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  1. mrsgrinchhome

    Eden Harvs #36 Lady Muck and Friar Tuck, none of us actually give a fu..

    Big up @MISSMURDER for the thread title! As you were my crappuccinos
  2. Mrskane29

    Eden Harvz #35. Rickshaw riding, views are sliding and don’t forget the ADs that Eden's been hiding!

    And we have a winner!!! (Il get it one day 😅)
  3. Mrskane29

    Eden Harvz #34 Bum Pads, Secret Ads, Getting Driven Around by a Drunk Little Lad

    @EvilJigglypuff well done!! Who's gonna recap?!
  4. Mrskane29

    Eden Harvz #33 She’s only 24.

    Time for ANOTHER thread! 😅 @anon20 Forgot to add this x
  5. Mrskane29

    Eden Harvz #32 Eden Harvz (Yaz Hadfield’s sister)

    Winner by a landslide!
  6. EvilJigglypuff

    Eden Harvz #31 Eden’s worried about birds of prey, but who will they kidnap, little Lloyd or Earl Grey?

    Amazing new thread title from @mrsgrinchhome 👏🏻😂 Previous thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/eden-harvz-30-gifted-a-bed-to-put-in-her-shed-little-mans-definitely-not-being-under-fed.31693/page-53 Wow, where do we even begin with the recap on this one? Congrats on your fastest moving...
  7. Mrskane29

    Eden Harvz #30 Gifted a bed to put in her shed, Little man’s definitely not being under fed!

    Winning thread suggestion by Tellmewhy! Can someone recap please :)
  8. mrsgrinchhome

    Eden Harvz #29 horsegirl no more, skidmark pants on the floor, keeping up with her lies is becoming a chore

    in true Eden fashion, I am sucking my own dick and congratulating myself for the thread title 🤣 special shout-out to @BellaLaTrixLastrangest for this great artistic rendition in other news - Lloyd is still very much an EXTREMELY small man, still thinks he’s a proper Mancheser YesYesPeople lad...
  9. Squashedbanana

    Eden Harvz #28 Lloyd is a very small man

    Top thread title thanks to @AdApathy @queencoco is the queen of recaps… and just popping this here to pair with the new thread title:
  10. Squashedbanana

    Eden Harvz #27 Little booster Lloyd, ❤️🏝 he must avoid, Yaz exposed as a cheat, Harvey’s can’t take the heat

    These threads are moving faster than Lloyd stomping through the airport in his boosters! Winning thread suggestion bought to you by @Hereforthetea21 🙌🏻 (edited to fit, had to get creative with emojis)
  11. unbelievable_jeff

    Eden Harvz #26 Tiny hands. When will Eden and Lloyd finally call it quits?!

    New thread, @Rags2Riches title had the most amount of likes. 🥳 I don't have time to do a whole recap but i will just leave this here
  12. xoxo GG

    Eden Harvz #25 No red bull deals, her boyfriend's in heels and where's the crook book meals?

    New thread 🙂 title curtesy of @damn you got me Anybody fancy doing a recap?
  13. Squashedbanana

    Eden Harvz #24 Fishy flan, would rather be with Dan, instead she said yes to a tiny little man

    Winning thread title thanks to @MissPiggyLidia 🥳
  14. Ohheyyyyy

    Eden Harvs #23 Edens with Dan, Lloyds in Dam. Eden still smells like a mouldy clam

    New thread, title from @Loppylou89 As you were...
  15. Ohheyyyyy

    Eden Harvz #22 Eden’s fishy bits, Lloyd’s saggy tits. How long till the engagement splits?

    Hopefully I've done it right 🤣 This is most liked from @Chipss
  16. Who Knows?WhoCares?

    Eden Harvz #21 The money nicker, skiddy knicker, nephew kicker

    Welcome aboard!
  17. L

    Eden Harvz #20 Living in scum with a dirty bum.

    As you were folks! If anyone can do a recap that would be good - thankyou!
  18. Hereforthetea21

    Eden Harvz #19 Big crook, little cook. Welcome to our bedroom

    Thanks to @tellmewhy for the new thread title with 49 likes! I will do an update in due course!
  19. Ohheyyyyy

    Eden Harvz #18 Botched up fillers and takeaway dinners"

    Not sure who the winner was, but just made a new thread as the last one is running over 😁 Hope I did it right 😂
  20. S

    Eden Harvz #17 Faking a lisp, needs to get a grip, how long till Lloyd dips?

    Can’t believe how fast her threads move sometimes! To recap Freya has fallen out or had some sort of disagreement with Eden, Yaz etc. Yaz is going back to Wales now so will Eden bother with Freya again now?! If Lloyd wasn’t around she deffo would. She called Molly Mae a cheeky cunt and...
  21. heckles

    Eden Harvz #16 Thinks she slaps but pays for the paps

    Thread number 16!! Let’s round everyone together and then we can recap :)
  22. Eyespy00

    Eden Harvs #15 You know what time it is…it’s time catch the clap from Eden…Cha cha cha

    Thanks to whoever made the title! Hope this has posted in the correct section now Lloyds kitchen in his recent tiktok looks so grubby. There’s no wonder he obviously doesn’t mind edens pit if he’s willing to cook in such a filthy kitchen.
  23. S

    Eden Harvz Psychologically deranged fans and crazily obsessed with her man's.

    New thread for Eden! Quick recap: Has an unhealthy obsession with Lloyd. Advising her fans (most of them being young) to take medication that just isn’t safe. Still talking inappropriately about sex and other weird stuff to her underage fans. Still as obnoxious as ever! Feel free to add...
  24. heckles

    Eden Harvz #13 red flags, designer rags, probably stinks of stale fags

    So here we are at thread 13! I will do a quick recap in a minute :) A quick recap - Eden has started to slack even more on her EWM duties. Like she forgot where her followers have come from. She’s now got a fella who basically does everything but lick the toilet for her, this can either go one...
  25. GarlicSausage

    Eden Harvz #12 The world’s first sexually active celibate

    New thread, if anyone wants to recap that would be great I'm not very good at it. @queencoco suggestion had the most likes.
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