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  1. mrsgrinchhome

    Eden Harvz #70 eden harvz #70 Poor little kitter, her career has gone down the shitter

    new thread! last one went quite slow after they went silent following the DUI (now they just beg limo companies for a lift) Thanks @LaLaLayla for the title! Edens latest controversy is her sick and twisted mind making out a smear is a sexual experience (rather than comforting the person...
  2. EvilJigglypuff

    Eden Harvz #69 Baby needs to cum… down to the police station

    Thread 69 dudes! Well done @Laura920920 for your traumatising and hilarious thread title, it won with a landslide of 116 likes. Quick recap: Other than scheduled ads, Eden and Lloyd have been silent on social media now for over a week - longer than their honeymoon! There has been speculation...
  3. PoopooKaKa

    Eden Harvs #68 Tiktok Tory's career is coming to an end, shes not racist she has a black friend

    New thread about the self righteous can't take accountability smug tory
  4. mrsgrinchhome

    Eden Harvs #67 Caught being a racist on live, it’s okay because she’s only twenty five 🥺

    New thread guys! Thanks to @lookwhatthecatdraggedin1 for the best thread title. In the last thread Eden was in her piano era, this didn’t last long as she’s now in her racist era. She sang the N word on live, lied and passed it off as saying Nikki, then later posted an “apology” video where...
  5. mrsgrinchhome

    Eden Harvz #66 Eden Starvz, only thing she’s starved of is attention

    New thread time my lovely fellow trolls. I have amalgamated the two top rated as thought it worked slightly better 😊 credit to @Mrskane29 and @tittletottie!!
  6. mrsgrinchhome

    Eden Harvz #65 Nala’s baby put “baby” in a corner

    New thread time! Last one picked up after Eden went full Paul Breach and went down the wegal woute getting a “mediator” involved because someone called her Marge Simpson (an insult to Marge) Let’s not also forget that she got dropped by Nalas Baby hahahaha. Credit to @Lauren-1996 for thread title
  7. Hereforthetea21

    Eden Harvz #64 She lives in a shed, a very small shed in the country

    Well Done to @Shrekssister for the thread title! Little Legs Flabby Tits Lloyd needed reminding about living in a shed as he’s been flexing the rented shed, work shy life, living off mummy Eben, luckily for the two of them, they are ‘financially stable enough to go anywhere’ and so the choice to...
  8. RandomAlpaca22

    Eden Harvz #63 Selling gifted clothes on Vinted even though she claims she’s minted

    New thread - thank you @tittletottie for your winning suggestion! Recap of the last thread: - Tattler @lollypop89 aka Jason was exposed as being a massive Eben Harvz fan after coming here to trash her - expect to see her on Season 2 of Edens' podcast shitcast - Selling gifted clothes on depop...
  9. mrsgrinchhome

    Eden Harvz #62 no honeymoon in tenerife, gifted one in dover, buying dogs for content, not long till it’s over

    Todays thread title is brought to you by our double agent lollypop89. Has she been bribed with shares in Eben Harvz Cosmetics and a Wagamamas gift card? Guess we’ll never know (come and update us Jase!)
  10. ijustdontgetit

    Eden harvz #61 Lee Hadfield’s wife’s sister

    This was the most liked thread title, never made a thread in my life, hope I’ve done it right 🫣 Thanks @potatopotato2988
  11. RandomAlpaca22

    Eden Harvz #60 For richer for poorer, in self diagnosed sickness health, till TikTok death do us part, I do

    Thank you @Lauren-1996 for the thread name:ROFLMAO: Feel free to give a recap although I think the only interesting thing to happen is the wedding... loool
  12. Poppetta83

    Eden Harvz #59 No celebs will notice me, it must because I reek of BV!

    Well down to @RandomAlpaca22 for the winning thread title! Send us your PayPal link so we can contribute towards a prize 😁 I love that this screenshot also includes the picture of our BV giant and her ragdoll
  13. Poppetta83

    Eden Harvz #58 My face is deformed, my knickers are rotten. Funds are drying up & Elphaba smells of cotton!

    @littlenat is the winner! I wonder if this thread will last into July? She’s so irrelevant now that it wouldn’t surprise me 😆
  14. H

    Eden Harvz #57 Tattle trolls all jealous of me, I wear a nappy and my man’s 5ft 3

    @Lauren-1996 with the winning title! As you were trolls! Anyone for a recap? Still in the ADHD era probably the most she's been in an era 🙃
  15. Hereforthetea21

    Eden Harvz #56 ADHD - Acute Dick Head Disorder

    New thread with title by @Blunderwoman Congrats🎉 Eben has treated us recently to a 60 minute diagnosis for ADHD which she paid for and recorded for all her fans to start feeling sorry for her and excuse her ridiculous behaviour. Yet going onto tiktok to rant about being called out and upset by...
  16. livelaughlobotomy

    Eden Harvz #55 My online behaviour has sealed my own fate, but please give me brand deals because I am great!

    Well done Jiggly for the excellent thread title! Here's something to mark the occasion! Who fancies doing a recap?
  17. EvilJigglypuff

    Eden Harvz #54 Dropped by her management, dropped by fans, now she's on the scrounge for a free deep pan

    Oh dear oh dear Eden, it’s time for another thread already! Recap: Eden went live with her 8 year old nephew and 5 year old niece at the weekend; the live was watched by a peak of 8,000 viewers as she told her niece she looked like a “Russian whore” and called her nephew a “gayboy” as she...
  18. Mrskane29

    Eden Harvz #53 Are you not embarrazzed?

    Congrats @EvilJigglypuff on the title! Can someone do a recap please?
  19. EvilJigglypuff

    Eden Harvz #52 Dear Eben, we hope you love your Tattle thread. Love, Red Bull

    It’s time for another thread, Hornies! Quick recap: • She couldn’t last five minutes without being a cunt and made some very dangerous comments about post natal mental health • The #FreeLloyd movement has gained some traction • Eden has continued flashing wealth in a cost of living crisis...
  20. Ohheyyyyy

    Eden Harvz #51 Eben breach and Lloyd the leech

    New thread suggestion from @ghostguy Recap - she's still a twunt. As you were 😘
  21. livelaughlobotomy

    Eden Harvz #50 Married at first sheight

    Well don't @tittletottie for the winning thread title! Hopefully I've amended it enough to pass the rules!
  22. Poppetta83

    Eden Harvz #49 Eben's life is such an hit & dinner made from picky bits

    The winning title is from @tittletottie 🎉 I had to scroll down past @livelaughlobotomy amazing edits first though 🤣 Damn, just realised I got the bloody number the wrong way around 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ll ask for it to be edited Edit again - I spelt her bloody name wrong as well. Ffs 🤣 Someone else can...
  23. mrsgrinchhome

    Eden Harvz #48 Manifestation Masturbation

    Thank you to @livelaughlobotomy for the title 🥰 what are your masturbation manifestions today guys?
  24. livelaughlobotomy

    Eden Harvz #47 green green giant, blue blue sky, little legs Lloyd is the same height as Chai

    Well done @mrsgrinchhome for the absolutely epic winning title
  25. mrsgrinchhome

    Eden Harvz #46 Beautybeyondthe_eden

    Well done @Spencerino42!! Well done Ebenezer, you’ve locked a new achievement: being compared to the country’s most disliked narcissistic nonse. The last thread wasn’t quite as eventful as it’s very hard to live up to an elf photoshoot and wearing knee high boots but I am sure Eben will think...