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  1. screenfreelookatme

    Sophie Cachia #10 One star book reviews, family & ex friends want to sue, soon it will be Sophie who?

    Welcome to thread #10 for the not-so-young mummy Sophie Cachia! Congrats to @itssobutiful for our winning thread title 👏🏻. You could play for the Diamonds with skillz like that! We’re all still enjoying the international book tour. Our girl has been hitting big global metropolises like Sale...
  2. screenfreelookatme

    Sophie Cachia #9 History changing, ex defaming and beef curtain tailoring

    New thread for our favourite CEO, author, reality TV star, athlete, etc…Sophie Cachia. Congrats to @b!tch_eating_crackers for the winning thread title. You have a real natural talent for this, you could have gone pro. I get the sense that you’re really tall too. Someone that follows Cachia...
  3. Broken Veneers

    Sophie Cachia #8 So much hate, zero mates. Fugly house to renovate. Ego needs to deflate

    Thanks to @savefloss for the new title - didn't quite ft so here it is again: Sophie Cachia #8: So much hate, zero mates. Fugly house to renovate. Ego needs to deflate. Book sales will not be great. Isuzu has met it’s fate.
  4. Broken Veneers

    Sophie Cachia #7 Pregnancy baiting, sister hating, 2022, we're still waiting

    What a week we've had. Mystery scan at a fertility clinic Last minute dress designs for the Grand Prix eve that looked like Dancing with the Stars in Vegas. We were all relieved Maddie didn't get hands on the red boots! Survivor shenanigans and a public split with her sister now means 100% of...
  5. Broken Veneers

    Sophie Cachia #6 Ponte pants and unhinged rants

    TLDR We find Soph ill with gastro and co sleeping with her children to spread her germs faster than EmmyLou’s fungal infection. Nevertheless she was able to show us what the ponte pants look like, oddly while she was pant-less. Thanks to @SmallDickEnergy for the thread title. You earned 37...
  6. Broken Veneers

    Sophie Cachia #5 The Tribe has Outspoken

    New thread for our favourite CEO
  7. Michy02

    Sophie Cachia #4 Spreading Lies in 3 Shades of Nude

    Sophie Cachia #4
  8. Broken Veneers

    Sophie Cachia #3 Then There Was SurvivHer

    New thread for Sophie Cachia
  9. Broken Veneers

    Sophie Cachia #2

    Next thread for our favourite Influencer, sorry, CEO
  10. saltymermaid

    Sophie Cachia

    A much needed thread for Australian influencer/grifter/muppet/mummyblogger/productflogger/theonlygaypersontoeverexist AKA Sophie Cachia/The Young Mummy.
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