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  1. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #86 Mason can you pay our bills?

    Welcome to thread #86 thank you for the thread title @amzi ❤️ I know, I know it’s so sad the thread with my name in the title has finally come to an end 😭 but no need to worry zapp has got you covered with their zapp tissues to dry up all those tears! #ad Recap - We started off the last thread...
  2. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #85 Katie may be about to erupt cos the socks are going to the World Cup

    Welcome to thread #85! Thank you to @Bumblebee81 for the wonderful thread title. I would say it’s your best one yet 😉😂 Recap: We started off the last thread with a wonderful slim shady inspired edit from the one and only @Geexoxo and we discussed which version of mason we love and which...
  3. amzi

    Mason Mount #84 footballer, bachelor, model, influencer? Who knows Unfortunately for some the ick still grows

    New title thank you to our lovely @Bumblebee81 ( I had to shorten it slightly too many letters) lovely to have you and @Geexoxo back on here 💙 recap: Mason treated us to some lovely content of him in THAT SUIT. All is quiet on the nyc front. Mason lost his bestie poor Ben for the next few...
  4. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #83 mason why you trying to hide her the jacket is beside her

    Welcome to thread #83 everyone! Thanks to @ellavaday29 for the thread name 🫶 The last thread was traumatic to say the least so don’t bother reading it and save yourself the stress and grey hairs 😂 Recap; - Claire happened End of recap Anyways now that’s over a cup of tea anyone? How do you...
  5. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #82 Mason, hun, we need to talk, but first send Miss Blackfish back to New York

    Welcome to thread #82 thank you to @Bumblebee81 for the thread title 🫶 we are sending you all our love ❤️ The previous thread has been a bit of a rollercoaster to say the least 😭😂🎢 Recap; - We started off the last thread with a poll to end the debate on which mason hairstyle in fact the best...
  6. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #81 buzzcut era has come to an end but don’t worry he is now looking like a boyfriend

    Welcome to thread #81!! Thread title is by me 😱 can you believe it I finally came up with a title 😂 We’ve got a poll for this thread as requested to decide which mason hair is the best. Time for a recap. It’s a long one since the last thread went on for over a month and just seemed to be never...
  7. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #80 Model Mase showed us his style and we want to run into him in the Sainsbury’s ready meal aisle

    Welcome to thread #80!! Thanks for the thread title @Bumblebee81 Recap: we started off with England Women’s team winning the euros 🥳 Mason attended looking fitter than ever! Didn’t look like the outfit was a Carlotta special (thank goodness 🙄) he even had matching shoes with lil philipa 😂...
  8. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #79 He hangs to the left, he hangs to the right that mason mount he's not all balls alright

    Welcome to thread #79!! Thanks for the title @MissSally ❤️ - we had pre-season in the USA where many things went down - The Americans let us down by not providing a front facing photo of mason in his towel 😭 - We got a photo from the one and only Jack Grealish of them on their holiday in...
  9. amzi

    Mason Mount #78 We’ve had Wimbo & hickeygate, but what we want to know - is it all balls, mate?

    Welcome to thread 78! New title thanks to the amazing @Bumblebee81 Recap: Mason had a lovely few weeks off We did too, no summer drama. He’s been to LA, Portugal, silverstone, wimbo and Ibiza. Living up to his tour guide status. Can we all just say a massive well done to mason as his pop up...
  10. amzi

    Mason Mount #77 Whatever he is packing, FBC will take it

    Welcome to thread 77 title credit to @weite1 Not much to recap. mason was away with England for their summer camp, let’s not talk about the shocking results of those matches He discovered razors not only shaving his legs but the whole of his head too! #buzzcut He appeared on this morning to...
  11. Geexoxo

    Mason Mount #76 went to the Grand Prix with some grand pr*cks

    Thankyou to me myself and I for the thread title! On the last episode of keeping up with mountana: • Mason missed his penalty and the twitter teens and tumblr teen both went WYLD but for different reasons • The season ended and our boy won player of the year and took his family out on the...
  12. tinatheestallion

    Mason Mount #75 the stalker has arrived, let’s hope he makes it out alive?

    hiii besties, i would write something if only i knew what was going on in this thread
  13. amzi

    Mason Mount #74 The prince hair is no more, the buzz cut helps him score

    Welcome to thread 74 Thanks to the lovely @Geexoxo for the title recap: Mason got his hair cut! And it seems to have brought him some good luck. He has gifted us with some goals and beautiful photos. Unfortunately chelsea got knocked out the champions league this week which made us all want...
  14. Miss Sally

    Mason Mount #73 Mase flirted awkwardly, we ALL cringed. Can anyone tell us Claire’s real tinge?

