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    Who is Daniel Wheeler aka Daniel Nicholls?

    Daniel David Peter Wheeler (aka Whanker, Wheelie Bin, David, King of the Turnips) - born 11 Sept 1985 - is the owner and face of The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan. A director of several failed and one failing fitness/wellbeing companies, that he uses to sell his re-imagined vision of a "diet" that is not a diet. But rest assured, it’s a diet. Note: As of Fall 2023 in an effort to escape his awful track record of scamming and ripping people off, he has changed his name/"brand" to "Daniel Nicholls." But rest assured it's the same lying scheming scamming Wheeler!

    A once-overweight marketing analyst for Toshiba who, through intermittent fasting and steroid abuse, transformed himself into a muscle magazine cover feature and self-styled weight loss guru. You’ll find his confirmed info on how he lost weight freely on the net. It’s not hidden.

    Often the maker of his own demise, Daniel Wheeler lacks any ability to self reflect and cannot accept any criticism no matter how constructive. He is now an overweight (sorry, "strong man") bully who guzzles energy drinks, burps and makes gross sex jokes with his cronies from his girlfriend's garage. Oh, and still charges people extortionate amounts of money for very little in return.

    He's "the best in the world" at what he does...but what he does doesn't appear to be much.

    Wheeler tries to present an image of encouragement, support, and a positive mindset. He is anything but. This malignant narcissist is completely blinded by his own greed and delusions, to the point he would sink so low as to attack a newly diagnosed cancer patient (see below).

    What is 80/20?

    The promise is that you will lose cm's and feel better with coaching on nutrition and mindset that will give you the tools to go it alone once the plan, 16 weeks, is complete.

    You get your macros, nutrients and calories set at the beginning of your plan, with dedicated help throughout your journey to ensure you stay on track. It is guaranteed to work, or there is a money back guarantee.

    By joining the plan you will become a member of the exclusive academy ("Scamcademy"), where staff are on hand to answer your questions and provide support. The academy also includes some legends, who have completed the plan and enjoyed their time so much they now hang about to answer questions and help others.

    The academy has access to recipes, classes and tips to help you along to losing those cm's and staying off the scales forever! (But refer to the below before getting too excited!)

    Why is 80/20 a scam?

    £25 per month (locked in for 4 months, with a £25 set up fee - £125 total) for bespoke calories and macros, CBT/psychology support, nutritional support, exclusive lives in the Academy, hundreds of workout classes and recipes. Money back guarantee if you don't lose fat or address your emotional eating and binging.

    Except there are NO qualified staff left (psychologist left in 2018, no nutritionist on board, no fitness instructors or PTs). The materials featuring these are very out of date, and many say are boring too. If you leave the plan, your access to these resources is revoked. The calories are worked out in a spreadsheet you can find for free, and are set at maintenance so not conducive to weight loss. Lives are sporadic, and streamed free on other platforms. The Academy is a Facebook group where you can't ask for help as it's deemed "negative" and will be deleted - the most advice you'll get is to "trust the process." There are hardly any recipes and those that exist are ripped off from other websites. The instructors deleted their workout classes when Daniel Wheeler sacked them, and he hasn't replaced them. The money back guarantee is a lie - in the terms and conditions is says you can't request one. The only reason Dan asks you to report your progress is so that even if you lose 1cm in total across 17 measurement points on your body in 16 weeks, you are deemed to have "success" on the plan.

    Does it work?

    If run correctly, it is acknowledged that the plan may provide some helpful information and support.

    However, for the majority the calories are set too high. Even in those who saw a reduction in CMs to begin with (likely due to moving more and drinking more water), they eventually saw those CMs go back on, and more. Those who weighed themselves saw a gain overall, often a significant one.

    In its current state, the 80/20 lifestyle plan is 3 friends talking nonsense that ranges from any topical content to drug use, sex and innuendo. Nothing more than mid morning entertainment (if you find it entertaining, that is) in the form of lives that are also available for free on platforms other than FB (so not exclusive to those paying). Much of his content consists of endless “one time” offers that are constantly recycled, peppered with other short lived or non-existent money grabbing schemes.

    So, in summary, it's a scam as you do not receive the content or support you are promised in order to sign up. And the content you do pay for, is not even exclusive. And you're likely to end up heavier at the end than you were at the start...but you'll never get your money back.

    Escape the scam

    The money back guarantee is a lie, even if you do meet the lengthy criteria set out on the website, the decision is Daniel's so it's 99.9999999% certain he'll refuse, that's the only thing that is guaranteed. If you speak to your bank and ask to cancel the payments/raise a payment dispute (tell them you have been mis-sold as none of the advertised elements are delivered & that Trading Standards are aware) they should stop these before your 16 weeks are up.

    Keeping safe on Trust Pilot

    80/20 frequently ask for proof of custom for negative reviews. Trust Pilot Will email you saying 80/20 want this proof - ignore this email. It will then be followed up by an email of Trust Pilot asking for proof - respond with your proof of purchase but state that you don't want your details given to 80/20. This way not only will your review stay up without Dan Wheeler knowing who you are, but it will also verify your reviews being from a genuine customer, making it more trustworthy for others.

    Daniel Wheeler’s cronies

    Kaz (Nessa/Turnip 1) - has been on the plan for five years almost and is much bigger than when she started. She looks fine, but if you’re advocating a lifestyle and weight loss plan… she shouldn’t be advocating it because she’s actual proof it doesn’t work.

    Sean (Turnip 2) - likes to get high, spends time laughing at all of Daniels “jokes”. Has a brown nose because it lived up Dan’s arse. *update: As of early April 2022, it appears Sean has left. Like the long list of other staff who took a "break" which became permanent, he is not expected to return.

    Sam - current GF with whom he resides, and works from her garage. They have been together for over a year, though have known each other much longer. She gave up an NHS job to “work” for DW.

