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  1. GossWhore

    Saffron Barker #24 Cheating Louis made her cry, now she’s running back to Tyyyyy

    Previous thread: Thank you @caf.xx for the winning title - 79 reactions! Recap: - Saffy B got cheated on and split from her boyfriend Louis Rees-Zammit of 4 months she was creating AI babies with -...
  2. the_chafe_is_real

    Running Instagrammers #13 Strava doesn’t lie, my watch really did die!

    New thread! Congrats to @orange club biscuit for the suggestion, you get Full Time Tits dead tooth when it drops out. Pop it under your pillow for a BQ. Old thread here
  3. Fifah1907

    Running instagrammers #12 GRWM - it’s just waking up, dressing and eating, not content.

    Happy Monday! Nee thread brought to you by someone who can’t run so is bored walking on the treadmill 😂
  4. T

    Toby & Roo #5 filler, running and bra shots overkill, still can’t satisfy bootleg bill

    Credit to @Noseyoldcow Previous thread:
  5. lestarkettlex

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #14 a nosh with Rosh, running out of dosh, lies about dox

    Ere we are!! Thank you @Milfordcubicle you win, pus. Straight from the boil. recap please! dropped from Brighton Pride Air drums impression Big bed jump Maria dressed as elphaba A boyfriend for 18 hours! What next? ✨reminder if you’re new here,hi! We all respect our choices on the pronouns...
  6. That’sOk

    Holly Gabrielle #8 If slow living why all the fast running?

    New thread. Usually just a lurker but thought I would do the honours 😁 Well done @blndrb33 for the winning thread suggestion. Recap anyone?
  7. the_chafe_is_real

    Running Instagrammers #10 I have a following. Oh so you are Jesus now? £9.99 for 20k on offer

    New thread! Old thread should be below. Poll is not really a poll as such but create your own Runfluencer starter pack above. With the right combination, you could be over sharing your life with strangers online, followed mainly by bots or perverts and coach people without having the slightest...
  8. the_chafe_is_real

    Running Instagrammers #8 I have a LIRF, you can trust me! Beginner to Marathon to A&E!

    New thread and congrats to @absolute-omnishambles for the win! Old thread:
  9. snapdrag0n

    Running Instagrammers #7 Hard lives of the gifted ones full sending their boomshakalakas for validation

    New thread as requested. Well done @instaclowns 😘 Had to cut down the title. Should have been: Running Instagrammers #7 - The hard lives of the gifted brigade full sending their boomshakalakas in desperation for validation. Could someone TLDR? Old thread -...
  10. snapdrag0n

    Running Instagrammers #6 Never take advice from this bunch of plonkers

    New thread time!!! Title win goes to @runningbutnotinfluencing, censored slightly due to a swear (I know it’s tame but thems the rules). Title would be: Running Instagrammers #6 - Never take advice from this bunch of dicks. Small recap (it’s hard when there’s SO many Runfluencers right?!) •...
  11. snapdrag0n

    Running Instagrammers #5 “we go again”

    Well done to @personalbest for this one! 👏👏 Old thread - I’ll try and recap later but TIA if someone beats me to it!
  12. snapdrag0n

    Running Instagrammers #4 Fumble bus, sell out runners and Nick ‘do as I please’ Bester?

    Hello! New thread :) Could someone do the TLDR please? Old thread -
  13. snapdrag0n

    Running Instagrammers #3 Worn-out sell-outs.

    New thread! Can’t believe we’re on #3 already. Old thread here - Click “threads” and “watch tagged threads” to never lose a thread. Rather than just watching the new...
  14. fluffyglitterbug

    Running #2 PF is a pain in the calf

    Carry on here - thanks to @laughing for the title!
  15. judgejohndeed

    The Running Thread 🏃‍♀️

    Idea from Holly Gabrielle's thread! Thread for all things running. Tagging people who liked the suggestion: @nbx512 @slamvs27 @jayjay82 @jjhv @Oatmeall @MeLlamoMiami @Welshgal and of course anyone else who's into running! I kind of gave up on running over the first UK lockdown sadly, so I've...