InTheFrow #12 Tacky fountain in the yard having fashion sense is hard

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Sorry guys for all the pictures but below is an overview of 1 day and night in Tamara’s life at Milan fashion week. How utterly painful for Vic, she’s been to what? 2 shows, 1 show that she watched on her laptop from the hotel room (lol) and 1 presentation? Tamara is at all the after parties and dinners as well with the actual fashion elite. Meanwhile Vic is showing pictures of her food and her husband. Also, if she is a Bulgari ambassador, why was she not even invited to the dinner?!








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It’s odd to me she bothers with fashion week at this point too.

She’s clearly separated out from everyone else. I guess she is trying to stay in the good graces of the few brands that accept her - mostly the beauty sectors. But I definitely wouldn’t push myself to go where I was so noticeably unwanted.


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Looks like Versace didn’t dress miss Vicky. Wearing the same tired pieces and trousers she already owns.

Wonder if she was in the back row too?

Why does she torture herself going to fashion week when she has no friends there and isn’t wanted by the majority of brands. Is she a masochist? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Wait did she go to the show? I only saw her post pictures from the street, in last season’s Versace outfit, tagging Donatella (desperate) but no mention of the show whatsoever?


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Tamara “ass-kissing” have paid off. Vic is just not in that social circle, who is her management? I think if you want to break into that fashion industry you really need a strong and connected team behind you.

Nothing from Vic atm. The bulgari dinner or the Versace show haven’t been mentioned.
She fired her management and took it in-house (with her own team in the US basically) which was a BIG mistake.


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It's just quite ironic how she says "I'm done with fashion week, I feel alone in the scene" but she hops on to Milan due to her beauty collections. And not gonna lie, her grid looks so much better with some shots outside. It's gonna be back to the attic once it's over, since she didn't get any Paris Fashion Week invites.

I don't see a problem with wearing the same designer pieces for more than one event/shoot, especially when she's paid for them herself! But any time she's not dressed by the brand, her presence isn't exactly valuable (or indefinitely viable) because she's not 'selling the new collection' through exposure.
Her last show with Versace was the one with JLo closing the show in that jungle dress. That was it, they lent her an outdated dress last season.


It's so obvious how proud she is of her 'plus size' model Sara in her stories.. 'the gorgeous Sara' 'the beautiful Sara' while the other model isn't named at all let alone does she use any words to describe her, its all about the clothes in the ones she's in.

Also I know it's not necessarily the done thing.. But if she thinks the model is so beautiful why not tag her in at least one post to help her gain more followers?
Oh wait.. Because its all for show..


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I clicked on the newest video for the garden reveal, but I CANNOT believe these eyebrows!!! Is she joking? They look absolutely horrendous- from the colour, to the shape, to brushing it UP when it very clearly doesn't suit her. Literally lost for words she'd willingly look like this.


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