    The Steves - the ultimate fanboys. One sings songs about Dan to maximum cringe responses. The other is his dogsbody, creating fake accounts to troll (and in at least one case, stalk) those who speak out.

    Ex staff

    The list of former staff and former friends burned by Daniel Wheeler is quite long. It is almost guaranteed that any association with him will end badly. Indeed, those who have been most loyal are ultimately subject to his most vicious attacks. It has been reported that one poor woman showed him great generosity including providing financial and other support, only to be harassed by him to the point of contemplating self harm. This is but one sad example.

    A short list of those left in Dan's wake over the years include Sinead, Michelle, Hannah, Nicki, Lee, Jenny, Kirstie, Allie and of course Phatt Dan Jones (*see below). He ends up treating people around him appallingly.

    The boom'n'bust cycle

    He has had a series of ups and downs of his own. A strained relationship with parents, married but now divorced and floating from one friendship to another as he slowly burns his bridges in order to make some money. He has had several "crash and burn" cycles through these ups and downs of relationships and business.

    In mind/late 2020 this ended with inpatient treatment. Though he has since admitted he is an addict, but does not appear ready to deal with the addictions as he swaps one for another (Food/steroids/recreational drugs/prescription drugs/alcohol/caffeine).

    The "Wheeler cycle" is quite predictable, as several iterations have been widely publicized by himself (albeit with zero insight or understanding of what is actually happening). A typical cycle lasts 18-24 months:

    1. Through sheer dumb luck, Daniel Wheeler achieves some measure of fame/success/recognition.
    2. It goes to his head. Things begin to degenerate.
    3. The whole thing implodes as the new crowd begins to recognize the truth.
    4. Tearful apologies* and promises to change, while blaming mental health, and anyone but himself. This ends up being used as click-bait.

    * Dan has recently revealed he uses eye drops to generate fake tears.

    Of course, he never changes and goes on to repeat the whole cycle.

    Book Deal

    Pulled weeks before publishing for calling woman a C U next Tuesday. Peddles an ebook that’s mostly a book of Dan and how he’s the master of the world and no mention or reference to the others who helped write this material. Priced it highly but it’s not worth the word document it’s written in. Despite his standard tears and apologies following this painful episode, he actually learned nothing and continues to curse and call anyone who disagrees with him a C-U-N-T across all his platforms.

    Life Changing Fitness

    Early incarnation of the plan that failed circa 2015. Certain elements are recognizable such as grandiose promises of extensive support and bespoke nutritional and exercise plans. At least this version did appear to have some genuine third party content from people with legitimate qualifications. The plan failed due to Dan’s inattention and inconsistency. It is understood no refunds were issued. The company name continues to appear on some filings to this day.


    Current version of Dan's plan (see details above). Blew up in early 2021 when he went viral, rapidly going from 300 to 2000 members. The truth about Daniel Wheeler quickly became apparent to these new clients and membership has drifted down to well below 300 as of Feb 2022. It is suspected many of these accounts are dormant. After lashing out with vicious bullying and threats of action by his "legal team", Dan has produced more than one fake apology video where he cries and begs forgiveness while bemoaning his self-inflicted fate. Of course these are thinly veiled attempts to shift blame and recruit new members. It isn't working.

    As of March 2022, membership in his plan has fallen below 200. How many of these are paying accounts cannot be verified for certain, but it is estimated to be less than 50 based on a review of membership and activity inside the Scamademy. TCHQ has now surpassed their total membership, no doubt a source of frustration to Dan's massive ego.

    As of fall 2022, the plan has been effectively shut down. Dan tried to keep scamming people with a Patreon but this quickly flopped.

    Chasing clout

    Dan Wheeler believes fame is the sole measure of a person's worth. He also believes he is famous. He has tried numerous times over the years to pull others into his schemes and scams in failed attempts to boost his own following. This has included everything from trying to physically fight (when his ideas are challenged in a debate setting), to numerous bogus offers of money in return for an appearance on his "show." Over the years he has tried this with Gemma Collins, Jodie Marsh, Joe Wicks, Dr. Christian, and most recently (April 2022) he offered Danielle Lloyd £2500 to come on for an "interview" with him. Thus far, we are not aware of anyone accepting such a ridiculous offer.

    Mental health claims

    He claims to suffer cycles of the depths of depression to massive highs (these coincide with flourishing business and failing business). From this he has self diagnosed several disorders ranging from Bipolar to Depression to ADHD... etc., all self-diagnosed. He uses this as an excuse for his behaviour and to gain sympathy.

    Daniel Wheeler did receive inpatient treatment following a mental breakdown a couple of years a go when his last business and marriage failed, and he had essentially lost it all; but since this time has failed to look after his mental health/well-being and is now revisiting bad habits and addictions that will likely lead him down this road again if he doesn't address this soon.

    However, and it cannot be said for certain as we have not had him examined by a qualified professional, but it seems likely he has a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This would explain his victim mentality when things go wrong, why he consistently blames everyone else and can take no accountability for anything he does.

    Daniel Wheeler’s weight and (lack of) health

    He did in fact lose 8 stone many years ago, but has since put most of it back on (dressed up as weight training for strong man competitions). He is not a picture of health himself, and struggles to keep a routine. He expects people with far more responsibilities than himself (for example a job, children) to walk 10000 steps a day while he can't even manage half of this. In the most recent times his appearance has become more diminished and he seems to be suffering the ill-effects of his drug addiction, previously steroids and cocaine but most recently codeine (see below).

    Here is a detailed analysis of Wheeler's false claims regarding his own weight loss as of March 2022.

    Frequent health issues

    Wheeler often reports himself to be suffering a variety of ailments that keep him from working or otherwise paying attention to his customers, putting effort into his plan, etc. These are often non-specific "infections." For a supposedly healthy and strong young man promoting a fitness lifestyle, it seems Daniel Wheeler is frequently quite ill.

