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  1. geordiegirl

    Vicky Pattison #13 Begging for makeup and meals, can’t stop posting cringey reels

    Thanks to @annabelle_bronstein for the new thread title! Prev thread here: Roundup: she’s still a massive greedy, Beggy Mitchell As you were!
  2. geordiegirl

    Vicky Pattison #12 Crouching claw, swinging jaw

    Thanks to @Maniac2003 for the new thread title! Prev thread here: The Swinging Jaw is currently back from holiday number 76532799 and Airhead is still enjoying getting freebies via her...
  3. geordiegirl

    Vicky Pattison #11 Gifted hols, bright red mole, trapping Ercan is the goal!

    Thanks to @LaraQ for the new thread title! Prev thread here: As you were! Roundup: Still having all of her food and clothing gifted to her so she doesn’t have to fork out for anything...
  4. geordiegirl

    Vicky Pattison #10 Frozen eggs,on the beg,will she marry little legs?

    Thanks to @LaraQ for the new thread title! Prev thread here: As you were!
  5. geordiegirl

    Vicky Pattison #9 Vicky’s old, Aircan’s blue, the weddings gifted like we all knew

    Thanks to @funkimunki1984 for the new thread title! Prev thread here: Roundup: Flew out to Dubai Stayed in a gifted Versace and Caesars hotel for a week Airhead finally popped the question on...
  6. geordiegirl

    Vicky Pattison #8 The secret to being crappy & making Ercan unhappy

    Thanks to @Sunflower91 for the cracking new title! Prev thread here: As you were peeps! Round up: Still photoshopping and still a twat!!
  7. geordiegirl

    Vicky Pattison #7 Christmas is coming, Milo's getting fat. Air Can won't propose, so don't buy a hat

    Thanks to @LaraQ for the thread title! Not sure if I’ve done it right as first time attempt at a thread. Previous thread here: As you were peeps 😊
  8. LaraQ

    Vicky Pattison #7 Christmas is coming,Milo's getting fat.Air Can won't propose,so don't buy a hat.

    The state of Vicky and Air Can's relationship remains precarious.She 's still on the beg.As you were.
  9. Red hair dont care

    Vicky Pattison #6 Dirty mattress, fingers & toes who knows next where poor Milo goes

    Thanks to @blowup for the suggestion Big shout out to @merlot the wh**e not allowed. Also @Cosmicpixiesb liked your 80 gurns around the world 😂 I know it wasn't thread suggestions but funny all the same She is getting more and more annoying by the day
  10. Red hair dont care

    Vicky Pattison #5 As real as a £1 note, wedding crasher, jaw smasher, no brand she'll not promote

    Suggestion by @Sunflower91 had to shorten as would not fit., sorry Recap; we are all bored of the; constant real v fake Instagram pics 🙄 Period every 2 week posts Begging Mitchell for freebies to kit the house out Has oven cleaned but has it been used 🤨🤔 And nearly forgot her manky skanky...
  11. LaraQ

    Vicky Pattison #4

    thread is too much, hit report if you have a more suitable title to use. keep threads in the sections they belong in with tags, thank you. Mod.
  12. M

    Vicky Pattison #3 You’d get more class from Vicky pollard than Vicky Pattison.

    Thanks to imhereforthebanter for the title. Recap, always on the beg, aircan is her right arm. Writes essays on the gram while gurning under her duvet all while on her period 24/7.
  13. Greencatfysh

    Vicky Pattison #2 VIP edge = vile, ignorant, pigheaded

    New thread guys! The most liked post was from @Onepotatotwopotato recap - Vicky’s bought a house to keep air can in, so he can bring her chocolate when she’s crying for a long list of reasons that never happened. Oh, and she’s secretly traveling the country regularly and breaking COVID rules...
  14. F

    Vicky Pattison

    I’m genuinely baffled at posts that say Vicky is so down to earth and lovely etc etc. Personally I think it’s obvious that everything is a big act. I’ve met her in real life a few years ago and she was arrogant and rude (pre jungle days). All of a sudden she became this ‘nice person’ overnight...
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