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  • Welcome to Jack Monroe Wiki 2

    If you're here and you are new to Jack, please go to Wiki 1, where we have lots of info at the top for new frauen / herren.

    What to do if you have been taken in by Jack

    Credit to @Hunsgraveyard for this advice

    Have you been scammed by Jack Monroe? If so here's some places you can report it (we're seeing a lot of new frauen joining, who've previously given money to her):

    - Action Fraud
    - Essex Trading Standards
    - Paypal Fraud Reporting
    - Patreon 'Report a Creator' (it appears Patreon has recently partially refunded a £44 per month donator as of Sept 22 - only 1 month's worth of payments though).

    Reporting via these channels will help put the brakes on Jack's grift.

    Have you been taken in by one of Jack Monroe's recipes? If so you are not alone...seven books full of slop and very little actually works. She frequently underestimates costs and portion sizes as well. See the Slopalong for more info.

    If you don't have much cash in this cost of living crisis, please don't buy a Jack Monroe book. There are many free resources on the internet that you can turn to instead.

    2022 Patreon stats - updated monthly

    The analysis of her Patreon income through December 2022 is available here. Thank you to @heretoreaditall2019 for the sterling work on the tracker. 2023 stats are in Wiki 4.

    2022 highlights (Sept onwards - see Wiki 1 for updates from Jan to Sept 2022)

    2022 was quite a year! Please go to Wiki 1 to read about the following (please note that if there was an update since September 2022 to any of the topics below, these are also in Wiki 1 and clearly marked, to keep things neat and tidy):

    - Corporate collaborations / promotions
    - Rising food prices and the ONS survey / the Vimes Boots Index (Jan 2022)
    - T-shirt fundraising (Feb 2022)
    - Georgia Church Suppers (spring 2022)
    - The Short Sweet Saga of The Other Half (OH) (Mar - Jun 2022)
    - Threat to sue MP Lee Anderson, Martin Daubney and Laurence Fox (April 2022)
    - Jack Does Tinder (June 2022)
    - Hunger Hurts 2 - 10 years on (July 2022)
    - Journalists sniffing around (Aug 2022)
    - Tom Kerridge, chaos on the Jewish Sabbath, and potential Insta shade from Gordon Ramsay (Aug 2022)
    - Burger Boy and Sex Jack (Aug 2022)
    - An own-goal by Diva.pdf (Sept 2022)
    - Campaigner of the Year? (Oct 2022)

    Potatopocalypse (#404 onwards)
    In September 2022 Jack shared a photo of some very underdone roast potatoes allegedly cooked by her mother. We've saved them for posterity so you can decide for yourself about their quality!

    A Twitter user known only as Tom gave the opinion that they looked "dire" and "shite." Jack lashed out saying that Tom was unfairly picking on her disabled mother. It's only ok to criticise someone else's food when it is Jack sneering at people's trifles. Jack and her squigs continued to pile on Tom for around 36 hours, calling him an evil bully. Meanwhile, there wasn't a word from Jack about the news of the pound crashing to record lows against the dollar.

    On 26 September, Jack complained that she was being trolled and the tweets were upsetting her mother (Jack did not read them out, her mother is on Twitter, thank you!) She casually mentioned that she was upset because two friends had just died, one of whom had "topped himself". A truly sensitive way to break this news, on her professional account no less. She then flounced and deactivated her Twitter. Squigs soon began to suspect that her absence was not about potatoes, but increasing concern over Jack's Patreon and Teemill funds along with the rest of her grift.

    Many jokes and memes at Jack's expense ensued on Twitter, but a crowd of loyal fans continued to defend her; demanding that others be kind, while expressing sentiments such as wishing death on people who had made fun of Jack. The morning after deleting her Twitter, Jack had returned to Instagram, proving that she can't be off social media for more than a few hours. Her Twitter account was restored less than a week later. Due to Jack uncharacteristically disappearing mid-argument with Tom, fraus believe her Twitter deletion was after her agent and/or family staged an intervention.

    Blocked and Reported / BBC Scotland (#407 onwards)
    Blocked and Reported (BARPOD) is a US podcast hosted by Jesse Singal and Katie Herzog. You can listen to the first 10 minutes of it here and also view an image of the paywalled descriptive blurb from the creators.

    The podcast generally focuses on internet drama, usually but not always of the political variety. On 28th September 2022 (US time - so, early in the morning of the 29th for the UK) a new episode of the podcast was released focusing on Jack. Singal and Herzog had approached her for commentary but she declined to say anything. Her knowledge of the upcoming podcast may have been the reason for her Twitter flounce.

    Singal and Herzog referenced Tattle and thanked us for our "receipts"; they also claimed to have had help from a Tattle user in compiling the episode. It contains nothing new to Tattle but gives a detailed history of Jack's lies and scams, aimed at a mostly US/Canada-based audience that won't have heard of her before. Later that morning Jack appeared in a live phone-in on BBC Scotland, she sounded very strange (possibly from a cold and/or medication) and gave very generic, largely useless advice about saving money.

    2022 Food Hero - Jack Monroe! (#415)
    On 13 October 2022, Jack was announced as the winner of the Observer Food Monthly awards for Food Hero 2022 - an award which was apparently voted for by the public (voting closed in June 2022 - prior to the publication of HH2). Jack appeared at the awards to accept her prize, but the Twitter feed announcing her win was lit with disappointed commentary. You can read the puff piece about her win here. Will she win a popular vote ever again? We shall see...

    The Clean Up: Patreon password located (#422 onwards)
    On 31 October 2022 Jack finally updated her Patreon with a new post entitled 'Dear Patrons - I'm Sorry'. You can read the text here, here and here. An online post also showed a performative table (and newish Macbook Air) full of items due to be posted out. The text of the mea culpa had a whiff of a helping hand in the narrative (excuses) - not least because 'thank you' was spelled correctly! Jack had previously alleged that she was unable to update her Patreon for many (lazy) reasons, including that Caroline had the admin password and hadn't shared it with her when she left.

    Prior to 'Dear Patrons' appearing, there was some 'cleaning up' and attempted damage limitation both on the Patreon site (removal of all previous posts and negative comments), an update about Teemill on Jack's blog (see Wiki 1 for this update) and the apparent appearance of Jack's previous assistant 'Caroline' on Tattle in the week preceding (for more on this, see the Dramatis Personae section of Wiki 1).

    All became clear as to the purpose of the great 'Clean Up', when within 24 hours on 1 November 2022, Jack started promoting pre-sales on Twitter of her new tome: Grifty Kitchen (or should that be Thrifty Kitchen)? So hard to keep up these days! This latest work can be yours, for the princely sum of £9.99 of your hard-earned - out in January 2023.

    The sad demise of Essex Police Celebrity Squad (RIP) (#425)
    During 2022 Jack stated a number of times that as a result of being hounded online, Essex Police had visited her property and were actively monitoring her social media at all times, for signs of nefarious behaviour. They had apparently also advised her that she must take a bodyguard with her for all public appearances (although there has been no sign of one to date). Following a Freedom of Information request, we were disappointed to learn on 3 November 2022, that Essex Police Celebrity Squad does not in-fact exist (bad & sad times).

    Grifty Kitchen pre-promotion (#426 onwards)
    Jack's new book - Grifty Thrifty Kitchen is out in January 2023 and the pre-promotion for it started officially around 1 November 2022. Tweets put out by Waterstones and by Bluebird Books (her publisher) have not met with a positive response however. It's also been noted that Jack's Twitter bio no longer contains a link to her agent. Stay tuned for details of book sales in the NY.

    Turkish Barber Palaver (#429 onwards)
    After weeks of silence on Twitter, Jack resurfaced on 19 November 2022 with cheerful tweets about moving house and a new haircut. She was keen to specify the barber was Turkish and they were best friends, despite her being GREEK. Predictably, she switched off commenting and ignored any mentions of her Patreon. In these tweets, Jack mentioned expensive home renovation plans and buying Farrow & Ball paint, along with sharing a photo where she was obviously wearing her Tiffany earrings but had blurred them out. This obvious display of wealth led squigs to question if she was renting or buying her new home, and exactly how much she was raking in from Patreon. Genuinely poor people, who had donated to her in good faith, wanted to know where their money had gone.

    Jack picked up on this and her tweets took a darker tone, saying Certain People - "you know who you are!" (presumably including the canal) were making her suicidal with their comments about her. She ranted about her mental health and threatened legal action, then deleted her Twitter again for the second time in as many months. Just before she deactivated, she appeared to have been tweeting from her camera roll (or WhatsApp images): including the famous trifle, what looks like SB in a Wetherspoons, and an old photo of Allegra. Was it drunk, accidental, or is there another explanation? Jack's friendship with the Turkish barber seemingly didn't last, as less than two weeks later she had yet another new hairstyle.

    If you're too EXHAUSTED to read the full thread from the weekend, then there's a great summary of 24 hours on Twitter from @Zelda.

    Cancellation, Cancellation! (#432 onwards)
    On 23 November Jack was due to speak at the CHC Annual Conference in Wales as headline act. On the morning of the conference, her keynote speech at 11:00 was replaced (and really, thank goodness as she knows nothing about poverty in Wales) by Liz Zeidler. Right up until the evening of 22 November, the draft timeline had been shown as her attending. What could have happened?