    Dan claims to be on testosterone replacement therapy. It's more likely he is injecting illegal, potentially contaminated steroids. This, along with poor injection technique, could cause skin infection (cellulitis).

    Wheeler also has visibly poor hygiene, seeming to rarely wash or change his limited wardrobe. This could also contribute to his frequent infections.

    Daniel Wheeler’s Qualifications

    Dan does not possess professional qualifications he often speaks of, though he has been an avid gym goer so has some of his own experience - this is not always transferable to everyone's situation, as he likes to believe. With an online (no gym floor experience) PT course and a Groupon CBT...thing, he decided he knew all there is to know about movement, nutrition, mindset, menopause, hormones, thyroid and body systems, and the menstrual cycle. So he set to work "saving lives." How? By charging people an extortionate amount of money for very little in return, and making constant bids at becoming famous on social media. He uses a spreadsheet to figure your maintenance calories and then ensures you do 10k steps a day by shaming yourself for being lazy if you don’t get up early to do them. So you gain weight. But you won’t know it because SMASH THE SCALES.

    Daniel Wheeler’s false claims of greatness

    The man is completely driven by (and blinded by) his own massive yet extremely fragile ego. In Dan's mind, he is all-knowing, about every topic, and can do no wrong - ever. Even in his own videos with fake tears, apologies, and promises to change (of which there have been several) he still cannot help but to shift blame and seek to exonerate himself and his own reprehensible behaviour.

    The most gentle, well intended constructive criticism is met with extreme hostility. Dan's narcissism is such that he believes every minute detail of his mundane daily life represents an earth-shattering excitement to be shared with his adoring fans.

    Daniel Wheeler claims to have set a number of world records, including for example British Indoor Rowing. There has been no independent documentation of any of these claims, and in fact official records show this not to be the case. He did in fact place third at a minor local strongman competition in 2021.

    Daniel Wheeler variously claims he or his plan have helped 2000 people, 6000 people, 100000+ people, or something in between. There is no objective documentation or means of verifying this claim. Dan himself has admitted that he does no follow up with those who complete the plan, so without that data it can be concluded that the number of people he claims to have helped is entirely made up.

    Messiah Complex

    Dan attempts to alienate vulnerable people from their support systems.

    Bullying and misogyny

    So we have the term bullying, that Dan often bands about. The widely accepted definition being:

    "Bully - verb
    gerund or present participle: bullying

    seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable)"

    However, when associating with Daniel Wheeler in the social media realm or within the Academy, the definition of a bully is anyone who disagrees with Dan or intends to prove him wrong (when he is wrong...which is a lot).

    For the person Daniel Wheeler deems to be a bully, it will be expulsion from the plan without refund. For anyone else (*see Luke Hannah) he will offer to fight you.

    However, what Dan doesn't acknowledge is that he himself uses bullying and intimidation to silence people (all of whom he defines as "trolls"), get his own way or stop a conversation where he is out of his depth knowledge-wise (ie anything deeper than a puddle).

    Daniel Wheeler also has a long record of misogynistic behaviour, including objectifying and degrading women he met via a dating app. He has proudly shared some of this content via his work accounts. It appears Dan has a deep seated hatred for women; this is particularly disturbing considering his target demographic. He tries to exploit the vulnerable and has stooped as low as threatening to share a vulnerable woman's private images.

    He also states that only women are stupid enough to argue with him.


    Amelia was a member of the plan who was passionate to support it. Under Dan Wheeler’s guidance she paid £600 to undertake a qualification in nutrition, on the promise of a job with 80/20. However, when she got pregnant he refused to have anything to do with her, and kicked her out of the Academy. She started a FB group for ex members to support each other, but there was a spy reporting everything said back to Dan. He threatened Amelia with legal action, and she closed the group down.


    Emma was an unhappy customer who left a negative review on Trust Pilot. Dan was able to identify her, and proceeded to make an entire video dedicated to her review. In it he threatened her, insulted her and encouraged his followers to abuse her by giving out her TikTok handle. He also threatened legal action against her. Most of what she said in her review has stood to be true, and Wheeler’s arguments against it in the video shown to be lies (he even trips himself up numerous times, essentially validating the points he's trying to say are lies). This resulted in Wheeler’s pet rat Steve Rowland creating troll accounts to abuse Emma, and to even digitally stalk her to contact her employers. The case is now with the police.

    False charity schemes and other financial malfeasance

    Serious questions have been raised regarding various financial filings which do not appear to reflect reality as stated by Daniel Wheeler himself. There is a confusing web of inaccurate and contradictory documents regarding his various corporate entities filed by him over the years. One can only hope these will be investigated by the relevant authorities.

    Over the years Daniel Wheeler has claimed a number of "charitable" initiatives including at one point collecting significant sums to ostensibly feed school children and also to help the homeless (see below). None of these projects have ever come to fruition, nor has there been any sort of accounting of the funds.

    Help the Homeless scam

    Oct/Nov 2020 - asked people for donations to make up packs for homeless people. He got hundreds of pounds, made a few packs and handed them out, but then said he was too ill to do any more. The rest of the donations have never been accounted for.

    False investments and offers of shares

    He has also invited the public to "invest" multiple times in his various companies . One campaign can be found by searching "Indiegogo" The 8020 Lifestyle Plan, from October 2017. A total of £6,140 raised from 51 backers on a campaign to raise £250,000. Again, there has been no evidence of any return nor any accounting of these funds.

    As recently as March 2022, Wheeler continued to offer worthless "shares" in his imaginary "show" in an effort to lure someone into doing 20 hours per week unpaid video editing and other work. Thus far, no one has taken him up on this offer.

