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  1. Bagelwheat

    Equestrian Influencers #10 Be relatable, but not TOO relatable.

    This suggested title made me laugh too much so it had to be done 🥲 Carry on!
  2. C

    Equestrian influencers #9 Guys it’s taken me 486hrs to edit this yfood vlog

    New thread, same old same old - as you were friends.
  3. Bagelwheat

    Equestrian Influencers #8 Here for the fun and the Badders qualification..

    New thread, carry on! Previous can be found here: https://tattle.life/threads/equestrian-influencers-7-show-us-the-ponies-not-promos.33628/
  4. U

    Equestrian Influencers #7 Show us the ponies not promos

    Same shit different day would be my very quick summery of the previous threads. So lets start this one on a positive and say how amazing Yas Ingham was to win the gold medal at the world champs.
  5. Bagelwheat

    Equestrian Influencers #6 Eeeeeeeeek time for a new thready thread thread

    Thank you @pitterpatterflipflops for our new thread title! Previous thread : https://tattle.life/threads/equestrian-influencers-5-swipe-up-and-duck-off-with-your-10-code.31157/ Carry on 😁
  6. C

    Equestrian influencers #5 Swipe up and duck off with your 10% code

    Quick round up. Swipe up and kick on has been filmed, lots of Tina shrieking, Emily’s young horse finally gets a break, Meg gets unnecessarily fat shamed and rightly defended, Lucy is just Lucy. ASA is in full swing, let’s see who gets picked (before their audition video!) RTG still heavily...
  7. U

    Equestrian Influencers #4 I’ve got 99 numnahs but my saddle doesn’t fit my bum

    Thanks to @Easypeeler for the name suggestion. Carry on discussing the fairfax and favour carbon copies and everyone else in between.
  8. C

    Equestrian influencers #3 Ad/BA/sponsored rider ‘it’s not an ad guys’

    A round up of #2 lots of entitled people getting a lot of free stuff and moaning when they get spoken about on here. That just about covers the Equesterian influencers and wannabe’s.
  9. U

    Equestrian Influencers #2

    https://tattle.life/threads/equestrian-influencers.19065/page-51#post-8406173 Following on from the first thread a few influencers mentioned where RTG with an unanimous agreement on her being to heavy for Pepper Life on the buckle/Jess pretty much just Hosslife having beef with her Olivia...
  10. S

    Equestrian Influencers

    A thread about equestrian influencers as I don’t think there is one.
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