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  1. deadgirlinside

    InTheFrow # 17 Husband and Baby in toe, no one's interested in the bras you show!

    So fashion week has come and gone. Missed her VB show, and blamed the taxi driver for her poor time management. Considered her V&R ad as the pinnacle of her career 😂🤡 Might open an OnlyFans soon as she produces soft porn on her IG reels. Let's start the thread!
  2. deadgirlinside

    IntheFrow #16, Posting inconsistently, no wonder her career hasn't been lovely!

    Welcome to another thread! Some updates about lil' Miss Deanshanger (this is where they live) 1. Still begs for likes and for our poor souls to follow all her accounts. 2. Had a PR trip with Valentino Beauty, but she was the odd one out! 3. Did an AD with Bentley, wanted to take the car home...
  3. deadgirlinside

    Inthefrow #15 A Northern Bee will sell anything for a Fee!

    New thread here~ So, so what else is new in the Victoria Land Got a sponsored PR stay in Foresetis Dolomites, another exhausting (!) work trip from another free stay in St. Regis Maldives. We still don't know if Hypesight Agency even signed her or is poor Rebecca still her only employee...
  4. AmaliaLana

    Inthefrow #14 Now Victoria Magrath new name but same old game

    Most voted title Recently: - Vic changed her Insta handle, finally gave up manifesting the Front row - no NY Fashion Week for her, was too busy sitting at home and waiting for the boy to get a new tattoo - over at Lyd's she got applause for posting a half arsed post to acknowledge the now...
  5. AmaliaLana

    Inthefrow #13 Tomi Lahren doppelganger in the s'urb, the boy now drives, watch out the curb

    Vics and her boy are visiting Chicago (greater area) and staying at her employee/bestie's place. Despise having a job as a jet-setter, she still isn't familiar with Covid-travelling rules and threw a tantrum when the airline wouldn't accept her NHS test. At least she has enough $$$ to upgrade...
  6. AmaliaLana

    InTheFrow #12 Tacky fountain in the yard having fashion sense is hard

    Welcome back to the BackRow with a new thread! Most voted thread title was by me me me Lol, thanks for that laugh @idontreallycare InTheBrow? @Bonjour92 I took a week off, please can someone post a summary of Frows recent endeavours?
  7. klady

    InTheFrow #11 Get out the attic, get a grip, book and pay for a trip

    Victoria is boring! She films from her damn closet. She lacks creativity, big time! For someone with a PHD, her vocabulary is very limited🤦‍♀️ Her man-child husband still doesn’t drive. She just turned 32, but she looks like she’s in her late forties. Here’s the sad birthday cake… Major...
  8. Lechat

    Inthefrow #10 granny collection will never sell, crying on her bike & not looking well

    Last thread here: Anyone want to give an overview? my highlights are: lisping through her inflated lips constantly crying and up and down weird relationship with...
  9. AmaliaLana

    Inthefrow #9 Bought a million followers, can't get the likes, gonna cry on my peleton bike

    With 24 votes won the title "Bought a million followers, can't get the likes, gonna have a cry on my peleton bike" from @TheDailyJ 🎆 💰🤖😭🚲 Old tea Inthebackrow isn't to find at any frow nowadays preaches sustainability and e-cars but buy a new Range Rover lives in peaceful harmony with her male...
  10. AmaliaLana

    Inthefrow #8 Not in any front row, fashion career is over. Lies about having a Range Rover

    Thread title suggestion from @Pleasespeakthetruth won with 17 likes ( Not in any front row, fashion career is over. Lies about having a brand new Range Rover ) Inthebackrow isn't to find at any frow nowadays preaches sustainability and e-cars but buy a new Range Rover lives in peaceful harmony...
  11. Emmapism

    Inthefrow #7 fashion week reject, PR gifts are life, my biggest achievement is being a wife

    New thread here ladies! Thanks to @Bonjour92 for the title
  12. AmaliaLana

    Inthefrow #6 cases may be rising but Vic’s PR trips still need organising!

    Can someone please do a recap of the last thread? This should be included with ever new thread if possible! Thank you. Thread title suggestion by @lhb120 and @slugella
  13. Oohthedrama

    IntheFrow #5 Desperate & Defensive, even when she’s trying to be woke she’s offensive!

    Title suggested by @Teaforyou ! continue here babes!
  14. Oohthedrama

    Inthefrow #4 Lips filled & hair plugged, what a pair of absolute mugs.

    Hey guyzzzzzzzzzzzzz. new thread name suggested by the absolute BABE @Emmapism continue here guyssss.
  15. Oohthedrama

    Inthefrow #3 note for thread readers! Alex Magrath - husband not brother, but also brother 😬

    Slightly adjusted to fit! Frow not only has an In house team and a new Chanel.... She also has a new thread! We’re so sustainable we’ve put the old thread up on depop so we can start another one and also make it look like we give a crap about consumption. continue here!!
  16. Oohthedrama

    Inthefrow #2 featuring Whiny Magrath, the real housewive of Frowburbia.

    New thread!!! its a collective effort 😂😂 @QueenDecember @Angeoudemon @Gemma_NYC Alex, you’ve made it!!!!!! you are now in the opening credits 😉
  17. Oohthedrama

    Inthefrow - Victoria

    From the about section on the blog..... “With a PHD in fashion, a hair ambassadorship with L’Oréal Paris and a global audience, Victoria is the lady behind the award-winning fashion, travel and beauty blog, Inthefrow.” what her YouTube/Instagram audience know about her.... She finally got him...
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