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  1. Miss_cici

    It Galz #18 J walked up the aisle, L was spitting bile. Still haven't a clue why their friendship blew

    Thread title thanks to @Lord of Light .
  2. Miss_cici

    It Galz #17 two year since the split, and we still don't know tit

    Thread title by @Whoamibai
  3. Ingognito.Queen

    It Galz #16

    ItGalz #16 Quick Recap: RedRoom has mixed reviews lately - sounds like Jenny is reading from a Wikipedia page most of the time. However, her following is growing thanks to her promoting it so well and appearing on the 6 O Clock Show on Virgin Media. Lipstick Lessons has definitely picked...
  4. D

    It Galz #15 RedRoom Subscriber Drop, Will Lipstick Lessons be a Flop?

    Quick Recap: - RedRoom subscribers are dropping - the content is not for everyone and the pod has long lost its initial buzz when it started - The general consensus for Lipstick Lessons is that the content is good so far and L has been consistent with it - Around a year on from the It Galz...
  5. Miss_cici

    It Galz #14 Gloves vs shawl, who cares, we’re bored of it all

    Title courtesy of lilyrosedeep. Feel free to recap! Although there's probably not much to recap 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. L

    It Galz #13 And just like that It Galz became ‘your gal’

    Feel free to recap!
  7. Miss_cici

    It Galz #12 L spent all the Itgalz money, leave the jokes to someone funny

    New thread! Thread name by @Miranda256.
  8. Sunflowerrose

    It Galz #11 E lost his pods, J on her tod, L on the sesh, xgals is a fraud

    Credit to @Miranda256 for the thread suggestion!
  9. L

    It Galz #10 The galz mess and red room success

    Thread #10. Feel free to recap!
  10. L

    It Galz #9 Mirror, mirror, and the shawl who's the fairest (It)Gal of all?

    Thread #9. Feel free to recap!
  11. Roisin Dubh

    It Galz #8 Jenny is staying tight lipped, L's fella has her whipped

    Thread #8. Somebody else feel free to recap.
  12. Sunflowerrose

    It Galz #7 Lindsay spills the tea, is Jenny a rat? Two girls in a spat

    Thread 7 for It Galz. Lindsay just released her statement on the end of It Galz. If anyone wants to give a TLDR of the last thread also please do :)
  13. Sunflowerrose

    It Galz #6 Jenny takes a hike, Lindz solo on mic, unknown what caused the fight

    Can someone please give a TL;DR of the last thread? Title condensed to fit in subject box!
  14. Mooordgirl

    It Galz #5 It Galz, we the Split Galz, no Jenny and Lindsay gone to Tommy tit galz

    Jennys silence is deafening and Lindsay is scrambling to keep the X Galz dollah. Discuss Went with the most like thread title.
  15. Mooordgirl

    It Galz #4 Jenny if you're out there, were you silent or were you silenced?

    Its the end of the road for the galz, drama incoming as the podcast co hosts part ways
  16. Ratsout

    It Galz #3 Looks like it’s ran its course, here’s a pic of my fella’s hands down my shorts

    It Galz Thread 3 previous thread:
  17. Wellthisisafirst

    It Galz #2 Lindsey put your gee away

    Second thread on the It Galz. Thank you to @storminagcup for the title. Short recap.. they’re still raking it in on their Patreon despite creating another controversy last week. Jenny is engaged, Lindsey is still a hot mess but she’s managed to snag herself a boyfriend. For now. Feel free to...
  18. MyHeartisBlack

    It Galz - Lindsay & Jenny

    I thought these two needed a thread after seeing them getting exposed on Twitter last week for their comments about rape, their disgusting treatment of Rosemary McCabe after speaking out about her own rape.