    Concurrently in the same 24 hour period, on 22 November the Guardian started advertising a ticketed 'live' on 11 January 2023 with Jack. Within 24 hours the event had been pulled due to 'unforeseen circs' aka - many neggy comments online.

    Cancellation at last??? Or a flounce? Time will tell.

    By December 2022, the Guardian's list of contributors no longer highlighted her as a writer on food, even though she'd written three or four articles for them that year. Is this connected to her event being cancelled?

    Silencing the TROLLCLAIMS (#436 onwards)
    On 6 December 2022, clout chasing anon Twitter accounts that repost Tattlers' comments posted a recap of some of Jack's past shenanigans including her Patreon grift. Jack said on Twitter that she would address some of the criticisms aimed at her, aka "TROLLCLAIMS." She shared a selfie (in which she was wearing both pairs of Tiffany earrings!) to prove that she didn't have "£500 worth of Botox" in her forehead. That doesn't mean she hasn't had Botox before; and the lines on her forehead appeared to have been outlined with pencil to make them look deeper. Jack then said she was going to bed and would return in the morning.

    She resurfaced in the middle of the night saying SB was so ill he was "thrashing", and indicated that he was having difficulty breathing. If that were true, she should have called an ambulance or at least be watching him - not tweeting. She deliberately tried to suggest he was affected by Strep A or black mould, both of which were in the news after the deaths of children. Jack appears to have been "inspired" by a well known account with thousands of followers, who, just a couple of hours before had used similar language to tweet about a touching moment with her son.

    Squigs asking about Jack's Patreon rewards were not deceived, and called her out on using her child (who probably was ill, just not to the extent Jack said) as a distraction. Amusingly, she appeared to be using a sock account on Mumsnet to deflect criticism. Much to the canal's sorrow, Jack vanished and did not address any more TROLLCLAIMS.

    Agent musical chairs (#438 onwards)
    Ever since the Potatopocalypse, Jack has been uncharacteristically quiet on her main Twitter account (she's still been arguing with people on alt accounts.) In early December 2022 her agent tweeted to remind her they were due to have a "chat." Less than two weeks later, the canal discovered Jack was no longer with this agency (United Agents) and had moved back to her old agency, Kruger Cowne. This is very interesting, because Jack has repeatedly claimed that her agent at Kruger Cowne stole a large amount of royalties from her. It's also unusual for someone to change agents right before their new book is released.

    Was Jack asked to leave, or was she dissatisfied with United? (Perhaps she blamed them for her losing work, or didn't like being asked to rein in her social media tantrums.) Why go back to her old agency? Has her career really tanked so far she had no choice but to return to an agent she cannot trust to pay her? Or was that another lie - if so, why is Kruger Cowne happy to work with someone who has tried to publicly discredit them? We wait to see if any of these questions will be answered in future.

    Jack's new profile - for speaking engagements at Kruger Cowne, is here.

    This concludes 2022. 2023 highlights start in Wiki 4.

    Jack's many possessions - as photographed / mentioned by her

    We all know that Jack Monroe is extremely poor - after all she keeps telling us on the reg! And yet...here we have a list of triangulated possessions seen in her very own photographs published online (and / or mentioned by her online). Perhaps this is the reason she can't save up for a house deposit as yet? Jack is very fortunate and has stated frequently that many of her possessions have been gifted or found in a puddle - truth or lie? You decide!

    Latest stocktake [12/01/2023]
    Notes from @That Forensic Man:
    Anything spenny is fair game, but I will add whatever fraus want.
    My own benchmark is discretionary or 'non-essential' spend in the context of someone who claims to not be able to afford shower gel or 6p for butter instead of lard etc.
    Jack moves things around constantly so try to avoid double counting.
    Instagram is a literal and figurative gold mine.
    If I like your stocktake post it means I've seen it and will include in the next update.
    Please provide the price and description line for the item so I can add it straight to the stocktake e.g. "£158 orange nike trainers (asda trip)"
    New items are in bold, the numbers before the items are £ value.
    Have fun.
    Now fuck off x
    100x rolls of paper for photo backgrounds
    10x huge bags of clothes (donated away)
    2x round copper side/end/bedside table
    3x christmas trees
    3x engagement rings
    3x identical jumpers green/grey/orange
    Artificial snow
    'basic' belt
    baskets, baskets everywhere
    blue sectional sofa
    blue stripey viv trazzers
    blue velvet curtains she lovingly fondles
    calvin klein rug blue/white?
    cassette table that Andy The Sound Guy from the Samsung shoot made
    copper desk lamp
    copper kettle
    cream desk lamp
    diesel lost in lust leather jacket black
    double monk shoes black
    drinking glasses (content approved)
    dusty plastics string of pearls plant
    fake tan
    fancy crockery (shitloads)
    fancy teabags (no naughty comments about elaborate teabagging. WARNED)
    food storage (shitloads, kilner jars etc.)
    furniture and set dressing for the shed outside that she was going to turn into a studio
    gold and pink flowers teapot
    gold padded armchair
    headphones trashed by gluing flowers on
    hundreds of pounds she spends on her private prescriptions
    Jo Malone candles
    laptops for 'team of staff'
    Le Creuset
    leapord print shoes oxfam
    leather jackets
    leather suitcase light brown
    lightbulb desk lamp
    matching ceiling light fittings throughout bungalow
    monsoon silk floral dress blue
    plastic flower headdress phase
    red adjustable floor lamp (similar to anglepoise but no mechanism)
    red teardrop drop hoop earrings
    Rigby and Peller bras
    'sexy 60th' red and black leapord print (?) groucho awards dress
    'shoe obsession'
    special spice-jar-grabbing tongs (assumed)
    spenny herbal australian teas
    squishy sofa
    teeth whitening (maybe filter)
    The hen with the rubber eggs for nesting hens?
    The new pair of boots she bought after wearing the taped together pair for a while on TV (despite having other pairs ...?)
    TV in her bathroom
    velvet sofabed
    vintage walking stick brass handle
    watch with chunky silver strap
    watch with flowery strap
    watch worn at Groucho awards
    Sticky brown poo copper saucepan
    lovely bright red pestle and mortar that was a gift from a friend
    Denby - Halo and Halo Speckle
    Made.com crockery (£130 for a 12-piece dinner set)
    Pregnacare Pregnancy vitamins
    blue tits (birds) scarf
    cerise corduroy jacket
    110 2x Oliver Bonas jumpers
    35 boiler suit (which was dyed pink)
    300 trouser suit she wore for the Diva photoshoot (and ofm awards)
    75 Sweaty Betty leggings
    300 2x Viv westwood dress (assume sale)
    200 R&P bras (x 2 minimum)
    350 Warm & wonderful diana sheep jumper
    10 horrendous steam punk clock leggings (worn once)
    116 Instagram look
    49 Ted Baker pyjamas
    45 jolly warehouse skirt (balls was it £5)
    12 'limited edition' vest
    3 Asda Cream Gratitude Slogan Sweatshirt (kids)
    110 Two pairs of granny curtain boiler suits
    12 2x dylon machine dye
    450 Vivienne Westwood Red Label 2014 red tartan trazzers
    450 Vivienne Westwood dark red tartan trazzers
    550 Vivienne Westwood anglomania mid length dress
    350 Vivienne Westwood anglomania vintage white shirt blouse
    325 Vivienne Westwood worlds end snap button conquistador plaid waistcoat (beige)
    600 Vivienne Westwood matching plaid trazzers (beige)
    600 Vivienne Westwood womens grey pants (plaid)
    100 calvin klein sportswear
    150 nike pro sportswear
    865 joesph stretch leather leggings (ew)
    20 genderation t-shirt
    35 M&S COLLECTION Pure Cotton Flannel Check Shirt khaki
    16 M&S COLLECTION Unisex Cotton Rich Zip Through Hooded (8-9 Yrs) navy
    14 Punx 'workers of the world unite' t-shirt black with red star
    70 Liverpool FC Nike Womens Away Stadium Jersey 21/22
    56 Sugarhill Brighton Rita Rainbow Heart Jumper white
    4 H&M playsuit blue
    45 Superdry Classic Lumberjack Shirt pink
    45 Dickies Lightweight Cotton Coverall Overall Reflective - Navy Blue
    25 'not up for grabs' classic t-shirt
    12 fire brigades union t-shirt (probably nicked)
    3 childrens jumper with city names green
    55 nike womens essential hoodie yellow
    0 counting crows blue script star t-shirt (included in VIP package)
    56 Trespass womens wicking active leggings vivien
    50 Trespass duoskin womens top (estimate)
    12 Sainsbury's t-shirt with dogs on (frau owned)
    58 Gender Free World Penguin Short Sleeve Shirt
    90 Monsoon tunic dress blue embellished (estimate)
    15 Asda flamingo shirt
    400 ten pairs of identical jeans (estimate £40 each)
    300 ten identical denim shirts (estimate £30 each)
    190 2x Heist bodysuits
    35 Heist bralette
    20 Tesco F&F Oh What Fun Jumper
    15 Asda George rainbow stripes sleeve jumper (estimate)
    20 Nirvana smiley T shirt
    40 Joe Browns rock chick check trousers green
    14 Tesco tweed blazer

