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  1. emerald

    Melanie Murphy #21 How to avoid a guy for 10 days

    Title from @rattleprattle Recap: Mel is posting non stop about how the Israel-Palestine conflict is making her feel, being weirdly sexual in situations that don't call for it, and shitting out some bare bones media analysis on IG. They've recently finished the Grandad pad and are now working...
  2. emerald

    Melanie Murphy #20 My breasts are down here

    Thread title from yours truly 💎 Recap: Melanie is currently on a "hyperphantasia" kick. She loves a self-diagnosis, this one. Other than that, it's the same old same old. Breastfeeding as a personality trait and feeling sorry for herself. Please feel free to add to the recap.
  3. emerald

    Melanie Murphy #19 Me me me

    Welcome back to the snark thread about the most fertile woman in Ireland, only woman to ever have had two children under the age of 3 (AKA her "son" and "her"), most tit milk ever produced by an individual woman, homeowner of the most unique and hobbitiest hole in the world, and not to mention...
  4. emerald

    Melanie Murphy #18 Not my fault it’s baby brain, my 1970s house is a money drain

    Thread title from @hallandoatmilk 🥛 Recap: was most likely posting here about best mate Hannah Witton under the name AnnoyedHobbit. Slating her for daring to work whilst having a baby. Imagine slagging off your best friend on a forum, especially about the non-issue of working whilst having a...
  5. emerald

    Melanie Murphy #17 The first woman ever to have ever been pregnant. Ever.

    Recap... the title says it all 😂 The most fertile woman in Ireland is pregnant with Pan's sibling. Even with a "gammy ovary" all the Thomas guy had to do was look at her and she was up the duff again.
  6. emerald

    Melanie Murphy #16 lowkey wish Mel and Chai were a couple but whatevs the Thomas guy sounds great

    Title suggestion from yours truly (I can now rest knowing I won a thread suggestion 😅). Mel's comment on one of her videos using her blatant sock puppet. That's what you married Thomas. You're just "the guy" to her. Recap... she got "married again" (actually just a bigger 'do' after covid...
  7. Dearreader

    Melanie Murphy #15 YouTuber by day, plagiarist by night…it’s all just #inspo though, right

    Thanks to @leggooooo for the new thread title. Hubs is living it up sex and the city style in NYC. They are moving into the new house soon. Such a *private person* yet has shared every little detail about her home. Complained the entire pandemic about how she is such an extrovert and...
  8. Dearreader

    Melanie Murphy #14 Sale agreed on a gaff needs another reason to faff, Next rant-implants

    Melanie Murphy #14 sale agreed on a gaff, needs another reason to worry and faff. Next rant- implants. Big thanks to @Sazb64 for the winning title. Apologies, had to edit to make it fit. Hope it's ok x If anyone wishes to do a thorough wrap up of the last thread feel free. From memory she...
  9. Dearreader

    Melanie Murphy #13 Madame Bovary and her gammy ovary, PCOS or FOS?

    New thread. Thanks to @Sazb64 and @NolanaLoo for the thread title. In the last thread Mel got herself into a bit of bother with inconsistencies surrounding her *gammy ovary* First it was left, then right, then she wasn't sure which side it was because her doctor's an aul lad and didn't draw...
  10. M

    Melanie Murphy #12 I'm the only Mam in the village

    Title c/o the clever @BANDJ2018 and inspired by Melanie's sob story reel about being isolated from her village of support with a baby despite living in her in-laws attic and having a partner at home.
  11. emerald

    Melanie Murphy #11 me neck, me back, I'm a hypochondriac

    Thanks to @Dearreader for the title Short recap: Mel showed up with a mysterious neck injury that sometimes requires a brace, sometimes doesn't. Depends if anyone is looking. Senor Baldy was online all day ranting about how aviation is "dying" until people rightfully told him to put a sock in...
  12. Oohthedrama

    Melanie Murphy #10 the erratic, mel-odramatic, fascist in the attic

    New thread. brilliant title curtsy of @Dearreader and @artemist 💚💚💚💚💚 so her “don’t judge mothers” narrative was a set up for tonight’s stereo so she has something to rant about, shocked 😐 BABIEEEEEEE.....BABU.......CHICKEN......BABIEEEEEE.......BABIEEEEE. can you lean out the window of...
  13. M

    Melanie Murphy #9 it'll be alt right in the end

    Title thanks to @Dearreader Melanie has left twitter because people called her out for supporting an anti-lockdown rally with lots of alt-right attendance. She has taken to ranting about how mean people are on her IG stories. Melanie, Thomas and their baby (nicknamed on tattle as Milo, after...
  14. Oohthedrama

    Melanie Murphy #8 youse all need to stop mammy shaming, that’s my job!

    I don’t think we had any suggestions so I’ve made one up on the go. hope that’s ok, and continue here!! So, what’s been happening in the attic. A lot of flatulence going by the looks of their diet but aside from that........ Captain 1st officer Baldie is having a hard time, he’s now a 50% off...
  15. H

    Melanie Murphy #7 Phantom of the attic

    Hey guys, made a new thread and I believe this title, courtesy of @Kidneybeannn had the most likes from my flick through :) In the last thread we had: - More subtly and not so subtle anti-mask nonsense from our Mel - More on how she earns so much but couldn't possibly afford a house in an...
  16. Oohthedrama

    Melanie Murphy #6 liquid gold, now available at Tesco, may contain traces of waffle.

    we didn’t really have a solid suggestion so I hope this is ok, I know “liquid gold” was a popular theme, and how can we not mention the humble (unlike perfect mammy mel) waffle. 😬 Howareyeeeemeinternetfamily!!! (- Not including me sister, she’s blocked/unfollowed me. - Or me mum, because she...
  17. Oohthedrama

    Melanie Murphy #5 - 1.1 Diploma in Google search, distinction in dangerous medical advice

    How are yeeee me Internet famileeeeee. Sure tis’int it a grand ole day here in oir-land, sure I missed the rolling green hills of home when I lived in LA.... that one week 😐 youse all probably know I’m back to work this week, after 5 weeks maternity leave, this means I get up at 10.30 instead...
  18. Oohthedrama

    Melanie Murphy #4 Covid denier, constant liar, content's dire

    A mix up of a few suggestions, mostly @Elle 🙂 (I left the forceps liar suggestions out because we don’t want to accuse her of lying about the birth - even though we know she did 😐) How are youse me internet family, I can’t believe I have another new thread, I’m delighted youse love me so...
  19. Oohthedrama

    Melanie Murphy #3 from aer lingus to finglas, ads gone static, living it up in the in-laws attic

    Howareya me internet famileee, sure it’s oirish Mel, the most fecking oirish fecking woman in the land of Ireland, you can tell by me accent I’m an oirish millionaire, just married the love of me life when I realised there was no other option (who has become a bit of an attention whore) and...
  20. Oohthedrama

    Melanie Murphy #2 ED? IBS? PCOS? PTSD? Twitter MD? full of *clean prose* BS anyway!

    Thank you to @Kitt for the new thread title. 🙂 can we throw a few more into the title 😂 the exhausting world of Melanie Murphy, The influencer in the attic continues to thread 2! thread one
  21. Oohthedrama

    Melanie Murphy - front line influencer, one of Ireland’s “essential service providers”

    I am LIVING for the drama around her at the moment. does anyone follow her on Instagram/Twitter or YouTube? She’s got a lot of attention in the last few weeks for cancelling her wedding (she was forced to do it due to the lockdown, even though they held off until the very last minute) Now...