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  1. Inthefrow #7 fashion week reject, PR gifts are life, my biggest achievement is being a wife

    New thread here ladies! Thanks to @Bonjour92 for the title
  2. Inthefrow #6 cases may be rising but Vic’s PR trips still need organising!

    Can someone please do a recap of the last thread? This should be included with ever new thread if possible! Thank you. Thread title suggestion by @lhb120 and @slugella
  3. IntheFrow #5 Desperate & Defensive, even when she’s trying to be woke she’s offensive!

    Title suggested by @Teaforyou ! continue here babes!
  4. Inthefrow #4 Lips filled & hair plugged, what a pair of absolute mugs.

    Hey guyzzzzzzzzzzzzz. new thread name suggested by the absolute BABE @Emmapism continue here guyssss.
  5. Inthefrow #3 note for thread readers! Alex Magrath - husband not brother, but also brother 😬

    Slightly adjusted to fit! Frow not only has an In house team and a new Chanel.... She also has a new thread! We’re so sustainable we’ve put the old thread up on depop so we can start another one and also make it look like we give a crap about consumption. continue here!!
  6. Inthefrow #2 featuring Whiny Magrath, the real housewive of Frowburbia.

    New thread!!! its a collective effort 😂😂 @QueenDecember @Angeoudemon @Gemma_NYC Alex, you’ve made it!!!!!! you are now in the opening credits 😉
  7. Inthefrow - Victoria

    From the about section on the blog..... “With a PHD in fashion, a hair ambassadorship with L’Oréal Paris and a global audience, Victoria is the lady behind the award-winning fashion, travel and beauty blog, Inthefrow.” what her YouTube/Instagram audience know about her.... She finally got him...
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