    Daniel Wheeler’s addictions

    Dan has claimed or demonstrated apparent addiction to: food, anabolic steroids (including but not limited to testosterone, clenbuterol, anavar, and trenbolone), T3, recreational drugs including cocaine and marijuana, prescription drugs including opioid painkillers (most recently codeine), alcohol, and caffeine.

    Wheeler also reports having lost £40K on cryptocurrencies, raising the possibility of a gambling addiction.

    It should be noted Dan has mocked and attacked others for their own struggles with addiction.

    Daniel Wheeler’s legal team

    Dan acts as if he and 80/20 are supported by a large in house legal department. When faced with opposition, Dan frequently threatens to get his "legal team" involved. He seems to think valid criticism based on fact and evidence, or even having an opinion different from his own is grounds for legal action. Somehow the threatened legal actions never seem to materialize. Rather than being a crack team of attorneys, one suspects this "team" is mostly comprised of Dan himself using Google. Certainly, there is no weight to these threats - it's just another tactic he uses to bully and try to intimidate. Some former clients have even reported disappointment at not receiving a letter from the team!

    There is some suggestion longtime crony Rowly may have impersonated a lawyer when stalking and harassing former clients on Wheeler's behalf.

    Phatt Dan Jones

    "Phatt" Dan Jones is an overweight comedian with much more social media savvy and experience than Dan Wheeler. Jones had previously lost significant weight on SW before joining Daniel Wheeler. He lost 6 stone in 2021 - 4 stone with SW and 2 stone on 80/20. The 2 stone loss was over about 9 months. Daniel Wheeler planned to use Jones to increase his social media clout and hopefully sign up new customers. Initially things went well with regular public walks and other activities highlighting aspects of the 80/20 program. Jones worked hard to promote and defend Dan and 80/20.

    Dan Jones Died clickbait

    June 2021 - released a video title Dan Jones Died. It was promoted prior to the video with an email subject the same as the title, and clips of Jones' wife Carla crying. This was distressing members and followers who believed this to be true. The video was released, and was actually of Dan and Carla talking about a previous near death experience...it was clickbait. The stunt backfired, with this being the final straw for many unhappy customers.

    Fall out with Dan Jones

    The inevitable fall-out came with Wheeler slagging Jones in several videos. He claimed Jones hadn't held up his end of the bargain, despite abundant evidence to the contrary. Daniel Wheeler turned up at Jones’ house to take back all the weights he had given him once he had seen that he was working with another PT. Jones has moved on to a more healthy approach to fitness.

    See this post for Jones' recounting of events.

    As of April 2023, Wheeler remains obsessed with Jones. He continues to try and attack and criticize DJ on social media and seemingly still blames him for all of his (self-inflicted) difficulties. For his own part, Jones has long since moved on to bigger and better things and is likely not even aware of Wheeler's ongoing pathological obsession.

    Luke Hanna

    A qualified PT, with his own following and degree in Sport and Exercise science, a level 3 PT qualification and currently studying for a Masters in Obesity and Clinical Nutrition. He challenged Daniel Wheeler regarding some mis-informed rant about the benefits of bariatric surgery on TT, and Dan’s false claims that the majority of patients regain their weight.

    LH provided a very clear and well thought out response to Dan’s videos and dueted his TT in order to set the record straight. Daniel Wheeler took huge exception to this "challenge on his greatness" and conducted a live with LH to prove who was greater. The premise was to hash out the facts, but what ensued was a one sided slanging match where all Dan professed to know was that he was jealous of the qualified PT that dared to challenge him. Dan's answer to being wrong was, to have a charity boxing match. LH refused, as it was besides the point, inadvertently showing Dan up even further, so Daniel Wheeler threw his usual bully card and has since trash talked and blocked LH.

    Naturally, LH has come out from the debacle better, as he has credible sources for his fact based opinion, is fit and healthy, has a larger following. And, well... just science. Another nail in the coffin for Daniel Wheeler’s 80/20, and his argument for it being the only thing to save anyone from obesity, and themselves.

    Slimming World

    Rather than develop a legitimate plan that actually works, Daniel Wheeler seeks publicity by attacking and insulting established, successful plans and trainers, most notably SW.

    Dan has a particular grievance with SW due to his own rebounding through the diet world. Much like other problems in his life, that are levelled at the other party having the problem, he has come to the same conclusions about SW.

    SW has been successful for many clients and not for others. Daniel Wheeler’s failings with the diet cannot be characterised as a fundamental problem with the diet, but with Dan’s staying power and lack of self control, as is evident in all failing areas of his life.

    It has also come to light that Daniel Wheeler actually only attended two SW meetings, despite his claims that it "gave me an eating disorder."

    In the past, he called a SW rep whilst doing a live video, did not inform the rep he was recording or broadcasting the conversation. SW lawyers got involved and he had to remove the video. Seemingly his ‘legal team’ weren’t able to fight this one.

    Media Appearances

    "Loose women" debacle

    In July 2016, Dan claims he was dropped from Loose Women after refusing to take his top off. He accused the programme of “double standards” and for treating him “like a piece of meat”.

    He claims show producers wanted him to appear topless in a catwalk segment, “When I declined, they carried on pushing and I agreed to lift my top and show my abs but I still wasn’t comfortable. So I called them back and told them. They asked if they could film me working out topless and I said no. Then they emailed and said I had been dropped". He said the incident left him feeling “objectified”. He added: “The worst thing is I spent £10,000 redoing my website & I feel let down as I have spent a lot of time and money preparing…to be sacked off and treated like a bit of meat".

    Channel 4 Documentary, Super Slimmers: Did They Really Keep The Weight Off?

    Filmed in 2016 & aired Feb 2017, it featured six people who lost 80 stone between them through various diets, and looks at whether they were able to keep the weight off. It looked into the latest theory claiming that your body can try and sabotage your attempts to diet as it sees it as a survival threat.

