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    Marcus Mitchell is an instagrammer from Camborne in Cornwall. He is autistic (although this appears to be self diagnosed), and began as a MUA on Facebook, this is how he built up his following. He then changed his page to position himself as an "autism advocate” - this page was also on Facebook, called Marcus' Autism Journey. He used this page to share memes. Marcus continued to grow in followers and later released a book called 'Living with Autism' which (as of April 22) no longer available to buy on Amazon, the book received poor reviews as it seemed to focus on Marcus, Marcus' memes and Marcus' life rather than the challenges, joys, or tips about living life with autism.
    After losing access to his original Marcus' Autism Journey page due to backlash from begging for items and cash, Marcus decided to rebrand himself as a comedian and meme artist, but instead has became the biggest ponce on Instagram - where he can regularly be seen threatening to kill himself, begging for free drinks, food and other gifted items.
    He posts regularly across Instagram and Facebook, but in February 2022 Marcus branched out into other social media avenues such as Tiktok, unfortunately after a 2 day stint on the platform he was banned for pretending to snort sugar, leading to the quote ‘shitshitshitshit… I don’t wanna get banned’ - shortly before he was promptly banned.

    Marcus Snorts Sugar

    Marcus still likes to think of himself as a meme account - the so called 'King of the Memes' - as seen by the cardboard cut out he bought himself for his birthday - but the memes he posts are stolen from other accounts and not original content he’s thought of himself. He steals the idea and then reposts the meme as his with himself in the picture. He is not clear about this and never credits the original content creator. Others have called him out on this and he simply deletes the comments made.

    Marcus is gay but 'didn't bother' to come out; he 'hates it when gays push that on you'.
    Marcus also claims to have OCD as well as autism, which causes him to become violently obsessed with men and male figures in his life, as he explains here in a blog post: 'People Obsessions'


    As of March 22 (threads 29-), Marcus is living in a hotel and has said this is for 56 days while he sorts out permanent housing, which suggests he’s been placed in temporary accommodation by his local council. marcus appears to have fallen out for good with Sid (that’s his mum), who has had enough of him hogging the communal acting like a spoilt entitled twat and finally chucked him out. This led to Marcus posting on his stories that he had slept on the streets (but eagle eyed tattlers noted the striking similarity to his back garden fence in the pictures posted).

    Since moving into the hotel, he has posted Instagram stories from both parents homes since becoming homeless. He also claims to receive cooked meals delivered daily, assuming from the hotel, but is still constantly feasting on good to go bags and other junk during his lives. He also takes twice daily trips to mcdonalds, for breakfast early doors and again at 10:45pm, just before closing, on his final booze run, to beg for any scraps they have left.

    Most recently, his mental health has apparently crashed again and he’s been live on instagram for the majority of the day, drinking cans of cider, projectile vomiting still, taking a load of tablets alluding to attempting suicide, cutting off the live and making his beauts worry about him. The first time this happened concerned beauts, as well as concerned tattlers called the emergency services and was told he was fine, the hotel has also been called multiple times by concerned followers.

    Marcus apparently was assessed under a section 136, after apparently returning to the A30 (see suicide attempts) and the other incidents mentioned above, but still not held by a mental health team, presumably because they can also see that he is attention seeking.

    The second time, concerned people called the hotel and a member of staff knocked to check on him - he told them he was fine again and was left alone.

    Since moving in, Marcus has tried to pass himself off as every variety of vulnerable adult including but not limited to:
    > self induced alcoholism
    > self diagnosed bipolar disorder, and then a live video of him drunkenly stating if he wants to diagnose himself, then he will, and that is as good as any professional diagnosis.
    > (pseudo) hallucinations
    > depressed
    > amputee (via a gangrenous toe)

    in fact, the only diagnosis he hasnt included is the one he actually has of emotionally unstable personality disorder, probably because that one can’t get him pip or an admission to a mental health hospital.

