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    If you're here and you are new to Jack, please go to Wiki 1, where we have lots of info at the top for new frauen / herren.

    Page 4 of this wiki is dedicated to Jack's antics in 2024 - highlights and any corporate bookings / appearances.

    ⭐2024 highlights - in progress!⭐

    Return of the Jack! She's back on Twitter (#563 onwards)
    Jack had been absent from social media since August 2023, amid much public mockery and discussion of her grift on Twitter. On 30 January 2024 she tweeted again for the first time in five months, talking about Duolingo and learning Greek. Jack said she was, "still Sober, still alive, still cooking. Just, quietly" and was enjoying the peace from not being on social media so much. She shared her Duolingo user name, which showed that she created the account in December 2023 and had barely used the app in the last couple of weeks. She also posted pictures of recipe notes she had written in Greek - perhaps working on a Greek cookbook, which she's said for a while she wants to publish.

    It was a convenient time for Jack to post because she gained a huge number of Patreon subscribers in January 2022 after Nigella Lawson promoted her; many of whom paid for a year in advance. Posting in January might stop them cancelling their subscriptions just before it auto-renews. She had also been getting some praise because Laurence Fox had recently lost a defamation suit against three critics he had called paedophiles in a tweet. They were represented by Mark Lewis (who was Jack's lawyer in the Katie Hopkins case), and some people were under the false impression that Jack had set some kind of legal precedent.

    A week later, she tweeted a photo of Cooper the cat. Because of the caption we questioned if she was breadcrumbing some kind of tragedy that led her to want snuggles with a pet, and/or trying to prove Cooper still lived with her (the canal has speculated many times that he now lives with Jack's son and his dad.) Jack also removed her agent Adrian at Kruger Cowne from her user bio. She still has a profile on Kruger Cowne's website, however, it's not up to date as it was written before Grifty Kitchen was released in January 2023.

    UPDATE: Jack made a new, private Instagram account and reactivated her old Facebook page. She has added a personal email address to her Twitter bio - one that she's previously used for people to approach her directly about interviews and event bookings. Does this prove she no longer has an agent?

    UPDATE: At the beginning of April, Jack suddenly deleted all the new tweets about Cooper and learning Greek. She returned to comment on a football match (she's a lifelong Liverpool fan didn't you know?) and post a photo of her dog "Laurie Lou" (formerly just Laurie) frolicking in a patch of bluebells. Coincidentally, Jack's ex Louisa Compton had just shared pictures on Insta of her current partner's child playing amongst the bluebells in their garden. We're sure this has nothing to do with Jack's desire to show the world that she is living her best TOOT TOOT! life, or Laurie now being named Laurie Lou.

    Jack to the Future - old TV appearance resurfaces (#567 onwards)
    A Twitter user posted a clip from a 2016 TV debate between Jack and the feminist Julia Long. (Warning - the video discusses rape and sexual assault.) The debate was about whether the UK should adopt "self-ID" laws, where everyone is legally recognised as whatever gender they say they are, and transgender people don't need a Gender Recognition Certificate. (Jack had recently come out as non-binary at the time.) Julia expressed concern that allowing anyone to legally identify as female could lead to sexual assault in places like women's prisons and refuges. Jack's response was, "I've been assaulted by two non-trans people but we shouldn't ban them from facilities." She came across as offensive and dismissive of women's concerns, including other survivors of sexual violence.

    The Tweet got a lot of engagement and Jack's name began trending. People on both sides of the self-ID argument made fun of her poor presentation, obvious failure to prepare, and inability to keep up with Julia - saying things like "bang out of order" in a serious discussion. Actor James Dreyfus retweeted the clip and laughed at Jack, causing it to circulate further. There was also much discussion of Jack's grift including Patreon and failure to Sue Lee. Further proof, if any were needed, that she's become a laughing stock and it will be very difficult for her to make any kind of comeback.

