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  1. Thank(space)you

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #24 Six week challenge? That was just a joke, line me up burger, fries and coke

    Previous thread: Most liked thread title suggestion Kirst is smashing it with the 6 weeks challenge like she...
  2. Manbagzda

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #23 Lifewithcringeylea

    Well over on last thread so I've started a new one. @Anti-influencer influenced the title 💅👏
  3. Its_Me

    Lifewithkirstylea #22 #caloriesunknown

    Winning thread tile by @Manbagzda 👏🏼 Recap: Still can’t count calories. Still hasn’t lost any weight. Still making excuses.
  4. BettyBeau

    Lifewithkirstylea #21 2lb gain, ‘intergestion’ pain, eating more protein was all in vain.

    Awesome thread title from @shank_hunt_42 with 21 votes
  5. Thank(space)you

    Lifewithkirstylea #20 shredding for the wedding?More like binging and whinging

    Previous thread here: Winning title by @Dreamz
  6. Its_Me

    Lifewithkirstylea #19 Gym filming fixation; do you think you’re ever going to pass a probation?

    Formally keepingupwithkirstylea Thread title by @Gobbylurker unfortunately the full suggestion was too long so I had to cut it down.
  7. BettyBeau

    keepingupwithkirstylea #18 Corporate job? Why be so shady? Girl, we all know you’re just the tea-lady.

    Brilliant thread title from @NapQueenReturns with 17 votes.
  8. Its_Me

    keepingupwithkirstylea #17 The only thing keepingupwithkirstylea is her weight

    New thread for Kirsty Lea Dowling. Winning thread title by @thenoodle 🎉
  9. BettyBeau

    keepingupwithkirstylea #16 Hopes for a proposal in Dubai instead Dan’s taken her to Rye

    New thread tittle whooo whol not had one in ages.
  10. BettyBeau

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #15 Dairylea and one-pump flogging Goli. Anaemic sausages? What a wally

    @NapQueenReturns does it again Keepingupwithkirstylea #15: Dairylea and One-Pump flogging Goli. Anaemic sausages? What a Wally.
  11. BettyBeau

    Keepingupwithkirstylea:14 No job, no friends, wasting her life.

    Well done @NapQueenReturns for awesome new thread title 31 votes. Unfortunately had to cut it down to fit original title Keepingupwithkirstylea:14 No job, no friends, wasting her life, I do wish Penfold would make me his wife. Thread recap Kirsty is as boring as ever. Currently unemployed and...
  12. BettyBeau

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #13 lost 4st in 60 months.

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #13 lost 4 stone in 60 months and I'm gonna keep telling u cos I'm a narcissistic C...... here is the original title well done to @JVC1982
  13. Thank(space)you

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #12 Found a man keeping it quiet. Now I've got him it's bye to diet

    Well done to @Rosiejones100 for the thread title Full suggestion was : "Found a man keeping it quiet. Now I've got him it's bye bye to the diet" with 28 likes. Lifetime supply of dare products for you 🥳 TLDR: Kirsty has a boyfriend, tattle have named him penfold and they're #models Kirsty...
  14. BettyBeau

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #11 found a man but keeping it quiet

    With thanks to myself smug smile nose wrinkle. With 29 votes send me a signed pic of you in your pants Kirst and a home made blueberry muffin
  15. chaitealatte

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #10 - 5lbs lost, what a lie, sh*t workouts & her foods grey and dry

    Thank you to @Thewatcher for the thread title. It was the most liked with 24 votes. The original title read: Keepingupwithkirstylea - 5lbs lost, what a lie, her work outs are shit and her foods grey and dry. Edited slightly to fit. Hope I’ve started the new thread correctly 😄
  16. BettyBeau

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #9

    title removed by staff member - not appropriate continue here
  17. BettyBeau

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #8 Cremated bagels and chemical sauce, for blackout Tues no remorse

    With 24 likes Thread suggestion goes to @chaitealatte. you win a signed photo of her in her pants and a trolley dash round Lidl’s while she sings show tunes .
  18. Foundmypeople

    Keepingupwithkirstyslies #7

    New thread thanks to @BettyBeau who got 16 votes on thread 5 and another 9 on thread 6 for this 👌🏻 I think it’s perfect 😂 And here we have a clear admission of guilt. You didn’t put the work in did you Kirsty 😂😂
  19. Thank(space)you

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #6 800 calories for breakfast alone, can’t get a job cause she’s glued to her phone

    Big thanks to @Foundmypeople for the thread suggestion with 16 likes! Royally fucked the title up trying to do too many things at once, it should be: 800 calories for breakfast alone, can’t get a job cause she’s glued to her phone
  20. Its_Me

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #5

    With 14 likes on keeping the title simple, continue here....
  21. S

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #4 The Boris of Croydon has us howling, don't mess with a Dowling

    Thanks @NapQueen for the thread suggestion. Sorry the whole thing didn't fit. I tried. As you were...
  22. conrea37

    Keepingupwithkirstylea#3 Protein shakes, thunder thighs, Dairylea Dowling & her compulsive lies

    Title by @Imnotahero with 15 likes Continue here!
  23. conrea37

    Keepingupwithkirstylea #2 telling lies, protein bars not fries, but just look at the thighs

    New thread. Had to edit the title as too long to fit, sorry! Thread title by @111111 Thread 1
  24. M


    This girl is loud, annoying and fake. Loves to post pictures of herself in her underwear. Claims to eat exactly what she posts on Instagram and goes to the gym 6 days a week but struggles to lose weight. 🤔