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  1. Keepingupwithkirstylea #11 found a man but keeping it quiet

    With thanks to myself smug smile nose wrinkle. With 29 votes send me a signed pic of you in your pants Kirst and a home made blueberry muffin
  2. Keepingupwithkirstylea #10 - 5lbs lost, what a lie, sh*t workouts & her foods grey and dry

    Thank you to @Thewatcher for the thread title. It was the most liked with 24 votes. The original title read: Keepingupwithkirstylea - 5lbs lost, what a lie, her work outs are shit and her foods grey and dry. Edited slightly to fit. Hope I’ve started the new thread correctly 😄
  3. Keepingupwithkirstylea #9

    title removed by staff member - not appropriate continue here
  4. Keepingupwithkirstylea #8 Cremated bagels and chemical sauce, for blackout Tues no remorse

    With 24 likes Thread suggestion goes to @chaitealatte. you win a signed photo of her in her pants and a trolley dash round Lidl’s while she sings show tunes .
  5. Keepingupwithkirstyslies #7

    New thread thanks to @BettyBeau who got 16 votes on thread 5 and another 9 on thread 6 for this 👌🏻 I think it’s perfect 😂 And here we have a clear admission of guilt. You didn’t put the work in did you Kirsty 😂😂
  6. Keepingupwithkirstylea #6 800 calories for breakfast alone, can’t get a job cause she’s glued to her phone

    Big thanks to @Foundmypeople for the thread suggestion with 16 likes! Royally fucked the title up trying to do too many things at once, it should be: 800 calories for breakfast alone, can’t get a job cause she’s glued to her phone
  7. Keepingupwithkirstylea #5

    With 14 likes on keeping the title simple, continue here....
  8. Keepingupwithkirstylea #4 The Boris of Croydon has us howling, don't mess with a Dowling

    Thanks @NapQueen for the thread suggestion. Sorry the whole thing didn't fit. I tried. As you were...
  9. Keepingupwithkirstylea#3 Protein shakes, thunder thighs, Dairylea Dowling & her compulsive lies

    Title by @Imnotahero with 15 likes Continue here!
  10. Keepingupwithkirstylea #2 telling lies, protein bars not fries, but just look at the thighs

    New thread. Had to edit the title as too long to fit, sorry! Thread title by @111111 Thread 1
  11. Keepingupwithkirstylea

    This girl is loud, annoying and fake. Loves to post pictures of herself in her underwear. Claims to eat exactly what she posts on Instagram and goes to the gym 6 days a week but struggles to lose weight. 🤔
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