Grace Beverley #11 I’m a bestseller-to-be, don’t worry - always keep my roommates on cctv

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The thread title by @imsorry won with 78 likes! Recap below:
  • Grace makes it onto the Drapers 30 under 30 list… which no one has heard of.
  • Shreddy makes it onto the side of a London bus which would be a big achievement except no one is outside to see it, good job there Grace
  • Grace tries to do Dubai damage control by posting wholesome IG stories such as “tip your binmen and postmen this Christmas, as they’ve been doing essential work” and “I feel sooooo sorry for the lorry drivers stuck in queues”. All stories swiftly got deleted, probably coz she realised how much of a twat she sounded.
  • Shreddy seen advertising in the Daily Mail, a paper that Grace has publicly slagged off in the past
  • Grace watches her housemates on CCTV, creepy af
  • Tattle called out how shit Grace’s garden looked, she goes straight to IG begging for landscape gardener recommendations from the children that follow her
  • Tala continues to be hilariously bad - spelling mistakes, terrible photoshop, deleting customer comments, marketing team not knowing which product is which, the infamous “side boob detailing” on their bras, general shady business practises, and of course their standard greenwashing which you can find more info in this article that @Brooke Davis linked in the previous thread:
It’s ironic because she seems to think writing in this obscure, lofty way makes her appear intelligent, when in reality, it only proves the opposite. One of the earliest lessons you’re taught as a writer is that it is MUCH more difficult to write concisely, and with precision, than it is using all this flowery (yet meaningless) buzz language.

I think this is where her superiority complex in regard to her followers seems to kick in - she genuinely thinks everyone is stupid (or at least they are in comparison to her, the ultimate prodigy). Anyone with even an ounce of sense would be able to see very clearly through her poorly shrouded attempts to massage her own ego. I don’t believe any of her spiels are anything but that, an attempt to project ‘intelligence’.
Amazing summary!

on the topic of Grez’s face, I was scrolling back even just to 2019 and look how different she looks?! Actually thinks she looks so much nicer here in a natural state.
Wow deffo had a brow lift! Maybe some tweaks to her jaw/cheeks? I can’t put my finger on it. Perhaps it is just some ‘puppy fat’ coming off the further into her 20s she gets. My face is thinner now than it was in my early 20s without any work to be fair.


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Why do these young girl insist on ruining their face? They all look the same! I am not against plastic surgery whatsoever (I had a breast reduction, best thing I ever did for myself) but why do they all want to look like clones? March to the beat of your own drum, ladies!
Likewise, I had rhinoplasty because there was something I hated about my nose, I feel 100x better for doing it, but it was something personal for me. 1 or 2 minor tweaks is one thing, but to go full on with botox, fillers, nose, teeth, body (I'm convinced she's had a non surgical boob job 😂) is just too far


Does anyone else remember when Grace tweeted something about getting her 'dream job' early last year? She liked replies at the time guessing that it was politics related or something didn't she, assuming whatever it was has fallen through as she's not mentioned it since?


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Grace could take a couple of months away from buying designer leather and get involved donating to the kids who are receiving indefensible poor quality free school meals. Everything she does is painfully calculated and performative, yet bizarrely she never manages to make herself look good?


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What annoys me most about this in particular she even came out with her own/collab vegan range of shoes and there were boots exactly like this!!!

I bought them at the time which was a few years ago now and they’re still in perfect condition, there’s literally no need for these at all
Yeah guaranteed she already has a wardrobe stocked with boots just like this. We know she has a pair of Docs, so what’s the need for another pair of bulky black boots if you already own a good quality pair? I can’t believe she gets to steal the title of being “sustainable” when nothing she does is in the spirit of sustainability.

How can she keep a straight face sharing infographics about wearing what is already in your wardrobe when she is clearly scrolling through Vestaire all day looking for new ~luxury~ versions of things she already has?
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