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Gemma Louise Atkinson (born 16 November 1984) is an English actress and former glamour model. She played Lisa Hunter on Hollyoaks (2001–2005) and on three spin-off series, Hollyoaks: After Hours (2004), Hollyoaks: Let Loose (2005) and Hollyoaks: In the City (2006), Tamzin Bayle on Casualty (2011–12, 2014) and Carly Hope on Emmerdale (2015–17).

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  1. CantHoldUsDown

    Gemma Louise Miles #16 Practically perfect in every way, shame her lip filler gives the game away

    Thank you PutConbeforethehearse for providing the new title thread, it received 29 votes making it the most liked title! Please check the WIKI / pink button or click here for the basics. We still don't know what happened to Sophie. UPDATES: - the wait is on for baby #2 to arrive, due date is...
  2. CantHoldUsDown

    Gemma Louise Miles #15 All things nice and fake, will gemma take another break?

    :m Thanks to @gossgal for the most-liked thread title! :m Our dear beige community spent the past thread wondering about : - what is up with Gem's faffing about in her home, with "refreshing" of rooms that don't need "refreshing" and which is clearly just an excuse to buy more things - why...
  3. CantHoldUsDown

    Gemma Louise Miles #14 boring.

    My dear beige / aesthetically pleasing / disproportioned friends, we have arrived at a new thread. Thread title courtesy of @theGC , congrats to theeeee, who won the title vote post with a whopping 30 votes. It summarizes our dear GemGem and her SM perfectly wouldn't you say? The past few week...
  4. CantHoldUsDown

    Gemma Louise Miles #13 stop showing us your fake cozy day, you’ll never be as popular as mollie mae

    Thanks to lovely @dunnsj for the thread title, it received 16 votes! :m Meanwhile we're struggling to make proper recaps for all you lovelies, since there is literally nothing going on in GLM's life. Everything is still COZY and beige. * Bedroom is finished, it is now finally done with...
  5. P

    Gemma Louise Miles #12 Wants a bigger gaff to be all showy, With kindly gifted chairs to prop little Noey

    Thread title thanks to comeagainliv see thread 10 for pics and direction to house Gemma hasn’t brought info recap Gemma still boring as ever tried to buy a £625k house but lost out
  6. WordsFromReuben

    Gemma Louise Miles #11 Baby on way, everything gifted, manifesting a cosy crowning & Jamies a toxic dip…

    Winning title from @WhiteOrchid had to amend a bit for no curses haha 🚨 🚨 BABY BEIGE HAS BEEN BIRTHED 🚨 🚨 Stay tuned for more *cosy* content
  7. CantHoldUsDown

    Gemma Louise Miles #10 All this beige, giving me rage, everything's staged

    *** winning thread title courtesy of @didn't want to join with 18 votes , congrats *** :m I wish I could give you guys a lovely and exciting recap with some nice gossip-y bits. But we all know that is not in the cards for us! As it stands , we are still in a dreadful cycle of COSY DAY, RESET...
  8. calmyourritas

    Gemma Louise Miles #9 Pregnant & engaged! Gender results show it’s beige

    Thread title by @guccigang Quick recap: Gemma and Jamie got engaged on Christmas Eve (apparently) She announced her pregnancy on New Years Day (very Elle Darby of her…) She is currently 20 weeks and the cosy pregnancy content has begun No we don’t know what happened to Sophie! Feel free to...
  9. CantHoldUsDown

    Gemma Louise Miles #8 Xmas isn't such a cinch, visit primark, grab a grinch :LOL:

    * New Thread : title courtesy of the lovely @didn't want to join * We have the most boring of round-ups since nothing truly of note has been happening with GLM ( as per ) - Girl of Muse autumn launch provided more loungesets - Xmas "content" has begun but as with most vids the decorating and...
  10. coconochanel

    Gemma Louise Miles #7 Peruse other muse, claim them as yours & copy beige hues

    New thread thanks to @roseturntupnose for the thread title suggestion winning with 26 votes. So update for newbies.... Gemma is already doing autumn content She has bought loads of autumn and halloween shit-all in beige and white obviously! She made her mum get the bus to her house instead...
  11. coconochanel

    Gemma Louise Miles #6 couldn't survive without copy & paste, eco friendly but 90% waste

    New thread thanks to @ToastyTuesdays for the most liked title suggestion. can someone do a recap as I've been asleep since the last thread through boredom.
  12. calmyourritas

    Gemma Louise Miles #5 massive sausage lips and pointless cosy tips

    Thread title by our resident comedian @ChubClubThug I’m so bored of cosy beige vids with plinky plonky music over the top And no we don’t know what happened to Sophie
  13. calmyourritas

    Gemma Louise Miles #4 Lies about botanist candles, lining own pockets, copyright scandals

    Thanks to @feeltheburn for the thread title! Had to edit it slightly to fit Original -Gemma Louise Miles: Lies about her botanist candles while lining own pockets and copyright scandals Recap - * Gemma is having a cosy December, of course * every upload is still the same * she spends her days...
  14. C

    Gemma Louise Miles #3 Ads, lies and fake teeth smiles

    Thanks to @Eyesee for the title 🤣🤣 (oops I accidentally copy and pasted the first bit and forgot to delete) 💎 RECAP 💎 • she slipped up and mentioned Jamie in the latest vlog at 19 mins 🤔 • new teeth that look absolutely ridiculous let’s continue! 🥂
  15. Oohthedrama

    Gemma Louise Miles #2 Gemma loves a cosy day at home, but we all know she ain’t alone!

    @proseccolove came through with the new title hunnie’s.... light a candle, get yourself cosey, grab a Diet Coke and a chewing gum so you don’t eat anything and settle down with a new cosey thread full of cosey banter and chats and all the.... cosey stuff 😕 ALL the cosey feels... cosey.
  16. J

    Gemma Louise Miles

    Eye-fucking the camera insta stories EVERY DAY. Could she possibly adore her own face any more?