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  1. Curlique

    Sinead's Curvy Style #13 Spending on offices, on herself & on jeeps, doesn’t she know a baby's for keeps

    New thread, number 13... unlucky for some! Now where is Neady? Thread title courtesy of @brandambassador 👏 First of all Sinead, it's a wrap, as in wrapping up 🙄 Secondly, are you doing a Mrs Hinch and posting pre-records now?
  2. Curlique

    Sinead's Curvy Style #12 Keep buying my chanx you sheep, Mama needs a brand new (2nd hand) Jeep

    New thread, title courtesy of @fifilatro Next thread will be #13 but unlucky for who...👻
  3. Curlique

    Sinead's Curvy Style #11 Up the duff, eating crap stuff and still no refunds.

    Here we go lads, thread title courtesy of @Melmcs - the most liked suggestion from the last thread!
  4. M

    Sineads Curvy Style #10 Baby onboard as we predicted. Lets see how many things she gets #gifted

    New Thread on the new Mother to be. Thanks to Limerick4532 for most liked suggestion. If anyone wants to do a recap please feel free 🙂 @Limerick4532 many thanks for the most liked suggestion
  5. M

    Sineads Curvy Style #9 Sineads Curvy Style and the tale of the travelling Chanx

    New thread. Thanks to @Blue1989 for most liked suggestion. Well done ladies. I will do recap later. As ye were.
  6. F

    Sineads Curvy Style #8 Shapewear & shows fooled you all,off to the Maldives to have a ball

    thanks to @Melmcs for the title, as you were ladies👍🏻
  7. F

    Sinead’s Curvy Style #7 Vacious by Sinead but Vacuous IS Sinead

    thanks to @Curlique for the new title
  8. Peonyrose

    Sinead's Curvy Style #6 Simon is gone so the boobs are out flappin, will the launch of the brand ever really happen

    Thanks to @Billygoatgruff100 for the thread title. I hope people won’t mind I took the liberty of starting a new thread. To recap: Simon is gone and Sinead is single again, so the boobs are out and about. She is still eating and drinking all around her. Friends are coming out of the woodwork...
  9. S

    Sinead’s Curvy Style #5 can’t dress for her size, all her meals served with fries

    As ye were.... thanks @Melmcs for the title 👍
  10. B

    Sinead's Curvy Style #4 now more health issues, someone pass the box of tissues!

    Sinéad’s Curvy Style #4 New Thread .... thanks to @Melmcs for the title .... can someone do a recap of the last thread?
  11. W

    Sineads Curvy Style #3 freebies for sleazy simon, screechy singing she should stick to miming

    Thanks to @fifilatro for the title 😂 had to shorten it sadly! Anyone want to recap?
  12. Peonyrose

    Sinead’s Curvy Style #2

    Thread number 2 for SCS I was just thinking about her sudden ‘health kick’ and Simon being missing and the thought struck me: what if they had a massive row over the anniversary weekend and he said something to her about her weight? It would explain why he is missing and her going on walks all...
  13. Kissmeimirish

    Sinead's Curvy Style

    Irish blogger/influencer/singer.
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