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A Fitness YouTuber and Instagrammer who began her career promoting Gymshark and Bulk Powders who now runs the fitness equipment brand B_ND and the gym apparel brand Tala. Revealed: Grace Beverly’s TALA Clothing Sustainable and Ethical Credentials Are Dubious
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    Grace Beverley #7 Grace Bentley; committed to misunderstanding covid

    New Thread! Name suggested by @Jlurking Can someone please sum up the last thread?
  2. N

    Grace Beverley #6 Trying hard, hardly relevant

    Number #6, courtesy of @Deeznutslol x -Writing a shit book -Thinks she's too good to wear a mask whilst traipsing around Greece -Pretending to be a vegan for a while; no longer a vegan (eats fish and wears leather) -Lied about nearly getting a 1st - she got a mid 2.1 -Exposed for using editing...
  3. D

    Grace Beverley #5 no mask on your face, you big disGRACE, spreading C-19 all over the place!

    Credit to ceecee454 for the title, special mention to cookiemunchmunch for the suggestion "Trying hard, hardly relevant" Last thread moved very quickly so apologies if I miss something! - The thread started when the accusations from the microinfluencers came out and Grace went radio silent on...
  4. M

    Grace Beverley #4 fecked it

    Thanks @so_u_thinkimskinnyyy for the thread name with the most votes! someone feel free to summarise why grace Beverley is over due to her exploitation and lies! Omg guys they changed the spelling of f*cked to censor it HAHAHA What it was originally:
  5. D

    Grace Beverley #3 Boss babe CEO, worlds locked down so off on holiday I go

    Thanks to ceecee454 for the thread name- if someone wants to do a recap of the thread that'd be great :)
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    Grace Beverley #2 How to be a successful entrepreneur; sponsored by GenFlow & rich parents

    New Thread :) title suggested by @theteaishot
  7. Frosty

    Grace Beverley - Grace Fit Uk

    One of the new "talent" of gleam. IDK much about her other but mail article that popped up where shes boasting about being an Oxford uni grad but wants to emulate zoella's success instead of using her law degree...
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