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    Equestrian influencers #24 RWC doesn’t have a clue, she’s been riding since she shot out of the womb

    Thanks MyLittlePony25 for the title (sorry I had to cut it down a bit to fit!) We're all watching the Badminton Grassroots to see how the influencer crew do
  2. C

    Equestrian influencers #23 Lots of horses looking obese, (in)Expert Bits need to cease.

    Fab new thread title, thank you DressageDiva. At this stage it’s much the same, Meg dominates the thread, Wimpy’s Pat is no more, RWC is the new CDJ. Badminton grassroots are just round the corner. Expert bits are the best thing since sliced bread, for a short while anyway. Spring is here...
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    Equestrian Influencers #22 RWC is irrational, thinks she’s infallible, and hasn’t qualified for Nationals

    As you were equestrian tattlers! Title courtesy of @hippolife
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    Equestrian Influencers #21 Can you all vlogmas off now please?

    Winning thread title courtesy of @sledgehammer Previous thread - https://tattle.life/threads/equestrian-influencers-20-tinas-qualified-megs-vilified-mumchausens-criticised.42789/ Off topic thread - https://tattle.life/threads/equestrian-off-topic.42972/
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    Equestrian Influencers #20 Tina’s Qualified, Meg’s Vilified & Mumchausen’s Criticised

    Summary… Tina pulled it out of the bag at Bicton and scraped a Badminton GS qualification due to a BE rule change on percentages. She also returned her loan horse to his owner because of lack of time and personal circumstances. Meg had to put Jam on box rest and ramped up the search for a new...
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    Equestrian influencers #19 bit doesn’t fit, but we’ll still try and flog the same old sh..

    @tallgirl17 gave us this gem of a thread title. As you were tattlers, same old same from the same old influencers.
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    Equestrian influencers #18 Dressage with Charlotte is a go, for the umpteenth time.

    So RWC takes up dressage, again, for the umpteenth time. Meg is still breeding warmbloods she doesn’t want to ride. Footloose eventing, Lucy is smashing goals. Justine is a breath of fresh air. Munchausens mumma is keeping the vets in business. Please fill in the gaps I have missed, for there...
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    Equestrian Influencers #17 If you can't handle the heat, then Tattle off..

    Carry on Tattling!
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    Equestrian Influencers #16 Meg’s breeding, Tina’s speeding, Ray’s over-feeding, Mumchausen’s misleading

    As you were. TLDR Meg continues to look for what she already has at home. Ari remains MIA. Emily finally has some success with Addie and looks to be onwards and upwards. RTG has a mare with a crest a stallion would be proud of. Tina has learnt the art of the measured approach to SJ, but will...
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    Equestrian Influencers #15 Retired, but not retired… but I am le tired

    Carry on your discussions Tattlers! Thread title by @ReaRea 😌 Please use the separate Chloe Rose thread if you want to discuss her and her husband.
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    Equestrian Influencers #14... #howNOTtobeanequestrian influencer

    Thanks @LincsLady22 for the thread title. LOTLR has emotional response to anything and everything and we have seen dramatics over mudfever and rambling stories from Mummy but maybe a shake up with a new horse to play with. Emd is married and can keep her channel handle as the surnames starts...
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    Equestrian Influencers #13 #stopsharingyourchildsmedicalhistory

    Recap: Meg smashed it at Grassroots, we’re not all awful people as we cheered her on! Munchausen Mum continues to exploit her daughter and self diagnose. I honestly can’t remember any highlights beyond that! Feel free to add on!
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    Equestrian Influencers #12 Whine... but also, Wine!

    Carry on 😌 Thread title courtesy of @Jenievous 🍷
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    Equestrian Influencers #11 They don't sponsor you? @ them till they do!

    Thank you @Kellyv1 for the thread title. Quick Round Up- please add what I don't remember. Riding with Charlotte does the world's least convincing advert for yFood whilst taking the piss out of her mum and dithering about selling Vossi/Vossi's the love of her life, whilst the poor horse goes...
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    Equestrian Influencers #10 Be relatable, but not TOO relatable.

    This suggested title made me laugh too much so it had to be done 🥲 Carry on!
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    Equestrian influencers #9 Guys it’s taken me 486hrs to edit this yfood vlog

    New thread, same old same old - as you were friends.
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    Equestrian Influencers #8 Here for the fun and the Badders qualification..

    New thread, carry on! Previous can be found here: https://tattle.life/threads/equestrian-influencers-7-show-us-the-ponies-not-promos.33628/
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    Equestrian Influencers #7 Show us the ponies not promos

    Same shit different day would be my very quick summery of the previous threads. So lets start this one on a positive and say how amazing Yas Ingham was to win the gold medal at the world champs.
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    Equestrian Influencers #6 Eeeeeeeeek time for a new thready thread thread

    Thank you @pitterpatterflipflops for our new thread title! Previous thread : https://tattle.life/threads/equestrian-influencers-5-swipe-up-and-duck-off-with-your-10-code.31157/ Carry on 😁
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    Equestrian influencers #5 Swipe up and duck off with your 10% code

    Quick round up. Swipe up and kick on has been filmed, lots of Tina shrieking, Emily’s young horse finally gets a break, Meg gets unnecessarily fat shamed and rightly defended, Lucy is just Lucy. ASA is in full swing, let’s see who gets picked (before their audition video!) RTG still heavily...
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    Equestrian Influencers #4 I’ve got 99 numnahs but my saddle doesn’t fit my bum

    Thanks to @Easypeeler for the name suggestion. Carry on discussing the fairfax and favour carbon copies and everyone else in between.
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    Equestrian influencers #3 Ad/BA/sponsored rider ‘it’s not an ad guys’

    A round up of #2 lots of entitled people getting a lot of free stuff and moaning when they get spoken about on here. That just about covers the Equesterian influencers and wannabe’s.
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    Equestrian Influencers #2

    https://tattle.life/threads/equestrian-influencers.19065/page-51#post-8406173 Following on from the first thread a few influencers mentioned where RTG with an unanimous agreement on her being to heavy for Pepper Life on the buckle/Jess pretty much just Hosslife having beef with her Olivia...
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    Equestrian Influencers

    A thread about equestrian influencers as I don’t think there is one.