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Tanya Burr is a social media influencer who is known for her baking books and youtube videos. She used to be married to Jim Chapman and through him knew Sam and Nic Champman so was one of the first to join Gleam Futures when their friend Dom Smales founded it. She can charge over £18'000 for an Instagram post. Tanya has pursued becoming an actress, without gaining any traction as of 2020.
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  1. Jelly Bean

    Tanya Burr #16 Bogdan is here

    (Any thread title suggestions were months old 😂). And *officially* they have gone with Sage Gabriel. But he'll always be little Bogdan to us. Seems ages ago but Sam Chapman came on Tattle and said Martha was alive and well and living on a farm in Norfolk. See that wasn't so hard was it...
  2. dee_mc

    Tanya Burr #15 She's expecting a little sprog but we haven't forgotten about the dog

    Credit to @Elle for the new thread title with 133 votes! Anyone want to recap thread 14?
  3. Shutterbug99

    Tanya Burr #14 Cheating on Jim was low but all we really want to know is where did Martha go?

    Thanks so @Former_Antelopee for the thread title! Recap: Well, Tanya's thread was pretty dead, as per, and then this happened: Yes, Sarah revealed that Tanya cheated on Jim, and in doing so she blew up the internet (Ha! Jim wishes!) but this has kept us entertained for the past few days...
  4. Jelly Bean

    Tanya Burr #13 Authored her own misfortune

    Thanks to @QueenBW for the thread title. Poor old Tanya's new Authored line limps along with little press coverage. Apart from a few reviewers that say it made their skin have an allergic reaction 😬
  5. Jelly Bean

    Tanya Burr #12 Fake smiling like a dumbass freak, bathtub, hairy arm. Rinse. Repeat.

    Thanks to @bbk2me and @Shutterbug99 for joint effort with thread title! Last thread saw Tanya giving a riveting interview for her latest film at Frightfest. She divulged she had prepared for it by looking at something on her phone. The consummate method actress. Excitement growing for...
  6. Jelly Bean

    Tanya Burr #11 All mattress, no actress

    Thanks to @Pundertaker for the thread title! Last thread: Doesn't seem to be a lot going on with Tanya. Random advertising partnerships - Hellmans? Mattresses? All very on brand 🤭 We are seeing a few more glimpses of her new squeeze. (Anyone else feel free to provide recaps - I genuinely...
  7. S

    Tanya Burr #10 Two line Tanya strikes again

    New thread, title scraped together by @martaS and @Shutterbug99, rather like scraping her acting credits together because nothing else is happening in her career. There's a new man who is short and Jim's new life still seems to be the most "interesting" topic. So tragic for both of them...
  8. martaS

    Tanya Burr #9 eighty thousand things to flog, one short boyfriend and one missing dog

    Title suggestion by Pundertaker. Original as follows: Tanya Burr #9 80,000 things to flog, one short boyfriend and one dead dog Since we don't know for sure if the poor pupper is indeed deceased, I swapped "dead" for "missing". Also, question to mod(s): Should Tanya be still under Gurus...
  9. Emmapism

    Tanya Burr #8 Hairy Watchman on display, Martha still MIA, please put the midriff away

    New thread title with 84 likes from @Taetae95 ! Does anyone care to do a thread summary? I have no idea what Tan has done other than wear a crop 10 thousand times
  10. Yel

    Tanya Burr #7 We haven’t forgotten about Martha Moo but who is your new Boo?

    Thread title by @CheshireLove I'm sure someone can do a better recap, but Tanya has a new mystery fella:
  11. Tookah

    Tanya Burr #6 Where's Martha Moo? Let your followers know it's the least you could do!

    Thanks to @Elle for the new title! 🎉 Recap: ▪︎Still no idea where Martha is ▪︎Asking where she is on insta will get you blocked ▪︎Tanya's hair is longer which most of us seems to like ▪︎Aaaaand that's about it (she's not been up to much)
  12. S

    Tanya Burr #5 TikTok TikTok times running out for TanTan

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @Jelly Bean for the title suggestion.
  13. lemonandlime

    Tanya Burr #4 Single White Tanya

    Continued from https://tattle.life/threads/tanya-burr-3-bye-bye-jim-edit-yourself-slim-careers-looking-grim.1768/page-51#post-484783
  14. vanessa39

    Tanya Burr #3 Bye-bye jim, edit yourself slim, career's looking grim

    part 3 for our favourite straw haired bobblehead[emoji171]
  15. jammy

    Tanya Burr #2 Hungry For Fame & Cake

    Stop clicking that stretch tool in photoshop and get posting folks...
  16. Yel

    Tanya Burr the Professional Actress Known for her Stage and Screen Work

    New thread for here. Not particularly good article but would be good to get some write-ups on some of the shady stuff these influencers get up to. Worth a share on social media ;) https://tattle.life/news/tanya-burr-assistant-banned-wikipedia/ Please me know what you think, I'm sure there's...
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