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  1. I

    Shan_adam #7 No-one watches now Trunchys her friend, but just like her other mates, it’ll go to tit in the end

    Hi all. Here’s the new thread. anyone want to do a recap? ♥ FFS I missed out the E on watches 😫😫😫 Wooo thanks mods for rectifying my spelling error ♥️
  2. Oohthedrama

    Shan_adam #6 Brucey, bud & beer. living my best life now my kids ain’t here.

    New thread. just picked the last title suggested for now.
  3. zyxwvu

    Shan_adam #5 Brucey trotted off, Shan’s mood always switches, the only ones left are us immature witches

    Welcome immature bitches (and unicorns) to the 5th thread! Credit to @IR0201 for the title. If someone would like to recap below that'd be great because Shan is a crazy one to recap.
  4. Neo2021

    Shann_adam #4 Shan needs a Ban so she can get her kids back from her Gran

    Can someone recap 😬 I know it’s not her username anymore but I didn’t want to change it on the thread name and confuse people!
  5. I

    Shann_adam #3 Gash for cash for hash

    Thank you @oasisstudent for the thread title Recap: Her and Adam broke up again Her son said Adam hit him but she doesn’t believe him She says her son is the reason she can’t be happy Currently doesn’t have her kids in the house they are at her Grandmas She’s been on a drink/drug binge for...
  6. mumz

    Shann_adam #2 The Shann Fam is a scam, Adam ran, now she's on track for a driving ban

    old thread (3) Shann_adam | Tattle Life Recap Title says most of it We don’t like how she treats her kids We don’t like how she treats her followeers We don’t like how she begs We don’t like her dances as they are the same Mod edit! Remember to start with the name of the account!
  7. kittypaws


    I've seen a few people asking for a thread to be made about her, so here it is, fire away guys
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