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  1. Joe Wicks #6 My mum was a fail, she didn’t feed me kale

    New thread, thanks to @Asparagus123 with 45 likes! First time creating a thread, do let's hope I get it right. Previous thread here:
  2. Joe Wicks #5 breastfeeding police make mums feel tommy tit, no tits no opinion, stick to HIIT

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @Belladonnababy for the title suggestion Though a shout out to who suggested Cream in 15, not that we need to think about that.
  3. Joe Wicks #4 His ego is bigger than his midget tree

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @Brummiebird for the title suggestion.
  4. The Body Coach #3 Rosie off for brunch, Indie desperate for lunch, Joe doing his 10000th crunch

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @frustrated for the title suggestion, had to be edited slightly for length.
  5. The Body Coach #2 Joe gets right on my wicks

    New thread, I forget who came up with it a while ago. But it did have a lot of likes :)
  6. Joe Wicks - The Body Coach

    Is there already a thread for him? I did look but couldn’t see one.... Don’t get me wrong, I actually really really like the bloke, he’s got a great attitude to work and does seem to be trying to be a positive influence on kids, etc... But I really worry about his little girl when he does...
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