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Sir Joe Wicks became knighted for his self promotion and HIT workouts. Joe made a fortune during COVID-19 as his youtube channel and social media was promoted by schools and the media. He donated the money from the school workouts but is estimated to have personally made millions from ad money from other videos as well as raising his profile and gaining millions more subscribers.
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  1. FraggleRock

    Joe Wicks #8 Never with the kids or wife, constantly living the single life.

    New thread, credit to @Lynx for the title
  2. FraggleRock

    Joe Wicks #7 Joe in Scotland breaking every Covid rule, he’s nothing but a massive tool!

    New thread everyone - credit to Lynx for the title, had to edit to fit; Joe Wicks #7 Joe is in Scotland breaking every Covid rule, that's because he's one big massive tool.
  3. L

    Joe Wicks #6 My mum was a fail, she didn’t feed me kale

    New thread, thanks to @Asparagus123 with 45 likes! First time creating a thread, do let's hope I get it right. Previous thread here:
  4. S

    Joe Wicks #5 breastfeeding police make mums feel tommy tit, no tits no opinion, stick to HIIT

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @Belladonnababy for the title suggestion Though a shout out to who suggested Cream in 15, not that we need to think about that.
  5. S

    Joe Wicks #4 His ego is bigger than his midget tree

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @Brummiebird for the title suggestion.
  6. S

    The Body Coach #3 Rosie off for brunch, Indie desperate for lunch, Joe doing his 10000th crunch

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @frustrated for the title suggestion, had to be edited slightly for length.
  7. Yel

    The Body Coach #2 Joe gets right on my wicks

    New thread, I forget who came up with it a while ago. But it did have a lot of likes :)
  8. J

    Joe Wicks - The Body Coach

    Is there already a thread for him? I did look but couldn’t see one.... Don’t get me wrong, I actually really really like the bloke, he’s got a great attitude to work and does seem to be trying to be a positive influence on kids, etc... But I really worry about his little girl when he does...
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