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  1. C

    Sallie Axl #35 Hey girl hey boy superstar DJ

    New thread. There weren't any thread suggestions on the first few pages of most liked comments that I could see and I got bored scrolling, so used @Retro80s most liked comment (but took off "she's a ho" in case it wasn't allowed) I don't have much of a recap because she hasn't done anything...
  2. X

    Sallie Axl #34 Val’s a thief, bad teef, Bella and Baxel-Bean got some BEEF

    @Hamburglar you finally made it with the most liked title thread, enjoy the Tattle glory! ✨ On #33 we all saw Val’s granny f*nny. Horrendous scenes. New 4 bedroom house coming along nicely! Last accent was scouse, and she’s still a bellend. Wiki...
  3. X

    Sallie Axl #33 Sun, sea, permanently child free!

    Ignore thread #32.. Outstanding title but we’ll play by the rules - unlike our mask bashing COVID denying Val! Wiki: Why is Sallie so obsessed with podcasts?
  4. X

    Sallie Axl #32 Sun, sea and sexually free.. absolutely riddled with STDS

    As you were :) Wiki:
  5. Blair-Waldorf

    Sallie Axl #31 no stories from the ‘respectable mum’, you can still pay to see her

    @OR_tjf thanks for the thread title arghhh I was trying to shorten it but I pressed post by accident!! Sallie Axl #31 - no holiday stories from the ‘respectable mum’, but you can still pay to see her take it up the bum continue here rat gerlzzzz. She’s back in wakey so expect eggs and aromat...
  6. N

    Sallie Axl #30 I think you're thinking of Sallie Axl, I myself am Valerie Baxel

    Well done me @Cheddar Chalpupa for the thread title anyone want to do a recap ETA Val tried to trick us into thinking she was back in the bedsit in Wakefield by tagging her location but the super sleuths of tattle aren’t fooled that easy 😂 Her new found Miami friends were still tagging her in...
  7. Eleanor Abernathy

    Sallie Axl #29 When you were Ink Doll Sal and now you're NatWest Val - TRAGEDY

    Well done to @MmmB777 for their second thread title in a row with 98 votes! The story so far... Sal has changed her name and is now known as Val. Sal has changed her hair and now has the haircut of someone named Val. She is now in Miami staying with ‘a friend’. During a pretty erratic live...
  8. Blair-Waldorf

    Sallie Axl #28 When your on Only Fans but you ride like your Nan tragedy

    It was a close call rat girls but @MmmB777 just nabbed it 🤣🤣🤣🤣 can someone post the link to the wiki and do a lil recap please xoxo
  9. gossipfreak

    Sallie Axl #27 has cancelled her subscription to being a mum

    @StripperVicar your suggestion won 💛 Sallie is still in Tulum doing her "work" This is the Link to the Wiki
  10. Zantezoo

    Sallie Axl #26 gone to Mexico to film some porn, so long to arrive, she went via Benidorm

    New thread here. Thanks to @Rraaaattttt ggeerrrrrllll for the most liked title suggestion. Had to alter slightly to make it fit. Anyone care to do a summary? Here’s what I got: Spent last thread was she / wasn’t she getting her kids back. Bought bunk beds but they never appeared. Doesn’t...
  11. X

    Sallie Axl #25 I’m Sallie Axl it’s all about ME, I sell my crab flaps for 50p

    Thank you @Queenie Pop for the Most Liked thread title 🦀 Link to the wiki:
  12. X

    Sallie Axl #24 Soyyyyy when life gives you eggs, poach them. Pinnochio Pryzbek

    New thread - a few ‘Sacred’ Tattlers contributed to the title :) Link to to the Wiki:
  13. Blair-Waldorf

    Sallie Axl #23 Girl on girl and a bit of coke, we're not jealous, your lifes a joke!

    Screaming off this title 🤣🤣 thanks @Cucumber and eggs for the suggestion Can someone do a recap plz rat gerlzzzz I’m too busy ordering some bits off the Avon like it’s 1998
  14. That’sOk

    Sallie Axl #22 Litter tray by the bed, thinking of Ged, on the beg for a free sunbed

    Thread number 22! Thanks @Stripper Vicar for the suggestion Her Instagram name is @SallieAxl__ (it’s a double underscore) As we were! Anyone up for doing a TLDR or has the link to the Wiki?
  15. Zantezoo

    Sallie Axl #21 If you can be anything in life, don’t choose to be Sallie Axl

    Thread 21, here we go, I can feel somethings about to happen. Thanks to the legend that is @QueenBarb2 for the title which had 46 likes. Last we left Sal she was doing an OF behind the scenes podcast with some new BFFs. We thought it was going to be a hot mess night but we’re left...
  16. N

    Sallie Axl #20 Salgatha Christie

    Thank you @MrsSavage for title inspiration with a massive 113 likes which is more than sals average live audience 🤣 it obviously had to be changed a little so we didn’t lose it. Thread 19 turned into a wild ride and we are all still a little bit confused 😂😂 Please remember to crop crop crop...
  17. X

    Sallie Axl #19 Witnessss the un-fitnessss!

    Thank you @Blair-Waldorf for the new title!
  18. X

    Sallie Axl #18 Hates the Tattle Wiki but will stop at Asda for a nude piccy!

    Hope this works for #18!
  19. C

    Sallie Axl #17 MLM and Aramat, Sallie the entrepreneur from her one bed flat

    Continue here. Thanks @Elle__Dee for the title. Does anyone have enough time on their hands to do a summary? (Sallie?!)
  20. N

    Sallie Axl #16 Rat girllll taking pics in the snow. Owns a lease company, where’s your car tho?

    Used @Howarewe Thread suggestion. Sal the rat girllll taking pictures in the snow. Owns her own car company. Where’s ya car though? Edited slightly to fit other suggestions had swearing or references to drugs so didn’t want us left with no title Anyone want to do a quick recap for us? Last...
  21. Blair-Waldorf

    Sallie Axl #15 Lumpy lips, on the ketones again, been to h&b now feeling all zen

    New thread thanks @Cantbebotheredtomove smashing title with the most likes, I had to go back a few pages to find the most popular thread suggestion!! Also had to shorten Holland and Barrett to h&b so it would fit Can someone do the TLDR please I’m shite at them What a wild thread the last one...
  22. N

    Sallie Axl #14 Side salad Sal obsessed with this page, she really needs to act her age

    The most liked suggestion talked about her ball sack lips so thought it might get removed so used this one and changed it a bit to fit. Anyone want to do a recap for us
  23. N

    Sallie Axl #13 madly in love with her ex, he’s in Beefa with BFF Bex

    Had to shorten to fit and didn’t write muff incase admin deleted it🙈 Original suggestion with a massive 67 likes from @minniemae92 Sallie lies about being up the duff , but the love of her life prefers Beccas muff Does anyone want to attempt a recap of the rollercoaster of the last few days
  24. Tealover!

    Sallie Axl #12 Becca’s gone off with her man, go on Sallie have another gram

    Thanks to @MrsOz for the new thread title ..... and the saga continues!
  25. N

    Sallie Axl #11 used to be a hotty. Now her face is a Dubai porta ..

    Well done @Dimples9 for the winning title Just realised I made a spelling mistake have asked admin to change it for us🙈
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