    Jack (maybe) Claps Back! Appearance on Mumsnet {#567 onwards)
    In April 2024 a Mumsnet poster started a thread criticising Tattle. Jack, or someone trying to give the impression they were her, posted saying that she had been bullied on Tattle. She suggested, among other things, that Tattlers had shared her address publicly, been to her house, sent her death threats, taken photos of her and her family out in public, and that her threads here mostly consist of "body-shaming." Also saying she'd had to close her business because Tattlers would "turn up to report back." Maybe this is justifying why she hasn't been hired for any public events - she wants to pretend she was forced out because members of the canal have booked seats at a couple of her festival talks? While she did have a legitimate court summons delivered to her house by the person bringing a CCJ against her (see wiki page 3), this had nothing to do with Tattle.

    Mumsnet users did not believe her, and pointed out that Jack has, in fact, grifted rather a lot of money from vulnerable people. Whether or not it was actually Jack is uncertain, but the suicide-baiting certainly sounds like her, as does the mention of someone turning up at her house. Some people on the thread speculated that it could have been Liz Fraser (who has her own thread on Tattle.)

    Most amusing was that "Jack" said she had never given away anything about where she lived except for the county. If it's really Jack, then this is the same woman who has:
    • Repeatedly said, in press interviews and social media, that she lives in Southend and what area
    • Repeatedly said she lives near her parents, whose address is on public record because her father uses it as a registered business address
    • Publicly mentioned which branches of supermarkets she shops from
    • Had photos of her house featured in the national press, and shared pictures of just about every room in the house on social media
    • Shared photos of her garden and a landmark at the back
    • Shared photos/video of her local area, the street she lives on, and a distinctive feature in a neighbour's garden
    • Shared photos of local businesses
    • Shared photos of her son in school uniform and an award he won from his school, including the name of the school and what class he was in
    • Shared a photo where her phone number was clearly visible on her dog's collar, then excused this by saying it's a work number
    • Named a council estate near her and said how far away she lives from the estate

    You do not need to be Inspector Morse to figure out where she is, especially if you know the local area! Nevertheless, we do not and have never shared her address here.

    Jack Hacked? Jack blames it all on a stalker (#569 onwards)
    On 24 April 2024, after a week or so of tweeting about "kickyball" and Agatha Christie, Jack announced the return of her website; which had been shut down a month previously after the domain name expired. She said that she had lost the website and everything else, including her income, Patreon, Paypal, and all her social media platforms, because a "known stalker" had hacked into every single account. Conveniently, she currently couldn't say any more because of the ongoing police investigation. That's not when she was saying back in January when she claimed she was just enjoying some peace and quiet away from social media! She also claimed she had lost thousands of pounds, implying without saying outright that it was her Patreon income (so she's got room to deny it.) And yet she never paused her Patreon or tried to warn her subscribers.

    It's unclear as to when the hacking supposedly took place. Jack's Patreon was hacked in December 2023, but she'd been quiet on social media since August 2023, and deleted all her own tweets from January to early April 2024 - are we supposed to believe that was her or the hacker? She had fans offering her money almost immediately, so at least her PayPal seems to be working. Jack's now getting back on her calloused feet and determined to carry on. She wishes the alleged stalker nothing but peace and love, because she doesn't hold grudges, like her dedication to her former high school teachers in Grifty Kitchen.

    She seemed to be suggesting that the squig who shared her hacked Patreon information online was the stalker - a potentially libellous claim (they have stated that they did not personally hack her account.) When the squig said that they were considering legal action, she made a snarky comment giving their real name. Then hastily deleted it and replaced it with a tweet saying she "just wanted peace" and wasn't going to name the perpetrator, who is "unwell." In no way was any of this based on Baby Reindeer, a currently popular Netflix drama based on Richard Gadd's experience of stalking, which Jack encouraged her followers to watch.

    Meanwhile a number of Twitter accounts suspiciously popped up defending her. One of these drew the canal's attention as an obvious sock and people also started commenting about this on Twitter. Jack swiftly deleted the account only a day or so later.

