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Samantha Elizabeth Faiers (born 31 December 1990) is an English television personality and model. She is known for having starred in the ITV2 reality series The Only Way Is Essex. In 2014, she competed in the thirteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother, finishing in fifth place.

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  1. CarrieW24

    Sam Faiers #5 Poor Sam she's really dumb, Paul wants to marry his mum

    Thanks @Mejustme for the thread suggestion. I had to modify it to meet the title word count. Original was: Poor Sam she's really dumb, we all know Paul wants to marry his mum Link to last thread...
  2. S

    Sam Faiers #4 Unmarried, big Paul's in no hurry. Did you know Sam lives in Surrey?

    Thanks to @FoksiOska for the thread title! (sorry had to edit it slightly to fit it in. Original title: Wants to be married but Big Paul's in no hurry. Did you know Sam lives in Surrey?)
  3. M

    Sam Faiers #3

    Wasn’t it Luisa’s idea to get the personalised time out mat?
  4. F

    Sam Faiers #2

    I honestly don’t think I have ever despised someone as much as that absolute fuckwit Sam, she is an absolute beg, who is so cringeworthy. Her children are spoilt babyish little brats, I cannot stand how anytime her children does anything basic she makes such a big deal of it like no one else in...
  5. F

    Sam Faiers

    Get's freebies from a small company for years, then launches her own clothes using the same design. Turns off comments and leaves this reply calling the written world slander. Sorry not sorry and says she won't talk about it again Sam Faiers EXCLUSIVE: Star accused of RIPPING OFF small...
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