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  1. Hope96

    Made in Chelsea #8

    New thread - carry on here! Previous thread: I've added a poll following our previous conversation about our weird MIC crushes but couldn't think of everyone so just added a good mix of what I consider to be a bit weird or ones that indicate...
  2. Hope96

    Made in Chelsea #7

    New thread! Previous thread: I'll do a very brief recap from the summer series: - Maeva and James are engaged! - Maeva is pregnant.🤰 - Miles got knocked back by Emily and she's in a new relationship. - There's also been some doubt about...
  3. Hope96

    Made in Chelsea #6

    Carry on here. Previous thread: Recap: - Sam Prince is still an arsehole. See below a photo of his new hair colour courtesy of a kind Tattler. - Julian/Julius is now a life coach. - Ruby is still on and off with Reza. Both are annoying as...
  4. Hope96

    Made in Chelsea #5

    New thread - carry on all! Previous thread: Feel free to do a recap of the series so far!
  5. Hope96

    Made in Chelsea #4

    New thread - carry on all! Previous thread:
  6. M

    Sam Thompson - Ex Made in Chelsea and walking ad billboard for hire

    What are peoples thoughts on him? I used to like him but he is just so damn immature and doesn't seem to be changing as he is getting older. There's also something quite sad how he is basically a walking advert for whoever pays him. There's no substance there.
  7. Clickbait

    Made in Chelsea #3

    New thread created in time for the finale!
  8. Quarrantinemadness

    Tabitha Willett of Made in Chelsea

    What’s the tea girls? I like her, feel sad for her splitting up with her baby’s dad. Seems shes on holiday with a new rich squeeze x
  9. D

    Made in Chelsea #2

    New thread in time for new series
  10. M

    Made In Chelsea

    How is there not a thread on this already! Sorry but it’s my guilty pleasure... thought on this season so far??
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