    Here we go, sorry I am rubbish at recaps so this happened; A crappy comment from Mase on Claire Accessorises insta gave most of us the ick along with her "tan" real or not. Thinking the latter 🤨 Great suggestion from @Bumblebee81 For the new thread. We hope @keylimepie is okay after teeth...
  15. keylimepie

    Mason Mount #72 Mason Shoplifts His Shoes. Aimlee has left us all confused

    Thread 72 is here!!! Thank you to everyone for input with the thread title. I am no @calmyourritas but I hope this recap will do💙💙 ⚽ @aimlee5 came and drop a bombshell that Mason was fraternising with Claire’s Accessories. Claire posted some content from Stamford Bridge which left @amzi on the...
  16. amzi

    Mason Mount #71 only fans is here, FBC queue here

    welcome to thread #71. Thank you to @foreverbeginstoday for the thread title. Here is a recap: Mason was back on form against Norwich. We believe it’s either the new boots, the slight haircut or the fact the wristband could finally be gone! We all went feral over this photo Chelsea are in...
  17. Miss Sally

    Mason Mount #70 MIAyoo hee MIAyoo Hoe MIAyoo hahaha

    Thanks @Smarties24 for the thread title. Congratulations to Chelsea on winning the World Club Cup. So I think we'd all like to see a haircut, that bloody wrist disappear quickly and all hope Mason's injury is not bad 🙏
  18. amzi

    Mason Mount #69 I don’t give girls flowers, I give good tours though.

    Welcome to thread 69!! Firstly I’m sorry if this isn’t up to the usual standard I’ve not created a thread for mason before! Secondly here is my attempt at a recap 🅿️ Mason is currently living his best life in miami 🕶 he has given us all the ick 🅿️ Been spotted hiding behind his sunglasses and...
  19. calmyourritas

    Mason Mount #68 Noodle finally turned 23, needs to up his game he’s losing the FBC

    Made up the thread title as I couldn’t see any suggestions and we were on page 55. Hope it’s okay. We are nearly on thread 69!!! Hope Connie Lingus is ready. Can’t be arsed doing a recap as I don’t wanna re-read that shit show of a thread. Enjoy the nip P.S. Be careful what you vote for on...
  20. calmyourritas

    Mason Mount #67 Wait, who?

    Happy new year everyone! I’m back with my first recap since thread 22. Welcome to thread 67 FINALLY! It’s been a slow few days… the majority of the FBC seem to have been hungover for the entire thread. Thread title by @Smca53 ❤️ I’m pumped for @StephenTJackson new song!!!! Just leaving this...
  21. Smca53

    Mason Mount #66 What’s the Story Finding Dory?

    Welcome to thread 66! The last few threads have had an air of 666 about them, are we sure that’s not the correct number? :unsure: Recap: Have at it!
  22. nellyloz123

    Mason Mount #65 New Year, New Me… Still waiting for nudes for the FBC

    The title is shite the recap is shite 🤣 I really don’t know what’s happened the past few days and I don’t know what day it is so here’s a picture of Tony ❤️ What was your favourite FBC moment of 2021? Ok the last option is supposed to be Raya but autocorrect pulled my pants down and changed...
  23. Smca53

    Mason Mount #64 When we think about him we touch our s-elves

    Festive thread title by @jflurker93 👏 Recap: ⚽ It’s Christmas, we got a bit emotional again about how we’re the greatest group ever - it happens 🥰 ⚽ @jflurker93 ’s outstanding 12 Days of Christmas fic came to an end. Thanks for sharing your work with us, it certainly cheered up my December 💙...
  24. keylimepie

    Mason Mount 63 All we want for Christmas is you!

    New thread!!! Quick Recap @nellyloz123 has moved home! Congratulations to you 🥰🥰🥰 @jflurker93 is learning Portuguese to snare Ruben Dias! @cherryshade123 is still living up to her reputation with her wonderful advent calendar 🤣🤣 @StephenTJackson is rewriting Christmas classics that thrill us...
  25. jflurker93

    Mason Mount #62 We want socks not stats and no clout chasing chat

    Thanks to our Resident Mrs R @Rodney2208 for the thread title! ❌ Still Banned ❌ • Instahoe Chat • Mason’s Follows • Mason’s Likes • Small Willy Slander Very Quick Recap of Thread 61: ⚽ Tammy Abraham used to tweet very questionable things ⚽ Daddy made it to number 6 of the Fans Footballer...
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