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  1. TrixieMattell

    Beautybeyondthe_eye #69 He Wishes

    Oh looks like I won this one. Changed it slightly to sound better 😂 Recap: Mav is torturing him with the live streams and the rage quitting is fabulous. He's still a nonce
  2. EvilJigglypuff

    Snapshoteye/beautybeyondthe_eye #68 Green green grass, can't pay his rent, 43 years old and lives in a tent

    Finally time for a new thread, the last one moved so slowly because no one really cares about Paul anymore. Recap: Paul is now homeless and living in a tent, and is trying to pass this off as a wild camping adventure. Great thread title @Poweredbycoffee or wherever it came from initially 😆
  3. Seeing_the_light

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #67 Green Green Grass, Red Red Stripe, When He's Nervous He Stands Up To Wipe

    Congratulations to @livelaughlobotomy - minor edit for character limit 🤗
  4. Seeing_the_light

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #66 Homeless, Groomer, Damp, Red Cock, Drug Addict, Dog 100% proud to be me!!

    Congrats @4yogits for our new thread title 🥳
  5. Seeing_the_light

    Snapshoteye / Beautybeyondthe_eye #65 Practice what you Breach

    Thanks @witchescharmbracelet for the thread title suggestion 😘
  6. Seeing_the_light

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #63 Paul wonks on all fours

    Congrats @livelaughlobotomy 👏 👏 👏
  7. EvilJigglypuff

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #61 Beauty Behind the Bars

    New thread Hamily! Well done @Whatisgoingonlol for a cracking title 😂 Recap: Pool’s been banned 🎉 As you were!
  8. mrsgrinchhome

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #60 "i follow a dog photography page" Pizza. Burgers. Holiday.Dog

    New thread whilst the live goes down! Thanks to @4yogits Dog.
  9. Mlem

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #59 You’re a predator & deserve to be in jail

    Couldnt see many suggestions so sorry if there were others. Tonights events have filled up the last thread. @purplepower suggestion had the most likes and sums up everyones feelings! Anyway Paul has paid a 19 year old escort under the guise of a photoshoot hamlets…. As you were
  10. mrsgrinchhome

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #58 Red Face, Red Cock, Red Flag

    Well done @4yogits (idk if well done is the right term of phrase given the circumstances in which you came up with it) This new thread is brought to you in the most tragic of situations. We have (allegedly) observed Pools trapped thumb/red crayola/sandpaper nob. My thoughts go out to you all at...
  11. L

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #57 Crying on stories like a knob, wearing shoes too big like Sideshow Bob

    Well done to @mrsgrinchhome for the winning title! I had to chop it a little bit to fit 😊
  12. L

    Beautybeyondthe_eye #56 Shoedacris' paulgrimage lasted 3 days. Now Noncio is back like he never went away

    Well done to @purplepower for the epic winning thread title. I had to edit it a bit as the original was too long 😊 Who wants to do a recap hammies?
  13. L

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #55 Stye me a river

    Well Hammies, what an ending to the last thread! Well done @swansea1992 for the winning title Here's the link to Paul's media gallery Who wants to do a recap?
  14. Mlem

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #54 In West Philamonia born & raised, dancing in his bathroom for days & days

    Thanks to @mrsgrinchhome for the title It was a bit long so have shortened it. As we were hamlets
  15. Mlem

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #53 Paul Zanonce, hi x

    Big hugs to @livelaughlobotomy for the thread title. Hi x
  16. L

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #52 Tour de N0nc3

    Here we go again my little bacon rolls! Congrats to @JM1234 for the thread title in commemoration of Pool's jaunt around the country. We have @TrixieMattell to thank for such a fast moving thread #51 but what a hilarious one it was. Link to the media gallery is here...
  17. L

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #51shhhh this is the super secret investigation thread

    As you were hammies. Honorable mention to @euphoria99 who had the most votes but it was too long ☹️
  18. Mlem

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #50 what do Paul & Margaret Thatcher have in common? Both like screwing miners

    Thanks to @TrixieMattell for the gem of a suggestion. Original was too long but here it is: As you were hamlets
  19. Poppetta83

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #49 Pool doesn’t know the lyrics in his playlist but at least he’s not racist

    Thread title winner is @euphoria99 🎉 I had to crop it to fit it in though. Hopefully it still makes sense, unlike the flakey ones sentences.
  20. mrsgrinchhome

    Snapshoteye/beautybeyondthe_eye #48 C’mon you know you like little girls

    Welcome to all the new and long time lurking hamlets far and wide! Hope you all have a porky day thank you to the fabulous @livelaughlobotomy for the thread title, pool really does be telling on himself nowadays Summary: Pool is more manic than ever, going on live every five mins and...
  21. mrsgrinchhome

    Snapshoteye/beautybeyondthe_eye #47 Tragic Mike

    New thread hamlets! Tragically the title was too long and made no sense when I cropped it but here it is in all it’s glory! Thanks @Srider (and then I just took the Tragic Mike post as the new title, hope that’s ok!)
  22. mrsf15

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #46 Popping down the co op what shall I get? I think I fancy an alphabaguette.

    Sorry I’m not so good at these will update from last thread later or somebody else can. thread title by @yeoldetiktok Erattic lives Fuming over young girls not turning off comments on lives General disgusting behaviour As you were hamlets x
  23. Mlem

    Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye #45 Pig eyed Pauly kissing your grans, ruins his own social meedyah plans

    Thanks to @livelaughlobotomy for the title special mention to @rosesareblue for a brilliant late entry. As you were hamheads ❤️