    If I Could Turn Jack Time! Jack at the local elections (#571 onwards)
    On 2 May 2024, local elections were held in the UK. For a couple of days previously, Jack had been tweeting about Tory cuts and accusing the Tories of "state-sponsored manslaughter"; giving a list of names of people who had died after losing their benefits. In other words using the dead to score cheap political points. On the afternoon of the local elections, she began tweeting excitedly, saying she was "geekily crunching data" and intended to sit up all night. No one sits up all night for a local election unless they are running for office or involved in counting the votes! She also posted a picture of the polling station she went to. Local Tattlers observed that she either hasn't moved out of the bungamansion (more than two years after she said she was going to) or hasn't moved very far. The photo didn't feature her dog Laurie/Laurie Lou/Content, despite it being a popular trend in the UK to post photos of your dog at the polling station. As we suspected, this is further evidence the dog lives with SB and his father, not with Jack.

    By early morning she had been sitting with a VERY OLD AND VERY GOOD friend "crunching the sample numbers" all night. She also delighted us with a brand new slop: some pasta that had apparently been soaked in cold water then microwaved, as using the stove was too much effort. She intended to head out on the school run (walking a teenager to the school gates) after a "power nap." It had now become apparent that Labour had made big gains in the election and Jack was keen to make it sound like she was personally involved.

    She stated that after months of being "literally immobilised" by poor health she was now back to being a simple politics/cooking blogger like she was in 2012. Almost as if she hadn't been on a 12-year-long grift since then. She amended her Twitter bio to say "occasionally on your tellybox" and "bylines everywhere." In fact, she hadn't been on TV since Question Time in June 2023, and hadn't had any articles published for over a year. Evidently she was very confident that her tweeting spree was going to get her media attention.

    Farmed Salmon Fiasco - Jack called out on food ethics (#572 onwards)
    On 7 May 2024 Jack shared a photo of her breakfast of choice, which included cheap tinned salmon. She was subsequently called out by a number of squigs over farmed salmon being a very unethical choice both for the salmon and the workers involved. Jack responded calmly and politely, and said that while she wasn't actually promoting farmed salmon (simply mentioning that she had used it) she would avoid it in future and encourage others to do the same. This led the canal to question if her recent absence was enforced, as it's out of character for her to respond like this rather than losing her temper or making some snarky comment.

    UPDATE: On 11 May she deleted a lot of her recent tweets including those about the fish, and most of those about the local elections. She also deleted tweets about her cat Cooper as squigs were getting concerned about his poor appearance!

    The Next Depher? BBC turns up the heat (#573 onwards)
    On 16 May 2024, the BBC released a documentary about James "Depher" Anderson - a man who has been accused of conning the public out of large amounts of money. Depher has some similarities to Jack which include claiming to raise money to fight against poverty; using false stories to solicit donations; and frequently threatening suicide if he is challenged or questioned. When the documentary was released, Jack's name trended on Twitter/X and there were a number of people saying that the BBC or another organisation should broadcast an exposé on her next. Particular reference was made to the fact that Depher's claims of poor mental health did not stop the programme going ahead. It has long been suspected that the reason no one in the media has tried to draw attention to Jack's grift is because of her mental health (a Tattle user alleges that they were explicitly told this by a tabloid journalist.)

    Jack had been quiet on social media for a few days, but felt the need to come back and tell her followers she ain't bovvered. She once again baited suicide, not a wise thing to do when people are openly criticising you for this! Jack claimed she was being "trolled" because she was committed to eradicating food poverty and that she had been up since 5am to do this - posting a photo of a FareShare (food charity) centre. She said she was happy to be targeted online if it meant a wider reach for her message, which was confusing, as she was tweeting this from a locked account. Notice how she didn't explicitly say she was actually doing anything with FareShare but knew people would assume she was. Tattlers worked out that the centre was in Barnsley, so if she was actually there, it would have taken her hours of travel to get to and may have been a paid collab.

