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  1. Thank(space)you

    Chloe Todd #20 starve, eat, cry, repeat

    Previous thread here: Well done @Tanne1999 on the winning title Does anyone want to recap?
  2. WilmaHun

    Chloe Todd #19 Always jumping into things feet first!

    Thread title by @PrincessShark Continue here....
  3. WilmaHun

    Chloe Todd #18 Can you Zilch it? old thread here I went through 11 pages of "most liked posts" to try and find a thread suggestion but the below was the only one! "Can you zilch it?" said by @azza90 , nominated by @Lucia as a...
  4. L

    Chloe Todd #17 Aaron is a babe. Chloes minions are actually deranged?

    Thanks to cheap-bananas for the thread title. Anyone care to do a thread recap? All I can think of is Chloe is still a shit mum Holly is a walking red flag Drunk piercings Starbucks is still priority over doing anything with her kids Kelly is psychotic, as is Demi Aaron we Stan you...
  5. GarlicSausage

    Chloe Todd #16 What does Chloe and Buy Now, Pay Later have is common? Zilch

    Well done @JustSteph 👏🏼
  6. WilmaHun

    Chloe Todd #15 Benefit dodging, but we all know Holly's lodging

    Old thread here Well done to @Tanne1999 for the new thread title! (I know @PinkGinPrincess had slightly more votes but we're not allowed swears in thread titles so couldn't use...
  7. Thank(space)you

    Chloe todd #14 she's engaged, we’re enraged, how much longer will her boys be caged?

    Winning thread title @Justonemoreepisode Full title was "Chloes engaged, we’re all enraged, but how much longer will she keep her boys caged?" Chloes engaged, she still hasn't washed. That's as much of a recap as I can be bothered to do, so feel free someone else to do a proper one
  8. WilmaHun

    Chloe Todd #13 Chloe's bird looks like her brother, will she ever be a mother?

    Thanks to @sharnijade for the thread title! Anyone care to do a recap?
  9. WilmaHun

    Chloe Todd #12 Covered in hicks, clothes on tick

    Old thread Winning thread title @charxlou 🥳🥳 She's got "blood" necklaces with the new girlfriend Holly has had a "C" tattoo in a little love heart on her ring finger It was one of the boy's...
  10. Thank(space)you

    Chloe Todd #11 507 personalities and every single one is dull

    Congrats @PrincessShark For the winning thread title. Recap from last thread: Chloes been pretty dull, shock. She's got a stick and poke tattoo set and Holly is giving her tattoos with it Holly has been promoted from taxi driver to babysitter as she watched the boys whilst Chloe went away...
  11. Thank(space)you

    Chloe Todd #10

    New thread, thank you @Gossipgirl9101 for the words, nominated by yours truly. Chloe and Aaron have split up, she's now a dom lesbian pimping her insecure girlfriend out for likes. Chloe says she'd never let a new partner meet the kids before a year of dating, she didn't even last a month...
  12. Noseybarker

    Chloe Todd #9 One fad after another, when will she step up as a mother?

    New thread, thanks to @PrincessShark for the title.
  13. Thank(space)you

    Chloe Todd #8 Chlo’s having a strop because all her business ventures are a flop

    Thank you @Anonymous04 for the thread title suggestion. Recap on last thread: *Chloe is now a social media manager charging £450pcm for her services *she appears to no longer be doing only fans *she got hella jealous at the prospect of Aaron fancying Anne Marie from the voice * she cried...
  14. Thank(space)you

    Chloe Todd #7 Baths in a puddle, maybe that's why her lies are all muddled?

    Thank you @Desperatefot for the thread suggestion with 13 likes. I can't remember what happened in the last thread apart from Chloes OF going quiet, her spending crazy money on Aaron for Christmas and Chloe being a covidiot. If anyone would do a TLDR it would be appreciated
  15. Thank(space)you

    Chloe Todd #6 Chloe Todd, When is she going to get a real Job

    Thank you @PrincessPeach52 for the thread title suggestion with 13 likes 🥳 I'm rubbish at recap so please add anything I've missed: Chloe is back on calorie counting ie having 40g of cucumber for lunch on the gram and binging behind closed doors She's still not got heating or hot water She...
  16. Thank(space)you

    Chloe Todd #5 toys galore, but she still can’t clean her manky floor

    Well done @Candy_floss for your winning thread suggestion 🥳 I'm sure Chloe will DM you a saggy tit pic as thanks 😂 I'm not good at thread recap as my memory is shocking, but most notably chloe has got only fans now for the shocking price of £14. It's now all she talks about. She's stopping...
  17. I'm not Putin

    Chloe Todd #4 premium pics did the trick, Chloe’s now rich, she gets ham in a click

    so hello and welcome to the cyber rat clan this thread is about flappy todd the nick name i gave to chloe because she always has her flaps on show anyone like to do a recap ?
  18. L

    Chloe Todd #3 Apparently bringing in the big bucks, not sure how, her content sucks!

    @PrincessShark for thread title. Chloe has made her hairdresser take this pic off insta and replace with a filtered one... how embarrassing. Okay recap of last thread Chloe is on and off SW plan more than she changes her knickers. Her kids have broke another TV, and an ipad. She is still...
  19. Bostonxx

    Chloe Todd #2 Gifted cakes, fake insta breaks. Will she ever stop moaning about her weight

    @PrincessShark for the new title. Previous thread -
  20. Justdishingthetea

    Chloe Todd

    So i swear there was a thread for this chick but ok she is the ultimate beg oh look what turned up at my door not that you did not give your adress or anything love 😂😂 also she goes on about being against these engagment group but hers is crap she has likes but nothing mega and may be gets 10-20...