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A Fitness YouTuber and Instagrammer who began her career promoting Gymshark and Bulk Powders who now runs the fitness equipment brand B_ND and the gym apparel brand Tala. Revealed: Grace Beverly’s TALA Clothing Sustainable and Ethical Credentials Are Dubious
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    Grace Beverley #25 It’s a hard fall from Grace

    Congrats to @narcisxa for the thread title (you were early but twas a goodie) and thanks to @badhabits22 for hunting down the winner for us. Greg has been told off by the ASA for not declaring ads… Has she changed her behaviour? Absolutely not 😅 She’s also been flogging her overpriced “tech...
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    Grace Beverley #24 Grez Wedz

    Title thanks to @belle0610 and suggested by @Maladyabound - we're long overdue a new one but just as the end of the thread was reached came the news that Photographer boyfriend had proposed at Hotel Cap Eden Roc. Carry on Tattlers!
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    Grace Beverley #23 Greg Beggerley

    New thread for the lazy horrorshow #girlboss Grace. What did Grace not get up to in the last thread, apart from quite literally hardly working? Greg did however move back into her unsold mansion with her current boyf/hanger-on after dealing with some very lengthy and very stressful renovations...
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    Grace Beverley #22 Servilely disrupting the industry as she calves the way

    New thread! Winning title by @mindlessness attempt at a recap: - Spent a month 'working' in Australia, aka logged on twice, recorded a podcast and spent the rest sunbathing - Joked on a podcast that when her boyfriend came down with sepsis, she ignored pharmacist's advice, thought he was being...
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    Grace Beverley #21 Overpriced planner, London flat and manor, professional scammer

    Thanks @influencersmakemewannadie for the winning title! Quick recap: - Still complaining about how busy her schedules are - Has bought an expensive new flat but is keeping her old house to rent out to 'family' and be a left wing landlord - Released a planner that's a rip off of Papier, costs...
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    Grace Beverley #20 Only 20 holidays per year, what a stressful career

    Thank you @influencersmakemewannadie for the winning thread title suggestion! Recap: - Says she's not an influencer but continues to accept free influencer trips, gifted products and does sponsored AD's - Continues to buy fast fashion as well as leather designer items despite being a 'vegan...
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    Grace Beverley #19 Friday - sunday task block: French cock

    Hope the censored thread title is okay Mods, it had the most votes from @sassygoat (and uh, the Cock - as in the bird - is a national symbol of, not entirely inappropriate 😉) Special mention also to the second most liked title is from @littlewonder : Grace Beverley #19: way more...
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    Grace Beverley #18 Jeffrey Grezos: Flying all over for some French baguette, ignoring Ziggy lest we forget

    excellent thread suggestion @Jlurking gresticles antics continue with another holiday abroad this time with her new love interest rugby player Zack Henry who grease has been jetting off to see in France weekly for a while now. This is sustainable grace who has a whole business around...
  9. cookiemunchmunch

    Grace Beverley #17 working hard (in her imagination), hardly working (because she's on vacation)

    Thanks to @aquinas for the thread title with 100 likes! I had to cut down the original thread title suggestion in order to fit it in. The original was "Grace Beverley: working hard (in her imagination), hardly working (because she's on vacation)" Other popular suggestions were to include...
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    Grace Beverley #16 boobs out, fake pout, hates being called out

    New Thread, title thanks to @noseyyyparker21 Grace has started a podcast, deleted her YouTube channel, took a week off and then felt like she had to prove she wasn't in Greece by being snarky- very CEO behaviour. She's also still not using Shreddy (I think she's going to F45 still and doing...
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    Grace Beverley #15 Rags to riches, shows off her stitches, bestseller on amazon witches

    this is my first thread so hope it works thanks @limelipstick for the hilarious title recap- - grease’s long awaited (cough) book was released - she claimed it had reached number 1 best seller on amazon world wide, as usual for grease that was a huge exaggeration and was number 1 in uk only...
  12. Yel

    Grace Beverley #14 delayed gratification is getting into Oxford on your gap year after being rejected once

