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  1. Em Sheldon #5: Orange copycat, small FLAT, filler for free, reno happening? Let’s see!

    Right new thread for top shiller Em Sheldon, also known as Emshelx and Emtalks. Previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/em-sheldon-4-stuffing-her-gob-calls-it-a-job-were-all-sick-of-this-orange-slob.8518/page-51#post-2591579 thread title thanks to @Chan94 and @Doesitcountifitsnottrue So...
  2. Em Sheldon #4 stuffing her gob, calls it a job, we’re all sick of this orange slob

    Previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/em-sheldon-3-lies-on-my-blog-pretending-i-own-a-dog-swipe-up-ive-got-shit-to-flog.7137/ Thread title thanks to @BananaPenguin so we are on the FOURTH thread about this absolutely shameless woman who lies, begs and gurns her way through the week...
  3. Em Sheldon #3 lies on my blog, pretending i own a dog, swipe up I’ve got shit to flog

    New thread for Em Sheldon of Em Talks and insta / YouTube: Emshelx https://tattle.life/threads/em-sheldon-2-em-shilly-shel-all-she-does-is-gym-eat-shill-repeat.4787/ We’ve observed Ems lockdown of manic working out and baking in the grubby flat that never gets cleaned. But the main scandal was...
  4. Em Sheldon #2 Em Shilly Shel all she does is gym, eat, shill, repeat!

    Thanks to @bubbletea123 for starting the first thread. We’ve now exceeded 1000 posts so time to move here to continue the discussion. original thread can be found here: https://tattle.life/threads/em-sheldon-emshelx.149/
  5. Em Sheldon (emshelx)

    A few years back I used to really love Em's blog and would read it regularly but it has really gone downhill the past few years. She used to come across as very genuine but she seems to have lost that. I had to unfollow her on Twitter as every second tweet is an affiliate link, which is really...
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