    A squig posted one example of Jack's lies which was that she had recently tweeted about cooking a meal containing tomatoes, despite having previously said that she was allergic to them. Some of her defenders got into an argument with this person and one said (paraphrased), "Maybe I would lose respect for Jack if I discovered she were a secret millionaire." Jack then replied saying she is not wealthy and the first thing she'd do if she came into serious money would be to buy a house for her and her son. So she was, after all, reading comments from the "trolls" rather than doing her all-consuming job of saving the poor. Not to mention that she has, over the years, earned more than enough for at least a deposit on a house. Meanwhile, even Katie Hopkins got a laugh in at Jack's expense!

    The Big Help Out 2024 - FareShare partnership (#575 onwards)
    On 4th June 2024, The Big Help Out (an annual event designed to encourage community volunteering) confirmed that Jack was taking part in this year's initiative, and was promoting volunteering with FareShare. She appeared in a promotional video for FareShare alongside Great British Bake-Off winner Candice Brown. Jack and Candice had taken part in a challenge alongside FareShare volunteers to make recipes from a selection of unfamiliar ingredients. Notice that the comments on the official Twitter post are turned off; and that Candice is far more heavily featured in the video than Jack! In the video Jack appeared bored and distracted, and was shown staring off into space and looking at her T-shirt when people were talking to her. At certain parts she looked rather displeased that the focus wasn't on her.

    The canal questioned if the lack of focus on Jack, no mention of her credentials, and comments being turned off was because FareShare was attempting damage control after having got her on board with no due diligence. When Jack first mentioned working with FareShare the previous month, squigs had tagged them on Twitter asking if it was true that they were working with a known grifter - that seems like it might cause them to backtrack a bit.

    Jack resumed posting on Twitter for the first time in about a week and did not mention FareShare or promote The Big Help Out. This seems to confirm that something went on. Instead, she shared pictures of old Labour Party campaign posters "in the office" (she was volunteering with them at the time.) It didn't seem to bother her that she was tweeting in the middle of the night when she'd be going to work there in the morning! She also changed her Twitter handle to @JustJackMonroe. An attempt to rebrand and distance herself from her grifting past or did she simply not want negative attention from the FareShare video?

    Baby Oh-Dear! More hacking allegations and another Twitter meltdown (#576 onwards)
    Jack tweeted late at night on the evening of 6th June about how she was living her best TOOT TOOT! life with her son, pets, family, and ever-present circle of good friends. She shared a photo of her dressed up to go to the Cenotaph in memory of D-Day. (Jack had recently been talking about veterans a lot, we think this is because her local Labour candidate Bayo Alaba is a veteran.) Even hinting that she might be pregnant, although it wouldn't be the first time she's breadcrumbed a Pregnancy for attention. She then deleted all these tweets and re-posted them a few hours later, likely because they weren't getting as much engagement as she hoped for. Maybe this wouldn't be an issue if she didn't tweet so late at night when most people are asleep?

    Some of her followers started asking why she had deleted the tweets, to which she said she hadn't and it was probably the hacker. Luckily Jack was able to restore her tweets because she writes them out in Notes first (doesn't everyone?) Unfortunately, she gave the sad news that she will now never be able to fulfil her Patreon rewards because the hacker deleted crucial data. What a convenient excuse for her! Again, at no point did Jack ever try to warn her Patreon backers or tell them to cancel their subscriptions. She said she hadn't earned any money from her Patreon in almost a year, despite the fact that it was hacked in December 2013 - seven months ago.

    She also claimed that the hacker had deleted her old Instagram account, including the only photos she had of a close friend/ex-partner who died. (Note how she makes someone else's bereavement all about her in that tweet!) This isn't true; all the canal saw her old account, and the only photos of anyone other than Jack were her son and a few one-off shots of people she had worked with. Louisa is in the public eye but Jack didn't even share any photos of her when they were together! She then began bickering with someone. All of this happened by 8am but it didn't stop her going into the office for a busy day of building bookcases for some reason.

