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  1. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #25 Holidays n more, moving house galore, remember when Jess wasn’t such a bore?! 😴

    Thanks to @GiftedNotFree for the new thread title. I can't think of a re-cap at the moment, I think the thread title says it all. Feel free to do a re-cap, if you can think of anything, she's just so dull at the moment.
  2. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #24 walking around with crusty heels, please no more asos reels

    Thanks to @Skinny for the thread title I'd say not much to re-cap due to Jess being very dull, I'll list a few things I can think of below, if anyone wants to add please do so. 🔸Jess went to Tenerife with her friend and they didn't leave the hotel and they played cards 🔸Jess returned from...
  3. S

    Jessontheplussize #23 Dog is sick and house selling grief; never mind, I'm off to Tenerife!

    Thank you to @Furnessian for the most liked thread title! Anyone wanna do a recap?
  4. P

    Jessontheplusside #22 mi fellas in a mood cos I video all wuh food, mi new klekshuns pyah naff but we are

    Title thanks to @Loobloo Jess went to Mexico on all inclusive but moaned most of the time because she had to leave her room to walk 10 minutes to get her breakfast We were subjected to an awful bikini of the day dance daily until her latest mi colleckshun launched then she switched off for a...
  5. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #21 100 new dresses going Klarna bananas, oh dear me I miss me Donald Stanley pyjamas

    Thanks to @Loobloo for the thread title If anyone wants to do a recap please do so. *Jess as the title states, bought a hell of a lot of clothes from ASOS for her holiday, sent most of them back, but posted the aff links to them. *Jess' best haul was the one Millie did imo. *Jess has another...
  6. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #20 bought 20+ dresses, just to dress up as a watermelon for her big birthday bash

    Thanks to @uglybettybetty for the thread title. Does anyone want to do a re-cap? All I can think of, is as the thread title says, she bought loads of dresses for the aff links and ended up going out in a hideous one. She stayed in a hotel last night that was 10 minutes from her house, we...
  7. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #19 crusty eye, fitness-related cry, anxiety pie-in-the-sky.

    Thanks to @Furnessian for the thread title. If anyone wants to add a recap, please do so. I can't really think if anything as she's been really boring and the most controversial thing she's done in my opinion is that ear wax removal thing 🤮🤢
  8. P

    Jessontheplusside #18 Never travelled as far as Seattle, even walking to the shops is a physical battle

    Thread title by @Furnessian Recap Jess doesn't influence anyone, doesn't eat any veg, does exactly the same as she does at home when on holiday, eat and watch telly, still insists she's a size 24 Remember to size down and add a belt! Last thread here...
  9. P

    Jessontheplusside #17 Out for dinner at Sorella Sorella, with Wee Paul (brother or fella?)

    This title was most liked by @Lurkeryaar apologies if I haven't done this correctly, it's my first time. Can someone do a recap please, all I can remember is sizing down, add a belt and lots of chocolate talk! Edited to add screen shot and tag the tattler for the title 😊
  10. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #16 could go down a size or more, ITS has made her such a bore

    Thanks to @_blahblahblah_ for the winning thread title
  11. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #15 Twenty four slash twenty six, you can always add a belt to the mix

    Thanks to @Furnessian for the winning thread title. Quick recap. -Jess had a cocktail party at her house and all the guest's made up their own cocktails, she also had a grazing board/table for the party. - Jess caught covid soon after the party, but came back on instagram looking better than...
  12. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #14 What she knows about styling you could write on a stamp

    Thanks to @LostScot82 for the winning title and @Romy for coming up with Marilyn Millichamp. I’m sorry I couldn’t fit the whole title on 😟 Does anyone want to do a re-cap? Jess has a third collection with ITS and is planning her Autumn collection. The third collection had an outfit that...
  13. W

    Jessontheplussize #13 Sweaty gob, third time back at her dentist job

    First go at a thread. Well done whoever it was that created the title, I’ve forgotten the name and don’t know how to go back and check without losing everything I’ve done - woo!
  14. They See Me Trolling...

    Jessontheplussize #12 Working 12-2 what a way to make a living. It’s all gunt not hidden

    Well done to @Mumofadinosaur for the winning title. Unfortunately it was way too long to fit so had to edit.
  15. Em_

    Jessontheplussize #11 Look at the roses all over me' gunt, I'm dirty and sweaty & a greedy

    Thanks to @Kingdonkey for the winning title. I'm sorry I couldn't fit c#$t on. The winning title Look at the roses all over me' gunt, I'm dirty and sweaty and a greedy c#$t! Recap Jess quit her job at the bank to launch her own range with in the style. Jess shot some more of SS collection and...
  16. They See Me Trolling...

    Jessontheplussize #10 A model in London Town, still insisting she could have sized down!

    Well done to @Smoke_and_Mirrors with winning title, had to edit to fit
  17. They See Me Trolling...

    Jessontheplussize #9

    No thread title on this one as I trawled through 5 pages of the most liked posts to only find one suggestion which had two swear words in it so couldn’t be used. Soz folks, as you were...
  18. Chip1984

    Jessontheplussize #8 Workouts and dodgy air wrap hair, how many of Hinch's followers are still there

    New thread. Thanks to @Sozhun for the most liked title. Anyone care to do a recap? ETA Not sure why her name has an extra E....i'm still new to this opening new threads malarky! 🙈
  19. Chip1984

    Jessontheplussize #7 hairwashing schedule and send back for refund hauls, begging for freebies and sweating

    New thread, thanks to @Jammydodge for the most liked title! Recap: Jess claims to schedule her life around washing her hair, which we all know occurs only once a month, if she can be arsed. She made a reel of her sporting a hideous dress akin to a 1980s SCS leather sofa in the shade 'pink...
  20. M

    Jessontheplussize #6 Bakes for 6, coat’s too small, thinks we deserve another crappy haul

    Thanks to @Furnessian for the most liked thread title! Recap of last thread: -Jess is unwell, lazy and greasy and doesn’t go docs, instead reuses her old antibiotics, and needs to eat healthier but is cooking pies, cakes and eating non stop! anyone else have anything else to recap please...
  21. They See Me Trolling...

    Jessontheplussize #5 Eat the choc, pop the spots, tie your t-shirt into knots!

    Thanks to @Isanythingrealanymore for the thread suggestion with 31 votes
  22. They See Me Trolling...

    Jessontheplussize #4 Dressing room’s plastered, but hygiene isn’t something Jess’ mastered

    New thread as suggested by @Puddypants , had to edit to fit! So yeah, usual comments... Excessive food, excessive swearing and extremely lazy and unhygienic!
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