    Daniel Wheeler was featured as losing 8 stone & 'keeping it off', as opposed to other people featured who had regained some, if not all, of their previous, past impressive weight loss. Daniel was probably near the peak of his physical looks at this point & said that he became 'obsessed' with health and fitness, losing 8 st in two years through strenuous exercise and avoiding processed food (he's since stated that intermittent fasting played a large part in his weight loss). He was also quoted as saying that he'd left his marketing job to become a personal trainer & he's made exercise his life.

    It's perhaps a good job they haven't been in touch to make a follow up programme as Dan has put approx. 6 stone back on from where he was then, all muscle according to him, obviously...

    As of April 2023, Wheeler is visibly obese with a bloated protruding gut and zero visible muscle definition. His weight may be at all time highs!


    3 fat people in a garage


    Big fat sigh

    Classic Whanker moments

    Roadside crying episode

    Even his own family can barely stand him! In Oct 2020, Daniel Wheeler got in a dispute at a family gathering resulting in his sister's much smaller husband threatening to put a beating on him; his response was to slink off crying and (of course) film a video of himself limping along the road in the rain. Yet another failed sympathy play!

    Vandalized an office building

    After going viral on Tiktok in early 2021, Daniel Wheeler and crew moved into rented premises at an office building. During their brief (<2 months) time on site, they were subject to multiple complaints from other occupants regarding excessive noise levels and even vomiting, apparently due to eating competitions. After numerous warnings, they were ultimately evicted from the premises; Dan's response was to vandalize the building by scattering rotten fish about including on the building manager's chair.

    Daniel Wheeler was caught on CCTV and subject to criminal charges as a result. We are waiting to learn more details of his court appearance in relation to this matter. Following their eviction, Daniel Wheeler began broadcasting first from his girlfriend's back garden; now her garage. Noise and other complaints have continued from the local neighbours who are apparently none too happy with his presence.

    Melatonin and vitamin IV drips

    Despite having zero professional qualifications, including any medical qualifications, he actively encouraged his members to purchase melatonin online. Melatonin is a medication taken by individuals who have sleep issues, as it makes this process easier. However, Daniel Wheeler, in his wisdom, decided that due to melatonin being a hormone your body naturally produces, it was perfectly fine to purchase online as part of his plan. NHS guidelines states that Melatonin is a prescription only drug in the UK (it cannot be purchased over the counter) therefore it is not recommended to be purchased online as that poses a number of risks. He encouraged his members to buy and take melatonin without thinking of the ramifications of doing so may have on each individual. He has no idea about dosage for each individual person, what additional medication each member is on or if they have any other medical issues that would be impacted by taking melatonin. His encouragement of purchasing and taking melatonin makes his plan very dangerous.

    He also promoted a company offering vitamin drips, and conducted lives hooked up to an IV. Not only is this very expensive, its also another wellness craze not backed by research.

    Inappropriate behavior toward a minor

    15 Feb 2022. In today's episode of the disaster known as the "Dan Wheeler Show" comprised of he and his cronies bantering about anything but nutrition and fitness, Dan asked a teenage girl (age uncertain, reported to be 15 or 16) whether she would engage in a specific sexual act with a 55 yo man. He went to discuss his own sexual activity with the child's mother in front of said child. He subsequently suggested the child be armed with an illegal weapon.

    We have seen Dan engage in a lot of shameful and even criminal behavior over the years but this is beyond. If this is how he acts when others are present and cameras are running, it's truly disturbing to imagine what he might be capable of.

    This incident was shocking and upsetting to many TCHQ members who had already been well-acquainted with the depths of Dan's depravity. It remains to be seen whether there might be legal or other consequences.

    Here is a transcript of the relevant segment.

    Unhinged rant, attempts to pull another child into his machinations

    6 Mar. 2022. A completely delusional Wheeler spends over an hour ranting to the effect that Dan Jones is somehow singlehandedly behind all his troubles. He believes Jones has created numerous accounts to troll him as well as contributing many "fake" (accurate) reviews, apparently based on "evidence" provided by Rowland. He stooped so low as to share an "interview" with Jones' young son, attempting to manipulate the situation for his personal gain in yet another shameful new low. He seems borderline maniacal at this point, with the entire rant punctuated by forced fake laughter.

    This unsettling segment had the effect of driving TCHQ membership to new all-time highs, surpassing that of his own Scamcademy.

    A cursory glance at the facts reveals how far gone Wheeler and his cronies really are. TL doesn't allow multiple accounts, and in any case there were already well over ten thousand posts from over a hundred separate accounts prior to Jones joining - for a start.

    Update: it has been reported Wheeler paid (bribed) the 16 yo child to obtain this “interview”. Wheeler himself states he provided £15 "for food." Way to keep things objective and honest!

    DMT live

    June 2021, Dan Wheeler decided it was a good idea to share his experience of taking illegal drug DMT on a Live.

    Superman desk

    April/May 2021 Dan Wheeler spent at least £4K having a customized monstrosity of a desk built in a "superman" theme. Some speculate this may have been an attempt to hide his expanding gut. The desk was briefly set up in their short-lived office premises (see above), then presumably left to rot in his girlfriend's back garden. The desk may serve as a metaphor for Wheeler's career cycle: irrational ebullience, followed by a crash and decay.

