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    -In between plugging Hello Fresh using the same 2 pictures of the only meals he’s ever made using their boxes, Marcus occasionally likes to pretend to be a weight loss consultant to his loyal followers. His most recent attempt (Feb 2022) has seen him at the time of writing this sustain 10 days of a diet which he reports consists of:
    No breakfast (apart from a swiftly deleted picture of egg on toast one day)
    1-2 hot chocolates ‘to curb sweet cravings’ for lunch or a bachelors pasta sachet
    ‘The odd grape’
    An aldi pasta ready meal for tea (carbonara or mac and cheese)
    Nothing of any nutritional value
    Marcus alleges these add up to no more than 1300 calories.
    So far, in 10 days Marcus has reported a mere 3 cheat days including a carvery dinner (‘no vegetables of course’) a mcdonalds chicken big Mac.

    As of early-mid 2023 Marcus has finally succeeded in losing a large amount of weight. Because of the speed of weight loss and the fact his diet is still terrible, Tattlers suspect weight loss surgery. He also shared photos with scars on his stomach from the "beer bottle incident" (see wiki page 1) but they looked a lot like surgical scars.


    Marcus regularly deactivates his Instagram for short spells. Declaring that he’s never coming back, only to return with a McDonalds a couple hours later. He also recycles pictures and changes the caption to suit his agenda at that time, which would be fine if he wasn’t using them to manipulate people or tell lies.
    - Marcus has posted numerous racist posts in particular with regards to those of Asian descent and then posted that he is against racism.
    - Marcus followed Elle Darby AFTER her racist and animal abuse tweets were exposed and defended her too.
    - In April 22 he decided to start up again with a tasteless joke about the Arabic language
    - He has used the N word, casually, twice. Blocking people once they call him out on it.
    - Mocks DV Victims
    - Making a Instagram story complete with swipe up reactions that it doesn’t “sit right” with him that the new Ariel in the latest Disney remake is a black woman


    Marcus has often copied and shared memes to his social media platforms which are judgmental towards those who use drugs such as cocaine - an example of these memes includes the 'Powder Ranger' meme: Powder Ranger.
    In an argument with Marcus' now deceased ex friend Stephen, Marcus accused Stephen of 'living in a crack den'.
    Despite this, Marcus then admitted in February 2022 that he was also a coke user.. This is common knowledge amongst Tattlers, as Marcus' mother Lisa admitted Marcus was using drugs a few years ago, however this is the first time that Marcus himself has admitted his drug usage.


    - During one of Marcus’ hotel lives, he played a game where he tells truths. He first stated he’d had sex a few weeks ago, then not for months, then a couple times, and then only once. When called out he said it “wasn’t proper” and that he wasn’t really sure what counter and what didn’t.
    - He doesn’t eat sprouts, and can’t have food items touching each other because of his autism, when questioned on this he kicks off and says it’s his mums plate of sprouts that he photographs even though there is photographic evidence showing otherwise. To try and further his point he then recorded himself “trying” to eat a sprout and then spitting it out.
    - Marcus is getting his lips done Oct 2 2021..
    - He can only wear one sock as a result of his autism, this has been confirmed to be not true and his ex best friend Adelllle also confirmed she sees him wear more than one sock regularly.
    - Social media is Marcus’ full time job and earns him thousands of pounds. This is not strictly true - while Marcus makes money from social media in terms of affiliate links and ads, he is claiming Universal Credit, owes Tom £80 and couldn’t afford the train fare to London to meet Megan McKenna.


    Marcus has a proclivity to self diagnose illnesses/ conditions. These are including, but not limited to :
    • Autism
    • OCD
    • Anorexia
    • Bi Polar
    • Alcoholism
    • Addiction to sleeping pills


    As well as harassing Stephen Marcus tends to harass any man he finds good looking, see below for one example of this.

    Yes this is Marcus being told to fuck off (understandably) after trying to squeeze a complete stranger's nipple. We consider him lucky the guy didn't actually punch him.


    A few tattlers are very talented and have made a few mash ups of various MMMMs added to songs. Examples are:

    Everybody Hurts

    Ace of Spades

    Fix You