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  1. mrsgrinchhome

    Snapshoteye/beautybeyondthe_eye #47 Tragic Mike

    New thread hamlets! Tragically the title was too long and made no sense when I cropped it but here it is in all it’s glory! Thanks @Srider (and then I just took the Tragic Mike post as the new title, hope that’s ok!)
  2. mrsf15

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #46 Popping down the co op what shall I get? I think I fancy an alphabaguette.

    Sorry I’m not so good at these will update from last thread later or somebody else can. thread title by @yeoldetiktok Erattic lives Fuming over young girls not turning off comments on lives General disgusting behaviour As you were hamlets x
  3. Mlem

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #45 Pig eyed Pauly kissing your grans, ruins his own social meedyah plans

    Thanks to @livelaughlobotomy for the title special mention to @rosesareblue for a brilliant late entry. As you were hamheads ❤️
  4. G

    SnapshotEye/BeautyBeyondtheEye #44 Tic Tac Toe, Paul's gonna blow

    Apologies first thread so if I've missed anything out I'll try and rectify. Most liked thread suggestions in the last thread won the new title. Sorry but I've lost the name of who that was but congrats 😂 Edit: it was @Mlem! Quick recap: Paul and Sophie got back together for a trip to London...
  5. Poppetta83

    Snapshoteye #43 WHO’S 15?!?

    This is the first thread I’ve made so I hope I’ve done it correctly. @livelaughlobotomy had the winning title 😁 We all know he’s a dirty old man, but can someone do a recap?
  6. Babyboos5

    Snapshoteye #42 Healthcare ditched, surrounded by a fan, visiting cities that end in Ham

    Here we go! Just a little recap since the start of the last thread, pedalo Paul has admitted he used to hug and kiss patients because he was a ‘caring’ carer, 2 days into his SoCiAl MeDiA career he decided to go on a ten day break which he quickly changed to 2 days but hasn’t been live this week...
  7. hakunamatata11111

    Beautybeyondthe_eye/Snapshoteye #39 Njahaha

    Thread title credit to @livelaughlobotomy - now Pool’s strange laugh and/or ‘climax’ noise can be scarred in our brains forever.
  8. hakunamatata11111

    Beautybeyondthe_eye/Snapshoteye #38 Billy bear ham, see through sausage man, Pool’s got a wegal woute plan!

    Here we are for thread number #38 and credit to myself (I know, so egotistical) for the thread title which had the most likes in the previous thread! Anyone wanna do a recap of Pool’s shenanigans?
  9. Mlem

    Beautybeyondthe_eye/Snapshoteye #37 who's sixteen?????!!!

    Get the helicopters fired up hamlets. Pauls getting noticed by other big accounts Breakdown coming in.. 3 2 1 PS thanks to @secretpretzel12345 and @isntthisstrange for the title inspo 🥰🥰
  10. Mlem

    Beautybeyondthe_eye/Snapshoteye #36 Green Green Grass Red Red Stye better get some ointment youve got pink eye

    🎤Back once again for the pedalo master.🎤 Had to shorten the title as it wouldnt fit 😭 Original was: “Green Green Grass. Red Red Stye. You better get some ointment cause you’ve got pink eye” as penned by @honeyroastgammyhammy Couldnt see any suggestions in the other thread hamlets, apologies if...
  11. Mlem

    Beautybeyondthe_eye/snapshoteye #35 Ham to the face presses his button in panic countdown for Paul to go manic

    Paul was made a human ham sandwich today, pass it on. Thanks to @BeansOnBeans for the title (had to modify to fit)
  12. Mlem

    Beautybeyondthe_eye/Snapshoteye #34 Sells cheap watches and wets the bed yes you’ve guessed it, it’s old ham head

    Thanks to @witchescharmbracelet for the title (had to shorten it for the title to try and get his new username in) As you were hamlets x
  13. Pocahontas