    4/20 may be known to others as 'high day' but it will go down in our tattle history as the most monumental of MMMM days, where he went live continuously across the 19th and 20th April. Notable MMMM’s on this day include:
    > the Coke Bottle incident
    > Head Banging
    > Emma, the hotel manager, visits Marcus to warn him about his behaviour and ask him to stop posting everything on social media as hotel staff, her children, the public and guests can see it - she also confirms on the live that guests have been asking for refunds due to the carry on.
    > begging for Paypal money for Thatchers
    > Arguing with Sid on live

    30/4/22 - Marcus’ Facebook returns, and he tries is hand at some new manipulation asking his followers for money on their and updating them that he is now an alcoholic. Most people don’t fall for it, the majority follow him on Instagram.

    At this point his family have gone around the shops in his local area with pictures of Marcus asking that he not be sold booze, so he is having to travel further afield to get his drink. After reading on tattle that if he was actually an alcoholic he wouldn’t be drinking cans of dark fruits he has started buying M&S vodka.

    Marcus goes out with his new “friend” Will after drinking all day in the hotel and goes to a pub that he ends up getting thrown out of after one pint. Not before he made sure to tell them he was an alcoholic. He then roam the streets drinking. Goes back to the hotel on live and appears to mouth asking Will if he has a line left (Who tells him it’s in the bathroom)

    Marcus then goes back to his racist roots dressing up as a “refugee” by putting a scarf over his head as a disguise in the hope the shop will then send him vodka. Whilst out getting his drink, live streaming ofc, he manages to shit himself in a bush. Link to live below.
    Below are some more screenshots of some of his escapades at the hotel...









    One of his LLL brigade also booked him a break over the Easter holidays, costing an estimated £800, it is disgusting that he’d even accept a gift like that knowing how many people are currently suffering in the world, he posted that this stay was #gifted trying to hint at a collab with the hotel however this hassince been cancelled and the hotel have confirmed it was not a collab, that the trip was booked on his behalf and that he will categorically not be staying with them. On a live video, he was asked why he was no longer going on the trip and he said that the hotel owners were a bunch of @**holes.


    Throughout the threads Marcus is also known as:
    > Beggy/Beggy Mitchell (due to his blatant begging)
    > Carcus (what he smells like, probably)
    > Narcus (due to his narcissistic personality)
    > Vincent/Vincent Van Trough (due to a dodgy photoshopping attempt where Marcus - in attempting to shave off a few pounds - lopped his ear off instead making him look like Vincent Van Gogh.)


    After gaining a following on the back of his “living with autism” page Marcus decided to use his new found “fame” to set up an only fans account, this is just one of the things that tattlers have said left a bad taste in their mouths. A lot of his followers were young people with autism, or their parents and other vulnerable adults and Marcus manipulated them and subjected minors to sexually explicit content. In January 2022 he created another 'Only Fans' inspired page called 'Admire Me' and even offered to sell his used, worn mankini. By February 2022 ‘Admire Me’ seemed to have disappeared and Marcus expressed his intention to lose weight and re-join only fans as he is ‘not sure why he deleted it’. His Only Fans, he states, will support him to live independently.




    Marcus regularly deactivates his Instagram for short spells. Declaring that he’s never coming back, only to return with a McDonalds a couple hours later. He also recycles pictures and changes the caption to suit his agenda at that time, which would be fine if he wasn’t using them to manipulate people or tell lies.




    When Marcus doesn't get his own way, or gets called out or questioned on his actions he can sometimes be seen turning on his followers, a nasty streak is often shown and his language can be appalling at times. Some examples of this are shown below.


    Throughout the years Marcus has had various cashgrabbing attempts and schemes all with varying degrees of success. The earliest attempts to make money came from Marcus’ original Facebook page, Marcus’ Autism Journey, in which he created GoFundMe’s begging his followers for cash to send him to Disneyland. He has also created a novelty picture frame business on Twitter, with quotes and artwork stolen from elsewhere, as well as a cosmetics line (Lisle Cosmetics), and a failed merchandise line.

    In 2016-2017 Marcus tried his hand at blogging, writing a series of short blog posts for the Huffington Post. The articles are all available to view here and give an insight into Marcus' violent tendencies and obsessions.