    The "Legends" scheme scam

    After going viral on tiktok & at the peak of customer sign ups, Dan launched this scheme in summer 2021. Very much like a Multi Level Marketing scheme where your current paying customers continually bring new customers into the business, & in turn, these new customers do the same. We presume that he was hoping he could just sit back, do nothing & the money would continue to roll in.
    As you can see below, the scheme expected a great deal of time & effort from anyone wanting to join, for very little in the way of return/discounted fees. The NDA form referenced was a very simple copy & paste sourced online, it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on as it wouldn't be legally binding in any way. The following info directly from 8020:

    The Champion, Legend & Mini Legend Scheme
    The scheme is a tiered system with the following tiers:
    Champion’s - they have completed the 80/20 lifestyle plan, continued to follow what they have learnt for a substantial amount of time (16+months from starting the plan), continue being part of the Academy and living life the 80/20 way.
    Legend’s - they have completed the full 16wks of the 80/20 lifestyle plan, have continued being part of the Academy and are continuing living life the 80/20 way for a duration of 3months.
    Mini Legend’s – they have completed the 16wks of the 80/20 lifestyle plan.
    Champions - the total number of will be 20 and is invite only. Legends - the total number of will be 20 and chosen through an application process.
    Mini Legends - are chosen through an application process.

    The number of Champions, Legends and Mini Legends are likely to be increased as the numbers on the plan grow. There will be separate slack channel chats for Champions, Legends, and Mini Legends. These may be changed as numbers on the scheme grow. For all the levels above you need to be the following:
    1) Passionate about the 80/20 Lifestyle Plan
    2) Passionate about helping others in their 80/20 journey
    3) Be 100% positive towards the 80/20 Lifestyle Plan
    4) Be prepared to commit to spending time within the Academy
    5) Represent and promote the 80/20 Lifestyle Plan
    6) Spending time in the channel chat with your fellow Champions, Legends & Mini Legends (this will be done via the slack app)

    Mini Legend Expectations and Rewards Expectations –
    1) Become a cheerleader inside the academy by answering questions, commenting, reacting to other members posts & tagging team members as required. Posting about your own transformation and journey when prompted
    2) Attend as many as possible of Dan’s lives in the academy and other lives hosted by 80/20 coaches
    3) To communicate directly with Lois and other Mini Legends via the slack app
    4) To help The 80/20 Lifestyle plan with promoting plans/eBooks and our other offers etc
    5) To use a referral code to encourage new members to sign up to the plan
    Rewards –
    1) Highlighted in the Academy Community
    2) £5 off your membership (making it just £20 per month)
    3) Rosette added to your Facebook profile
    4) Receive new exclusive content on Nutrition, Movement & Mindset
    5) Personal development resources (to help you level up your Nutrition, Movement & Mindset)
    6) £25 coupon credit on The 80/20 Website for products/service *
    7) Referral code to refer people to the plan (unpaid but encouraged and incentivised to do so)
    8) Support/mentoring from the team
    *Website terms and conditions apply - to claim your £25 credit you must spend over £50 in one order Legends Expectations and Rewards Expectations –
    1) Become a cheerleader inside the academy by answering questions, commenting, reacting to other members posts & tagging team members as required. Posting about your own transformation and journey when prompted
    2) Attend as many as possible of Dan’s lives in the academy and other lives hosted by 80/20 coaches
    3) To communicate directly with Lois and other Legends via the slack app
    4) To help The 80/20 Lifestyle plan with promoting plans/eBooks and our other offers etc
    5) To promote The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan on your own social media (support/training given)
    6) Help marshalling at events / workshops / seminars (where the opportunity is possible)
    7) Achieve objectives and targets for referring members using a referral code
    Rewards –
    1) Highlighted in the Academy Community
    2) Care package (goodies from us)
    3) £5 off your membership (making it just £20 per month for the standard plan) OR
    4) 50% off an annual membership of any plan (payable upfront)
    5) Legend Banner added to your Facebook profile
    6) Receive new exclusive content on Nutrition, Movement & Mindset
    7) Personal development resources (to help you level your Nutrition, Movement & Mindset)
    8) £50 coupon credit on The 80/20 Website for products/services *
    9) Referral code to refer people to the plan – (earn rewards/cash/bonuses)
    10) Opportunity to meet the 80/20 team and Dan via a zoom meeting
    11) 50% off seminar tickets, masterclasses, and workshops
    12) Support/mentoring from the team
    *Website terms and conditions apply - to claim your £50 credit you must spend over £100 in one order.

    Champions Expectations and Rewards TBC
    If you have any issues or concerns during your time with the scheme, please email me directly.
    Each Champion, Legend and Mini Legend will have a colour banner or rosette on their profile picture. This will allow the other members within the academy to easily recognise them. These are as follows: Champion - Pink banner Legend - Teal green banner Mini Legend – Grey / Black Rosette
    IMPORTANT - Please note as you will be privileged to information about The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan as part of the scheme, it is imperative that you do not discuss anything that you are informed about with anyone. Keeping the Company's privacy is very important. Attached is a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which will need to be signed and returned. Although it contains legal jargon by signing the agreement you are agreeing to keep the information you receive about The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan confidential.

    Failed Sky advert

    Spring/summer 2021. Bragged about how the ad he produced was going to be seen all over the country. The ad was not allowed by the network for various reasons; he obviously spent no time investigating the requirements in advance. Afterward complained about having to follow rules.

    "Live" Dantrum from his car

    Jan 2022. "Walk with Wheeler" started late yet again, this time due to supposed wifi issues (the wifi was working well enough to play call of duty). Dan has another near melt-down in response to valid criticism. Awkward segment as even his cronies were visibly uncomfortable with his behavior and tried to reign him in. He signed off saying he was going to go meditate and "have a whank"! This is his professional broadcast aimed primarily at women, some of whom might be watching with children present. No walking involved, as usual!

    Rant towards someone endorsing a diet/diet product

    Can be seen in all it's glory here.

    He accuses the person of "preying on & taking advantage of the desperate...", so exactly what Mr Wheeler does. He hopes the person "goes bankrupt, rots in hell, has a horrible, horrible car crash maiming & disabling them leaving them crippled for the rest of their lives...".