    5000 Burberry brit jacket black ($5-6k)
    1790 Burberry short islington trench coat
    339 All Saints balfern suede biker jacket deep cherry
    300 All Saints leather jacket black
    36 Topshop denim jacket
    144 4x other denim jackets (estimate £36 ea.)
    109 Joules coast waterproof jacket antique gold
    370 The North Face mens gotham jacket black

    780 2x Burberry scarves (one for her and one for LJC)
    146 Ray Ban sunglasses (one pair, probably multiple)
    60 mary poppins parrot umbrella
    300 3x wigs (assumed, £100 ea.)
    60 Boy london snap back black/gold hat ($60)
    290 Burberry lightweight check wool silk scarf
    375 Burberry scarf mustard
    15 Liverpool FC scarf
    635 Moschino Women's Leopard-print Calf Hair Pouch
    12 Gucci monogram double ring belt black gold dupe
    14 2x Scribbler 'fuck off' eye mask
    0 personalised lanyard (gift from squig)
    0 Tiggy & Bo green leapord shoulder bag (freebie, to put things in)
    476 Stetson Hatteras pigskin leather cap dark brown (aka wax suede stetson hat) (£119 ea.)
    35 Specialized 5-panel cap pink

    795 Mulberry elkington oak bag
    14 Mulberry bag replacement Oliver Bonas strap
    20 Kangol shoulder bag
    60 Cath Kidston rucksack
    2450 7x Kate Spade bags (1 for each book deal, average £350 each)

    180 Dr Martens 2976 alyson wintergrip chelsea boots brown
    120 Dr Martens willow edition boots
    7 Dr. Martens willow boots replacement Dr. Martens Round Shoe Laces Yellow
    120 Dr Martens red boots
    158 Nike Epic React Flyknit orange trainers (asda trip)
    245 Russell & Bromley chester tassel loafer (dubious provenance, worn to Edinburgh book festival 2022)
    245 Downing Street' leopard monstrosities with block heels
    245 Third pair of 'spenny loafers' (assumed)
    100 Magnum boots
    895 Jimmy Choo ren sandals blue 2016
    750 Christian Louboutin Audrey Strappy Glitter Sandal
    85 Converse leather black
    350 Church's brogues
    215 Russell and Bromley charlize theresa may jobbies
    190 Nike Air Max Vapormax 360 (grey gold white)
    190 Nike Air Max Vapormax 360 Fossil Metallic (silver black white)
    35 Firefighter 4000 boots with pull ups
    158 Nike flyknit red trainers (priced per orange ones)
    190 Nike Air Max Vapormax 360 (black)
    189 Dr Martens sinclair boots black
    100 Magnum boots red laces
    150 Nike Air Max 98 leopard print 2019
    120 Joules womens westbourne luxe chelsea boots brown ocelot
    20 Dorothy Perkins leopard print jobbies
    20 Primark black chunky chain detail lace up boots
    100 Nike Free Run 5.0 black 2014 (estimate)
    60 Vans high top brown pattern

    1550 2x Tiffany pearl hoop earrings sterling silver (two pairs)
    485 Tiffany 1837 Makers I.D. Tag Pendant in Sterling Silver, 24" (worn at arcade fire gig)
    66 Tatty Devine Fishbone necklace
    265 Pandora bracelet with at least 7 charms (£55 bracelet + 7x £30) that was lost
    265 Pandora bracelet with at least 7 charms (£55 bracelet + 7x £30)
    140 Sarah Akwisombe evil eye necklace
    550 Tiffany Paloma Picasso Olive Leaf Pearl Earrings
    715 Pandora necklace with 20+ charms (£115 necklace + 20x £30 charms)
    255 The Great Frog Strange Fruit Anatomical Heart Ring

    600 Omega seamaster (replica?)
    130 Finn watch
    150 Garmin watch
    199 Apple watch (assume series 3)
    150 Rotary Swiss Commando limited edition caged watch 1990s (gift from big Dave)
    200 Fitbit versa 1st gen
    0 Adventure Time finn watch (gift from grandma)
    150 Fitbit charge 2
    20 Apple watch pride rainbow strap
    20 Apple watch yellow strap
    45 Casio CA-506-1 Calculator Stainless Steel Band Watch

    800 77x Lipsticks
    200 14x Foundations
    250 40x Eyeliners
    500 misc makeup
    900 Vie Aesthetics botox (estimate, £300/3 areas x 3 treatments)
    3960 Vie Aesthetics fillers (estimate, £330/ml x 3ml per year x 4 years)
    1056 Haircuts at Toni & Guy, Woo Hair etc. (estimate, £66 x 4 per year x 4 years)
    3000 2x tattoo sleeves (estimate, £1,500 per sleeve)
    150 Penhaligons fragrance
    134 stinkbug eyeshadow look (no freebies hint hint)
    70 Jean Paul Gaultier classique 2 piece music gift box ('her partners')
    13 Superdrug Me+ Vitamin C with Squalane Booster 30ml
    22 CK one fragrance
    54 3x Lush sleepy body lotion (£10, £18 or £30 ea.)
    13 Sanctuary Spa Radiance Illuminating Whipped Moisture Cream
    20 load of baby teething necklaces for ouchy mouth
    8 Turkish barber 18/11/22

    400 Cotswold Company small sideboard (living room, blue)
    229 Cotswold Company tallboy (bedroom, ivory)
    799 Cotswold Company chester dove grey writing bureau (similar)
    849 Cotswold Company oakland rustic oak dining table
    399 Cotswold Company oakland rustic oak storage bench
    2396 2x Cotswold Company chester dresser
    1529 Cotswold Company chester grand dresser
    299 Cotswold Company bookcase (porch, used for manky wooden photography boards)
    800 2x Cotswold Company small sideboards
    499 Cotswold Company chester dove grey wine console
    599 Cotswold Company chester large sideboard
    699 Cotswold Company chester large sideboard (wine rack version)
    800 2x Cotswold Company oakland rustic oak hidden shoe storage bench
    730 Cotswold Company chester dove grey extra large dresser top
    369 Cotswold Company chester dove grey shoe storage bench (bathroom)
    999 Cotswold Company chester dove grey grand sideboard (for extra large dresser top)
    249 Cotswold Company Westcote Blue Coffee Table with Drawers
    849 Cotswold Company Westcote Inky Blue Extra Large Sideboard
    1299 Cotswold Company Westcote Cream Large Double Larder
    319 11x Cotswold Company standard delivery (22 investment pieces, say 2 pieces per delivery)

    2232 8x Made Kendal dining chairs teal
    384 8x Argos maine narrow bookcase white
    144 3x Argos maine narrow bookcase oak effect
    60 3x Argos maine tall CD DVD tower oak effect
    80 2x Ikea helmer white 6 drawer unit
    1350 Hopkins SPITE SOFA (designers guild florence 2 seater)
    785 Chesterfield the captain's swivel chair (mid-price range)
    400 John Lewis hammock
    400 John Lewis egg chair
    575 Next westcott no footend double bed
    150 6x metal folding chairs (for her Mormon tabernacle Amish prayer circle fellowship things)
    200 4x metal patio chairs (for her Mormon tabernacle Amish prayer circle fellowship things)
    150 2x IKEA TOBIAS Chair, transparent/chrome-plated
    840 2x The Orchard Button Back Upholstered Chair Oatmeal Fabric with Wooden Legs
    600 Aldi hammock chairs at £300 a piece
    50 2x B&M Lokken 4 Cube Basket Storage Unit White
    30 12x storage cubes (at least) (£5 for 2)
    4400 Antique fluted barrel back wingback leather library chair (median price)
    140 shipping for wingback (average)
    299 2x Made Marvel bar stools brass
    1196 4x Made Kendal dining chairs tan
    29 IKEA bekvam step stool white
    29 IKEA bekvam step stool brown
    45 IKEA bekvam stepladder 3 steps