    In 2021 Marcus appeared again to be going down the merchandise route with ‘You Beaut’. This project like most of Marcus’ others, did not come into fruition; instead, the Instagram page was wiped clean when Marcus lost access to his main account so he could start over. At the time, it was speculated that Marcus wanted to create a loungewear line.

    Just before Christmas Marcus then jumped on a 'pay it forward' Cash App scheme. The scheme was targeted towards mothers, families, those with small children - none of which related to him - who may be struggling to get Christmas presents. Marcus decided he was going to generously treat four different followers to £5 each - yet in the same post was hinting for those followers to pay 'up to £25' to himself. He showed proof that he had sent £5 to one lucky follower but then deleted the post. It is not known whether he sent any more money out or whether he received anything himself.

    Towards the end of January 2022 Marcus turned his attention to horror movie reviewing; claiming to watch ten movies a day and review them ‘so you don’t have to’. His first review, for the Amazon Prime movie It Follows, was copy and pasted directly from another review on the website. Similarly, a second review for the movie Creep was also stolen. When this was discovered, Marcus, in typical Marcus fashion, had a tantrum.

    Marcus has also created a weight loss page, Get Fit To Win, claiming to want to lose weight with others to motivate him - however he is charging followers to ensure they can have access to the page, citing ‘security’ claims. Posts informing him that this behaviour went against Facebook’s guidelines were deleted and people were blocked. After initially asking members for £5, the price was lowered to £3.50. Marcus is claiming the cash will be used as a monthly incentive for page members. As of the 31st January midnight GMT, the page has ten followers which would have made Marcus a total of £30. Marcus stated that he had closed the page down on the 31st of January saying that he 'did not want to charge people' - however, the page remains up.

    At the same time as his weight loss venture, he started promoting a pay later site called Zilch, where if his followers signed up using his link he would receive a free £15. He told his followers they would receive the same, although many commented on his posts that they didn't. He was then bragging that by people signing up this scheme (which affects your credit rating) he has managed to purchase an air fryer, a lot of alcohol and takeaways and a £500 amazon gift card. Once his Zilch referrals dried up, he started directing his followers to a phishing site called swagbucks. Any time the link he posted was clicked he would earn $2 and if you signed up to the site using his referral link he would earn an extra $10 - he would post misleading links or dare people to click on links to get people to click. Swagbuckz supposedly earned him $900 which was funding a trip to Italy, as mentioned on his Only Fans page, as of Apr 22 he still has not gone on this trip, and no longer mentions it.

    Since living in the hotel, as mentioned above, he can regularly be found crying on live begging for £2/4/10 for cans of cider, citing that entertainment isn't free and promising to go on live if the money is received.

    Some other items we have seen him beg for so far include:
    - MacBook
    - Free drinks at spoons (this was a regular occurrence back when he had friends, he has either been barred from spoons or now has nobody to go with) also see spoons section
    - Tickets to see Charlotte Crosby (he then proceeded to stalk her for weeks leading up to the trip)
    - Mallets that don’t even fit (also see suicide attempt)
    - Various go fund me pages and Amazon wish lists
    - He has added his bank details to Facebook posts
    - Uber eats
    - PayPal donations


















    - Marcus’ alias that he uses to send disturbing messages to men in Camborne, his ex friend also informed us that this is how him and Marcus originally met. He shared screenshots and another tattler then remembered the messages from a different Facebook friend, who had also received the worrying texts.













    Lisa/Sid - his mother who we nicknamed Sid due to what some may say is an uncanny resemblance to a character from the ice age movie. On thread 7 a new member came to the thread claiming to be a neighbour and made allegations regarding Lisa which must be noted came with no supporting evidence whatsoever, however the claims have sort of become a running joke in the thread.

    In January '22 Sid remembers that she does have a son, she got pissed up on Moscato and, like her son, decided to blame Tattle for everything that is wrong in life. She also informed us that she wants to be known as Betty Book, we believe that’s Betty Boop's librarian twin sister.

    Sid was last heard, but not seen, in one of Marcus' live videos, in April 22 where she was cleaning up his hotel room, asking him to get off live and to stop spilling family secrets. [See above]. Marcus said she would have to 'fight him' to get him off his phone, she has not been heard of since.