    Jack repeated the story from the previous year that she had been forced to move house and split up her whole family to be sent to "separate safe places"; except last time, she'd suggested it happened because of press intrusion. If any of this is remotely true, what probably happened is that her son and his dog went back to his dad's; her parents had the cat for a while; and Jack stayed at home! She started gossiping with a squig, suggesting one identifiable person as the alleged stalker/hacker, and naming other Twitter users as having trolled or harassed her. It was to no one's surprise when, in very short order, she was threatened with legal action!

    This didn't stop her and she made many other claims, including saying that she can't disclose where she works for her own safety, and suggesting that she had (trigger warning) self-harmed and attempted suicide over the alleged stalking. These are incredibly triggering, sensitive subjects and it could be very harmful to her around half a million followers to see this with no warning, but, of course, Jack doesn't care. As if that wasn't enough she mentioned where she attends AA meetings, which is a big no-no for anyone in the programme (what part of "anonymous" doesn't she understand?)

    Regarding her Patreon, she also said that:
    • She had not regained control of the account since it was hacked and therefore hadn't received any money
    • She believed that the hacker could have diverted the funds to their own bank account. Patreon may or may not have taken security measures, and apparently has nothing in place to prevent fraud.
    • She had been too traumatised (see trigger warning above) and/or too ill to report the hacking to police
    The sheer scale of lies here is ridiculous. Apart from the fact that she had a duty to tell her subscribers if she had been hacked (especially if she thought that someone else had their personal details or was receiving their money), why couldn't one of her supportive friends or family have gone to the police for her? How could she afford to lose a stream of income that she's repeatedly said is keeping her from poverty and funding her good works? (Even though she'd acquired tropical fish that are typically expensive and need heating all year round!) She was also putting herself at risk of being sued by Patreon for openly saying they allow fraud on their platform! A cheeky lil squig said that they had emailed Patreon with screenshots of Jack's tweets. She did, at least, remove the Patreon link from her bio when someone pointed out it was still there.

    She complained that trolls had "driven her off" Twitter after just one day; but then didn't shut up for another two hours. Don't worry, a nice goat curry, a Stephen King novel, and her new OAP friends made it all better. At the same time, she was spamming likes for her other friend Janey Godley, the proudly racist and ableist comedian.

    UPDATE: Tattle noticed a few days later that any tweets more recent than her favourite "safe" one (about the local elections, from back in May) get deleted every 3 days. A hacker wouldn't methodically do this, Jack probably uses an auto-delete app. It wouldn't be the first time - see this from the judge's summation in her libel case against Katie Hopkins.

    UPDATE 2: Jack has finally found a way to switch off the auto-delete!

    #ActuallyAutistic - Jack weighs in on disability (#580 onwards)
    Jack had been volunteering with Southend's Labour party on the campaign trail for the 2024 General Election (confirmed by a friend on her Facebook.) On 3rd July 2024, she tweeted about a Reform Party candidate who had referred to autistic people as "vegetables." She stated that she is autistic and therefore has a prodigious aptitude for maths and spreadsheets, which she was using to help Labour win and keep Reform out. She claimed to be working 80-hour weeks (yet again) - funnily enough, her Facebook friend mentioned missing her at Labour HQ, so she evidently wasn't there! As always, these comments by Jack demonstrate that she does not understand autism and is relying on stereotypes. She basically admitted she was doing data entry, yet made it sound like she was single-handedly responsible for a potential Labour victory.

    Jack has repeatedly stated in the past that as well as autism, she has multiple chronic illnesses and physical disabilities, and is the sole carer for her son. It apparently didn't occur to her that the Labour Party might just look bad if she suggested they were encouraging a disabled single mum to volunteer for 80 hours a week - far in excess of the Working Time Directive that applies to paid work. Furthermore, her comments came at a time when Reform and the Tories had been publicly trashing Keir Starmer for finishing work early on Fridays because his family is Jewish. Jack certainly wasn't making that better with her claims of an 80-hour working week; this is the same woman who complained that people don't respect her Jewish lawyer not working on Fridays!

