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  1. batthedudesparrowpie

    Shann McCarney #28 ShannPolly still off her trolley

    Started a new thread. Last one went extremely slow as she seems to be in some sort on live ban. @zyxwvu a nice easy recap for this one. Thank you @Boobiloobs for the new title.
  2. batthedudesparrowpie

    Shann McCarney #27 Shanns on a nighttime ban and bum lick Lisa is her biggest fan

    It seems my suggestion was the only one in the last thread (sorry it's not the best) Anyway new thread you immature bitches. @zyxwvu get on that recap (I don't envy you 😘🤣)
  3. IR0201

    Shann McCarney #26 Her bum hole bleeds, Lunas been freed and she’s a c*** that’s agreed

    Love the thread title @Catinthebag @zyxwvu please could we have one of your amazing recaps thank yewwwwww
  4. batthedudesparrowpie

    Shann McCarney #25 It's me, Shann, I'm the narc it's me🎶

    Unfortunately the most liked was too long 🥲 sorry @zoeshere, so I went with the next most liked suggestions. Looking forward to the recap from @zyxwvu 😘.
  5. batthedudesparrowpie

    Shann McCarney #24 Shan makes a stand against the puppets while tattle has its own battle 😂

    New thread. Thank yew @Hairy-poppins for title suggestion. As usual I will await a professional for the recap.
  6. batthedudesparrowpie

    Shann McCarney #23 Arrested for affray Account banned But there's a positive in every day

    New thread. Thank yewww @Faith61 for the title. I will await someone who actually has skills to come and do a recap.
  7. batthedudesparrowpie

    Shann McCarney #22 They call me Sharon, that’s not my name!

    New thread. Thank you @Boobiloobs for the title.
  8. IR0201

    Shann McCarney #21 Stop… hammer time 👨‍🚒🔨

    Here you go fuckers! @zyxwvu we neeeeed you
  9. batthedudesparrowpie

    Shann McCarney #20 10 to 4 and emptying her guts on the bedroom floor 🤢

    New thread. Thank yeww for the title @Hairy-poppins.
  10. IR0201

    Shann McCarney #19 I’d rather stick my kebab in a bees nest than be friends with Shann

    New thread bitches ♥️ @zyxwvu please may we have one of your amazing recaps? Thank yewww
  11. IR0201

    Shann McCarney #18 Lucy was blocked and Sabina teew, respect the boundaries and say please and thankyeew!

    New thread you bunch of immature bitches and bastards! ♥️ Thank you @Faith61 for the title. I’m looking forward to your acceptance speech 🤣 @zyxwvu please may we have a recap? Thank yewww I have changed the title and removed Adam. Hopefully it will still link the threads 🤞🏼
  12. IR0201

    Shann_adam #17 Up all night, smoking the green, Shann you lied saying the bag's nowhere to be seen

    New thread peeps! Thank you @Faith61 for the title Some honourable mentions: @Thatlosergirl “Her birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory” Sniffanythegreat “I see leaves of green, and lines of snow. I lost my bank card, don’t know where it go, and I think to...
  13. IR0201

    Shann_adam #16 no kids, no car, using a bucket to poo, but it’s all preparing her for I’m a celeb thank yewww

    Here’s the new thread you bunch of immature bitches ♥️ @zyxwvu please may we have one of your amazing recaps? Thank yewww I appreciate yewww
  14. zyxwvu

    Shann_Adam #15 six personalities to match her wigs, still ski dancing off her head with no kids

    New thread immature bitches!! Well done @XxHerewithpopcornxX for the new thread title. Couldn't have a swear word, so changed that word. Hope you didn't mind. Recap: - Shan decided that she wasn't being cunty enough so decided to piss off the entire of Tik Tok yet again by diagnosing...
  15. IR0201

    Shann_adam #14 Lock your doors before the egg donor breaks into your gaff, yeww stink Shan go have a bafffff 🛁

    I guess thank yewww tewww me for the thread title 🤪. I’d like tewww thank my parents for raising such an immature bitch. We definitely need a funny @zyxwvu recap please and thank yewww Just a few things to add myself -Shans didn’t even know her grandad as he died when she was a baby. But if...
  16. IR0201

    Shann_adam#13 #13 Deadbeat Mum, alone in her slum, enabling subs licking her bum

    Thank yewwww @zyxwvu for the winning thread title 🙌🏼 Please could we have one of your amazing recaps? I hope you noticed my manners 🤪 ps… who is Lucy? 😏
  17. IR0201

    Shann_adam #12 Tin Tin on crack, kids not coming back, sub only chat, can't take the flack

    @Leighanne02 thank you for the hilarious thread title! Recap on this shit show @zyxwvu please? 🙏🏼
  18. IR0201

    Shann_adam #11 Shann Potter is a rotter, she thinks she's it but her house stinks

    Here you go! Thank you @Greenhoodie for the thread title! @zyxwvu pretty please with a cherry on top could we have a recap? Yours are the best 😂
  19. IR0201

    Shan_adam #10 Last Christmas I Gave My Kids Away, But The Very Next Day I Said That's Okayyyyyyy

    Thank you @I’mThankyou_ for the brilliant title! @zyxwvu could we have a recap please?
  20. IR0201

    Shan_adam #9 Shan is triggered by mince and cheese, keep on with your woosa and make sure you say please!

    Recap anyone? Thank you @NoseyBiatch92 for the thread suggestion! It’s amazing 🤣
  21. IR0201

    Shan_adam #8 It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me

    Recap anyone? Basically same shit different year
  22. IR0201

    Shan_adam #7 No-one watches now Trunchys her friend, but just like her other mates, it’ll go to tit in the end

    Hi all. Here’s the new thread. anyone want to do a recap? ♥ FFS I missed out the E on watches 😫😫😫 Wooo thanks mods for rectifying my spelling error ♥️
  23. Oohthedrama

    Shan_adam #6 Brucey, bud & beer. living my best life now my kids ain’t here.

    New thread. just picked the last title suggested for now.
  24. zyxwvu

    Shan_adam #5 Brucey trotted off, Shan’s mood always switches, the only ones left are us immature witches

    Welcome immature bitches (and unicorns) to the 5th thread! Credit to @IR0201 for the title. If someone would like to recap below that'd be great because Shan is a crazy one to recap.
  25. N

    Shann_adam #4 Shan needs a Ban so she can get her kids back from her Gran

    Can someone recap 😬 I know it’s not her username anymore but I didn’t want to change it on the thread name and confuse people!