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  1. GiftedNotFree

    Poppy Adams #36 Queer Eye for the Straight Lie

    New thread. Title that had the most votes by @Loobloo 👏🏽🎊 perfectly timed too, now that it’s June aka Pride month. Or should that be Poppy month, now that she’s dating someone that uses they/them pronouns 😝 🏳️‍🌈 I can’t be bothered doing an update because now that she’s in a relationship, she...
  2. Diddikins

    Poppy Adams #35 Poppy’s still hiding FE, hoping we won't know she's not getting the D

    New Thread: Poppy is still dating “my partner” aka FE, Lewis CapaldFE, Human Backpack Surprisingly, since being with Essex based “my partner”, she’s spent more time in Edinburgh. In fact, she’s been there more in the last couple of months than she was the whole of last year. She’s still...
  3. Em_

    Poppy Adams #34 Is that a backpack you're holding? Nope, it's my partner Claire Balding

    Thansk to @EnglebertHumperdinksDog for the most liked thread title. Please can someone donate recap, I would but I'm late for an eyebrow appointment thay I'd forgotten about. Newbies please read the wiki! Poppy is a cunt!
  4. Diddikins

    Poppy Adams #33 Boob grabs and shed shags, FE’s off to Edin to move the recycling bags

    Thanks to @Sozhun for the new thread title. recap: pops is currently “soft launching” her new partner FE or FingerRings as they are also known. Shes been sleeping in the shed in her parents garden so that FE can tend to her sexual needs. She still doesn’t live in Edinburgh but may be...
  5. GiftedNotFree

    Poppy Adams #32 Fe-fi-fo-fum, have they seen the Pythag Bum?

    New thread just in time for the Adams Christmas extravaganza where food and presents are provided in endless quantities. Most likes was a title from @thenorthremembers - I edited it slightly.. Hope that’s ok 😘 Don’t have time for a recap so please someone else do one if possible! She’s been...
  6. Em_

    Poppy Adams #31 She's an overgrown Veruca Maldon Salt

    Thanks to @Rnttfl and @roo689 for the thread title. I went through 2 pages of the top liked posts and couldn't see a thread title as such, this was on the first page and I thought it would make a great thread title. --- Quick recap. -Poppy (not surprisingly) spent more time in Essex than in...
  7. Em_

    Poppy Adams #30 Poppy pythag and the mysterious bawbag

    Thanks to @thenorthremembers for the most liked thread title. I can't remember who suggested changing bollocks to bawbag or it could have been ballbag, but I remember bawbag being metioned due to her "baws" tattoo. Newbies please have a read through the wiki as it should answer some of your...
  8. Em_

    Poppy Adams #29 back boobs are bigger than her front boobs & her front bum is bigger than her back bum

    There were a few posts where it her people suggested a line for the next thread title. This one had the most likes originally before thread title was suggested, so I went with this one, hope that's OK as all the suggestions were great. Thanks to @nogoodusernamesleft for the title and @HanHan...
  9. Em_

    Poppy Adams #28 Bobbly skirt. Imaginary double G's. Arse that looks like an isosceles

    Thanks to @liltatling for the thread title. I can't think of a recap, she's being her usual cuntish self, but she's been quite dull recently. -Poppy has spent the most of May and June in Edinburgh, which is incredibly shocking. However she has had visitors in Edinburgh so those weeks don't...
  10. Em_

    Poppy Adams #27 She looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter

    This was the top liked post on the last thread, it's not a title suggestion but I thought we could go for it's it was the number one post. Thanks to @DisgruntledGoat for the title. I've not got much time for a re-cap so can you please add to it. Any newbies please read the wiki. -Poppy has...
  11. Em_

    Poppy Adams #26 Her hair is as messed up as her gastric bypass

    Thanks to @TheWitchIsBack for the thread title, had to changed fucked to messed up for the title. I've not got time to do a re-cap as my battery is on 3% and there is tik tok drama going on and to quote Pam "I love the drama, Mick" so can someone please recap thundercunt for me. Mini Wiki...
  12. Em_

    Poppy Adams #25 Poppy the Pythagorarse Poppleganger

    Thanks to @thenorthremembers for the most liked thread title. I don't think there is much to recap, all I've got is what's written below and if anyone can think of anything else please add to the recap. *Poppy had spent more days in Essex than Edinburgh during January. *Poppy ate her Dad's...
  13. GiftedNotFree

    Poppy Adams #24 Her name is Jobby, recycling blocks her lobby, spending money is her hobby!

