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    Thesocialmama.xo #15 Aimee the Squatter, it's lunchtime before she even dresses her daughter.

    Thanks to @DaisyDeluxe for the winning thread title 🙌. If anyone fancies doing a recap that would be much appreciated.
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    Thesocialmama.xo #14 Social mama can’t find her thing, botched lips sting & she is constantly ming…

    Thanks @Whats the 411 for the thread title suggestion. Not doing a recap because Aimee does fuck all so nothing has changed since 14 threads ago. Apart from her botched lips… but yeah, Enjoy bitches! Can’t believe we are on thread 14 😬 where’s @Walnutss when you need her?
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    Social mama.xo #13 thirty, filthy & just about surviving

    Aimee Kilgour, Glasgow’s shittest instamum. Thanks to @Chatterbox2412 for the thread title that actually wasn’t a thread title suggestion but fit perfectly and had the most votes! Would anyone care to re-cap aimee’s best bits over the threads for any newbies joining us and for us to laugh at?
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    The social mama.xo #12 the goon from troons da is a creep pass it on

    I'm back Tricias ❤️❤️ As per no thread title suggestions so I mixed a few of the most liked posts Since I'm halfway to being a social mama myself thought I'd recap the best maw tips we have learned from the clatty two. Do not hang about with wummin who bath their kids ie abstar you just...
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    Thesocialmama.xo #11 Annual turnover - 9 cookies and a bath bomb

    Thanks to ShAimee regular @tippingpoint for their fantastic thread title! Can you believe we’re on thread 11 discussing our least favourite instamaw, Aimee Kilgour😱 Recap from previous threads, she really needs a proper wiki! Heres a little wiki for any newbies or us oldies that just wanna...
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    Thesocialmama.xo #10 Whiny wonka & bubbles devere

    No thread suggestions so I went rogue. Hope you like ♥️ A recap of the last thread! Tho I dont know if I should leave it to after the amazing one last thread. I've copied it for a mini wiki in the comments. Aimee finally got round to her new look promo/haul and experts...
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    Thesocialmama.xo #9 Just eat right ya dafty

    Congrats to @Tricia Doll 129 votes on our poll 😍 hi to all the lurkers that are pissed off at Aimee on the daily. How do I recap a whole lot of nothing... I'll give it a bash. She reposted THE selfie that she used in the justice for Sarah Everard post which was mainly about Aimee- none of us...
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    Thesocialmama.xo #8 Willy Wonka and the fizz stick factory

    Congratulations to @Gingerella82 on our joint effort I couldn't put prick in the title tho ❤ Well what did we learn from the last thread in the spirit of the kids going back to school lemme educate ya 1. In Aimees world the park every other day actually equates to never. 2. Sober dates are...
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    Thesocialmama.xo #7 too busy whitening her eyeballs to clean her kids faces

    Welcome to another thread congrats to 🥰 Dont use Aimees method of counting for home schooling 156000 pictures of Callie to 2 of the boys still doesnt mean shes favourite ok Tricias! Ok so the last thread somewhat turned into a 3 way and not the good kind. So let the...
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    Thesocialmama.xo #6

    We manifested a new thread Congrats to @DrinkGinSaveWater Edited to fit* To celebrate we are having a jammie day borrowed ones only please, flowery ones stinking of tan preferable! Get your self care lists wrote, covering yourself in pish seems to be the thing at the Kilgour household Sorry...
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    thesocialmama.xo #5 three weins two dugs and a wee fud in the cupboard

    Thanks to @Clementine for the thread title Pity the fud in the cupboard is not arsed and would rather look at animated women rather than Aimee. Maybe that's why she never wears a bra, a girls gotta get attention somehow! Callie the pest who peed ..quite frankly everywhere but the toilet...
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    Thesocialmama.xo #4

    Welcome to another thread! We are flying through these! Liar liar someone else's house is on fire but Aimee made it about herself If someone needs a social mama round up fake life fake tan fake teeth fake yeezys And say a prayer for Kyle's wee willie winkie if he gets caught cheating again...
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    Thesocialmama.xo #3

    Hi all A quick recap of our previous thread which to be honest was a whole lot of nothing bit like Aimee herself She got a cleaner then she felt she did a MUCH better job so she had to ruin them french tips shes been rockin since the ...80s She spent a hell of alot of time looking at...
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    Thesocialmama.xo #2

    Thread 2
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    The rule is you can only have a thread with 10K plus subscribers!? Hopefully that’s true and this doesn’t get deleted....first time making a thread! Does anyone follow this Glasgow wannabe? Also talking about losing the dog today and then found her in the garden eating a box of treats that we...
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