    250 magnetic Allegra spice jars
    104 rusty eBay spoons
    80 Emma Bridgewater toaster with TOASTER on it
    140 4x Ikea hejne 'cheapo shoe racks' for seasonal crockery
    72 9x Ikea knagglig wooden box
    420 3x Sophie Conran for Portmeirion Coupe Dinnerware Set, White, 12 Pieces (4x dinner plates, 4x small Plates, 4x bowls)
    184 8x Sophie Conran for Portmeirion Mugs, White (£46/2, assume she has 8)
    100 8x Sophie Conran squiggly shell plates (£50/4, 5x shown)
    100 8x Sophie Conran squiggly noodle bowls (£50/4, 2x shown)
    124 8x Sophie Conran squiggly pasta bowls (£62/4, 2x shown)
    84 8x Sophie Conran squiggly cereal bowls (£42/4, 6x shown)
    21 Sophie Conran squiggly pitcher
    300 kitchen aid
    400 20x John Lewis clear plastic storage bins
    290 Baywood 33 drawer tea chest
    30 John Lewis Perspex cube pasta storage with pink lids
    35 7x full set of oversized unicorns/animal mugs from Asda (£5 ea.)
    425 Graham and Green birdcage lampshade
    65 SimpleHuman hand soap dispenser (kitchen)
    2500 Smeg fridge (double American style)
    400 ooni pizza oven (freebie)
    56 7x Wilko snake charmer kitchen baskets
    479 Nespresso creatista plus coffee machine (doesn't drink coffee)
    899 Rangemaster cooker
    45 Bialetti moka color blue 6 cup
    45 Bialetti moka express silver 6 cup
    70 Nutribullet 600 (replacement)
    0 chest freezer (second hand free allegedly)
    700 2x chest freezers
    60 Rock tumbler
    5 Tesco zencker enamel medium pie dish
    40 campingaz stove (blue)
    10 blue travel kettle
    4 Asda rainbow butter dish
    70 Dunelm Retro 20L 800W Pink Digital Microwave
    70 nutribullet (dead)
    70 blue microwave
    70 copper microwave
    25 cream toaster
    25 glass kettle (broken because adhd)
    25 pink kettle
    10 wilko slow cooker white (for shower gel)
    0 replacement wilko slow cooker white (freebie)
    40 slow cooker black (for coffee)
    3 asda glass salt/pepper grinder
    3 Joie Spud Dude peeler
    5 flower saucepan (oxfam)
    9 H&M plate green fancy
    30 vintage weighing scales small (msg use only)
    10 2x lidl moscow mule copper mugs
    28 BRITA water filter jug
    305 61x (at least) high quality crystal clear food storage containers (shitloads) £5 ea. but go up to £20 ea.
    18 metal bin cream
    18 metal bin silver
    10 25x Wilko hexagonal glass jars (£5 12pk)
    4 tesco espresso cup with saucer black gold
    6 Wilko copper effect bread bin
    42 12x Wilko Copper Effect Tea and Coffee Canisters (£10.50 for 3)
    28 BIA gold camel teapot
    850 Samsung fridge freezer Series 5 RB38T665DSA 70/30 (very similar)
    168 Denby Halo Coupe Dinnerware Set, 12 Piece, Blue
    60 2x charity shop crockery hauls (£40 + £20)
    30 victorinox swiss army knife
    45 IKEA raksog utility cart blue
    46 IKEA raksog utility cart green
    136 Mauviel M'150B copper saucepan bronze handle 20 cm
    200 Mauviel copper stew pan
    200 Mauviel copper sauce pan
    501 Viadurini Hand Tinned Copper Casserole, Lid and Arched Handle 28 cm - MariaG (middle size)
    135 3x bento boxes insulated 3 tier grey bag (£45 ea.)
    160 Gourmet GTSC002 Triple 3.9L Slow Cooker - Grey
    38 Biscuiteers first aid kit
    65 wilko cream/green flying ants kettle (estimate)
    9 H&M Home 3-pack spoons gold-coloured (placenta porridge)
    23 Royal multi tea spoons
    50 food dehydrator (minimum)
    11 Polish Pottery 165ml Creamer Milk Jug - Heart to Heart
    22 Tesco go cook butchers block chopping board
    135 Global Classic knife
    300 Blok knife (Observer Food Award)
    300 Mcusta Zanmai supreme ripple knife
    265 blenheim forge nakiri knife
    70 Joseph Joseph knives
    35 ICEL meat cleaver
    135 second Global knife
    1000 knife roll she left on the train (at least)
    140 Laguiole cutlery set, 18 piece/6 place settings, iridescence
    25 Riess Enamel Pastel Milk Jug pink
    200 iLife mopping robot (gift for parents Christmas 2020)
    322 Arthur Price Old English Cutlery Set, 44 Piece/6 Place Settings

    58 Squatty Potty Slim with Teak Finish Toilet Stool
    20 etekcity bathroom scales (read: fuck off)
    35 SimpleHuman Wall Mounted Shower Soap Pump Dispenser, Single
    90 SimpleHuman Wall Mounted Shower Soap Pump Dispenser, Triple
    88 8x John Lewis ultra soft cotton bath towel white (£11 ea.)
    128 8x John Lewis ultra soft cotton bath sheet white (£16 ea.)
    28 13x John Lewis ultra soft cotton face cloth white (£4/2)

    60 3x “tiles” for locating lost keys/phones by internet magic
    80 Nokia 3310
    40 Vintage ferguson radio casette recorder
    549 55" TV
    120 24" TV for SB's PlayStation
    199 Airpods (dropped in cooking)
    249 Airpods pro
    300 Dyson hairdryer
    110 Crosley cruiser suitcase turntable ('SB's' bedroom)
    320 2x Roberts Revival Mini radio
    900 6x DAB radios (£150 ea.)
    199 Bodyclock luxe 700FM alarm clock
    1200 iMac desktop
    1000 Macbook pro
    1000 other laptop
    79 Apple mouse
    249 1x tablet
    100 2x microphones
    100 3x sets of headphones
    60 3x backup batteries
    140 4x studio lights (ESDDI)
    45 3x extension leads
    30 1x pivot stand
    539 1x Canon 700D as backup
    700 Sony vaio laptop
    1000 iPhone 13/14 Pro
    300 30x records
    20 2x short tripods
    40 Sony walkman casette player green (WM-EX)
    180 House of Marley Get Together Bluetooth Speaker
    60 House of Marley Jammin' Positive Vibrations (EM-JH010-SU) On-Ear Headphones - Sun
    750 hp all in one pc (estimate £500-£2k)
    22 2x light/fountain speakers
    180 Dyson V6 Car + Boat vacuum
    619 v. old iphone for bike (at least 6S to update google maps, mid model)
    250 brand new chromebook thing for Caroline (estimate)
    829 Google Pixel 4 (mid model)
    399 Yamaha P-45 digital piano
    999 Macbook air M1 pink 2020
    319 ipad 2021 (fell in a sink of hot water and bleach) (£319-459)
    999 Google pixelbook 2017 (water damaged courtesy of visiting child during veganish published Dec 2019) (£629+)
    999 Google pixelbook (assumed replacement seen in Jan 2021) (£629+)
    467 samsung galaxy S7 phone silver
    219 samsung galaxy J3 phone dark blue removable battery
    0 samsung tablet (freebie from ad work)
    476 samsung galaxy S7 phone dark blue
    179 Humax FVP-5000T freeview play recorder
    40 printer (estimate)
    40 broken printer (estimate)
    30 shredder (minimum)
    998 2x Dyson purifier/fan
    500 hp laptop red (estimate)
    189 ipod classic 160gb (lost)
    790 20,000 itunes songs at 79p each (assume bought 1000)

    Home adornments
    428 fancy knobs
    72 antique bird of paradise porcelain door knobs and finger plates (bedroom door)
    432 if she's done the other say 6 internal doors as well
    35 two-headed Skellington dog plastic Halloween decoration
    155 Morris & Co. Strawberry Thief curtains (median price £65-45)
    37 Culinary Concepts gold s-shaped test tube vase (unboxed second, allegedly half price)
    300 sentient mirror
    2000 438x baubles
    28 John Lewis llama doorstop
    18 H&M peacock gold candlestick
    100 10x H&M gold candlesticks
    294 'I can't forget' screenprint navy/raspberry
    10 squid game guard mask from the market
    95 Abigail Aherne grey hare table lamp
    12 Hare lamp replacement shade wilko wire cage hessian
    12 Hare lamp replacement shade blue
    30 flamingo neon light
    20 furry piglet (?) duvet set
    8 Edmond the solar pug
    12 la savioe book box
    30 3x wire cage lamp shade copper
    20 'on air' small light
    20 vintage metal tool box blue
    140 2x Wilko Blair Floor Lamp Cream And Copper
    270 French mid century brass piano lamp (closest match)
    25 vintage kodak camera (bookend, brought back from Dordrecht)
    370 2x big spotlight lamps on tripods
    300 Harrods mirror (bedroom)
    172 John Lewis Velvet Pair Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains Pink (median price £111-234)
    100 vintage Laura Ashley curtains from eBay
    12 Himalayan salt lamp
    800 Louis De Poortere Bronx Azurite Rug, Blue L330 x W230cm
    12 ASDA Extra Special Rose & Lily
    5 ASDA Carefully Selected Isabella Bouquet
    499 Tanglewood guitar
    345 3x Habitat Tall 1 Door 4 Shelf Locker - Mustard
    19 Craft/knitting storage bag cats
    25 Catherine Lansfield Oh Deer! duvet quilt cover set double
    25 John Lewis umbra sticks multi hook white
    350 "We should hang something cool here" neon sign 1000mm
    20 Abigail Aherne octopus wall hook
    24 Argos Home Rayner Table Lamp - Black
    349 Balsam Hill Christmas tree (estimate 6')

    63 Cabin Porn
    31 Vivienne Westwood (RIP)
    322 2022s 161 books (£2 ea.)
    600 ~300 police procedurals, crime fiction and thrillers in 2 years (£2 ea.)

