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  1. AdsB

    Mason Mount #107 one minute on the field before topless chill with the FA Cup

    Welcome to thread #107 everyone. Thank you to @MissDolly for title, let’s recap. ❤️ Mason finally learned to upload decent pics to Raya. 👧 Mason got papped with a girl. ⚽ Mason was injured for the Arsenal game and deprived me of Mason and Dec content. 🥰 although we did get this pic. 🤮 Man...
  2. Spectacles

    Mason Mount #106 Hot, Beautiful & Gorgeous Hunk , we just need to be filled with his sp***

    New thread! 😀 I can't really remember what happened in the last one because it went realllly slow 🐌 But! Mason is back from being injured and scored his first utd goal
  3. AdsB

    Mason Mount #105 Visiting Manchester from London

    Welcome to thread 105. Thanks to @Poppy462 for the title. Let’s recap. Girls Aloud won the poll because you hoes have no taste. Mason is still injured. Woody didn’t wish Mason happy birthday on instagram. Still trouble in paradise it seems 😂. Mason went to Dubai and spent time with Dec...
  4. AdsB

    Mason Mount #104 Woody is a wh ore

    Welcome to thread #104 everyone and thank you to @katiestewart for the title Let’s have a brief recap. ⚽️ Mason is injured 🤕. ⚽️ Mason took part in Movember to help with Men’s mental health. ⚽️ Mason became a father (to a dog) ⚽️ Mason took a trip back to Portsmouth (rude he didn’t visit...
  5. AdsB

    Mason Mount #103 socktober has sadly come to an end but don’t worry hoevember is right around the corner 🤣

    Welcome to thread #103. Thank you to the queen of sock @katiestewart for the title. Let’s recap. •THIS HAPPENED. • Mason came back from injury. • Unfortunately he didn’t get picked for the England camp. So he went on a couples mini break with Woody to New York. (Not sure if he knows anyone...
  6. AdsB

    Mason Mount #102 the return of sock, though we still in shock but please don't stop giving us more.

    Welcome to thread 102 everyone. Let’s recap. Mason got injured and nothing else happened. Let’s end the recap with my new favourite Mason hair.😍
  7. AdsB

    Mason Mount #101 He's on our minds, we guess he goes like na-na-na no blackfish na-na-na-na-na

    Welcome to thread 101 thanks to @MissDolly for the most voted title. (@katiestewart anti prince hair title was too long 😂) Lets recap. ⚽ Mason flew to the US of A for his first Man U game in New Jersey. ⚽ I made an exception on my Man U content ban to post a shirt lift. ⚽ I put the prince...
  8. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #100 Cobham to Carrington, blue to red, we actually made it to a century of threads!

    Welcome to thread #100!! 😱 Thanks to the amazing @Bumblebee81 for another amazing thread title! 😘 honestly can’t believe we’ve even made it here. The train may have gone from a train > bus > mini van > 7 seater car > 3 door fiat500 along the way but we’re still here. We just got a bit battered...
  9. AdsB

    Mason Mount #99 He’s got 99 problems but the Blackfish is the main one

    Welcome to thread 99 everyone. Once again thank you to @Bumblebee81 for another brilliant thread title. Let’s recap ⚽ Endless transfer drama. ⚽ Endless Claire drama. Have some blonde Mason pics to end the recap.
  10. AdsB

    Mason Mount #98 Will the real slim shady please stand up

    Welcome to thread 98 everyone. Thanks to @louise0408 for the title. Let’s recap. 👱 @louise0408 started a lemonade stand to buy Christian Pulisic. So far she’s raised £5. 👱 The insta tags went off #boatsandhoes 👱 Mason allegedly agrees personal terms with Man U. 👱 I agreed to sleep with Todd...
  11. AdsB

    Mason Mount #97 Happy Ho(e)liday! Destination unknown but we all hope it's not NYC

    Welcome to thread 97 everyone. Thanks to @MissDolly for the title Let’s recap. ⚽ I continued to try and make the below pic happen. ⚽ We starting planning Mason’s summer holiday. ⚽ @MissDolly posted her twat in the hat collection. ⚽ I posted my prince hair collection. Much to @katiestewart...
  12. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #96 Twit in the hat with the itty bitty balls strikes again

    Welcome to thread #96 for the handful of people who are actually still here after the twats misbehaviour 😒🙄 Thank you to @Dolly27 for the thread title inspired by myself and @louise0408 Recap -Not really sure what I’m supposed to put here because I’m definitely not rereading the last thread and...
  13. AdsB

    Mason Mount #95 Mase reunited with his long lost dad but his broken willy is still making us sad

