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  1. Joanne Larby #4 wrong affiliate links while her body shrinks

    Had to cut down the title but it was: Joanne Larby, fake orgasms galore, content's a snore, wrong affiliate links while her body shrinks Thanks @whatsername92 How do we sum up, her content is very boring?
  2. Joanne Larby #3 Don’t stop make believing, hold onto that fake feeling

    Thread No 3 for Joanne Larby, formerly known as The Make up fairy. Jack of all trades and master of none, with the exception of photoshop. Was a big fish in a small pond, then threw it all away to go and live in Kent with a Wannabe. Now lives in the Wilds of West Cork with her vegan Beau, a...
  3. Joanne Larby #2 aka The Make Believe Fairy

    New Thread! Last thread: We talked about Blogger's Unveiled, Joanne is still clearly photoshopping, she decided to focus on her home instagram despite only renting, we also went over all her different eras and reinventions. Anyone got anything to add?
  4. Joanne Larby aka MakeUpFairy

    How does she not have a thread on here already? She used to be a makeup blogger, but after all the drama she's now a "self love" and mental health influencer. Surely I can't be the only one on here who can't stand her?
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