    Marcus has also taken to abusing Sid, and who us tattlers have now called Sid Senior (his late granny) on his live videos, saying derogatory and sexual things about them both.





    Stephen/SG (RIP) - the object of Marcus' desires who took Marcus under his wing, sadly after about 2 meet ups this friendship soured due to Marcus' overbearing and stalker like tendencies which included turning up at Stephens house unannounced drunk. Stephen explicitly told Marcus to leave him alone. Shortly afterwards Stephen sadly passed away and ever since Marcus has behaved in a very concerning manner including uploading an edited picture of them as angels and declaring he was on his way to be with him, SG is often the focal point of Marcus' many suicide threats and recently it was revealed Marcus has a shrine to him in his bedroom. Marcus did not attend Stephen’s funeral because Stephen’s family banned him. Marcus has made many allegations about SG which can be found through out the threads. There is no evidence to support Marcus' claims and he only made these claims once SG was sadly no longer here.








    Heidi/Corset - Marcus' once bffl now sort of friend. They used to frequent their local wetherspoons quite frequently where Marcus would ask his followers to buy them drinks, to which they often obliged. Marcus would often be left in a drunken pool of his own sick on these nights out. They went on holiday to Birmingham for a week, however they spectacularly fell out the night before they were due to come home due to Marcus filming Heidi smooching in a nightclub. We know this as Marcus former bffl turned Arch enemy Tom joined us on thread #8 and spilled the beans.

    Tom - Marcus' former friend turned rival. Tom used to take Marcus for days out and tried to lead him down a better path, even offering him a job that Marcus couldn’t be bothered to turn up for. However one explosive night down spoons on a now infamous live Marcus and Tom verbally abused a woman named Chloe with many misogynistic comments. Tom later came to tattle to apologise for his behaviour. Tom was seen on a live with Marcus driving with an alcoholic drink between his legs. Tattlers speculated that Tom was drunk driving, however Tom cleared up the rumours himself on thread #8 and #9. Is a manager of a pub. Doesn't drink drive. Is still owed £80 from Marcus.

    Adelle - Adelle with all the Ls as she is sometimes known as. Adelllle is Marcus former friend turned foe who joined us on thread #6. Adelle also tried to help Marcus but he also drove her away with his antics. Adelle is also the former sister in law of SG. When Marcus and Adellle fell out, she joined tattle to spill the tea on Marcus (she joins around thread 7 under the username @mothergoose666 ) , once Marcus finds out about Adellles betrayal, he slaytes her all over instagram calling her a cokehead 'Adelle the cokehead'. (Adellle then posts on tattle that she enjoys the odd powder and that she gets it for free and that Marcus also used to take it with her) and a crap mum, he then goes on live stating that she has betrayed him and posts extracts of her tattle posts.

    Tom also joins tattle (@daddygoose999) and him and Adelle start posting their own live videos on instagram mocking marcus, including one where Adelllle pretends to stab herself with a wine bottle, mocking Marcus' apparent suicide attempt.

    As of 26 April 22, Marcus and Adelle appear to have made up with Marcus posting a picture of Adellle to his story, and grid stating that they had a great day and responding. The last we heard from Adellle, back in January, she had fallen out with Marcus' Slob (her words) sister, and she also had police involved due to threatening and harrassment towards her and her children by the Mitchell duo - assuming Marcus and his mum.





    BG -
    Local hard man - brother of SG and is often referenced on the threads.

    Jason - A tattle user who joined us in thread #7 alleging to be Marcus.



    Gentlemen callers - a running joke about Lisa which stemmed from Jason's allegations.

    Alex the Great: A man by the name of Alex who was dragged into one of Marcus’ lives, Marcus accused him of being a troll and a saddo despite Alex (correctly) calling Marcus out.

    Alex calling Marcus out :
    Alex and Marcus

    Will: Marcus' 'housemate' at the travelodge, who suspiciously calls around about 9pm each evening, usually when Marcus is on a live, knocking at the door with a 'yo' 25.4.22 he appears to offer Marcus a line, before the live stream is cut.