    Recap of last thread: That's not a giftedad nespresso ring Rishi and Grace inspire everyone by going against all odds after being born into wealth, privately educated, attending oxford, work in banking to then become wealthy. Teasing the lesbianism thing to sexualise the advert. Grace made an...
  13. aimzalicious

    Grace Beverley #13 Double whammy nuanced Grace, freeloading through life with shiny face

    Thank you @Mamacita for the thread title! - An excerpt from Grace's book is released on her IG. It reads terribly. - Grace appeared on the podcast Secret Leaders where her advice on productivity is to just hire employees... erm??? - Her new fave words are nuanced and double whammy - Grace: work...
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    Grace Beverley #12 Full of conceit, called out in a tweet and boy is it sweet

    New thread! - Grace is launching her new book juuuust in case you missed the endless stories and posts - Still incessantly talking about her dogs bum like a child - Still not addressed the Dubai debacle - Still buying designer and non-vegan products but hiding behind Vestaire - Still hasn’t...
  15. aimzalicious

    Grace Beverley #11 I’m a bestseller-to-be, don’t worry - always keep my roommates on cctv

    The thread title by @imsorry won with 78 likes! Recap below: Grace makes it onto the Drapers 30 under 30 list… which no one has heard of. Shreddy makes it onto the side of a London bus which would be a big achievement except no one is outside to see it, good job there Grace Grace tries to do...
  16. lushstudent

    Grace Beverley #10 essential bizniz trips, bras that throw out ur nips, #GirlBoss tips

    Thank you to @duckenergy67 for the thread suggestion! I had to shorten it slightly to make it fit, but can someone please post a rundown of thread #9!
  17. M

    Grace Beverley #9 Our jet-setting qween, so committed to being green

    Title shortened from the suggestion with the most votes from @ahemahem ❤️ Our jet-setting qween, so committed to being green, loves to post a picture of conversations on her screen (mods, if you could take off loves in the title that would be great, accidentally posted before deleting that 😆)...
  18. cookiemunchmunch

    Grace Beverley #8 Skin so thick but her Tala leggings still rip

    Thanks to @HaveSomeMilk for the new thread title! Can someone sum up the last thread? x
  19. D

    Grace Beverley #7 Grace Bentley; committed to misunderstanding covid

    New Thread! Name suggested by @Jlurking Can someone please sum up the last thread?
  20. not fussed at all

    Grace Beverley #6 Trying hard, hardly relevant

    Number #6, courtesy of @Deeznutslol x -Writing a shit book -Thinks she's too good to wear a mask whilst traipsing around Greece -Pretending to be a vegan for a while; no longer a vegan (eats fish and wears leather) -Lied about nearly getting a 1st - she got a mid 2.1 -Exposed for using editing...
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    Grace Beverley #5 no mask on your face, you big disGRACE, spreading C-19 all over the place!

    Credit to ceecee454 for the title, special mention to cookiemunchmunch for the suggestion "Trying hard, hardly relevant" Last thread moved very quickly so apologies if I miss something! - The thread started when the accusations from the microinfluencers came out and Grace went radio silent on...
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    Grace Beverley #4 fecked it

    Thanks @so_u_thinkimskinnyyy for the thread name with the most votes! someone feel free to summarise why grace Beverley is over due to her exploitation and lies! Omg guys they changed the spelling of f*cked to censor it HAHAHA What it was originally:
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    Grace Beverley #3 Boss babe CEO, worlds locked down so off on holiday I go

    Thanks to ceecee454 for the thread name- if someone wants to do a recap of the thread that'd be great :)
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    Grace Beverley #2 How to be a successful entrepreneur; sponsored by GenFlow & rich parents

    New Thread :) title suggested by @theteaishot
  25. Frosty

    Grace Beverley - Grace Fit Uk

    One of the new "talent" of gleam. IDK much about her other but mail article that popped up where shes boasting about being an Oxford uni grad but wants to emulate zoella's success instead of using her law degree...