    1000 unread books (estimate)
    543 32x copies of cooking on a bootstrap (kickstarter version) just sat there
    15 6x ring binders (for coroner's reports)
    525 35x moleskin notebooks
    44 per roll wallpaper used as ADHD friendly “to-do” list
    70 folding table
    150 5x hastily installed curtains
    4 1x actual tin can (eBay)
    25 wooden calculator (unused)
    60 12x Derwent colorsoft pencils
    200 Sarah Akwisombe’s Money & Manifesting course
    22 2x giveaway copies at big green books
    34 CGD London 'Master Plan' notebook

    420 3x VegTrugs (unknown quantity, £140 ea.)
    150 wire racking (kept outside)
    75 magnolia tree
    80 2x Summit camping stove (shed)
    37 large metal bin black (kept outside)
    740 2x Astoria Grand Metts Round 2 Person Bistro Set
    25 folding chair (glasto in the garden)
    440 2 weeks skip hire

    1199 water rower
    400 bike (estimate)
    400 Carrera bike given to someone who's was stolen
    249 Peak Design rucksack (asda romp)
    140 Kathmandu transfer rucksack 38L
    40 small longboard white
    200 Osprey rucksack grey
    400 stolen bike 1
    400 stolen bike 2
    400 Carrera hybrid bike (not stolen… yet)
    45 kettlebells (assume set of 3 £15 ea.)
    5 saw (for cutting down for sale signs)
    400 2x Arbor prop longboards (£200 ea.)

    100 CUDDLY TOY (Hamleys)
    60 Lego flower bouquet
    10 Jenga
    350 Playstation (assumed 4)
    0 small Star Wars figurines (safekeeping)
    22 Scrabble
    7 how to speak cat game
    22 Jellycat amuseable toast soft toy
    5 glowstick wristbands
    0 wooden sleigh (taken from 'someone's driveway')
    16 Tiveez 1000 Piece jigsaw puzzle - Amsterdam Sunset Bicycle
    10 vintage Fisher Price chatter phone (current value)
    20 62x Shopkins (put on birthday cake)
    203 7x drawer full of Prowler 'old harolds'
    100 Super Nintendo (estimate)
    350 Xbox (estimate)
    45 Lego bonsai tree

    2200 content
    150 puppy grooming package (£25 x 1pm x 6mo)
    771 x-rays for sophie ellis pretzel
    10 flappy fishy (for cooper)
    9 pet pooch boutique dog collar
    20 hi viz dog harness
    9 burger (lol) dog toy
    10 ball thrower

    250 Sleeper to Edinburgh last min on a Friday
    309 3 nights at Eden Locke, Edinburgh
    170 Last minute train home on a Monday morning
    360 cafe 3x weekly for 6 months (£5 x 3pw x 6mo)
    20 Sad Asda shop
    28 hoppa shopping trolley
    250 Groucho joining fee
    1900 Groucho membership (£950 per year x 2 years)
    250 Glastonbury 2014 ticket (approx)
    200 Latitiude festival 2016 ticket
    280 Cambridge folk fest x4 (approx £70 ea.)
    240 Counting crows butter miracle tour at hammersmith eventim apollo 2022 spare VIP ticket (front row package estimate)
    8000 16 weeks in a posh aparthotel, with a fully stocked minifridge (estimate £500pw)
    522 100x cardboard moving boxes
    5000 lost flat deposit

    65 13x Quality Street tubs (£5 ea.)
    1 2x Swizzels Double Dips
    10 KFC bucket with 'cola' and mint viennetta
    3 2x Viennettas (mint and birthday cake)
    5 Marmite truffle
    5 Marmite dynamite chilli
    150 Master of Malts advent calendar

    8 Wilko Tenon Saw with Soft Grip Handle 250mm

    Total £156,593

    Don't question Jack, because ...

    • She's working class
    • She's middle class but fell a bit by the wayside
    • She's autistic
    • Her autism renders her incapable of lying
    • She has ADHD
    • She has arthritis
    • She's a recovering alcoholic with a lifelong Al-Anon membership
    • She's a second-generation immigrant. Or is it third-generation?
    • Her lawyer is Jewish
    • Her mother is disabled
    • Her grandfather is dead
    • She has a child
    • She's a single parent (her son's father, whom she admits is an attentive co-parent, doesn't count. Neither does her partner)
    • She's heavily tattooed
    • She uses or has used a food bank
    • She claims or has claimed benefits
    • She's trans and / or non-binary
    • She's a lesbian
    • She's been in abusive relationships
    • She has an ouchy mouth/shoulder/leg
    • She's so poor that she can't afford butter or shower gel
    • She has a 100% success rate in suing people
    • She's left wing / "socialist leaning"
    • She supports charities
    • She's working to improve everyone's lives behind the scenes

    Notable Jack events / chaoi 2012-2022

    See above and Wiki 1 for anything from 2022 onwards.

    "Jackie" in the Mirror - 2012
    In December 2012 the Mirror ran an article about Jack living in poverty and having just £10 a week for food. This was one of the first articles about her in the national press after she became known for "Hunger Hurts." Oddly, they referred to her as "Jackie" Monroe - the Mirror leans conservative so maybe they thought their readership wouldn't take a woman with a masculine name seriously. Jack made several claims in this article that she would later contradict, such as saying that she couldn't afford to drink (yet she told the Evening Standard that in 2012 she'd been getting sloshed on cans of value lager every night.) Or that SB's father was not paying any child support despite being employed full time - strange, coming from a man who Jack has frequently described as a very committed parent.

    Jack vs Richard Littlejohn - 2013
    Right-wing columnist Richard Littlejohn attacked Jack in a column that portrayed her as the typical Daily Mail caricature of a lazy, benefit-dependent single mother. He claimed she had deliberately chosen to leave her Fire Service job to live on benefits, and that SB's father wasn't involved in his life. Jack wrote a smug response where, among other things, she admitted she made some money from blogging - which she has since repeatedly denied.

    Sainsburys Sacks Jack, Allegedly - 2014
    It was reported in November 2014 that Sainsburys had ended its brand partnership with Jack, after she tweeted that then-Prime Minister David Cameron "uses stories about his dead son as misty-eyed rhetoric to legitimise selling our NHS to his friends." (Cameron's son passed away in 2009 at age six.) Jack denied that Sainsburys had said anything to her about it. She was attacked in right-wing press, some of which accurately pointed out that Jack herself is known for using SB in sob stories. She has since claimed that she no longer shops at Sainsburys because they donate to the Conservative Party.
    Source: Huffington Post article

    Jack and the Birthmarks - 2015
    On Facebook, Jack shared a news article about a child with disfiguring birthmarks, whose parents had tried to cheer her up by getting tattoos that looked like the birthmarks. Jack said that she'd had years of laser treatments for birthmarks on her legs when she was a child, and her parents pressured her to continue with the painful treatments, making her feel like she was ugly or not good enough. Her mother commented to say Jack is the one who insisted on having the birthmarks removed, while her parents patiently drove her to hospital appointments and supported her in any way they could.

    Shut Yer Legs! - 2015
    Jack had a clash with Michael Portillo on an episode of the TV show The Week, where she claimed that he had told her she shouldn't have got pregnant and should have "shut her legs." This not in fact what happened, as we have the transcription for you here, along with a write up in the Huff Post. Jack has made dozens of claims of being told to "shut her legs" or "should have kept her legs shut" - at this stage it's basically just crying wolf, any plausibility is long gone.

    I, Daniel Blake - 2016
    I, Daniel Blake is a film directed by Ken Loach about the lives of people who live in desperate poverty because they have been denied benefits. As always, Jack tried to make the national conversation about poverty all about herself. She claimed in a Guardian article that the makers of the film had contacted her for "research", and tried to imply that the character of Katie was based on her. Just like she wanted, this led to mistaken reports in the press that I, Daniel Blake was partly inspired by her life. (The script was actually written around 2010, when she says she was not yet in poverty.) Jack subsequently gave a melodramatic review, saying she was so moved by the film that she had burst into noisy sobs and punched a wall outside the cinema.

    MrsGloss&TheGoss - 2016 / 2017
    MrsGloss&TheGoss is a popular Facebook group about fashion, beauty, and makeup. SB's stepmother is a makeup artist and was a regular poster there. Not to be outdone, Jack joined in 2016 and basked in the adoration of posters who were thrilled to have a "celebrity" in their midst. For several months she shared photos of numerous new hairstyles, clothes, and beauty products. Jack claimed she needed a whole separate bag for all her beauty products when travelling which included six eyeshadow palettes, a full set of 30+ makeup brushes, and two perfumes. She also showed a photo of her bathroom which she said she had to rearrange to accommodate her 77 lipsticks, 14 foundations and over 40 eyeliners. Many of these were high end brands like Chanel.

    Understandably, this raised questions over how someone who claimed to be poor could afford so many expensive things. Jack later claimed on Mumsnet that she only posted on MrsGloss&TheGoss because she thought it had a "confidentiality agreement." This is obviously ridiculous: it's a huge group with thousands of members and, although private, anyone can request to join.

    Jack vs Katie Hopkins - 2017
    In 2015, the writer Laurie Penny defended protesters who had defaced a war memorial during an anti-austerity demonstration. Katie Hopkins attacked Jack on Twitter, confusing her for Penny. When it was pointed out that Jack is not Laurie Penny, Hopkins said there was little difference between them and called Jack "social anthrax." Jack sued for libel and won £24,000 in damages when the case concluded in 2017. The court costs led to Hopkins losing her home, for which Jack expressed sympathy.

