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    Superstylesabby #17 White saviour, do us a favour & shut your mouth

    New thread for this absolute melt. Well done to @I got up at 5am for the winning title suggestion! Off ye go!!!
  2. S

    Superstylesabby #16 Baby wakes at night, he cant do anything right

    Well done to @User141 for the thread title suggestion “Baby wakes at night, he cant do anything right” Poor Robin is being put on blast at every opportunity…wakes up during the night, cries during the day…he’s the most inconsiderate 4 month old ever. Scabby is scabby … a nasty piece of work...
  3. S

    Superstylesabby #15 Wish Grabby Sabby would act like a lady but the gowl will milk this baby!

    HG be gone. No more HG. The eagle has landed … as ye were … Well done to @Haymac for the new thread title!
  4. S

    Superstylesabby #14 Stuffing her face the big disgrace pucking her crap all over the place!

    Well done to @Rain on me for suggesting the new thread title. Super Sick Scabby and her part time Hyperemesis are in overdrive. If she’s not videoing videos or her vomiting she’s stuffing her face with grease. Word on the street is Stephen Donnelly is shaking in his boots because some hun...
  5. S

    Superstylesabby #13 The stuff comes out her mouth instead of her arse.

    Thanks to @Skinner for the new thread title👍 the shit comes out her mouth instead of her arse. (**Mods changed s*it to ‘stuff’ … swear words not allowed in thread titles even with asterisk *) Following IVF* Scabby is preggo. She’s now in her 5th month but she is not enjoying her pregnancy...
  6. Skinner

    Superstylesabby #12 She so boring I can’t even be bothered to try and come up with something.

    New thread as suggested by @SweatyBettyT Nothing to report other than Limbs moved in. She is selling off her freebie clothes thats definitely aren't too small...
  7. Skinner

    Superstylesabby #11 Beach walks, slurry talks, bet on jeans given us the gawks. I think I did it 🙌
  8. N

    Superstylesabby #10 sabrina.a_h the many faces of a a two faced gowl

    Thread number 10 for Sabrina Hill! Anyone have time for a quick recap? Last thread:
  9. N

    Superstylesabby #9 Watch out for that CAO, it’s hard even for Sabby Soprano

    Sorry I couldn't find a full thread title with Soprano in the title! Anyone fancy doing a rundown cough @brandambassador cough.....
  10. Sunflowerrose

    Superstylesabby #8 She's not extra small, she's just far away

    Kudos to @BordnaRóna for the thread title *French kiss* Does anyone want to do a recap?
  11. O

    SuperstyleSabby #7 did you know she wears an extra small and had covid?

    There was no thread suggestions in the first three pages of the most liked pages but took creative liberty at the most frequent sayings. Quite jealous of her night aware in adare but I'd be allergic if I had to listen to her cackle. As you were...
  12. brandambassador

    SuperstyleSabby #6

    Thread no. 6 for the TV hair queen :unsure: spending hundreds on cardigans that my nanny wouldn’t wear, standing on her toddler step preaching to the nation. We got on her 18 month wait list to make sure our girl @maryloumaniser has rides hair on her wedding day, so please don’t wash your hair...
  13. O

    Superstylesabby #5 COVID queen Sabby is weakk in bed, fry an egg on her dry shampooed head

    Thanks to @lilyrosedeep for the thread title. As you were😁
  14. F

    SuperStyleSabby #4 Grabby caught Covid from a pan won’t give free food to a homeless man

    Thread number 4 for Super Grabby Sabby. Someone please give a recap, the last thread was a dinger!
  15. brandambassador

    SuperstyleSabby #3

    The weakest girl in Cork! Hair salon owner who appears to work a max of 2 days a week in salon. Has gone full insta hun , most recently a free white fireplace that she can ‘decorate’ (someone has too much free time scrolling interiors). Very bad to acknowledge ads and gifts. Developed a special...
  16. MojitoMel

    SuperstyleSabby #2 WEAK for news I'll share with ye all- my leggings are an extra small!

    New thread for Shabby. Thanks to @Carlyq92 for the title, I edited as best I could while trying to do it justice 😂
  17. S


    Hairdresser and open mouthed food eater ! Discuss !