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Samantha Elizabeth Faiers (born 31 December 1990) is an English television personality and model. She is known for having starred in the ITV2 reality series The Only Way Is Essex. In 2014, she competed in the thirteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother, finishing in fifth place.

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  1. HmmmReally

    Sam Faiers #18 Claims to be protecting kids, Pimps hers out to earn those quids

    Time for a new thread gals & guyzzzz … thread title taken from @annabelle_bronstein As you were… --- Recap from the last thread… ⭐️ Sam STILL isn’t married, or engaged (what a surprise) continues to hide her ring finger in pictures to stir up questions but everyone’s passed it now( about 8...
  2. HmmmReally

    Sam Faiers #17 juggling life and still not a wife, celebrating 8 years of being BF & GF!

    New thread Thread title taken from a comment made from @Telly Fanatic 👏🏼 anyone care to do a recap? btw, Sam still isn’t engaged, or married… Will Samanfaaa ever have her happy ending 👀 previous thread...
  3. HmmmReally

    Sam Faiers #16 Gave birth & the kids were there, Still no ring but Big Paul doesn’t care!

    Well done to @Jennytea for the thread title, had to shorten it as it didn’t fit unfortunately! Sam gave birth in the kitchen and the kids were there.. She’s still waiting on a ring but big Paul doesn’t care. Anyone care to do a RECAP?
  4. M

    Sam Faiers #15 She ain’t been faces, her table got given away, she’s bought a house & Paul didn't pay!

    New thread courtesy of @Jennytea. Sorry, I had to change it a little bit but the original was Sam Faiers #15 - She ain’t been faces, her table got given away, she’s finally bought a house and I bet Paul didn’t pay!
  5. Mufasa

    Sam Faiers #14 Manfa in with the Surrey set, secretly moved to a flat to let.

    Thread title from @Nalliers 7 A LazySpa and 10 fishy sachets are being delivered on the back of a free Jeep for you 🎁 Welcome to thread number 14 for Sam 🎉 She is pregnant with baby number 3, her and Billie have recently started a podcast (yawn) and they are living in SURREY. That’s SURREY...
  6. Sazbee

    Sam Faiers #13 Can't stops banging on about Surrey life, Poor old Sam, still not a wife

    Thanks to @annabelle_bronstein for the title.
  7. Sazbee

    Sam Faiers #12 We know what you did last winter

    New thread 🙂 As you were!
  8. Sazbee

    Sam Faiers #11 Big fish, little fish, cardboard box (room for Sam)

    Thank you again @watermelon sugar for the title! I don't have a lot of time to do a recap right now if anyone else wants to, but Sam has been so dull lately there isn't loads to recap anyway 🤷‍♀️
  9. Sazbee

    Sam Faiers #10 It’s not looking likely she’s becoming a Knightly

    Thanks for the title @watermelon sugar ! On the first new episode important questions were pondered such as is it too early for an olive? Will BBP be the next Joe Wicks? Did they take Rosie to the Maldives or was she keeping so quiet at home they forgot?? anyway, as you were!
  10. L

    Sam Faiers #9 ignoring Maldives hoping it all goes away, BPs kiss with mum is still not ok

    Well done to @Lulu Goss for the winning thread suggestion with 44 likes 👏 Had to shorten it a little to fit "ignoring the Maldives hoping it all goes away, BPs kiss with his mum is still not ok". Sam's Wiki page If you want to suggest a thread...
  11. L

    Sam Faiers #8 She’ll never live in a house, a very big house in the country

    Well done to @tippingpoint with the winning thread suggestion getting 49 likes Recap: Sam has been caught flying to Maldives for her birthday, she has been deleting negative comments from her Instagram post but she can't delete the ones from Daily Mail 😃...
  12. gloriouscheesecake

    Sam Faiers #7 Breaking tier 4 rules, no ring for her 30th, who's Rosie?

    Couldn't see any thread title suggestions but feel free to correct me. Recap .Obviously on holiday .Baby Paul is so special .Rosie is just forgotten .Still desperate for a proposal .Has no respect for any of the rules
  13. gloriouscheesecake

    Sam Faiers #6 We need to talk about little Paul

    Thread title by @tippingpoint Recap: BBP Seems to have turned little Paul against Sam Sam has been posting AF links and gifted on every story Sam Needs to read to the room Does Baby Paul have some issues Sam and BBO won't discuss Little Paul ripping open rosies presents by Megan 29220- Sam went...
  14. CarrieW24

    Sam Faiers #5 Poor Sam she's really dumb, Paul wants to marry his mum

    Thanks @Mejustme for the thread suggestion. I had to modify it to meet the title word count. Original was: Poor Sam she's really dumb, we all know Paul wants to marry his mum Link to last thread...
  15. S

    Sam Faiers #4 Unmarried, big Paul's in no hurry. Did you know Sam lives in Surrey?

    Thanks to @FoksiOska for the thread title! (sorry had to edit it slightly to fit it in. Original title: Wants to be married but Big Paul's in no hurry. Did you know Sam lives in Surrey?)
  16. M

    Sam Faiers #3

    Wasn’t it Luisa’s idea to get the personalised time out mat?
  17. F

    Sam Faiers #2

    I honestly don’t think I have ever despised someone as much as that absolute fuckwit Sam, she is an absolute beg, who is so cringeworthy. Her children are spoilt babyish little brats, I cannot stand how anytime her children does anything basic she makes such a big deal of it like no one else in...
  18. F

    Sam Faiers

    Get's freebies from a small company for years, then launches her own clothes using the same design. Turns off comments and leaves this reply calling the written world slander. Sorry not sorry and says she won't talk about it again Sam Faiers EXCLUSIVE: Star accused of RIPPING OFF small...