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  1. Iwantallthetea

    Michael and Dave Kay #15 -We're on a Journey Together from Karlsberg to Adler

    Our new thread title courtesy of @starri Someone else can do the recap please.
  2. Iwantallthetea

    Michael and Dave Kay #14 I give up, enjoy my awful personality!

    Thread title courtesy of @Bruceman Recap? Same boring :poop:
  3. TheNextStacey

    Michael and Dave Kay #13 You can call a dead channel something else but it's still dead

    I made an executive decision since our previous thread was over the limit, and went with this title. Hope it's okay with everyone! Anyone have time for a recap/TLDR?
  4. starri

    Michael and Dave Kay #12 Uncomfortably creamy and not very dreamy

    Thanks to @bluebird33 for the title.
  5. TheNextStacey

    Michael & Dave Kay #11 Have a MAGAical Day

    Here’s the new thread and most liked name! Thanks to @ChildSizeShirt for the thread title! Who’s got time for a TLDR?
  6. TheNextStacey

    Michael & Dave Kay #10 Bitter...Party of One

    Time for a new thread! Thanks to @Moonpie_Mickey for the new title! Love it. Who has time to do a recap for us?
  7. TheNextStacey

    Michael & Dave Kay #9 Cruising into Obscurity with a Manic Dickcam POV

    Thanks to @missmothman and @T-Rexx for the new thread title. I took the liberty of mashing up their suggestions! Hope that's okay with everyone! Can someone do a quick recap? I love this so much, I had to post it again. Also, Michael is working hard on his Moon Knight costume for Halloween...
  8. starri

    Michael & David Kay #8 Farewell to the Disney Dream

    Previously, Mike decided to become a cruise vlogger, and Dave discovered Ireland. Thanks to @Nate's Top Button for the awesome title.
  9. TheNextStacey

    Michael and Dave Kay #7 Mystery Cruise Guest and Absent Hairy Chest

    New thread! Feel free to post a recap. Thanks to @esc2476 for the new thread title!
  10. TheNextStacey

    Michael and Dave Kay #6 Not as Good as I Remember it Being

    Time for a shiny, new magical thread all about our favorite brothers. Lots of awesome suggestions for the new title, but overwhelming support for the idea from @DC_Darling23 !
  11. TheNextStacey

    Michael and Dave Kay #5 I wouldn’t go out of my way for a vaccine.

    Here we go again! New thread and thanks to @Claude4 for the new title! Lots of great submissions! TLDR: Michael limped through a 5K runDisney and claimed a Gold Medal. Dave has disappeared or entered the witness protection program.
  12. Wendilyn22

    Mike and Dave Kay #4 RIP Medium Shirt

    Here we go. Thread #4. Thanks to @airbusA330 for the thread title. What new low will these idiots go to next? It’s a train wreck I’m not ready to stop watching. Have a magical dayyyyyyyyy!
  13. Wendilyn22

    Michael and Dave Kay #3 Unvaxxed and Unwaxed

    Thanks to @shadee91762 for the thread name suggestion. What will these crazies do next? Discuss!
  14. Wendilyn22

    Michael and Dave Kay #2 Sociopath Super Spreaders

    I've never created a thread before so here goes nothing. Thanks to whoever suggested the new title.
  15. N

    Michael and Dave Kay

    Michael and Dave Kay have been mentioned a few times in other threads but haven’t had one of their own. Michael seems to be continuing his downward spiral while ignoring the real workd(Peter Pan Syndrome?). Dave has said he is done vlogging, then released another vlog....let’s not forget how he...