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  1. xyzcba

    Stephen Bear #19 Stephen Bear and the curious case of the missing balls

    Thread title suggested by @Betina with 56 votes! Stephen has now taken to filming himself bouncing up and down on a giant dildo ('cumming out his ars' apparently). The Stephen Bear University was as much of a flop as his yakult bottle penis. Jizz has another new nose. Anything else?
  2. yeahyouhun

    Stephen Bear #18 Another day, another plastic coq, tick tock Stevie, soon be your time in the dock

    Congrats to @Kas01980 on the winning thread title with 58 votes! Just in time to celebrate Londons most tragic couples anniversary! 🎈
  3. Nottonightbabe

    Stephen Bear #17 Stephen Bear who?

    Congrats to @ivegotcontrol for our new thread title, with 52 votes! Carry on people! If anyone wants to try a recap, feel free though there's probably not much to say 🤔😂
  4. Brian Butterfield

    Stephen Bear #16 Fat greasy Steve loves his plastic sleeve

    Congrats to @styrofoamplates for winning the thread title with 74 votes 🍆 Please remember no thread titles until the tail end of the thread and to add ‘thread title’ or ‘thread title nomination’. No swears x
  5. Brian Butterfield

    Stephen Bear #15 What does the hing do when the chips are down? Start a fake business in his dressing gown

    Thread title thanks to @yeahyouhun with 50 votes 👏
  6. yeahyouhun

    Stephen Bear #14 catch me if you can? Cuffed in the back of a police van

    Congrats to @Lyddingtons on the winning thread title with 59 votes! Well it’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the world of Stephen Bear, he was due to appear in court on February 7th however this has now been postponed until December, it’s assumed this is due to the courts Covid backlog...
  7. WilmaHun

    Stephen Bear #13 The Bear that deserves to be caged

    Old thread here Winning thread title from @CocoLoco2 Trial is set for 7th Feb, poll for what we think the verdict will be. Anyone wanna do a recap?
  8. yeahyouhun

    Stephen Bear #12 Chinny no-mates

    Thanks @Rita. for the thread title! Bears desperate shenanigans have continued to get more desperate and his chin keeps on getting bigger! Please feel free to add a recap.
  9. Penguin86

    Stephen Bear #11 Chindiana Jones and the LB Bum Licker

    Full title was Chindiana Jones and the Lumpy Bumpy Bum Hole Licker Previous thread: well done @Rita. @Cannoteven and anyone else who contributed
  10. Brian Butterfield

    Stephen bear #10 You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a smooth chinimal

    Thanks to @trangpakisagrotskybiotch for the thread title.
  11. Brian Butterfield

    Stephen Bear #9 To chinfinity and beyond

    Thanks to @Samseal & Twitter for the excellent thread title. Who fancies doing a recap of the previous thread?
  12. xyzcba

    Stephen Bear #8 A strange little man

    Thanks to @PastorBake for the title, an overwhelming 75 votes. Because he is truly, a strange little man. Short recap; He's in Turkey with his girlfriend making rancid Only Fans content, wearing 2 x fake watches on his wrist, buying up a load of snidey fake gear thinking he's the boss man...
  13. Sazbee

    Stephen Bear #7 International Playboy or Online Rent Boy?

    New thread, thanks to @Brigitjonesbuttcheek for the title, slightly tweaked. It’s all quiet right now, which is worrying. But I suppose it’s hard to pretend you’re in the Maldives in daylight 🙄🙄 It’s 6 month until the trial. Plenty of time for him to mess up we hope.
  14. Sazbee

    Stephen Bear #6 From Doo-Bye to GOOD-BYE, BABY!

    New thread for the vile predator that is Bear!
  15. Zantezoo

    Stephen Bear #5

    Continue here for Stephen Bear thanks to @Mcjlxi for the thread title with most likes. Previous thread here - Mod edit: title can't contain swear works or serious allegations that haven't been through the legal...
  16. Sazbee

    Stephen Bear #4 Banged up birthday Bear

    Great title thanks to @Brian Butterfield As you were
  17. T

    Stephen Bear #3 The epitome of Narcissism

    Thanks to @Voiceofreason2020 who got the most votes on a new name suggestion! Recap - He admitted he could fake a suicide to get people to feel sorry for him. Thinks we're all jealous and hating on him because he's in Dubai. Hasn't shown any remorse for what he did to Georgia. Still being...
  18. W

    Stephen Bear #2

    I cant recap the last thread. I just feel horrible for Georgia
  19. Debsy37

    Stephen Bear

    I saw there was no thread on this delightful guy so thought I would see if there is anyone else out there driven mad by him. His merry go round girlfriends and dogs which arrive and disappear just as quickly
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