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  1. Emma Drew #15 got that bread, then left to hide in bed for days

    It is time for a new Emma Drew thread! Despite going missing for several days she managed to keep us very entertained so congrats on #15 boss babe! This thread’s title with 39 likes is…. me! I did double, triple check using the most liked posts :) Please see the recap below but feel free to...
  2. Emma Drew #14 Affiliate links, Disney porn, eating out everyday until thumb tum is torn

    Thank you to @Badg69 for the (slightly edited to fit) title with 39 likes Emma Drew #14: Affiliate links, Disney porn, eating out everyday until thumb tum is torn. Recap Told Littleowl she was eating too much (Littleowl, not Emma) We found out that Tony worked at Sainsburys and Emma kicked...
  3. Emma Drew 13 Clothes tight. Size 16 not in sight. Bought a Christmas shop filled with..

    @ReginaPhelange with 41 likes in post 969 sorry I've had to shorten it a bit. There is no swearing in this title so *should* be acceptable. Recap from thread 12: -Emma judged a man on twitter for driving a fiat 500. She wanted to know if he was okay. She did not respond to any tweets on the...
  4. Emma Drew #12

    To recap She tried Spanx, didn't work The obituary picture made an appearance She went swimming in a Disney bikini Managed to tag in an Instagram post the wrong company when advertising Bleached some tops and made them look hideous Claimed she actually cared for her father to get apple to give...
  5. Emma Drew #11

    Title removed as we can’t have cursing in thread titles. Thanks to @Laur91 for our most liked thread title. Short and sweet! Recap: -Debated a hamster, a baby, a dog and now is kitten broody -She started using a ring fit and has an apple watch. She asked her followers for accountability but...
  6. Emma Drew #10 Dresses unzipped, Tony's whipped.

    Thanks to @Boostar_ for the winning thread title suggestion of Emma Drew #10: Dresses unzipped, Tony's whipped, massive gunt and still a... Cannot believe we are on number 10! Can still remember when we were debating even getting past number 5, but i'm so glad we saw through her and carried...
  7. Emma Drew #9 Creepy smile, no sense of style.. fitting in Topshop will take a while!

    Thanks to @Rainonme.x for the title suggestion with 58 votes... Emma drew #9: Creepy smile, no sense of style.. fitting in Topshop will take a while! Well that last one went quick didn't it? Just over 2 weeks and over 1000 posts.
  8. Emma Drew #8 Silence is golden, house decor’s rotten. Cancer diagnosis has been forgotten

    I played around with the title a bit to make it fit, hope it’s ok and I haven’t stepped on any toes. Yell at me if I have! Title credit to @Delia Smith
  9. Emma Drew #6

    Think this is right! anyway. I dont no 100% the rules over the hospitals etc but surely if someone was being told they had cancer they would have tohave someone there? when my grandad was told he went blank and couldn’t remember anything that was said only for my Nan!
  10. Emma Drew #5 WLS, can’t eat a thing. Except cheese, beans and meat from a tin

    Title courtesy of @snoopyboop with 24 likes Shout out to @Bubblesandflowers who just got pipped to the post with 23 likes
  11. Emma Drew #4 New house, same manky bed. Unpack the boxes? Nah, I’ll still nap instead!

    Thanks to @Tigercat55 for the great thread title! sums up princess Emma perfectly ;)
  12. Emma Drew #3 Hairy bed, frizzy head, todo list? nah, I’ll nap instead.

    #freetony Thanks @Laur91 for one of the best Tattle Titles of all time!
  13. Emma drew #2 Nap den, crap den, cat den

    Hope I’ve done this correctly, thought it was time! Looking back think the most votes was @Ktpeterson with this one 👍🏼
  14. D

    Emma Drew

    I saw she'd been mentioned a few times on the Vlogmas threads but I think she deserves her own thread. So many things that drive me crazy about this one, it's hard to know where to start! * Talks about having a six figure income and insinuates her followers can have the same via...
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