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    Cleanandgleamit #4 Georgia May or Georgia may not, put an ad on the freebies she got

    Excellent suggestion for a thread title @or JusRollWithIt In summary: Georgia is on her umpteenth trip to the mainland this year, despite telling us she can’t afford to travel and can’t get hold of anything that’s sold on the mainland; Georgia is a extra, extra small size 6 in clothes - just...
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    Cleanandgleamit #3 Hoover the carpets, Feed the ducks, Nobody really gives two clucks…

    Congratulations to @Molly1cat on the thread title, which got the most votes. Georgia continues to be the biggest moaning twat on Instagram. Never happy about anything. Rarely showers, other than when she goes for a swim 🤢 Despises the fact that she must share her home with her family as they...
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    Cleanandgleamit #2 Claims to be busy running a shop, but always at home with her Leifheit

    Winning thread by @spongey well done! Mod edit: previous thread -
  4. obviously....

    cleanandgleamit - what do we think?

    She has 25k followers and is public account so hope this is allowed. She is a cleaning account and does everything at 100 miles an hour. She hoovers about 5 times a day, cleans her floors about 5 times a day and cleans everything after someone has used it once. For example, she hoovers the...
  5. Doingitforthegramhuns


    Anyone else follow? I really liked her when I first started following her but she’s getting to be unbearable. Definitely has issues, who hoovers and mops their floors 4 or 5 times a day! Can’t stand the way she screeches at her son and the way she moans about the family showering! Also not...
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