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  1. snapdrag0n

    Running Instagrammers #6 Never take advice from this bunch of plonkers

    New thread time!!! Title win goes to @runningbutnotinfluencing, censored slightly due to a swear (I know it’s tame but thems the rules). Title would be: Running Instagrammers #6 - Never take advice from this bunch of dicks. Small recap (it’s hard when there’s SO many Runfluencers right?!) •...
  2. IfTheCapFits

    Dan Wheeler #27 The lies keep coming, Sean went running, but it doesn't matter cuz Kaz is still Hunning

    title from @sofaz56 :) previous thread he's still an annoying twat, carry on!
  3. snapdrag0n

    Running Instagrammers #5 “we go again”

    Well done to @personalbest for this one! 👏👏 Old thread - I’ll try and recap later but TIA if someone beats me to it!
  4. snapdrag0n

    Running Instagrammers #4 Fumble bus, sell out runners and Nick ‘do as I please’ Bester?

    Hello! New thread :) Could someone do the TLDR please? Old thread -
  5. snapdrag0n

    Running Instagrammers #3 Worn-out sell-outs.

    New thread! Can’t believe we’re on #3 already. Old thread here - Click “threads” and “watch tagged threads” to never lose a thread. Rather than just watching the new...
  6. fluffyglitterbug

    Running #2 PF is a pain in the calf

    Carry on here - thanks to @laughing for the title!
  7. judgejohndeed

    The Running Thread 🏃‍♀️

    Idea from Holly Gabrielle's thread! Thread for all things running. Tagging people who liked the suggestion: @nbx512 @slamvs27 @jayjay82 @jjhv @Oatmeall @MeLlamoMiami @Welshgal and of course anyone else who's into running! I kind of gave up on running over the first UK lockdown sadly, so I've...
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