    Grenfell - 2017
    Jack volunteered at the scene of the Grenfell fire, and was tasked with sorting through donated clothes and shoes. She wrote a now-deleted blog post about this experience, where she gave a self-centered and patronising take on the tragedy and gave the false impression that she was an ex-firefighter ("I've seen a lot of fucking fires.") In the blog post and on Twitter, she gave an obviously made-up story of being waved through a police cordon, somehow obtaining plans for the building, and being in contact with lawyers and architects. All of this was used to draw attention to herself, rather than benefit others. The Metro and other publications bought it and described her as an ex-firefighter, which was just what she wanted.

    Why she deleted the blog post is unknown; perhaps because what she was saying was easily verifiable as false, or perhaps her dad (an actual ex-firefighter) didn't like being mentioned in it.

    Jack Does Politics - 2017
    In 2017, Jack stood as an independent candidate for MP of Southend West. This met with a very negative response from local voters, who accused her of promising more than she could deliver, and only running for office for her own glory. They were also concerned that she would split the left-wing vote in the area; the NHS was a key issue, and the Green Party had already agreed not to run against Labour. Jack withdrew three weeks later citing arthritis, death threats, and concerns for SB's safety.

    Jack vs Jamie Oliver (#1 onwards) - 2020
    In March 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people had lost their jobs or been "furloughed." So Channel 4 hastily launched a show called Keep Cooking and Carry On about cooking with store cupboard leftovers. Jamie Oliver was announced as the host. Jack wasn't happy. She ranted on Twitter that the show should have been hers, and "That Man" (Jamie) had taken over her "niche genre." She also said "it's jollof rice all over again" - referencing an incident where Jamie was accused of cultural appropriation over a recipe. Effectively, she was arguing that not asking her to host the show was akin to racism. She's hardly the first person to cover budget cooking or cooking from tins. It's been done so many times it barely counts as a niche.

    Jack's followers began attacking Jamie, and she attempted to marshal support for her to be given her own TV show. She also started a daily Twitter thread for recipes, trying to "compete" with Jamie. Bear in mind that Jamie is an experienced professional chef who is popular with audiences, has a ton of TV experience, and owns a TV production company - making him a good choice for a show that was quickly put out. Jack, however, does not cook professionally and had almost no screen experience; not even on Instagram or YouTube! The BBC eventually placated her with a two-week stint on Daily Kitchen Live. More details about the Jack vs Jamie saga here.

    Jack Lives Matter (#22-#23) - 2020
    Following the death of George Floyd, Jack made a monetised video in support of Black Lives Matter. When she was criticised for profiting from the video, she promised to donate all proceeds to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. This was never mentioned again and Jack did not provide any evidence of a donation. At that time, she had a brand deal with Hellmans, and did a livestream with them every week. One of these lives was due to take part on Blackout Tuesday: a planned initiative to stop posting on social media for one day in solidarity with Black victims of police violence. Millions of people worldwide took part.

    Hellmans invited a squig to take part in that week's live, but the next day she saw that Jack's planned guest was joining in Blackout Tuesday. She asked Hellmans if the live was still going ahead. They said they'd check, and later confirmed it had been postponed. The squig was left with the distinct impression that Jack had no idea about Blackout Tuesday, and she'd had to hastily cancel the live after finding out. Later, the squig shared her experience on social media (and briefly joined us on Tattle.) Jack claimed to have made the bold decision to postpone the live herself even though Hellmans threatened to end her contract.

    The food influencer Alexis Adjei, whom Hellmans once cut out of a TV advert because she is Black, called out Jack for working with them while professing to be anti-racist. Jack chose to respond via DMs rather than address the matter publicly, she also swiftly backpedalled on her claims that Hellmans wanted to drop her. The postponed live eventually went ahead but was a disaster, with Jack obviously poorly prepared and Hellmans only allowing pre-approved contributors.

    Jack vs David Walliams (#39-#40) - 2020
    Jack launched a Twitter crusade against David Walliams, whose books she described as "Little Britain for kids" and "sneering classist fatshaming grim nonsense." She gave several examples of elements from his books that she found offensive. One of these was the character of a teacher named Miss Tutelage; who, according to Jack, was an offensive caricature of Black people, and whose name was obviously making fun of Desmond Tutu. In fact, the character was white, and the word "tutelage" means tuition or instruction. Jack accused Walliams of lying about writing the books himself, and suggested he was a cocaine user. She then backtracked and claimed she was actually making fun of drug use in the publishing industry.

    Jack's criticism of Walliams failed to achieve anything; there were no apologies, nothing was withdrawn from sale, and he continues to be a bestselling author. However, the following year, two British Chinese writers successfully campaigned to have a short story removed from one of Walliams' books because it contained harmful stereotypes of Chinese people. If they could manage this despite having nowhere near as much of a platform as Jack, why couldn't she make change happen?

    The For Sale Sign (#73) - 2020
    In September 2020, Jack tweeted that she had woken up to find a For Sale sign on the lawn of her rented home, with no warning. She called the agency and was told it was a mistake and the sign had been placed at the wrong property. There followed a string of self-pitying tweets where she said she was crying and panicking because she'd had to move home so many times, and all she wanted in life was a stable home for her and SB. She announced she was taking a break from Twitter to "feel all the things." Five minutes later, she instead decided to chop down the For Sale sign because it would have upset SB - instead, he could just go on Twitter and read all about it. Tweet thread can be seen here.

    Peeky_Mink (#74 onwards) - 2020
    Tattler @Veronicaaa triangulated (🔺) a Twitter account called @Peeky_Mink as being a personal account of Jack's (here's why.) While Jack was pleading poverty on her main account, saying she was on a £20 food budget, @Peeky_Mink detailed frequent Ocado deliveries and generally enjoying the good life. The account was quickly made private when Tattle spotted it, and eventually deleted.

    CAROLE MALONE IS AWAY (#119-#120) - 2020
    In late December 2020, Jack stood in for Carole Malone as a guest columnist in the Daily Express. Jack's fans might have been wondering why she was writing for a pro-Tory, pro-austerity paper whose values are the polar opposite of hers. It was surely a coincidence that Jack only mentioned the fact of her column appearing (and that she'd bought three copies of the paper) late in the evening, when newsagents were shut. However, the canal had copies of the column with Jack's face next to the announcement that CAROLE MALONE IS AWAY.

    Jacknapped (#123-#124) - 2020
    When Jack claimed on Twitter that she'd been abducted and traumatised as a child, leading to days of "selective mutism." Her mother posted about it on Facebook and said that what actually happened was that a clearly unwell stranger approached then five-year-old Jack, but quickly left when shouted at.

    The GoHenry Saga (#156-#157) - 2021
    GoHenry is a company that provides a bank card for under-18s. Jack posted on her social media that she used a GoHenry card when grocery shopping, and had to lie about her age in order to open the account. She said she needed the card so that she could use its spending control feature to make sure she did not go over her very strict budget. She repeated this claim on her blog and on the Insta of influencer Sarah Akwisombe. A squig reported her to GoHenry, which closed the account.

    Jack claimed someone had been impersonating her in order to get the account closed; and threatened to involve police. The GoHenry squig said they were concerned about the safeguarding implications of an adult being able to register for the card, and had simply alerted GoHenry to Jack's tweets. Jack threw a tantrum, saying it was obviously her son's account and the whole thing had been intended as a joke. By which she meant blatant sympathy ploy; she'd made out she needed the card because she was so poor. Fraus noticed that shopping receipts shared by Jack had been paid with a Visa card, whereas GoHenry is MasterCard. So it looks like it was indeed her son's card, but she lied that it was hers, causing his account to get shut down.

    Jack Vs School Discipline (#176-177) - 2021
    Jack attacked a school on Twitter ("School X") because they had trialled a new government scheme for managing behaviour. She said School X was training kids to be "compliant cannon fodder", and was harmful to disabled and neurodivergent children. Squigs pointed out that Jack doesn't know anyone whose children attend School X, and she had never visited it. Jack confidently said she "knew" it was exactly like her old school. She then publicly accused her old school of causing her lifelong mental health problems, and destroying her future, by failing to accommodate her ADHD.

    When Tom Bennett pointed out she was being somewhat unfair to School X, Jack threatened to sue him - even though he'd said nothing offensive or untrue about her, and had even asked critics to leave her alone. She then got into further arguments with squigs who pointed out that Jack went to a grammar school, whereas School X is a state school that already has problems with behaviour (in some schools this can be very serious, e.g. knives and fights.) Jack denied her parents were wealthy at the time she attended grammar school, this is when she said her dad is a "Marxist-Leninist landlord."

    Miscellaneous chaos Jack has done

    Animal welfare

    As well as the kitten, Jack has had a number of other animals that died, were neglected, and/or "mysteriously" went missing. These include Dash the bunny, which was kept in a damp and crowded shed, in a garden that had foxes in it. She claims Dash was stolen during a burglary; however, this is suspicious, given her lack of care for Dash and the conditions in which he was kept. Jack also had guinea pigs (Harriet and Miliband) that were shut in a cupboard and quickly died. She said they were killed in a carbon monoxide leak, but a frau who claimed to be an old acquaintance (and seems to be legit) suggested they had died from the cold. Squigs have expressed concern over her current dog Laurie, a long-haired breed with a visibly matted coat. Jack says Laurie is just shaggy, despite vets commenting on her posts to say otherwise.

