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  1. Cdinvoice

    Ashley Cain #38 Your show is funny. Now tell us all now.. #whereisthemoney?

    @Cucumber and eggs pipped at the post, please submit it for next thread 🧵 ♥️ I loved it. @jazzy22 you won …. 🤣 no award or prize or gift, just thanks for being here. this is getting fucking tedious now! Anybody else questioning themselves and how wrong we are? And we all need therapy for our...
  2. Cdinvoice

    Ashley Cain #37 Ash is a knob, Saf loves to sob, we’re bored of you and your Orange Mob

    Thanks to @livelaughlou for the thread title. I’m catching up on the recent dramas, one thing,, Safs speech yesterday, my God, same old shite, followed by an ad, justification of her anxiety free times she insists on flaunting. She will feel a million times better, worth something, if she...
  3. Cdinvoice

    Ashley Cain #36 and his flappy dick, stole the money and makes us sick

    Thanks to @Tallyho winning the thread title with 29 votes.. @Kalyson pipped at the post. Can the person who posted the you tube video of Ash talking about social media businesses/building a brand, post as a recap please? it’s becoming more and more apparent this was exactly his plan. I j
  4. H

    Ashley Cain #35 Saf has had her birthday bash but the only gift she wants is a bash from ash

    A new thread for tweedledumb and tweedletwit thanks to an early thread suggestion from @kaylsonx
  5. Cdinvoice

    Ashley Cain #34 Ash using expenses to travel the world, while Saf only cares about her hair being curled

    Thanks to @juststatingthetruthx555 with 17 votes…. WINNER 🥇 Let’s Go Champs!
  6. N

    Ashley Cain #33 Chipmunk Saff. A divvy in a tin bath. Donate to children? You're having a laugh

    Thanks to @Cakeyface for the winning title, If someone can do a rundown that would be great , I’m busy at work earning a honest living instead of living off stolen money !
  7. Cdinvoice

    Ashley Cain #32 Children are dying, Ash & Saf need exposed for lying.

    Winning Title to @ImShook, 1 more vote than @Cucumber and eggs Recap here in photos if anyone would like to elaborate on them with words?
  8. Cdinvoice

    Ashley Cain #31 The ‘Zelebrity’ with no Integrity

    The 🥇 winning title goes to @ImShook, thanks to @IamMysJ @x.lau.x and @justhereforanoseylike for their suggestions too. I am posting the photos relevant to thelast thread below as we’ve run out of space for pics in the wiki. The photos are actually a pretty good recap, if anybody would like to...
  9. Cdinvoice

    Ashley Cain #30 life's a beach, when you're a leach

    Thankyou to @hettywainthroppp for the very appropriate title for today new thread . Newcomers:- Please take a look at the wiki section. Top of the page, pink button on the right with WIKI written in it. This will give a good insight and background into what is being/has been discussed on this...
  10. Cdinvoice

    Ashley Cain #29 They’ve got no jobs, yet money to splash, no questions answered, “WHERES THE GFM CASH

    Thankyou to @Noseyjosie for the thread title. Recap:- both Trustees are out of the country just now, on holidays, not working. One in the Caribbean and the other Sailing the seas of the med. Canny jobs if you can bag them. 🤓 NEW MEMBERS:- please scroll to the top, pink button with WIKI...
  11. N

    Ashley Cain #28 Saff pinning for Ash’s affection, he's not interested in anyone but his own reflection

    Thanks to @Cucumber and eggs for the winning title Full title didn’t fit 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ it was Saff still pinning for Ashes affection, he's not interested in anyone but his own reflection I’m sorry I’m not usually the grammar police as mines not the greatest but come on Ash! You bang on...
  12. Cdinvoice

    Ashley Cain #27 Read between the lines, this foundation is based on lies #whereisthemoney

    Thanks to @Silver.1501 anybody free this morning for a recap 👌
  13. N

    Ashley Cain #26 The lion, the witch, and the designer wardrobe.

    A clear winner with over 100 votes thanks to @Lucyxxxx Well done! You get yourself a new t shirt from Safs in the style range 😂😂 doubles up as a rag to clean cars Link to previous thread here...
  14. N

    Ashley Cain #25 Don't let their relationship woes, distract you from where the GFM money goes

    Thread suggestion with the most likes by @Cucumber and eggs rundown from previous thread they split up Still a pair a lying dicks Most sympathy is towards Saf but she’s had a lucky escape Stay tuned for the next saga as one must be coming
  15. Cdinvoice

    Ashley Cain #24 Ash has got him some phat new wheels. All eyes on him, he’s on the steal!

    Thanks to @JingleBells21 for the thread title, coming too with the most 👍’s Just to let you all know that there is another thread I attempted, but posted with typos,, so this one is #24. So #24. NOT #24
  16. Cdinvoice

    Ashley Cain #24 Ashhas got him some goat new wheels, all eyes on him he’s on the steal.

    Thanks to @JingleBells21 for the title. Don’t post on here, error in title!
  17. BirkenheadTranny

    Ashley Cain #23 Go big or go gnome

    Thanks to @Kittypops for this splendid thread suggestion 🤣
  18. BirkenheadTranny

    Ashley Cain #22 He’s got blood on his face the big disgrace spending the GFM Money all over the place

    Thanks to @tinker267 for the thread title. Anybody up for a recap?
  19. N

    Ashley Cain #21 Ashley Cain & Safiyya Vorajee The foundation swindlers

    I trawled through but couldn’t see any suggestions so made one up after getting an idea from someone’s comment! Not the best but the ones I thought have probably aren’t appropriate for tattle!
  20. N

    Ashley Cain #20 Safiyya going Turkey for some new tits whilst Ashley is still trying to find his bits

    @coryc217 is back with a bang! What a whopper of a title unlike Ashley’s dick!
  21. N

    Ashley Cain #19 Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth

    Thread title thanks to @bananabread123 As you were tattlers, all newbies please read the wiki, click the pink button at the top of this thread. Grab a cuppa or something stronger as you may be while!
  22. N

    Ashley Cain #18 Questions being asked, he’s getting annoyed! Millionaire lifestyle but unemployed?

    Thanks to @reetacheeta for the title! We have a wiki! If anyone wants a rundown please have a read.
  23. Cdinvoice

    Ashley Cain #17 You Gotta Pick A Pocket Or 2 ooooo, You Gotta Pick A Pocket or 2!

    No other suggestions apart from one a while back but I couldn’t find it. Little recaps from everybody appreciated. Cashley is back preaching and Messiahing, midnight running and “happy to be back in the ring????” training for what looks like a possible Azaylia charity Boxing match, complete...
  24. Cdinvoice

    Ashley Cain #16 Spending the Go Fund Me cash, what you got to say Ash?

    Thanks to @coryc217
  25. N

    Ashley Cain #15 It’s the remix to ignition, Ashley’s manhood is missin, saffiya paying nobody, taking cas

    Got to be the best title yet! Thanks to @Elisha97 only thing is I can’t stop singing the thread title now! Full title was It’s the remix to ignition, Ashley’s manhood is missin, saffiya paying nobody, taking cash no permission It wouldn’t fit😢 but I just couldn’t adjust the first part as it’s...
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