    The communal/ the family heirloom - in reference to the dildo we expect Marcus and Sid shared when he was living at home, also a reference to Jason (see above) implying Sid was/is rather promiscuous.

    'I've got to go away now' - in reference to an incident where Marcus came on Instagram live claiming he was being sectioned.

    ‘That’s my mum’ - in reference to an Instagram live when Marcus was asked "who is Sid?"

    'Not in a malicious way' - in reference to messages Marcus sent unsuspecting men including Tom under his alias Amy Jayne.

    'Bye fuckers' - in reference to a now infamous comment made by Jason where he claimed to be Marcus himself.

    Slayting’ - in reference to a typo made by Marcus’ mum Lisa, to mean ‘slating’.

    ‘MMMM’ - Marcus Mitchell mega meltdown, in reference to Marcus’ regular periods of emotional instability that leads, inevitably, to him crying on lives/pissing himself through being so drunk/alienating anyone he has ever been able to call a friend.

    ’Wank Pocket’ - in reference to a torn off piece of pocket that Marcus claims is from Stephen’s joggers or clothing, given to him. Marcus keeps this as a memento to remember Stephen by in death and recently he has been seen with the pocket in bed with him. Tattlers suspect he may be having sexual relations with the pocket as he isn’t getting much action elsewhere and ‘his last shag’ has passed.



    Marcus’ favourite drinking spot, the backdrop for most of his lives.
    Drunk Instagram live moments:
    - pissing himself
    - inhaling an egg
    - puking over himself












    - Marcus has posted numerous racist posts in particular with regards to those of Asian descent and then posted that he is against racism.
    - Marcus followed Elle Darby AFTER her racist and animal abuse tweets were exposed and defended her too.
    - In April 22 he decided to start up again with a tasteless joke about the Arabic language
    - He has used the N word, casually, twice. Blocking people once they call him out on it.


    Any time life isn’t going Marcus’ way, he is called out for his behaviour, or he needs to drum up some followers he fakes a suicide attempt. This is usually after some cryptic tweets, an indirect message aimed at tattle and a drunken live insta story. He then disappears for a couple days and comes back like nothing ever happened. If you ever dare to question how he’s doing or what happened he will call you a troll, block you and delete your comment quicker than you can say John Frances Basset.

    - The A30. One night Marcus decided he would put the world to rights once and for all and threw himself down a hill at the side of the bridge at the A30. The next day this was reported in the local news, although Marcus wasn't named we had a good idea it was him. It must be noted this was never verified but tattlers unearthed some strong evidence that pointed towards the fact.

    - Kirk Norcross: after one of Marcus’ dramatic insta suicides, Kirk reached out to Marcus to offer his support, this wasn’t long after Kirks dad Mick tragically lost his battle with depression. Cue a Kirk obsession from Marcus for a while after, Kirk soon wised up to Marcus and subsequently unfollowed him. Marcus has never mentioned him since.

    - Megan McKenna / Wonder Woman: Marcus has an unhealthy obsession with another ex-TOWIE star, Megan McKenna and one of our favourite moments was when Marcus put up a goodbye post and someone tagged Megan saying “Marcus needs you” 🤣.We imagine Megan donning her best lounge gear and racing to Cornwall to talk Marcus down from the bridge.

