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Sosumi is an alert sound introduced by Jim Reekes in Apple Inc.'s Macintosh System 7 operating system in 1991. The name is derived from the phrase "so, sue me!" because of a long running court battle with Apple Corps, the similarly named music company, regarding the use of music in Apple Inc.'s computer products.

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  1. D

    Sosueme #19 The Style Counsellors axed by RTÉ, oh no says she!

    New thread for sosue this was one of the highest liked comments from @Purpilt91 and I think will suffice as a thread title with a slight amendment ! I hope that’s ok
  2. focusdochas

    SoSueMe #18 We've heard of the 7 year itch..... This pair give us the 6 year ick

    Continue here We needed a new thread and this had the most reactions
  3. lodgequeen

    SoSueMe #17 100 supplements a day keeps the Dr. away….oh no, wait, I’m sick

    Thanks to @SpendTooMuchTimeOnHere for thread title👏 Anyone care to recap?
  4. Itsjustmesmee

    SoSueMe #16 She's still in the comp, it's such a farce. I just wish she'd fall on her arse

    Thanks to @Cáca_Milis for the thread title My first time setting up a thread, hopefully I have done it right, This was the first thread title that popped up when I filtered by most likes Recap We were all struck down with the vomitting bug after Zzzdylan posted a photo of them "spending...
  5. D

    SoSueMe #15 No style or grace, couldn't dance to a ballad, I wouldn't let her dress me salad

    New thread for the best dancer in Ireland. 💃 💃 💃 💃 thanks to @Cáca_Milis for the thread title!!!
  6. Ryan80

    SoSueMe #14 Boozy Suzy: Half Woman, half oyster, still can’t pronounce moisturiser

    New thread title courtesy of @fifilatro with the most votes. Anyone fancy doing a recap of the last thread
  7. lodgequeen

    SoSueMe #13 Susie Fonda d drink

    Thread title by @SoSueHer 🥂🥂
  8. lodgequeen

    SoSueMe #12 So Boozy gonna need a cruisey, the papers slating Dzylz for actin like a Doozy

    Thanks to @SoSueHer for thread title with 26 likes. As you were, Queens.
  9. Cáca_Milis

    SoSueMe #11 Dripping with tack, bikini bottoms rammed up her crack

    New thread lads. Title by @littlebean and myself. A joint effort!
  10. Cáca_Milis

    So Sue Me #10 Daewoo Dyl and his massive tax bill

    New thread for So Scuttered and Daewoo Dyl. Yours truely's suggestion had the most likes. Carry on!
  11. F

    So Sue Me #9 Moët flowing, tan is glowing, home for her sick pup or to re-do her pre-nup

    shout out to @Kswiss2020 for the new title👍🏻 can someone do a recap of the last thread if they can make sense of all the lies that so poo tackson has been spouting
  12. F

    SoSueMe #8 Flying home, dogs really sick, these pair of cretins are taking the mick

    thanks to @SpendTooMuchTimeOnHere for the new thread title👍🏻
  13. F

    SoSueMe #6 The boss lady who acts shady

    thanks to @Daydreambeliever for the new thread title
  14. M

    SoSueMe #5 Mam's sellin' d'gaff, Sue's floggin' masks. Dosh must be tight, to be selling

    Thanks to Cáca_Milis for the title 🙌🏻 Anyone wanna recap?
  15. S

    Sosueme #3 nothing to do, maybe just order another Deliveroo

    Thread title courtesy of @Tmcc85 Recap anyone?
  16. T

    Sosueme_ie #2 Ireland’s self proclaimed 1st to blog, quickest to flog, who is minding the dog?

    Thread title courtesy of @Sickoftheswipeups 😂 Recap anyone?
  17. Londoncailín

    Suzanne Jackson/sosueme_ie

    Thread about Irish instagrammer Suzanne Jackson.