    Jack also posted a picture of an old Labour campaign poster that she said she was reading aloud to her "comrades." The poster is in fact 15 years old and it could cause problems for Labour if people were to see this and think that the campaign pledges on the poster (such as a maximum 2-week wait to see a cancer specialist) are current policy!

    UPDATE: Both Labour candidates in Southend won seats at the General Election (Bayo Alaba for Southend East and Rochford, and David Burton-Sampson for Southend West and Leigh.) Jack shared photos from the evening on her Twitter account, and others appeared on social media from other people. These pictures clearly show that she had a new haircut, lip fillers, false eyelashes or lash extensions, and a suit for the occasion - which the canal identified as being from Sosandar at M&S, and worth £140. Her earrings looked new as well. So, she could afford to spend a significant sum on her election night look, despite not having been in paid work for at least six weeks while volunteering with Labour, and saying that she hasn't received anything from Patreon in at least a year! Her Twitter heavily hints that she has hopes of a political career.

    Very Biased Information - Financial Times revisits the VBI {#582 onwards)
    On 10th July 2024, the Financial Times published an article titled "Turns out cheapflation was a thing after all" by Bryce Elder. In the article, Elder talked about Jack, the VBI, and "cheapflation" i.e. price rises on the cheapest goods. Bizarrely, he claimed that the Office of National Statistics refused to believe Jack about the true rate of inflation, but also that the ONS' existing price index is the VBI. He concluded by saying that Jack "has retreated from public life" because of harassment, implying that it was to do with harassment over the VBI! This must be news to Jack, as her Twitter bio states "Bylines everywhere, occasionally on your tellybox" suggesting she is in the market for writing and TV work. Elder stated he had contacted both Jack and the ONS, and would update the article if either replied. A squig alerted Jack to this on Twitter, and she said she hadn't heard from the writer of the article but would get back to him. Watch this space?

    Remember, Jack came up with the VBI in opposition to the ONS whose figures she said were wrong. The actual extent of her work on the VBI can be seen here.

    Forever Home Fail - Jack no closer to her dreams of home ownership (#582 onwards)
    On 20th July 2024 a squig alleged that Jack had agreed to buy a one-bedroom flat worth £156,000, outright in cash without a mortgage. The estate agency had reportedly done due diligence checks on her and confirmed that she had the money available; but the sale ultimately fell through when she "ghosted" the owners and failed to sign the contract. This appears to have been because the property had a very short lease, but Jack was made aware of this upfront and reportedly told the sellers that she understood the implications. The law in England and Wales is also due to change to make it cheaper and easier to extend a lease. Jack wasn't scamming anyone - it's common for sales to fall through. But it would confirm that she has a wedge of cash available, and that her son doesn't live with her, as she reportedly did not mention him to the vendors.

    The squig speculated as to whether Jack had intended to pay for the house with the money she raised to sue Lee Anderson MP, however there's no conclusive evidence of this. One of the vendors supported this story and it could also be seen from his account that he'd tried to contact Jack via Twitter weeks previously. It also became apparent from Jack's deleted tweets earlier in the year that at the time the sale was underway, she had tried to kiss up to the vendors by talking about going on a fishing trip (one of them works as an angling coach) and her ongoing sobriety. Jack posted a photo on Facebook to show us how not bovvered she is; and returned the following day to bicker with squigs on a sock account.

    It's not unreasonable to assume that she could have put together a considerable amount of money during the 12 years she's been in the public eye. In 2022 alone she would have made a lot of money from donations and a number of brand deals. But, if we take her at her own words, in July 2022 she was so poor that she couldn't afford utilities or basic toiletries. She said in the January 2023 Hattenstone interview (see wiki page 3) that her financial situation had improved after landing a book deal, but also said later that year at the Edinburgh Festival that she doesn't accept more than £5000 as a book advance. Back in May she had again stated that she wanted nothing more than to buy her son a home but wasn't financially stable enough. So she can't blame others for asking questions!