    - Budweiser gate: One night Marcus decided he would show tattle trolls once and for all the alleged damage we were causing and apparently stabbed himself with a kitchen knife straight through his bowel. A member of staff from the hospital then joined Tattle to state that Marcus had actually...
    > scratched himself with a Budweiser bottle
    > had been abusing the staff in the hospital
    > had had his stomach pumped because he told them he drank bleach.
    It must be noted that this story cannot be taken as the honest truth. Adelle for example believed Marcus had stabbed himself with a kitchen knife, but Tom then came onto the thread and said that his understanding was that there was a Budweiser bottle involved too.
    Marcus' wound sites looked suspiciously like routine surgery marks, he has since addressed these marks by saying he had routine surgery after stabbing him self to check for lacerations in his bowel, but there was no mention of this until Tattle pointed out the strange marks on his belly. The wound where he allegedly stabbed himself is nowhere near the lower bowels the consultant was allegedly investigating so it would appear Marcus had routine keyhole surgery and passed it off as another suicide attempt. The knife/bottle would have had to have bent in a way neither object can to reach the lower bowel. The morning after allegedly slashing of his bowels he uploaded a picture of himself in hospital. However he forgot he had breadcrumbs in his beard in the picture, leading tattlers to question if he had indeed stabbed himself in the bowel as he would still be nil by mouth that soon after surgery for suspected damaged bowels. Days after Marcus posted a picture of himself eating a rather large fatty meal. This was nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Since the incident Marcus has stated on some occasions that tattle drove him to it, other times he insists it was nothing to do with tattle. Sid was nowhere to be seen throughout the ordeal, other than uploading a curry in a curry house on her Facebook.

    - a tattler who knew Marcus told us that after a guy rejected him while at college he wrote a suicide note, blaming this guy for his death, and tried to staple his finger and stab himself with scissors.




















    taking tablets at the hotel - these from his pill box and a handful of others.

    Tommy Mallet - Following one of Marcus many suicide proclamations, Tommy Mallet who runs a trainer business reached out in sympathy, offering to gift Marcus a pair of trainers. Marcus declared this a dream come true; thus the trainers, which incidentally remained elusive for quite some time due to probably being much too small for his feet (and are now suspected to be the cause of the gangrene toe), became life savers.











    -In between plugging Hello Fresh using the same 2 pictures of the only meals he’s ever made using their boxes, Marcus occasionally likes to pretend to be a weight loss consultant to his loyal followers. His most recent attempt (Feb 2022) has seen him at the time of writing this sustain 10 days of a diet which he reports consists of:
    No breakfast (apart from a swiftly deleted picture of egg on toast one day)
    1-2 hot chocolates ‘to curb sweet cravings’ for lunch or a bachelors pasta sachet
    ‘The odd grape’
    An aldi pasta ready meal for tea (carbonara or mac and cheese)
    Nothing of any nutritional value
    Marcus alleges these add up to no more than 1300 calories.
    So far, in 10 days Marcus has reported a mere 3 cheat days including a carvery dinner (‘no vegetables of course’) a mcdonalds chicken big Mac.


    Marcus has often copied and shared memes to his social media platforms which are judgmental towards those who use drugs such as cocaine - an example of these memes includes the 'Powder Ranger' meme: Powder Ranger.
    In an argument with Marcus' now deceased ex friend Stephen, Marcus accused Stephen of 'living in a crack den'.
    Despite this, Marcus then admitted in February 2022 that he was also a coke user.. This is common knowledge amongst Tattlers, as Marcus' mother Lisa admitted Marcus was using drugs a few years ago, however this is the first time that Marcus himself has admitted his drug usage.


    - During one of Marcus’ hotel lives, he played a game where he tells truths. He first stated he’d had sex a few weeks ago, then not for months, then a couple times, and then only once. When called out he said it “wasn’t proper” and that he wasn’t really sure what counter and what didn’t.
    - He doesn’t eat sprouts, and can’t have food items touching each other because of his autism, when questioned on this he kicks off and says it’s his mums plate of sprouts that he photographs even though there is photographic evidence showing otherwise. To try and further his point he then recorded himself “trying” to eat a sprout and then spitting it out.
    - Marcus is getting his lips done Oct 2 2021..

    - He can only wear one sock as a result of his autism, this has been confirmed to be not true and his ex best friend Adelllle also confirmed she sees him wear more than one sock regularly.



    - Social media is Marcus’ full time job and earns him thousands of pounds. This is not strictly true - while Marcus makes money from social media in terms of affiliate links and ads, he is claiming Universal Credit, owes Tom £80 and couldn’t afford the train fare to London to meet Megan McKenna.


    As well as harassing Stephen Marcus tends to harass any man he finds good looking, see below for one example of this.


    A few tattlers are very talented and have made a few mash ups of various MMMMs added to songs. Examples are:

    Everybody Hurts

    Ace of Spades

    Fix You


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