    Snapshoteye #33

    Leave all talk of doxxing and demanding for the thread to be shut down. If you don’t want to post anymore, then don’t. Don’t flounce or scaremonger. It’s not up to anyone to have a thread closed down. Lastly, don’t share identifying information, this is a public gossip forum. Move on now please.
  14. L

    Snapshoteye #32 Wants to lick you from your head to your toes, only if he can put a peg on his nose

    As you were hamily. ❤ Please can someone do a recap? I've just opened tiktok and pool was crying. What is going on 😂😂
  15. L

    Snapshoteye #31 don’t be shy, come say hi, it’s snapshoteye and I’ve got a stye

    Thanks to @hamalam for the title suggestion. Can someone do a recap please? Hi.
  16. L

    Snapshoteye #30 exposed on TikTok for tlking to teens, nw he’s off on a new adventure to ponce in new scenes.

    As you were Hamily! I had to abbreviate some words as the title was too long. Please can someone do a recap? I'd just like to say it was an honour to be able to start thread 30.
  17. Dwightschrute

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondtheeye #29 This little piggie went to London, all of the girls stayed at home

    Hello and welcome to thread 29!!!! ---- A message from Queen R ---- Lads, I’m not saying that this thread could be back to glory days… but I feel it could be! OGs are slowly coming back! Ground rules before the recap as you’re all naughty squealing piggies… ✨ Do not try and suss out who are...
  18. Dwightschrute

    Snapshoteye #28 Congrats on the 100k, now it’s countdown to court day!

    Hello and welcome to thread 28, anyone out giving restraining orders? Cause Paul's got one eeee! Thread title by the legend @unsociable First of all a message from our sponsors.... ____________________________________________________________________ Hello my little piggies and hamlets, look...
  19. Dwightschrute

    Snapshoteye #27 Paul is back to his grooming ways with tiktok lives multiple times a day

    Hello and welcome to thread #27 of Snapshoteye/ Beautybeyondtheye 💙 anyone giving out hugs? I think I want one eeee! We are now on a thread number higher than the oldest age of woman Paul would date 🥲 These threads really need a kick up the bum, we used to get through a thread a day!!!! What’s...
  20. Dwightschrute

    Snapshoteye #26 Beautybeyondtheeye VS. Snapshoteye

    Hello! And welcome to thread 26! Recap - Paul has a new account, or does he? - Beautybeyondtheeye seems to be his new account however someone is posting still on Snapshoteye. Is it Paul’s back up account or has it been taken over by a comedy genius? 👀 - Keep the screenshots coming from the...
  21. Dwightschrute

    Snapshoteye #25 A stunner, I want her, bet she was fit when she was 10 years younger

    Hello and welcome to thread 25! anyone giving out eye bleach after Paul's latest tiktok? eeee RECAP - - We found out Paul got a job at poundland - He had a meltdown because of this being found out - Sophie and Sharane exposed some tea on Tiktok live - Paul has since been fired from his job for...
  22. Dwightschrute

    Snapshoteye #24 Hotel trips and carpet skids, the end game is still to touch your kids

    Hello and happy Friday! 😚 Anyone giving out hugs? 🤪 I think I want one! 🥺 Eeee 🐷 Welcome to thread 24 you beautifully wonderful amazing humans. Just own it. I’m going to worship being me and you should worship being you 😉 As Paul is now into babs that make content I’m going to include some of...
  23. Dishthedirt2021

    Snapshoteye #23 Paul’s a nasty doxxing prat

    Thanks to @MaterialGowrl for the winning thread title. It’s very fitting! Anyone want to do a round up? Previous thread
  24. nurseren

    Snapshoteye #22 give us the drama or crawl back into your hole

    I honestly can’t believe we are on Thread #22 my little piggie wiggies. What a time to be alive! 🐷 Paul promised us a duel live with Frankie on Friday… and he got stood up. No Frankie on the live and the ham headed ponce stayed up until 2am asking people what his favourite colour is. 🐷 Paul got...
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