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In a Relationship is a 2018 American romantic drama film, written and directed by Sam Boyd. It stars Emma Roberts, Michael Angarano, Dree Hemingway, Patrick Gibson, Jay Ellis, and Melora Walters, and focuses the relationship of two couples over one summer.
It had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 20, 2018. It released on November 9, 2018, by Vertical Entertainment.

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  1. A

    The Stacey's #3 Mel & Billy Stacey Relationship is dead, boys in Billy's bed, mels hair has shed revealing more head 🥚

    Thread 3 for these two : someone wanna do a summary? --- Sorry for the bad grammar in the title! It posted without me finishing.
  2. C

    Trigger warning- relationship advice, abuse?

    Morning I need some advice.. Me and my husband have been together almost 10 years, married 6, and have two children. We have lived together the whole time. Since my youngest was born (almost 6) my husband keeps touching me sexually in the night while i am asleep, I wake up to him with his hands...
  3. S

    Relationship Advice

    I know it was wrong but I looked at my bf's messages with one of his online friends because I was suspicious about how much time he was spending with this person. The messages were mostly normal but I was so shocked to find he had been making stuff up about his life to this friend. For...
  4. PartTimeNoseyWitch

    Being in a relationship with someone who has kids

    Debated posting this for a long time, may get some stick but I can’t help how I feel. When I first got with my partner he wasn’t seeing his 2 year old and had no plans to again. Basically he had a one night stand and she got pregnant (protection was used and at the time she said she didn’t want...
  5. Wetmyplants

    Picking up the pieces after a relationship breakdown

    Where to begin? I have been with my partner 10 years and we have two young children. tonight he has ended things… it’s been a long time coming but I am utterly heartbroken. He owns our home and has said I can stay as long as I need. I just have no idea what to do, practically or emotionally...
  6. JellyDonut

    Susie Verrill #8 What’s she bringing to that relationship other than salami nips and aff links?

    Winning thread title by @Lipsofchicken Anyone care to do a recap of Susan Verrill the disgusting racist’s last thread?
  7. Q

    Dirty cheat - how to tell his fiancé? 😭

    My brother in law is currently staying with my husband and I on holiday and his fiancé is at home as she’s working. He’s been on bumble and tinder, I know for 100% because he matched/messaged one of my friends who then messaged me. He’s also now stayed out for the last two nights and come back...
  8. queenamber

    Breakup advice

    Just looking for an anonymous and judgement-free zone for venting. My husband of 7 years no longer wants to be monogamous. He still loves me, wants to remain married to me, but also wants sex with other women with no feelings attached, and no consequences. I've decided to separate from him and...
  9. Squittel

    How do you deal with being always being project manager in a relationship?

    Looking for advice. My husband has many many fine traits, he is the best father our daughter could ask for, he’s more patient than I am, he’s generous and he’s kind. However, I’d really like some advice on sharing mental load. It’s lots of small things. For example, he’ll say “I’m going to go...
  10. C

    Found myself single and pregnant

    Hi I’m 25 weeks over this weekend my partner and I split. He is letting me stay at his house until I find a new place… I’m feeling so depressed and scared. I had this picture in my head if how it was going to be our child growing up in that house with two parents. We’ve tried so hard but we’re...
  11. Lalla

    End of relationship thread

    As misery loves company I thought others might like to share their woes. Or advice. Or even consoling words. I'll go first and will try not to make it too much of an essay. I'm 50, single for most of my life. Have 2 grown up children as a result of a couple of bad relationships, one of which...
  12. L

    Relationship advice

    I made a post before and got so many helpful and lovely comments the community here is so nice! I don’t really have anyone I can talk to about this subject so thought I’d maybe try and see if anyone has any thoughts. I’ve been with my partner for a few years now, things are starting to move...
  13. spillthetea22

    Relationship with step child - no judgement, need advice.

