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  1. S

    Steven Loveday #23 ‘Warn the town the beast is loose’ 🎵

    The (scam) artist formerly know as Holly Stanley is back - Fugees fans will get the ‘Fred title!! It looks like our mate CS is back … roll on a summer of the Birko Beast denying any wrongdoing.
  2. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #22 What the actual duck

    New thread for Holly/Steven. All the truth has come out. (Steven is a wrongun for any newbies reading) Some people still can't find facts. People are still talking about it in lives, potentially ruining any ongoing cases.. 👏🏻 🤦🏻‍♀️ Name suggestion by @Foxgloves.
  3. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #21 She’s hiding something deeper than you think, don’t worry Holly, your ships gonna sink!

    New thread. the truth is coming out. Posting this here for the very first page. Thank you tattlers.
  4. Seeing_the_light

    Holly Stanley #20 Holly and mods do nothing but bully, holly never will transition fully

    Right, hopefully this works 😂
  5. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #19 Taxi ride from ankle to jean, while trying to keep her swamp tub clean

    Thank you @Wotsitslife for the most liked name suggestion. Please feel free to recap someone with a brain that works better than mine 🤣
  6. Imhereapparently28


    Most liked suggestion curtesy of [USER=310139]@welshlass87 (sorry tagged the wrong person to start with, how many Welsh lasses is there!!) *Jess went missing last night, most likely getting the D from her boss. *Holly is flirting with gcrew left right and centre, he looks just as trampy as...
  7. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #17 Creepy Steve is becoming unhinged, lying about selling plastic Minge

    New thread! This suggestion had the most likes. Small recap: *Holly said she has a job, it's been proved she doesn't work there even the shop have said she don't but Holly continues with the lie. *Holly knows absolutely everything about everything darlings. **Holly darling Creepy Steve is...
  8. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #16 Birko Beast is 💩ing herself, is the truth about to come out? And she’s getting a duck pout

    New thread! Only 1 name suggestion given. (Made it suit guidelines and shortened)
  9. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #15 Chicken fillets and fake pain, spending alllll the 'transition' money for her own gain

    Thread name suggestion from the wonderful @GlowGirlGlowwww *Holly is out having her eyelashes done. If anybody could recap that would be fab. My brain doesn't want to work. As you were tattlers.
  10. SforShortbread

    Holly Stanley #14 Thread faster than Hollys super sonic walk, can anyone keep up with all the lies she talks?

    Thanks to @Bella29 for the winning thread suggestion. Anybody like to recap? I'm stuffing my face with food.
  11. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #13 house arrest, still think she knows best. Begging on live for the cash, to build her a gash.

    Only name suggest given by the wonderful @SforShortbread. Recap *Holly didn't go to jail, she is on a suspended sentence and a tag that she loves to parade. *Holly has a rogue mod and now doesn't trust her "community" if your seen in other peoples lives your blocked. *Admitted she now isn't...
  12. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #12 HMP Holly, queen of tittage and beards, built like a fridge

    New thread. Holly is off to jail tomorrow apparently! Name was a group effort!
  13. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #11 HMP hot tub

    New thread! This was the most liked suggestion made by @Foxgloves. Recapish: *Holly "joked" about everyone sending her £1 to buy a hot tub. *Hot tub was purchased and frantically set up in the manky yard. *Jess had a face like a slapped arse, no gratitude. *The hot tub water is looking like...
  14. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #10 No shame, no fame just looks like she’s on the game

    New thread! Name courtesy of the wonderful @TheRealQueen Holly may or not be going to jail tomorrow, who knows. She apparently also has covid now... very convenient.
  15. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #9 Queen of tittage, life of scams.

    New thread. Name suggestion from the wonderful @GlowGirlGlowwww Little recap: *Holly has changed her plea to not guilty so a trial is pending. *Spending a lot of time in spoons lately getting allll the free food and drinks. *Is apparently moving to a different country after her address was...
  16. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #8 Going to jail, will Jess bail?

    New thread! Recapish: *Still begging *Going to Jail next month *Little more begging *Will Jess stick around? only time will tell. As you were tattlers.
  17. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #7 Lost her job, lies spew from her gob, looking like Faarquard with the brown bob

    New thread. Thank you for the title suggestion @Joannaem Little recap- Holly lost her job, blamed tattle then didn’t blame tattle. Hollys mum had takeaways sent to her house, blamed tattle then didn’t blame tattle. Holly went to court, told everyone many times she didn’t do it she wasn’t...
  18. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #6 Can’t get out of bed to do a days graft, shown her true colours, now she looks daft

    New thread. Name courtesy of the one and only @SforShortbread - you finally got one!! Could anyone do a quick recap please and thank you.
  19. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #5 The walls are closing in Holly is panicking, dirty deletes but we’ve got alllll the receipts

    New thread. name courtesy of the wonderful @BananaRama little recap. Holly has fell out with Rob over £50. Holly opened up her insta and a little detective work found lots of juicy goss! The lies continue and forever will. Holly says she is in court soon for more crimes, but she wasn’t there...
  20. Imhereapparently28

    Holly Stanley #4 Hormones delayed, always waiting for Jess to get paid.

    Thank you to @BananaRama for the amazing title (had to shorten as it was too long sorry) would anyone care to give a recap below?
  21. Imhereapparently28

    Holly_Stanley01 #3 A con artist know-it-all, a professional liar, twists our words to suit her attire

    Name courtesy of @BananaRama @Tater @GlowGirlGlowwww @whoitsme @Missmumoffour
  22. SforShortbread

    Holly_stanley01 #2 fagnolia walls and 14 hour lives, a Wiki is needed to list all her lies

    Thanks to @BananaRama for the name! Thread number 2 for the wonderful holly Anybody fancy giving a recap? @tokenidenity @GlowGirlGlowwww @notafanofholly
  23. N


    Holly seems to spend all day every day on live. She says she is a housewife. She recently broke her leg and she is asking for donations in return for being able to ‘sign’ her cast. She can be quite snappy in her answers to questions. I was wondering if anyone else had come across her and what...