    Child welfare
    Jack has often written about SB having an unstable home life due to poverty. This includes frequent house moves, often staying in unsuitable accommodation (cold, damp, mouldy, etc.), and being unable to afford utilities or enough food and clothes for him. She has also said that he was affected by her alcoholism and mental health problems, and was used to seeing her have depressive episodes or pass out from drinking. On top of this, she says she has had multiple stalkers, and frequently receives death threats.

    None of these things makes Jack a bad parent, but they all present a risk to SB's welfare. If what she's saying is true, you would expect her to be known to social services. SB is also at increased risk because she shares a huge amount of personal information online, enough that strangers were able to find her house.

    Jack does, however, regularly demonstrate less than stellar parenting. Here are just a few examples:
    • Mean-spirited "jokes" about SB being a financial inconvenience, such as here, here, and here
    • Tweeting that she was on social media while SB was asking her to talk to him or play with him
    • Jack and Allegra complaining in an interview about then four-year-old SB not using cutlery. They were seemingly confused as to why a child this young didn't understand social rules around eating. Allegra didn't want her daughter's face shown in the accompanying photos, yet Jack was happy to have SB pictured in the national press.
    • Giving SB a long list of house chores, later turned into a "bingo card". At eight years of age, he was expected to care for rabbits (difficult for a child to do, as rabbits are very delicate) and use household chemicals. Jack likely made the whole thing up for attention, yet still felt the need to humiliate SB by telling the world about him making messes in the toilet.
    • Jack has given different stories of either taking SB to an abattoir, or telling him in graphic detail about her visit to one, to teach him about the evils of the meat industry. She also said she made him pay for and cook his own sausages in an effort to put him off meat.
    • Claiming that SB had been suspended from school years earlier, but that he conveniently now doesn't remember it. This story is almost certainly made up, and if it's true, why would he want that information about him to be available online forever?
    • SB being exposed to inappropriate content from her Twitter, where she tweets about her sex life and receives threats. She wanted to give him a "summer job" managing her Twitter account for her (ultimately she said she wouldn't as too many squigs complained) despite him being under the minimum age for an account.
    • Writing about him as if he were much younger than his age in a way that would certainly embarrass him
    • Casually tweeting very personal (sometimes highly inappropriate) information about SB's mental health, puberty, and other medical issues.
    She says that she has repeatedly had malicious false reports made to the RSPCA and social services about her son and animals, implying that this was done by internet trolls. In order for social services to act on a report they would need quite a lot of information, so if Jack was reported to them, it was likely by someone who knows her in real life. Jack herself has said that Leggy, Louisa, and OH all encouraged her to get help for her substance abuse and/or mental health. More detailed discussion in this post of who might have had reason to report her, and some of the things she has disclosed with regard to SB's environment (warning: post contains potentially triggering topics relating to mental health and animal abuse).

    Jack insists she is, and has always been, SB's main custodial parent. However, there's plenty of evidence that this isn't the case, and he lives with his father. She has repeatedly said that her alcoholism and addiction did not affect SB - despite her stories about how she often passed out from drinking, etc. If her drinking and drug use were ever as bad as she says, social services would almost certainly have been involved. This puts Jack in a difficult position; the more she talks about her addiction, the more questions will be asked about SB's welfare. At some point she'll either have to say that SB doesn't live with her (whether or not it's true), or that he was there the whole time whilst she spiralled out of control.

    Treatment of Louisa
    During their relationship, Jack had a habit of criticising Louisa on her social media. She came across as patronising and dismissive, often talking about Louisa as if she were a naughty child. It was also mentioned that Louisa had repeatedly had to leave work or social occasions when Jack was drinking or had "done a chaos." Eventually SHE LEFT shortly after Jack had made fun of Louisa for not wanting to camp out in the garden. Even the end of the relationship didn't stop Jack, as she accused Louisa of stealing tinned food (from a stockpile in case of a no-deal Brexit) and leaving her to pay off the lease on their house. Louisa is the Head of News at Channel 4, and Jack would have made her look very unprofessional to others.

    Attitude to fostering
    Jack's parents are former foster carers who took in many children over the years. They were well known for this in their local community, and her dad eventually received an MBE for his services to fostering. Jack's younger brother and sister, who are adopted, were previously her parents' foster children. Jack estimated that in the time she lived at home her parents had taken in around 100 children; her mother said it was more like 70 children in almost 30 years (including after Jack left home.)

    Jack has spoken negatively in the press about their foster children, some of whom she called "feral". She also described children who lived with them for a decade or more as just taking up "space at the table" rather than being part of her family. On the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast she referred to her parents' foster children as "difficult" and "a revolving door of troubled children." Another time she gave a charming story about being told she Should Have Kept Her Legs Shut when she took two of the foster children down to the shops. If you were a looked-after child who had stayed with Jack's family, how might you feel about seeing or hearing this?

    Jack has indicated that she resents the amount of attention her parents gave their foster children when she was growing up - an understandable response from a child. Her mother has said on social media that she used fostering as a way of coping with her disability and personal grief, and that the family's two adopted children have serious health problems. While this must have been difficult for Jack, she could nevertheless be more sympathetic in how she talks about their foster children publicly.

    Using tragedies for attention
    Jack demonstrates a pattern of using tragedies to draw attention to herself - even those that have nothing to do with her. As well as the infamous Grenfell blog, other examples include inserting herself into Jo Cox's murder and the Pulse nightclub shooting, and trying to prove a point by name-dropping people who died after having their benefits cut. She also likes to try to "win" arguments with squigs by casually referencing tragic events like pregnancy loss or a friend's suicide (WARNING for subject matter.)


    Jack was accused of Blackfishing over photos where she posed with braids and very tanned skin. She said it wasn't cultural appropriation because braids are traditional for Greek people.

    She used AAVE in a tweet to Marcus Rashford and complained about the "caucasity" of either Marcus or one of his corporate partners. Yes, this is a white woman talking that way to a Black man.

    Jack claimed on her blog that she was being racially harassed with slurs for Black people, which is unlikely given she is very obviously not Black.

    Online safety
    Jack has accused the canal, and other accounts, of doxxing her and putting her and her son in danger. She says we are putting her "vulnerable child" at risk. We have never shared her address here, but even if we wanted to, she's beaten us to it. She frequently posts photos that would easily identify where she is. More recently she has shared photos of her and SB walking in their neighbourhood together, and a photo where her phone number was clearly visible on her dog's collar.

    Fake recipes

    On several occasions, Jack has shared photos of food she claims she cooked but was evidently shop-bought. As a rule, if it looks edible, it came from a supermarket.

    This fish pie appears to be a Young's ready meal, the Red Leicester and piped mash are a dead giveaway:

    Parmentier potatoes fresh from Waitrose (note the sprig of rosemary it comes with.) Jack is known to order food from Ocado which was partnered with Waitrose at the time.

    This Greek/Cypriot mezze selection contains a number of different dishes and ingredients, and would take hours to make - you would expect to see it at a family gathering, not a lunch for one person. Falafels don't normally turn out as uniform and even as this when they are homemade. Exact shop not identified. Co-Op summer picnic range (3 for 2), M&S, and Waitrose could all be culprits.

    Orange peel sugar cookies posted in May that look like Waitrose amaretti versus orange peel sugar cookies posted in July that are clearly home made.

    This shortbread is, by all appearances, Walkers (note how even the biscuits are and where the fork marks are.) Icing does appear to be by Jack, although even that is questionable.


    Yorkshire puddings that appear to be Aunt Bessie's and bear no resemblance to Jack's usual yorkie offerings.

    Carrot, Cumin & Kidney Bean Soup - made by @overdueanadventure for the Slopalong (frau's version on the left, Jack's on the right.) Because they turned out so different in colour and texture, we suspect Jack may have been passing off shop-bought soup as her own.

    NYE 2022 100 sausage, black pudding, onion, sage stuffing, and cranberry sausage rolls


    Notable blog posts 2012-2022

    Jack first became known to the British public after an essay she had shared on her blog went viral. She has since written many more posts that gained traction and are sometimes referenced by the canal. Unfortunately Jack has a habit of mass deleting, but we've salvaged what we can!

    Hunger Hurts, 2012 (HH) - This essay about living in poverty went viral and effectively launched Jack's career in the public eye. Jack wrote that she was using a food bank, heavily in rent arrears, and couldn't afford food or utilities. It drew attention because of her heart-wrenching descriptions of then two-year-old SB going hungry: "Poverty is the sinking feeling when your small boy finishes his one weetabix and says ‘more mummy, bread and jam please mummy’ as you’re wondering whether to take the TV or the guitar to the pawn shop first, and how to tell him that there is no bread or jam."

    Scummy Single Mummy Does Dating, 2013 - A copy of a column Jack wrote for her local newspaper. She wrote about the difficulties as a single mother looking for love. She described herself as "a mother, a nutritionist, a kitchen goddess, a cleaner, an educator, a business woman, an accountant, a machinist, an errand girl, a baker, a PR and marketing woman, a blogger, a newspaper columnist, and a singleton." Jack again referred to her £10 a week food budget, yet indicated that she was on multiple subscription dating sites and wanted to adopt another pet.

