having a wine and a line

    Just when we thought things were quietening down, Sal has graced us with this absolutely beaut dress. Think it actually has outdone the Cleopatra get up from her Nile cruise 🤭 Aside from that it's the same old shit, still not going ahead with holidays and lying, still on UC and claiming a 17k...
  11. geordiegirl

    Sallie Axl #50 First we had Mr Bean, now Sals filming a porno with the front man from Queen!

    Thanks to @IamMyaJ for the new title! Prev thread here: Roundup: Our Val is in Mykonos after catching a flight (and god knows what else) and hooking up with...
  12. geordiegirl

    Sallie Axl 49 Sal thinks she’s mum of the year but a supervised visit to Wembley & she’s on the gear

    Thanks to @observerisshe for the new the thread title! Prev thread here: Roundup: Still no bunk beds Still no evidence kids are ever at hers Was let down by a limo service (always being let down eh Val?)...
  13. geordiegirl

    Sallie Axl #48 The Camel that broke the Axl’s back

    Thank to @tete for the magnificent title!! Quick roundup: Still no bunkbeds Our Salvador booked herself on a party boat in Egypt but made out she was invited to a birthday bash; she proceeded to be on her own most of the time, wear clothes that were inappropriate and made our day by shouting...
  14. geordiegirl

    Sallie Axl #47 Tuebrook Trotter and the tale of the 12 holidays

    Thanks to @Lyla001 for the new thread title! Prev thread here: Round up: We think she’s off to Egypt but fuck knows 🤷🏻‍♀️ As you were!
  15. Platformcrocs

    Sallie Axl #46 Zero hour contract mum, in London again to take it up the

    Shout out to @Cantbebotheredtomove for the title! So what has Val been up to lately? In London brassing it up Still waiting for the fabled podcast, gErL tAlK with Sallie Axl Face tattoo still hasn't been removed, probably because no one was willing to do it for free Can't get into America coz...
  16. geordiegirl

    Sallie Axl #45 Hoes without boarders

    Thanks to @Stripper Vicar for the new thread title! Boarders was spelt incorrectly intentionally for the way our Sal spells things Roundup: She’s off to Vegas for Burning Man alledgedly She’s sick yet again coming back from holiday 🤔 Still no bunk beds And she seems to be trolling us by...
  17. geordiegirl

    Sallie Axl #44 Salvador Sali and the Curious Case of the Clot

    Thanks to @Platformcrocs for a potential book title but for now our new thread! Prev thread here: As you were!
  18. geordiegirl

    Sallie Axl #43 Dubia, Miami, Teleeeve, where next for Sal and her wizard's sleeve?

    Thanks to @Phil Anne Throw Pee for the new thread title!!! Prev thread here: As you were peeps!!
  19. geordiegirl

    Sallie Axl #42 She’s travelled the world but spent NYE at SAGA, fake AF, Valenciaga!

    Well done to @Queenie Pop for thread title!!! NatWest Val is back!! Prev thread here: As you were peeps!
  20. Platformcrocs

    Sallie Axl #41 Mulger jeans & Loubs galore, she’s still an absent mum & bore

    Shout out to @HmmmReally for the title - had to change "whore" to something more PG :ROFLMAO: Few highlights from the last thread: The "sugar daddy" Paul Sausage lips are still fit to burst None of her holidays went ahead Still driving the Rent a Range She's started a podcast which I'm very...
  21. Elle__Dee

    Sallie Axl #40 Prolapsed face, you big disgrace, dropping your coke all over the place!

    Thread suggestion curtesy of @GemAitch, I actually lolled so loud.
  22. fluffyglitterbug

    Sallie Axl #39 Sallie went awol & drove us to other threads, Sallie came back, still no bunk beds

    Well done @Tobodee on the winning thread title! Link to the wiki here: Will our dream come true? WIll Axl hook up with the Amish gnome and create the next best gruesome...
  23. X

    Sallie Axl #38 The Kent Variant

    As you were.. title credit goes to @PastorBake 👏🏽👏🏽
  24. fluffyglitterbug

    Sallie Axl #37 It ain’t a 4 bed, GED obsessed, lips bigger than her head

    New thread, thanks Had to amend slightly 😘
  25. Sheila Bloom

    Sallie Axl #36 Neighhhhh class and a square ass

    Well done @Noseycow2020 with the title 🐴🐎 Not sure a recap is required given how boring AF Val has been but if anyone can be arsed the mosey on down… Live soon Valerie please 🙏 Wiki soon mods please 🙏