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  1. Runforestrun

    Jessontheplussize #41 Better now than never Pet

    New thread folks. Congrats @DizDog32
  2. Diddikins

    JessOnThePlusSize #40 90s styling looking a state, now inspired by a Wetherspoons plate

    Thanks to @Lurkeryaar for the thread title. Recap: Jess has little to no content outside of asking for TV recommendations or recommending TV shows. She made multiple posts styling some awful loafers, mostly with socks. Even her loyal followers hated it - Jess responded by passive aggressively...
  3. notSUBmissive

    JessOnThePlusSize #39 Huff, Puff, always overstuffed,she thinks she's hot stuff, she's just a grubby scruff

    Well done to @Sooz for the new title 👍 It appears that Jess is too stuffed to post many updates recently! She is obsessed with all things food, let's see how much she stuffs in the mouth in 2024! And how many dress sizes she goes up this next year! (I had to modify the title a little to make...
  4. Diddikins

    Jessontheplussize #38 Broke wor lecktric, fun & games, joolree klekshuns out, just call me Wor-ren James

    Thanks to @Loobloo for the title Jess is still boring, churning out shit kolleckshuns with ITS and some horrific jewellery with The Seventh Edit. She had the shits, which we suspect was a flare up of her diverticulitis. She actually left the house to go to Costa twice.
  5. Diddikins

    Jessontheplussize #37 Sweaty meat all over the table, won't be long til the sofa's unstable

    New thread: - New sofa - New shit extensions - more iced coffees
  6. Skinny

    Jessontheplussize #36 too much cake, sofa break, walk that dog for goodness sake

    Congratulations to @Lurkeryaar with 28 votes! Welcome bitches/queens to thread 36 of this absolute turd of a woman. There is not much to report apart from the fact that she is getting a refund on the sofa but will be spending the next week sitting on it with her foisty minge and contrived...
  7. Skinny

    Jessontheplussize #35 Jess Your pizzas on fire and contents still dire!

    Congrats to @BronskiBeat with 39 likes! prev thread: - sofa is still broken - still buying mismatched furniture - still fucking up the decorating - still looks like her husbands twin -...
  8. Diddikins

    Jessontheplussize #34 Dinner, dinner, double-portion dinner, dinner.. BatJess!

    New thread time and I’m so happy that this thread title got the most likes *bites fist* Congrats @Furnessian for this amazing title. Recap: Jess showed us all how to make iced coffee just in case we’d forgotten the 75 posts from last year. She managed to break a brand new sofa although it...
  9. Diddikins

    Jessontheplussize #33 The house, the sofas, the coffee, the gunt. The contents still dire you fat lazy

    New thread. Title thanks to @Kingdonkey Recap: Jess moved house and appears to have thrown the entire contents of her old house away and bought everything new except the standard lamp and rattan shelving that looks like it came from an old people’s home. She also bought the exact same brown...
  10. Diddikins

    Jessontheplussize #32 Stomping around like a bouncing tyre, her bikini collection is just so dire

    New thread. Had to modify the title a bit. Congrats to @uglybettybetty recap: Jess went on holiday AGAIN. Stayed to four night and tagged the fuck out of the hotel causing us to wonder if it was a freebie. They didn’t leave the hotel and ate beige bland food for the duration of their trip...
  11. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #31 Hairs gone lighter, clothes getting tighter, still at mams & contents getting lighter

    Thanks to @LostScot82 for the thread title. I always say I can't think of a re-cap, but this time it's difficult to think of one. Jess just keeps getting more boring and her content is dire. *Jess and Millie went away to a lodge thay they didn't leave *Jess did a secret shoot, which we think...
  12. Silentwhisper13

    Jessontheplussize #30 New address, admin stress, face is a mess, same old Jess

    New thread. Recap: jess has had another skin drama / outbreak yet still rubs her greasy mitts over it and slathers on the make up resulting in needing steroid creams. I present to you - #pharmacygate debate They have purchased a new house: fist biting stuff! .. however, speculation is rife on...
  13. Lurkeryaar

    Jessontheplussize #29 I pick my spots, dance, drink tea... I've got no house, feel sorry for me...