    Hunger Hurts - Still. A Year On, 2013 - Follow-up to "Hunger Hurts", published exactly one year later. Jack said she was still living on £10 a week but that her situation had improved and she now had a secure job. She has since claimed that she spent 2012-13 in desperate poverty, and was stealing food and doing sex work to survive.

    I Can't Even Open My Own Front Door, 2015 - Jack says she used to be confident, but now has severe anxiety as a result of her experiences of being hounded by debt collectors. Noteworthy because it has been included on the GCSE syllabus.

    Heart Attacks, Nut Burgers, School Places, and Politics, 2015 - Jack wrote about having a "suspected heart attack", and the joys of home educating SB for three and a half months while she tried to find him a school place. SB was then five years of age, yet Jack was able to go on a 10-day trip around the USA without him during the time he was out of school. Further evidence that SB's father is the main custodial parent, not Jack?

    Please Don't Call Me A Girl Called Jack. I Have Something to Tell You, 2015 - In this post, Jack came out as non-binary and announced that she used they/them pronouns. (Note: Jack now mostly uses she/her.) Best known for giving us "I fancy girls, babe!" and the quote that led to "Traazers? On a BIRD?"

    We Need To Talk About Grenfell, 2017 ("Grenfell") - Jack's infamous, now-deleted blog post about her heroics in the wake of Grenfell. She's seen a lot of fucking fires.

    My Ready Meal Is None of Your Fucking Business, 2018 - A pretext for Jack to plead poverty again. She said she needed money so much she was prepared to travel three hours each way for a babysitting job; and that her partner hadn't had a working cooker for over two years. (Her partner at the time was Louisa, who earns well over £200,000 a year.) Jack complained of Tory MPs using her to argue that it's easy to live on just £10-£20 a week. As detailed elsewhere on this wiki, she has made this same argument herself many times.

    Poverty Lingers in a Septic Wound, 2018 - In which Jack stated she hadn't made a ton of money from the Katie Hopkins court judgement and was still desperately poor, mentally ill, and struggling. A reference to "growing tomatoes for her lover" much amused the canal, there is also an early cameo from the solar-powered garden lights Jack would later famously claim she was using indoors because she couldn't afford electricity.

    The Difference Between Poverty and Poverty Tourism, 2018. WARNING: potentially triggering content relating to mental health. - Now-deleted post in which Jack lambasted millionaire Alfie Deyes for "poverty tourism." In the words of frau @Cack_Conroe:
    She emits a hypocritical whinge about privileged people in their mansions “slipping into our scarred and malnourished skins”, quotes Common People without irony, rehashes The Poverty word for word, embellishes it a little bit more with additional alleged suicide attempts, then angrily practically begs for a collaboration with YouTuber Alfie Deyes. The obligatory tin rattle is below the blog.
    You Don't Batch Cook When You're Suicidal, 2020 ("Potatoes"). WARNING: potentially triggering content relating to mental health and sexual assault. - Originally titled "The Price of Potatoes and the Value of Compassion" aka "Potatoes." The original title refers to comments made by Annunziata Rees-Mogg about raw potatoes being cheaper than oven chips. In the post, Jack tried to explain there are good reasons why poor people may not be able to cook fresh food. This developed into more me-rail, including a very offensive comparison between poverty and sexual assault. Jack included a picture of plain toast and water as an example of a typical meal for her back in 2013. This photo was actually taken as part of a "challenge" to live on £5 a day to raise money for charity. In an earlier version of the post, Jack claimed she had punched her own brother for saying she Should Have Kept Her Legs Shut.

    It's Not About the Pasta, Kevin, 2022 ("Pasta") - Written in response to Tory MP Kevin Edger arguing that no one should starve when value pasta costs only 29p. Yet again Jack rehashed The Poverty and how much she'd done for The Poors.

    The Curse of the Poverty Hangover, Ten Years On, 2022 ("HH2") - Unofficially known as Hunger Hurts 2 / HH2, published for the 10th anniversary of the original Hunger Hurts post. Jack started by saying she was no longer poor; but then claimed she could not afford lightbulbs or basic toiletries, and was still living on a strict food budget of £20 a week. Just as the original "Hunger Hurts" launched her career, HH2 may have been the beginning of the end. It raised questions over her claims of poverty and led to a lot more public scrutiny and criticism than Jack previously got.

    Jack's Hacks

    Jack likes to give #lifehacks that are at best useless, at worst dangerous. Here are some of her top tips:
    • Save the oil from tinned fish (no matter what kind of fish it is) and mix it all together in the same container to use in cooking. Jack says this also works for different types of vinegar and/or fruit juice.

    • Use the ring pulls from canned food to stack coat hangers underneath each other and make extra space in your wardrobe. This will probably only work if you're hanging up something small and light like scarves or camisoles.

    • Make shower gel by boiling down soap, and make your own bubble bath in the slow cooker. Given the use of energy, this would cost more than just washing with the soap and buying cheap bubble bath.

    • Put a baking sheet over the kitchen sink to keep your washing up water warm

    • Use hair clippings or tumble dryer fluff as firelighters

    • Use shampoo in the washing machine instead of laundry detergent. You can expect it to foam too much and start pouring out of the machine. Jack gave this advice on Lorraine, so viewers should send their plumbers' bills to ITV.

    • Ripen fruit in the microwave (risks exploding)

    • Put fish in tinned pineapple to cook it thoroughly without heat. Doesn't work; the bromelaine in pineapple will break fish down but won't cook it.

    • Use a hammer and sharp knife to open tinned food. Did you really need ten fingers anyway?
    Jack has used her platform to give very irresponsible advice such as justifying shoplifting, and encouraging cancelling direct debits to energy companies in protest at rising prices. On multiple occasions she has advised that people on a low income qualified for supermarket or energy vouchers, only for squigs to quickly discover that no such voucher scheme existed.


    As outlined above, Jack stated on Twitter that she was about to address a number of the "TROLLCLAIMS" levied against her. But after just one tweet, she did not continue. The canal has since come up with our own list of "TROLLCLAIMS" we challenge her to address. These are things that we think are genuinely true and would like Jack to either rebut or admit to, not jokes, exaggerations, tricksy language or unwarranted speculation:

    1. She did not send anything to her Patrons or provide any updates throughout the entire year of 2021 and at least until November 2022
    2. She has not instructed a solicitor to sue Lee Anderson
    3. Similarly, she has not ringfenced the money that was Paypalled to her for the Lee Anderson action, and does not intend to return it or donate it to charity if no action goes ahead
    4. She uses facetune or similar editing software on her selfies
    5. Her son visits her for a maximum of three nights per week – and the rest of the time she sleeps upstairs in ‘his’ bedroom
    6. She has had at least six professional haircuts in 2022
    7. She did not set aside her ‘drinking money’ every week for an ‘amazing summer of memories with SB’ – or if she did, she did not spend it on him
    8. She messed up on the Teemill profit calculations and ended up donating £10,000 of her own money to the Trussell Trust
    9. She or a member of her family is buying the next property she is moving into
    10. She has had lip fillers
    11. She has one or more additional Twitter accounts other than @bootstrapcook which she has used within the past six months
    12. She did not have "a team of people she had to buy laptops and phones for" during the pandemic. She did not have more than one person working for her during the pandemic and did not buy more than one laptop or phone for them. @Cucumberthunder
    13. At the same time as claiming to be "buying computers and laptops for her team" to work from home she also claimed furlough https://tattle.life/threads/jack-monroe-181-time-flies-when-youre-judging-slop.18447/post-4683399
    14. She did not have a team of IT experts working tirelessly to fix her website, that she rattled her jar to pay @Captainmouse
    15. She did not file her company accounts on time and therefore did not pay the correct tax when it was due - upon winding the company up she has now settled with HMRC although this is more than she would have had to pay had she done it properly @Lucky Escape
    16. She does not have a formal clinical diagnosis of autism
    17. She has used shampoo during the past two years but did not have to buy it due to having a stockpile of previous purchases, gifts, freebies, hotel minis etc
    18. The Vimes Boots Index, for which she received a lot of new patrons courtesy of Nigella, does not exist in any form and never will.
    19. She can afford utilities and does not rely on solar lights to light her house
    20. She has had Botox, even if it didn't cost £500
    21. She has used makeup to make her cheeks look hollow, eyes darker, and lines deeper in photos to elicit sympathy (despite saying otherwise)
    22. Several of her breakups have been caused by her mental instability and substance abuse, and she has repeatedly ignored advice from her partners to get proper help
    23. She owns a large number of designer goods that were not gifts and were not bought as "insurance" against future poverty
    24. She has neglected her pets, leading to some of them dying
    25. She lost the Superdrug brand deal. Possibly because of trying to give the impression that she could not afford toiletries (when they were paying her to promote their own budget range), openly encouraging shoplifting, and/or the general drama and bad publicity associated with her.
    26. Her previous and/or current agents have pushed her to stay quiet on social media so she doesn't tank the release of Grifty Kitchen.
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