    New thread for Poppy! I can’t be bothered doing a recap because she’s SO BORING but I’ll do some bullet points. - spent basically the last 3 months in Essex. Came back to Edinburgh (where her heart is!) on 8th January. Tattle are keeping track of how many days she actually spends in Edinburgh...
  14. Not_A_Troll

    Poppy Adams #23 Back to blonde with an orange tinge, look how hilarious I am on Tinder and Hinge

    New thread title courtesy of @Rnttfl Not much to summarise from the last thread, she’s still in Essex, still wearing the holey tights and grotty black skirt and still trying to prove she’s irresistible to men
  15. Em_

    Poppy Adams #22 Another WLS fails,still can't keep the males. Can that be cropped,insta huns tell us tales

    There were so many good thread titles and @RoundTheTwist had the most likes. I had to edit it slightly to fit and added the edit from @alldayeveryday Please feel free to add to my re-cap. *Poppy quit her 4 hour job and spent most of the month in Essex. *Poppy's mum came to visit and they...
  16. Em_

    Poppy Adams #21 Spewing by ten, getting dicked by big ben, never the bride always the hen

    Thanks to @Crusty_punk for the thread title My minds a blank and I can't think of much for a re-cap, so please add on to this. *Poppy gave up her job in retail (4 hours a week) to become a full time insta twat (she was already a twat, but now she's a full time one) *Poppy isn't seeing 'the...
  17. Sozhun

    Poppy Adams #20 driving along scoffing ham, watch out Poppy’s gunna steal your man

    New thread to continue to discuss the trials and tribulations of Miss Adams. The greatest ever storyteller to waddle the streets of Edinburgh title courtesy of @justlurking2345 Couldn’t condense the fresh prince one enough to make it make sense so went with most liked which was this one
  18. Em_

    Poppy Adams #19 We’ve seen bigger tits on a bird table!

    Thanks to @TeaNToast for the thread title! A few facts about Poppy for any newbies as we don’t have a wiki yet. Poppy had her second weight loss surgery nearly two years ago we think she was a 30/32 and I’d say she’s a 26 now Poppy claims to live in Edinburgh, but spends more time in Essex...
  19. Em_

    Poppy Adams #18 Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. In real life, I'm twice as wide.

    Thanks to @Furnessian for another great thread title. Does anyone want to do a recap?
  20. Em_

    Poppy Adams #17 Her dating life is such a farce or is she lying through her Pythagorarse

    Thanks to @Furnessian for the thread title. Does anyone want to do a recap? She's so dull I can't think of anything to report apart from the fact that she's still a massive cunt.
  21. Em_

    Poppy Adams #16 Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination

    Thanks to @Holly82 for the thread title. I've added Pythagoarse to her name, so hopefully that will be accepted, I think it needed to be in the title. Does anyone want to do a recap? The only things I can remember are - * She got off with a short man (think he was called Matthew) who she was...
  22. Em_

    Poppy Adams #15 Don’t you dare ask about cam, you know I only sleep with people in my fam!

    Thanks to @lozboz for the title. Poppy hasn't done much recently, apart from talk about boundaries, men, the fact she's never been set up with anyone. Poppy keeps talking to her phone, either in the bath or with a towel around her, and posting them to her stories, it appears that she has no...
  23. Em_

    Poppy Adams #14 Lied about testing negative and took the train, all the way down to Essex again

    Thanks to @Furnessian for the thread title. I can’t think of a recap apart from the fact that she traveled to Essex on a train whilst positive for covid, but lied and claimed to have only received a positive result once back in a Essex. She claimed she had negative lft’s, but had symptoms and...
  24. Em_

    Poppy Adams #13 In my head I'm bossing Tinder, But in real life guys prefer Hinder

    Thanks to @LostScot82 for the winning thread title. I went with the second thread suggestion, as it made me laugh, hope that's ok. Quick recap from what I can remember. Poppy travelled back and forth to Essex twice in a week over Christmas. Brother/boyfriend made her bed for her. She posed...
  25. Em_

    Poppy Adams #12 "That never happened stories" by Poppy Adams aged 15 3/4

    Thanks to @Bagpuss7 for the winning thread title. Can anyone do a recap? It's past my bedtime.