    Whatsapp group "buddy" scam

    Late March 2022. Desperate for money, Dan establishes 3 separate Whatsapp groups lead by Sean, Kaz, and himself. Legends are expected to pay an extra £25/month to be in one of these groups with approx 14 others. Supposedly these groups will provide motivation and support... of precisely the kind his main FB group promises but already lacks. There were immediate technical issues and it is obvious this latest cash grab has not been thought through at all. It remains to be seen whether there will be any uptake of this latest scam, and if so, how long it will last.

    * Update: as of the first week of April, the price has been dropped to £15/month. It is unclear whether anyone has been so misled as to actually sign up. Also, Sean has left and apparently been replaced by one of the Steves (Rowland).

    (Another) incident at a pharmacy

    5 April 2022. Dan rants about an interaction he had with a pharmacist who dared question him. This was simply a concerned professional doing their job correctly when an addict came looking for codeine. Naturally Dan went on the attack, insulting the unfortunate woman and raving about how the drug should be freely available to him over the counter.

    Wheeler claimed he needs the codeine for yet another of his constant infections. Bacterial infections (such as cellulitis resulting from incorrect injection technique and/or contaminated testosterone) are usually managed with antibiotics.

    It is clear that despite his denials Dan remains actively addicted to painkillers, and is most likely also injecting illegally obtained (contaminated) steroids. Kaz sat by nodding along and enabling him, as usual. It's worth noting this isn't the first time Dan's drug-seeking behaviour has gotten him into trouble with a pharmacy; he has probably been flagged for exactly this reason.

    Another crying episode

    7 April 2022. The (fake) tears were once again flowing, as Dan claimed to embark on yet another 12 step program toward sobriety. It's only been a few months since his last 12 steps. He skipped over the first few steps, jumping right to step 4 and 5 where he listed a bunch of people he wanted to forgive and whom he wished would forgive him. There were a number of family members, past and current employees/associates, as well as his ex-wife listed. This was his usual victim card, attention seeking "I'm sorry but..." approach where it's all about him. The segment was punctuated by his usual jarring fake laugh, without any real evidence of introspection or genuine emotion.

    Attacks a newly diagnosed cancer patient

    10 April 2022. This one is beyond disgusting. In short, a recent signup to 80/20 was diagnosed with cancer and therefore made a polite, reasonable and completely understandable request to withdraw from the scam. She did not ask for a refund, only that there be no further charges. Anyone would respond with kindness and understanding, but not Dan Wheeler. No, he goes on the attack, even threatening police involvement! This is so infuriating and offensive it's difficult to process, so I will just link to his own post - which was quickly taken down when even most of his supporters reacted negatively.

    Apparently this is not even the first time Wheeler has attacked a cancer patient. It is beyond comprehension how anyone could support this.

    Prank calls a funeral home

    9 May 2022. Egged on by Kaz, Dan makes an obscene harassing phone call to a funeral home. Yet another example of how this moron has zero regard for anyone but himself. He thinks its funny disrupting those simply trying to do their job, yet whines and cries when people are rightly angry at him for ripping them off.

    "Six figure" podcast deal

    9 June 2022. Wheeler claims he has landed a "sponsor" for his podcast The Dan Wheeler Show which will begin in September. This supposed benefactor wishes to remain anonymous. The precise details remain unclear, and there is a lot of skepticism for obvious reasons. One thing is certain: In the unlikely event Dan has somehow managed to beg and borrow any amount of money at all, it will be gone in short order with nothing to show.

    *Update: Dan and Kaz claim to be going to Peru to meet with the secret investor and secure the deal. Or something like that! You can't make this stuff up, can't wait to see what lies he comes up with next.

    ** As of the end of June there has been no further mention or clarification of this supposed contract. More lies from Dan, as usual.


    June 2022. Announces they will be switching to Patreon. This comes at increased cost and inconvenience for the few if any remaining paying members. Yet another in a long line of terrible business decisions from Mr. Know-it-all! Apparently some of the people he expected to follow him over to Patreon won’t be making the transition; another Dantrum can’t be far off!

    Another disturbing comment toward a minor

    22 June 2022. Dan makes a disgusting comment about "having a wank" in front of Kaz's 11 yo son and then "over his [the child's] photo". Kaz the enabler cackles along. This is at least 3 recent incidents of Dan expressing inappropriate thoughts and behaviours toward minors, on video (twice with their mothers present).

    See this post for link to video.

    There is a sick pattern here suggesting Wheeler is much more disturbed than simply being a failed fitness scammer. People are working to report Wheeler to the relevant authorities.

    Inappropriate dialog with sister

    7 Nov 2022. Dan has now flamed out in total failure "across all his platforms". 80/20 is finished and his patreon nearly so. Nevertheless he somehow continues plodding on to no audience other than the fake views he buys. In this latest disgusting segment, perverse sex-obsessed Dan asks his own sister detailed questions about her sexual practices.


    Repulsive segment gives some insight into the family's deeply disturbed background. As usual Wheeler lacks any insight into his own repugnant behaviour. In this same video he states no one should get a "free pass" due to mental health, meanwhile he himself has claimed same too many times to count.

    "Dan's dogs"

    April 2023. Despite the incredible success of his "podcast" (demonetized Youtube videos attracting single digit to low double digit views), and the remarkable (supposed) 100K "investment", Dan appears to be extremely desperate financially. Things have gotten so bad he is looking for a job. To be clear, this is Dan Wheeler, so what he actually wants is something in return for nothing. He was found in a dog walking group where someone asked for help. Dan's response was a "business proposal" wherein he (Dan) would be paid £250 a day in return for full time dog walking (he's insured!), and of course his unique social media skills.

    See post for details and screenshots. Coming from anyone else this would have to be joke, but this is the beyond delusional Dan Wheeler... truly one of a kind!