    Thread title by @Kingdonkey , congratulations! So what's happened recently...well she finally packed up her house and moved to her mam's. Tattlers suspect that the bed didn't last the night after being seen propped up on the wall... Luckily morning dances have stopped, but all we've had...
  14. T

    Jessontheplussize #28 AF links & greed, she is starting up a charity Fat lass in need

    Still no evidence of house packed up. Jess is kindly finding us all discount codes for £400 bags that she’s been gifted. The morning 12pm dance routines continue… Thanks to @LostScot82 for the title! I’ve fluffed it slightly but getting it amended 😂
  15. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #27 sitting in foisty pjs looking a slob, when will she get up off her arse & find a jo

    Thanks to @BunnyBoo0102 for the most liked thread title. Jess is still quite dull and again there isn't much that I can think of to re-cap. *Jess still hasn't bought a house and is still bitter over that other house. *Jess will be moving in with her Mum and her partner soon. *Jess went to...
  16. Silentwhisper13

    Jessontheplussize #26 Doesn't know if its lunch or dinner, but she still believes she's 3 sizes thinner

    New thread, had to shorten title... Recap She's away soon on her 928729x holiday abroad this year, oblivious to the fact the majority of us are struggling to just survive month to month.. She's selling her house yet she hasn't packed a thing yet is still buying and hoarding pointless tat /...
  17. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #25 Holidays n more, moving house galore, remember when Jess wasn’t such a bore?! 😴

    Thanks to @GiftedNotFree for the new thread title. I can't think of a re-cap at the moment, I think the thread title says it all. Feel free to do a re-cap, if you can think of anything, she's just so dull at the moment.
  18. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #24 walking around with crusty heels, please no more asos reels

    Thanks to @Skinny for the thread title I'd say not much to re-cap due to Jess being very dull, I'll list a few things I can think of below, if anyone wants to add please do so. 🔸Jess went to Tenerife with her friend and they didn't leave the hotel and they played cards 🔸Jess returned from...
  19. Silentwhisper13

    Jessontheplussize #23 Dog is sick and house selling grief; never mind, I'm off to Tenerife!

    Thank you to @Furnessian for the most liked thread title! Anyone wanna do a recap?
  20. P

    Jessontheplusside #22 mi fellas in a mood cos I video all wuh food, mi new klekshuns pyah naff but we are

    Title thanks to @Loobloo Jess went to Mexico on all inclusive but moaned most of the time because she had to leave her room to walk 10 minutes to get her breakfast We were subjected to an awful bikini of the day dance daily until her latest mi colleckshun launched then she switched off for a...
  21. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #21 100 new dresses going Klarna bananas, oh dear me I miss me Donald Stanley pyjamas

    Thanks to @Loobloo for the thread title If anyone wants to do a recap please do so. *Jess as the title states, bought a hell of a lot of clothes from ASOS for her holiday, sent most of them back, but posted the aff links to them. *Jess' best haul was the one Millie did imo. *Jess has another...
  22. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #20 bought 20+ dresses, just to dress up as a watermelon for her big birthday bash

    Thanks to @uglybettybetty for the thread title. Does anyone want to do a re-cap? All I can think of, is as the thread title says, she bought loads of dresses for the aff links and ended up going out in a hideous one. She stayed in a hotel last night that was 10 minutes from her house, we...
  23. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #19 crusty eye, fitness-related cry, anxiety pie-in-the-sky.

    Thanks to @Furnessian for the thread title. If anyone wants to add a recap, please do so. I can't really think if anything as she's been really boring and the most controversial thing she's done in my opinion is that ear wax removal thing 🤮🤢
  24. P

    Jessontheplusside #18 Never travelled as far as Seattle, even walking to the shops is a physical battle

    Thread title by @Furnessian Recap Jess doesn't influence anyone, doesn't eat any veg, does exactly the same as she does at home when on holiday, eat and watch telly, still insists she's a size 24 Remember to size down and add a belt! Last thread here...
  25. P

    Jessontheplusside #17 Out for dinner at Sorella Sorella, with Wee Paul (brother or fella?)

    This title was most liked by @Lurkeryaar apologies if I haven't done this correctly, it's my first time. Can someone do a recap please, all I can remember is sizing down, add a belt and lots of chocolate talk! Edited to add screen shot and tag the tattler for the title 😊