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Teen Mom UK is a British reality television series set in the United Kingdom. It is a spin-off of the American franchise Teen Mom. It currently airs on MTV. The series was first announced in September 2016. It follows the lives of five British teenage mums who are trying to make it through motherhood. In July 2017, the series showed in the U.S. under the name Teen Mum.

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  1. stargirl23

    Teen Mom young & pregnant #41

    Previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/teen-mom-young-pregnant-40.37730/
  2. tftrc

    Teen Mom Young & Pregnant #40

    It’s like flogging a dead horse this 🫠 I can’t think of anything for a recap lmao previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/teen-mom-young-pregnant-39-char-and-the-miracles-in-a-studio-flat-charlie-calls-the-tattle-witches-fat.35560/
  3. Hann98

    Teen mom Young & Pregnant #39 Char and the miracles in a studio flat, Charlie calls the tattle witches fat

    Chodz now begging on tiktok live Charlotte has moved out H with Brett more now Hugo boss is born Chodz vaping whilst holding baby We’re all fat cnts according too rectangle chodz
  4. Hann98

    Teen mom Young & Pregnant #38 Charlie gave birth two baby number 2, will all her family dreams come true?

    Chodz has gave birth to Hughie-Todd She’s still being salty when being given advice Charlie going in about baby blues with baby number 2. Will olibobs stick around? Charlotte is still madly in love with step daddy number 4! Who treats her to happy shopper apple juice, they’ve now made a family...
  5. WilmaHun

    Teen Mum Young & Pregnant #30

    Old thread: https://tattle.life/threads/teen-mum-young-pregnant-29.19370/ Carry on. Anyone wanna do a recap?
  6. Hann98

    Teen mum young & pregnant #29

    Choddz&oli drama (who’s surprised??) Charlotte not appreciating tax payers money and outing her views on working mums, then apologising when called out Brett has gone quiet Laura & Morgan expecting a little girl - Laura is carrying
  7. Hann98

    Teen Mum Young & Pregnant #28

    Charlie & Brett still being petty Charlie on a family holding with Oliver TMG still stealing goss off here
  8. Hann98

    Teen Mum Young and Pregnant UK #26

    Charlie is getting married, leaving Harlow 300 miles away from Brett, his family. I’m genuinely still shocked from last night. I don’t even know the girl but Jesus Christ man
  9. G

    Teen Mom Young & Pregnant UK #25

    New thread ! Charlie is having boy drama, charlottes having don dons drama. Same old same old, continue here.
  10. Coolcats24

    Teen Mum Young & Pregnant UK #19

    I would usually post a recap here...however, there isn’t much to say. Charlie is the main topic due to Laura, Morgan, Brett, Charlotte and Alesha being pretty private about their lives.
  11. Coolcats24

    Teen Mum Young & Pregnant UK #18

    New Thread: Dondons ‘I’m not one to post about this but it’s really laughable’ videos full of lies about tattle continue. Charlie needs a break from her child every 2 days, spoons most loyal customer, spends more time in there than she does with her child. Charlie finds it completely normal...
  12. V

    Teen Mom Young and Pregnant UK #16

    New thread
  13. G

    Teen mom young and pregnant #15

    As you were...
  14. Coolcats24

    Teen Mom Young and Pregnant UK #14

    ▪Brett and Charlie got engaged, they did a live, then deactivated their instagram accounts the day after. ▪Charlotte and Brett fell out and had an insta story war. ▪Some random weirdo tried to out us tattlers (they failed) ▪We are currently relying on Charlotte to bring all the tea 😭💔 *Add any...
  15. G

    Teen mom young and pregnant UK #13

    We’ve had some piping hot tea so far today, wonder what’s coming next 😆
  16. Coolcats24

    Teen mom young & pregnant UK #12

    New thread
  17. J

    Teen mom young and pregnant UK #11

    New thread
  18. Sticky One

    Teen mum young and pregnant UK #10