    Thanks to @Bumblebee81 for another fabulous title. I’m gonna keep this short and sweet and take inspiration from a previous @katiestewart recap. Claire happened (again). End of recap. Anyway moving on. Here’s a selection of my favourite Mason shirtless pics as an apology for accidentally...
  14. amzi

    Mason Mount #94 mason mount hides behind a tree saying please don’t expose me

    Welcome to thread 94! Title from myself (hope no one minds) forgive me as my recaps are no where near as good as the lovely @katiestewart Where do I start? Mason is missing. He was going to England camp, then withdrawed. Potter says he was injured, then he was okay but not 100% then he went...
  15. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #93 Missing Presumed Red not Blue, although a magpie stripe is definitely taboo

    Welcome to thread #93! Thank you to the queen of thread titles herself @Bumblebee81 for coming up with another amazing title 😘🫶 Recap We started off the last thread with a teeny tiny bit of drama caused by a like on a certain someone’s post 👀… yes that’s right it was mine! He slid in my DMs...
  16. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #92 Why can’t I stop myself from liking the little?

    Welcome to thread #92 everyone!! Thanks to @Bumblebee81 and @MissDolly for the thread title 😘🫶 Recap We started off the last thread in the best way possible with some of our favourite sock pics 🧦 🥵 Mason content has been lacking but we have gotten a few new training pics although they...
  17. amzi

    Mason Mount #91 was spotted in attendance with a large group of women and two men

    Welcome to thread 91! Title courtesy Of our amazing @AdsB quick recap as im not the best at them. * mason has been very quiet, teasing us wondering his whereabouts *still no photo of mason and baby Mila, which will send us all feral * will he won’t he sign a new contract? * is he or isn’t he...
  18. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #90 FantasticMasonicSex but we aren't getting any, so are vexed

    Welcome to thread #90!! Thank you for the thread title @VC10 🫶❤️ Recap - We started off the last thread with Mason’s birthday!! 🎂🥳 our boy turned the big 24! - “Yeah I am Declan Rice and you’ve just clamped my car” 😂 - The boys disappointed us with the birthday posts but our boy Ben pulled...
  19. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #89 His playing may be dire but his looks are on fire

    Welcome to thread #89!! Thank you to the queen of thread titles @Bumblebee81 for the title suggestions 👑🫶 Recap - We started off the last thread continuing with @StephenTJackson wonderful Christmas Day 19 song!! 🎶 - @AdsB hosted a Xmas party with mase, dec and jack. Rumour has it he cooked...
  20. katiestewart

    Mason mount #88 the highs, lows and all the hairs of 2022

    Welcome to thread #88 Thank you @MissDolly for the thread title Recap - we started off the last thread with bestie dec to the rescue defending our boy against the haters - @StephenTJackson’s Dickmas songs continue 🎶 - The World Cup content continued! We are all jealous of woody being in a...
  21. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #87 It’s Dickmas Time! 🎄🎅

    Welcome to thread #87 everyone! I can’t believe how fast these threads have been moving lately. Thanks to @MissDolly for the thread title! 🫶💙 Recap: - We started off the last thread with some 😈 thoughts… I know what more do you expect from us? 🤷‍♀️😂 we discussed which order we would love the...
  22. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #86 Mason can you pay our bills?

    Welcome to thread #86 thank you for the thread title @amzi ❤️ I know, I know it’s so sad the thread with my name in the title has finally come to an end 😭 but no need to worry zapp has got you covered with their zapp tissues to dry up all those tears! #ad Recap - We started off the last thread...
  23. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #85 Katie may be about to erupt cos the socks are going to the World Cup

    Welcome to thread #85! Thank you to @Bumblebee81 for the wonderful thread title. I would say it’s your best one yet 😉😂 Recap: We started off the last thread with a wonderful slim shady inspired edit from the one and only @Geexoxo and we discussed which version of mason we love and which...
  24. amzi

    Mason Mount #84 footballer, bachelor, model, influencer? Who knows Unfortunately for some the ick still grows

    New title thank you to our lovely @Bumblebee81 ( I had to shorten it slightly too many letters) lovely to have you and @Geexoxo back on here 💙 recap: Mason treated us to some lovely content of him in THAT SUIT. All is quiet on the nyc front. Mason lost his bestie poor Ben for the next few...
  25. katiestewart

    Mason Mount #83 mason why you trying to hide her the jacket is beside her

    Welcome to thread #83 everyone! Thanks to @ellavaday29 for the thread name 🫶 The last thread was traumatic to say the least so don’t bother reading it and save yourself the stress and grey hairs 😂 Recap; - Claire happened End of recap Anyways now that’s over a cup of tea anyone? How do you...