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Dana Rosemary Scallon (born Rosemary Brown on 30 August 1951), known professionally as Dana, is an Irish singer and former politician who served as Member of the European Parliament from 1999 to 2004.
While still a schoolgirl she won the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest with "All Kinds of Everything". It became a worldwide million-seller and launched her music career.
She entered politics in 1997, as Dana Rosemary Scallon, running unsuccessfully in the Irish presidential election, but later being elected as an MEP for Connacht–Ulster in 1999. Scallon was again an independent candidate in the Irish 2011 presidential election, but was eliminated on the first count. In 2019, Dana announced she was back in the studio and was recording a brand new album, her first in many years. 'My Time' was released 1st November 2019.

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  1. S

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #18 Queen of mean shining her piss light, sharing lemon cake cos she’s so tight!

    New fred title from @Mum3boys congratulations! Lynz continues to wow us wiv her granny dresses and levvery Sunday roasts. The most exciting fing in their lives last week was Rib swerving the last, stale, slice of lemon cake and going for carrot cake instead. They’ll be back to lemon next week...
  2. mammaof3

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #17 Skin and beef tough as levver, posing on the dog wowk whatever the wevver.

    @Mum3boys with the winning thread title again, Well done. Taken from previous threads .... Still a rude cow. Still boring. Still recycling her ads. Still doesn’t have OCD. Still isn't eco even if she pertains to be. Still pouts like a trout. Still can't spell or pronounce words correctly...
  3. S

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #16 Lumpy nose, cringy pose, dressing like a child in frumpy gingham clothes

    @Mum3boys nailed it wiv the new fred title 🤣 Our Lynsey has taken to walking around wearing table cloffs for some reason known only to herself. It’s frow it fursday guys so I’m sure she’ll be chucking some bags in those charity bins…
  4. S

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #15 Our Lyns boasting in the Daily Mail, but really she’s just an epic fail

    New thread - went for the title @beanpole suggested, well done! @If i told you … please continue ☺️
  5. S

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #14 Lynsey’s Pegging and Begging but Scamp and Dude Still Not In the Mood

    Excellent thread title from @Mum3boys was by far the winner 😂 Just a quick recap: Lynsey continues to be in her boring routine of 10k dog walks, being brought trays of coffee or booze, and shilling her crappy pink Swan products and the other stuff they make. She went to an awards event the...
  6. S

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #13 Barbie’s Granny in her Boo Hoo dress tbh wiv you she looks a mess

    Brilliant fread title from @DCICassieStuart we love it! Lynsey continues to be the worst of what Instagram has to offer with her constant ads for the cheapest, nastiest products out there. Her other content is lame and revolves around invading her family’s privacy, excessive alcohol consumption...
  7. S

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #12 Today’s Tip - Do up ya zip!

    An inspired thread title from @becky's artex ceiling - inspired by “our Queen” herself flying at half mast the other day 😂 Still shilling the same old Swan shite on a daily basis. Ironic then that she has a phobia of our feathered friends, although they seem pretty keen on old Lynsey 😉 More...
  8. mammaof3

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #11 Lynsey thought she saw a ‘sleb, it wasn’t and now legohead looks like a pleb.

    Thread title by @Tamij with 27 votes. Still the same boring Lyns. Still recycling her ads. Still isn't eco even if she pertains to be. Still pouts like a trout. Still can't spell or pronounce words correctly. Still following with the hashtags. Still flogging tat via endless swipe ups. Still...
  9. S

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #10 Recycled Clips, Useless Tips and Please Stop Pouting Your Blown Up Lips

    A landslide victory for @kettlecrisp32 on the thread title! 🥳 Slightly adapted to fit. Our Queen continues to wow us with her ever so usefulless and original cleaning tips. The fresh and new daily clips are a delight for the senses 😂 Her wardrobe choices get more bizarre by the day, and the...
  10. S

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #9 Save water or get told off, while Lynsey washes a single cloff!

    Congratulations to @spongey for the thread title - it was inspired! 😂 I had to bastardise it a little as I was limited in the number of characters I was allowed to use, but I think the message is still loud and clear! Lynsey’s on a mission to save the planet - or make the rest of us save water...
  11. mammaof3

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #8 Ants in her pants but Lyns doesn’t like Tattles bants.

    The last one was getting long so started a new thread. Thread suggestion by @Tamij Ants in her pants but Lyns doesn’t like Tatlers bants! (Had to correct Tatlers sorry) With assistance from the last threads by @Shineyshine Released a new book. Still following with the hashtags. Still...
  12. S

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #7 Queen of Her Pepto Palace

    Continuing on from previous thread: Still following wiv the hashtags; Still flogging tat via endless swipe ups; Still desperate for content; Still serving zero calorie, zero taste slop morning, noon and night. As you were.
  13. L

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #6 Hey lego hair, you know those ads, you need to declare

    Well done @RiverRoo for the winning thread suggestion with 12 likes. Please continue here from the previous thread. Catch up: Not declaring gifted items, constant Ads and swipe ups, not abiding by the social distancing rules. There's many more that Lynsey is guilty of
  14. S

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #5 She’s NOT a Celebrity, Get Her Out of Here!

    I’m so sorry I can’t remember who suggested this fab title! Please remind us below so we can give thanks accordingly! Carrying on from the previous thread: Much hilarity was had with tonight’s fashion parade - many of us are still cleaning up the urine stains from our glitter carpets, from...
  15. S

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #4

    Continuing our chat about good old Lynsey: - she still doesn’t have OCD - out shopping every day during the pandemic - new clothes almost on the daily - she loves a bit of Sid the builder 😉 - brought out her new candles Her content is dull as ditchwater, full of repetitive old clips, so she’s...
  16. Yel

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #3

    New thread, can someone do a TLDR for the last one?
  17. Oohthedrama

    Lynsey Queen of Clean #2

    continue here.
  18. influenzas

    Lynsey Queen of Clean

    Sorry if there’s already a thread but I can’t find one if there is 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyone got links to the bad press she’s been getting about This Morning? She’s been talking about it on her story today but I can’t find anything. Did anyone watch it?