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    Cleanandgleamit #15 Georgia’s off to the Isle of Wight and she’s worried about where she’ll take a s

    Thanks to @Tamij for the winning thread title. Anyone fancy doing a recap? I don't tend to follow QVC Queen much anymore. Too many ads for me. Previous thread:
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    Cleanandgleamit #14 Miss Recreation - Wrinkliest neck in the nation

    Thanks to @MinnieMaus for this fantastic thread title! Miss Recreation (cheers Adam 🤣) now has more staff than any other business on Scilly, so has even more free time to devote her to such crucial things as: hoovering, mopping, moaning, laundry, moaning, swimming, feeding the ducks, fannying...
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    Cleanandgleamit #13 Body shop was so last year. Now she has a new career!

    I don’t think this was actually suggested as a thread title, but I just really loved it and it sums up the current situation perfectly. So many thanks to @Awkwardmam for the post! Georgia’s new year hasn’t been a bed of roses. Her South Africa hun trip cruelly ripped away from her, as the Body...
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    Cleanandgleamit #12 When in Rome, all she does is moan

    New thread time - seems like a lifetime ago now she’s back to Shitter Island, but this was a massive hit from @spongey We followed her as she gave us a guided tour around the magical city of Venice, followed by the beauty of Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, and finally on to Rome. However, none...
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    Cleanandgleamit #11 Georgia's a schmuck, she's gone and lost a duck

    Congratulations to @KeepingUpWithThe.... on our new thread title, inspired by the Princess of Shitter Island’s cock up while giving such loving care and attention to the ducklings who she totally adores uses for content. Eight little ducks went swimming one day, left in the care of Georgia...
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    Cleanandgleamit #10 Constant ads for Body Shop, never changes her top, undisclosed ads for her shop

    Most votes were for the suggestion by @Tamij Princess Georgia’s favourite Tattler 🤣🤣🤣 Congratulations 👏 I really don’t think I need to add anything for a TLDR… she’s so repetitive, anyone new just look at her stories today and you’ll see why we’re all here 😂
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    Cleanandgleamit #9 Georgia May AKA Groundhog Day

    Congratulations to @Little Miss Planner on the new thread title! Has Princess Georgia down to a tee… Her stories haven’t loaded again this morning, shame 🙁 I’m sure she had some really creative new stuff we’ve never seen before. Carry on friends. Re the last post on the previous thread - it...
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    Cleanandgleamit #8 Georgia ain’t no Birth of Venus, she looks like a walking p*nis

    New thread title - congratulations to me! I’ve never had a thread title before, so why not this time. Georgia continues to be the most annoying of the Insta huns. She recently attended the Body Shop conference in Telford where she seems to have been inspired to be even more of an mlm twat...
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    Cleanandgleamit #7 Georgia May wont have a shower, unless it's in her swimming hour!

    Well done to @Beyondwords! on our new thread title - sums up the Princess of Shutter Island nicely! Well, she’s actually getting the October beauty boxes in the post before she goes on holiday. Wonders never cease. So don’t blame Georgia if yours doesn’t turn up - it’s the post, the Body Shop...
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    Cleanandgleamit #6 Ten little ducks went swimming one day, seven died due to Georgia May

    The title says it all really. Thanks to @Lynx We continue to be collectively saddened and angered by Princess Georgia of Shutter Island’s antics regarding the ducks. She seems to be refusing to acknowledge any wrongdoing, or take any responsibility for the demise of so many of the ducklings...
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    Cleanandgleamit #5 Snatches the ducks gives no bucks. All for the gram she doesn't give a damn.

    Thanks to @Tittlelife for the new thread name. Things have picked up pace with Georgia stealing Margaret's ducklings from the beach. She is already moa ING about the amount of shit. Several complaints have been made about her having taken them. That's her content sorted for the next month. Mix...
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    Cleanandgleamit #4 Georgia May or Georgia may not, put an ad on the freebies she got

    Excellent suggestion for a thread title @or JusRollWithIt In summary: Georgia is on her umpteenth trip to the mainland this year, despite telling us she can’t afford to travel and can’t get hold of anything that’s sold on the mainland; Georgia is a extra, extra small size 6 in clothes - just...
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    Cleanandgleamit #3 Hoover the carpets, Feed the ducks, Nobody really gives two clucks…

    Congratulations to @Molly1cat on the thread title, which got the most votes. Georgia continues to be the biggest moaning twat on Instagram. Never happy about anything. Rarely showers, other than when she goes for a swim 🤢 Despises the fact that she must share her home with her family as they...
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    Cleanandgleamit #2 Claims to be busy running a shop, but always at home with her Leifheit

    Winning thread by @spongey well done! Mod edit: previous thread -
  15. obviously....

    cleanandgleamit - what do we think?

    She has 25k followers and is public account so hope this is allowed. She is a cleaning account and does everything at 100 miles an hour. She hoovers about 5 times a day, cleans her floors about 5 times a day and cleans everything after someone has used it once. For example, she hoovers the...
  16. Doingitforthegramhuns


    Anyone else follow? I really liked her when I first started following her but she’s getting to be unbearable. Definitely has issues, who hoovers and mops their floors 4 or 5 times a day! Can’t stand the way she screeches at her son and the way she moans about the family showering! Also not...