    As the title reads, please no judgement, I’m just after advice, and support from anyone who has been in a similar situation. I’m not a horrible person, I’m just being honest. I’ve been with my partner for 3.5 years, he has a 9.5 year old son. I don’t live with my partner and his son. I myself...
  14. Noonoosanne2

    Ashley Cain #25 Don't let their relationship woes, distract you from where the GFM money goes

    Thread suggestion with the most likes by @Cucumber and eggs rundown from previous thread they split up Still a pair a lying dicks Most sympathy is towards Saf but she’s had a lucky escape Stay tuned for the next saga as one must be coming
  15. smooth_operator33

    are we on different paths? relationship advice

    hey all, i think i’m in need of advice or just to let out some emotions, i’m not sure but here goes. so i’m leaving university this year - a big time in my life and i’m really excited to get into a new job, hopefully move city and just fully immerse myself in this new world. I do also have a...
  16. mardy bum

    Relationship Advice- My MIL is ruining my relationship

    Hey guys, I don’t know if I’m posting in the right place but I’m just wanting an outsiders opinion. My relationship is on the rocks at the moment because of my MIL and my partner who is clearly a mummy’s boy. I’ll give a bit of back story- So I have a 7 year old son with my ex (who MIL barely...
  17. JellyDonut

    Argument with boyfriend- advice needed please

    Can someone tell me if I am being unreasonable here. It’s my birthday in 2 weeks, and since August my boyfriend and I have had a long weekend city break away booked (Thursday-Monday). We’ve made plans as to what we’re doing on each of the days and I was really excited for it. (It might be worth...
  18. I

    Relationship advice - I don't like my boyfriend's best friend

    Hi everyone, I'm really conflicted about the situation and I hope some of you can offer some advice. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years and have just moved in together, but I haven't actually spent that much time with his best friend (it's a long story). However at this point...
  19. S

    To move on or to fight for this…?

    So 2020/21 kicked my ass hard. Had to postpone wedding twice and in the end broke up with fiance. Moved to a new country, clean slate, fresh start. All good… I didn’t want to get in a new relationship but in March (a month after previous break up) i met my boyfriend. He was the best men I ever...
  20. C

    Supporting teen daughter relationship break-up (14yo)

    My daughter (14) has been with her boyf for 6 months, and were friends before (they go to the same school). He was there for her as a friend when she experienced a pretty traumatic event in her life last November, and he was a really good support for her - he listened to her and talked her...
  21. P

    Should I end my relationship

    I’m in such a horrible situation. I love my partner of 8 years so much, we’ve been through some amazing times together. We’re so in tune with each other, and on each other’s wavelength and he is honestly the most considerate and kind person I’ve ever known. He treats me so well and would never...
  22. HankMcPrank

    Relationship Issues - HELP 😞

    Good morning, I’ve had such a week I don’t even know where to begin so please bare with me. I’m in a relationship with someone and have been for 12 years, I love him but he just doesn’t have any desire to have sex with me. All I get told is “one day... one day.” This one day has become four...
  23. veryfondoftea

    Relationship advice - don’t know how to move forward

    Hi all my husband and I have been together for 16 years. We went through a difficult patch 2 years ago and had couples counselling. The outcome of the counselling was that our communication was poor and we needed to continue to work on it - particularly my husband as it doesn’t come naturally...
  24. C

    Paying for dates/activists when in a relationship

    Hey I know there’s a similar thread discussing money in a relationship, but most of the replies are from couples living together/married/sharing a mortgage. I’m interested to find out if your in a relationship, not living together or married, how do you go about paying for date nights, days...
  25. HankMcPrank

    No sex life - sexless relationship - cheating?

    Hi, I thought I’d post on here as it’s been happening for days. Long story cut short. The person i am with just isn’t interested in sex, if I talk about it, he changes the subject or gets het-up that I’ve mentioned it. I’ve discussed about contraception as he definitely doesn’t want any...