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  1. Tanya Burr #6 Where's Martha Moo? Let your followers know it's the least you could do!

    Thanks to @Elle for the new title! 🎉 Recap: ▪︎Still no idea where Martha is ▪︎Asking where she is on insta will get you blocked ▪︎Tanya's hair is longer which most of us seems to like ▪︎Aaaaand that's about it (she's not been up to much)
  2. Tanya Burr #5 TikTok TikTok times running out for TanTan

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @Jelly Bean for the title suggestion.
  3. Tanya Burr #4 Single White Tanya

    Continued from https://tattle.life/threads/tanya-burr-3-bye-bye-jim-edit-yourself-slim-careers-looking-grim.1768/page-51#post-484783
  4. Tanya Burr #3 Bye-bye jim, edit yourself slim, career's looking grim

    part 3 for our favourite straw haired bobblehead[emoji171]
  5. Tanya Burr #2 Hungry For Fame & Cake

    Stop clicking that stretch tool in photoshop and get posting folks...
  6. Tanya Burr the Professional Actress Known for her Stage and Screen Work

    New thread for here. Not particularly good article but would be good to get some write-ups on some of the shady stuff these influencers get up to. Worth a share on social media ;) https://tattle.life/news/tanya-burr-assistant-banned-wikipedia/ Please me know what you think, I'm sure there's...
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