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  1. Heffalump

    Trisha’s Transformation #14 Gambler no more but a liar 4 sure, gone is the card dealer, in place a veg peeler!

    Thanks to @caramelsq for the awesome title! Sorry had to edit so it would fit! What's new with Trisha since the last thread opened on 14 September? She's a picker, she's a grinner She's a drinker, and a sinner Plays her followers for more funds She's a joker, she's a smoker A midnight spring...
  2. C

    Trisha's Transformation #13 Selling knives & telling lies, Trisha needs a vacation from fibbing to the nation

    Kudos to @SoSueHer for this belter of a thread title (some tiny amendments to make it fit) More resets, flogging links, begging companies for a deal for her witches, bitches and transformers, a very strange QVC style night out arranged for November in the Adare countryside.... for €100 a pop...
  3. Tiggers_news

    Trishas Transformation #12 Sharp by Name Sharp tongue by nature, don’t look for inspo I’ll have chipper later!

    I’ve filtered & I think I got the most likes! I’ll take it for Linda & her honesty 😜
  4. Tiggers_news

    Trisha’s Transformation #10 My Cooking Utensils are delicious, mention my weight and I’ll call you malicious !

    So Trisha has a new Company, she’s trying to keep followers guessing what the products are. So far guesses are: Cheap leggings from China Utensils/aprons with her ‘logo/brand’ Beds
  5. Tiggers_news

    Trisha's Transformation #9, I’ve ditched the Scales but not the Sales, don’t come at me in my mails

    Here we go again! How long before we have a Poor Trisha post?! 😜
  6. Heffalump

    Trisha's Transformation #8 I’m alive and delicious and can run 2k with no sweatin’!

    Thanks to @Lovelula for the delicious inspiration for thread title!
  7. lodgequeen

    Trisha’s Transformation #7 Taking a break from taking the mick!

    Thanks to @Tiggers_news for thread title. As you were.
  8. J

    Trishas Transformation #5 It’s just another RESET Monday!

    Let’s recap… Thanks to @Sunday Roast for the Title suggestion 🤓
  9. J

    Trisha’s Transformation #4 Reset Con & Photoshop On

    Let’s recap She spent last year (the year she promoted the 1st book) roaring into the phone to drink water, walk and beat the bulge while secretly eating. She admitted the huge weight gain only in January as she now has another book deal all about resetting. she sold her soul for swipe ups of...
  10. B

    Trishas Transformation #3 more like Trishas Adformation!

    New thread as suggested by @Wheres reality The non-transformation and continued ads and swipe ups continue......
  11. G

    Trisha's Transformation #2 The Non Transformation - swipe up for 20% off Revive Active!

    Thanks to @BusyLizzie for the thread name. I added to it slightly! Continue discussing Trisha's ups and downs here.
  12. Mona86

    Trishas Transformation

    Nothing against weight loss I have struggled myself personally. I am just perplexed over this obsession with Dan, check his vlogs she’s at his house every day which is fine except then the over sexualising comments and inuendos about being in a hotel room in the podcasts and all. During lock...
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