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  1. Em_

    Poppy Adams #22 Another WLS fails,still can't keep the males. Can that be cropped,insta huns tell us tales

    There were so many good thread titles and @RoundTheTwist had the most likes. I had to edit it slightly to fit and added the edit from @alldayeveryday Please feel free to add to my re-cap. *Poppy quit her 4 hour job and spent most of the month in Essex. *Poppy's mum came to visit and they...
  2. Em_

    Poppy Adams #21 Spewing by ten, getting dicked by big ben, never the bride always the hen

    Thanks to @Crusty_punk for the thread title My minds a blank and I can't think of much for a re-cap, so please add on to this. *Poppy gave up her job in retail (4 hours a week) to become a full time insta twat (she was already a twat, but now she's a full time one) *Poppy isn't seeing 'the...
  3. Sozhun

    Poppy Adams #20 driving along scoffing ham, watch out Poppy’s gunna steal your man

    New thread to continue to discuss the trials and tribulations of Miss Adams. The greatest ever storyteller to waddle the streets of Edinburgh title courtesy of @justlurking2345 Couldn’t condense the fresh prince one enough to make it make sense so went with most liked which was this one
  4. Em_

    Poppy Adams #19 We’ve seen bigger tits on a bird table!

    Thanks to @TeaNToast for the thread title! A few facts about Poppy for any newbies as we don’t have a wiki yet. Poppy had her second weight loss surgery nearly two years ago we think she was a 30/32 and I’d say she’s a 26 now Poppy claims to live in Edinburgh, but spends more time in Essex...
  5. Em_

    Poppy Adams #18 Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. In real life, I'm twice as wide.

    Thanks to @Furnessian for another great thread title. Does anyone want to do a recap?
  6. Em_

    Poppy Adams #17 Her dating life is such a farce or is she lying through her Pythagorarse

    Thanks to @Furnessian for the thread title. Does anyone want to do a recap? She's so dull I can't think of anything to report apart from the fact that she's still a massive cunt.
  7. Em_

    Poppy Adams #16 Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination

    Thanks to @Holly82 for the thread title. I've added Pythagoarse to her name, so hopefully that will be accepted, I think it needed to be in the title. Does anyone want to do a recap? The only things I can remember are - * She got off with a short man (think he was called Matthew) who she was...
  8. Em_

    Poppy Adams #15 Don’t you dare ask about cam, you know I only sleep with people in my fam!

    Thanks to @lozboz for the title. Poppy hasn't done much recently, apart from talk about boundaries, men, the fact she's never been set up with anyone. Poppy keeps talking to her phone, either in the bath or with a towel around her, and posting them to her stories, it appears that she has no...
  9. Em_

    Poppy Adams #14 Lied about testing negative and took the train, all the way down to Essex again

    Thanks to @Furnessian for the thread title. I can’t think of a recap apart from the fact that she traveled to Essex on a train whilst positive for covid, but lied and claimed to have only received a positive result once back in a Essex. She claimed she had negative lft’s, but had symptoms and...
  10. Em_

    Poppy Adams #13 In my head I'm bossing Tinder, But in real life guys prefer Hinder

    Thanks to @LostScot82 for the winning thread title. I went with the second thread suggestion, as it made me laugh, hope that's ok. Quick recap from what I can remember. Poppy travelled back and forth to Essex twice in a week over Christmas. Brother/boyfriend made her bed for her. She posed...
  11. Em_

    Poppy Adams #12 "That never happened stories" by Poppy Adams aged 15 3/4

    Thanks to @Bagpuss7 for the winning thread title. Can anyone do a recap? It's past my bedtime.
  12. Em_

    Poppy Adams #11 Can't keep a boyfriend, thank God my brother goes with me to get my canesten

    Thanks to @Chickennuggiesforlife for the winning thread title. I'm sorry I accidentally created the thread without finishing the title, I had to edit it to for as well. Quick recap from what I can remember. °Poppy took her brother with her to buy canesten and he filmed the interaction with the...
  13. Em_

    Poppy Adams #10 stings and onion rings, now cams left for better things

    Thanks to @Jones1982 for the winning thread title. I'm not sure there is much to re-cap, apart from the fact that she is now single (I think Cam dumped her) and ready to ruin men's lives in an awful suit. *Edit - I think fanny has been taken out of the title. I wasn't sure it would be...
  14. Em_

    Poppy Adams #9 Shots and shags, always in her faithful snags

    Thanks to @InstaFamous for the winning thread title. I'm not sure there is much to re-cap on, but I'll give it a go. *Poppy was out every night last week, drinking multiple shots, wearing her skirt, snag tights and dm's. *Poppy ordered tops to match her famous skirt from yours. *Poppy claimed...
  15. Scragbags

    Poppy Adams #8 I have a boyfriend! Omgz xoxo ilu 4eva

    Did you hear? Poppy has a boyfriend... Continue...
  16. Em_

    Poppy Adams #7 housemates with her brother, spicy fanny from her lover, rent paid by her mum

    Thanks to @Crusty Punk for the winning title. I had to shorten it to fit it in. Report Recap - Poppy has finally had sex and now has a boyfriend who fingered her with chilly fingers - Poppy's brother is her new flat mate - The boyfriend is known as whiskey man or chilli fingers - Poppy had...
  17. Em_

    Poppy Adams #6 Catfishing and flashing but still hasn't had a bashing

    Thanks to @MoaningMyrtle2019 for the winning thread title.
  18. Em_

    Poppy Adams #5 The vagina monologues

    Thanks to @Sozhun for the winning title. I hope I've set this up right, I thought this had the most likes. There was another post that sounded like a title, but wasn't suggested as one and I couldn't fit it in. Update on Poppy She still talks about sex, seems desperate for it and carries...
  19. Em_

    Poppy Adams #4 A boyfriend brother and a droopy purple tit, honestly you couldn't make up this

    I hope I've set this up right. Thanks to @Fancypantaloons! who came up with the winning thread title. Not much of an update. Poppy is stuck in Essex. Her brother surprised her and walked in on her half naked. She slagged off Corsa drivers. Still the queen of angles. She's been pretty boring...
  20. Scragbags

    Poppy Adams #3 Will steal your man straightaway but only if he's delivering clothes or takeaway

    Well done to @A rabbit called Roger for the thread title. Recap. Poppy is still eating, ordering parcels, doing half arsed hauls and sending it back. Not much else tbh...
  21. M

    PoppyAdams #2 Lockdown violater, junkfood annihilator, farting in bed with men

    Thanks to @Instafamous1 for the winning thread name suggestion! It was too long so had to cut a bit off
  22. P

    Poppy Adams

    Anyone tried messaging her and being ignored? Do these influencers realise that our responses build their engagement???
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