    Kaz leaves

    After standing by Dan through an insane weekly commute keeping her away from her husband and young child, not being paid, witnessing Dan's drug abuse and endless scamming, and sexualizing children including her own, blackmail, threats, etc. etc. she finally left as announced by Dan on June 28, 2023.

    Another Dantrum

    7 July 2023. As TCHQ continues to grow, Dan has a meltdown due to YT enforcing their terms and conditions. Wheeler believes the rules don't apply to him and he should be able to profit off others' work while producing nothing of value. Predicts the platform will be "dead" in 3 years!

    See this post for link to video.

    Ren Gill

    Summer 2023. Wheeler latches onto what he sees as the latest trend, a humble young musician named Ren whose genuine charisma and collaborative work has led to growing popularity. Dan wants a piece of the glory and tries to jump on the bandwagon; of course he does so in classic Wheeler fashion, taking a very superficial approach and making everything about himself. He did manage to secure an exclusive interview with a guy whose friend knew a guy whose cousin once worked with Ren's videographer...or something like that! The interview was conducted in a noisy pub and offered no real insight.

    Dan's ignorant commentary on Ren's work is riddled with factual errors. While he initially achieves a modicum of success - maybe a few thousand legitimate views - with his clickbait videos in this new niche, the true Ren fans quicky recognize Dan's con. As usual, when called out Dan goes on the attack. He insults Ren's fans and goes on a blocking spree. It's literally the exact same events we've seen play out time and again. Despite nearly identical feedback as from his other failed ventures, none of this is Wheeler's fault as he can do no wrong and is incapable of learning.

    What is remarkable about Wheeler is how consistently he manages to alienate completely different and unrelated groups of people. It's even more impressive that he somehow continues to believe he is right and the whole world is wrong.

    This post details one fan's assessment. I'm sure Dan tells himself this is just DJ under another alias!


    Credit- Spongranch

    80/20 changing lives, like Novichok on the doorknobs of the nation.

    Hello Dan

    The weekend was a bit bumpy for you, so I will do that first. I hear "tokens" are the new idea, so how about a "Turnip Token" from me for not talking about the anniversary of "Bloody Sunday" well done!

    Oh, I will have to take that "Turnip Token" away as you waded in on Hillsborough! It's so good to have someone like you putting forth sensible thoughtful comments. Have you thought of helping Ukraine with the Russia crisis? Please do that live from the border, that would get attention.

    If its attention you want how about putting some pencils up your nose, pants on your head and saying the word “wibble”. Oh, sorry that’s an old Blackadder script, still worth a go and safer than the Hillsborough stuff.

    Also, how brave to share how you got "hypogonadism" from fad diets when most bodybuilding people get it from anabolic steroids.

    "Anabolic steroids induce hypogonadism in young men "by Coward and Lipshultz should help you with that confusion. It's a peer-reviewed academic paper known aka "research".

    With fuel prices on the rise, it must be comforting to know that you can both heat and light your own home with infinitely sustainable gaslighting, which I believe you have in plentiful supply.

    At one point in your life, you were taking more gym candy to get juiced up than the "Flavour me Fruity" juice bar in my local shopping centre. You expect your single-digit audience to believe your medical condition is due to a 5-week fad diet of wagon wheels and avocados in 2012?

    Back to your business and why it is not scalable or sustainable, unlike many other similar companies.

    At best, you are in the "dead cat bounce" stage with your business
    Not the most pleasant analogy, based on if something falls far enough when it hits bottom, it will bounce up, like a dead cat. Not my choice (coined by stockbrokers), but I wanted to pick something memorable for you. You are in the "dead cat bounce stage" even if you sign up two new members. Get the turnips sitting behind you to google it. Oh, and I love cats!

    You know that your kind of business must consider the following:

    Retention: It should be 16 weeks if it works. If people stay a year, your plan does not work and is just the same as all those other plans you profess to hate. However, longer retention means more money. Why would I stay if you have " cured" me in 16 weeks?

    Referral: You need people to say nice things to get others to sign up, so you don't have to rely on generic, lame, NHS hero coupons that genuinely demonstrate the reason why no turnip has ever been head of marketing and is better suited to sitting immobile in a cold field. You are not getting referrals, your positive “ word of mouth” from customers is very poor. Why is that?

    Revenue: You need money in the door, but if people are cancelling quicker than a dinner reservation on the Titanic, then your churn rate is too high to sustain a business, and that is why you are thrashing around like a freshly caught attention-seeking fish. A lack of revenue is pushing you further into scam territory as the desperation increases.

    Reputation: The 80/20client base is inexorably heading towards a smaller number than this tattle platform of ex-clients. It looks like you are between “a rock and a hard place”, so let's hope that hard place is dirty block paving and you can get some jet washing revenue.

    If you grow and get that "bounce" you are desperate for, a significant number of people will check out you and your business. Red flags will be going up, alarms will start ringing, and a substantial portion of clients and potential business collaborators will exit stage left.

    There is a Ms Darby (influencer) whose unpleasant tweets/comments resurfaced ten years later. Her agent sacked her, the clothing line stalled, followers ran away in their thousands. This could be a tale about anyone who has said unpleasant things, done unpleasant things, been unkind to customers, told lies and left a trail of damage behind them.

    The difference between you and that example is that your dirty washing is out there already, just a click away.

    You didn’t need Kathy Bates from the film “Misery” you got the hammer and the wood and hobbled yourself, your business and your top team of turnips. You can struggle on deceiving the odd passer-by who fails to check you out, but you are never going to achieve the pace and success of the past.

    The sobbing back story will not cut it with anyone. You are currently in a loop of offering a dubious non-peer-reviewed ever-changing diet lifestyle mindset plan that you know does not work, facilitated by two turnips with no applicable qualifications between them. Ask yourself what publisher, TV company, brand agency would touch a person/company/brand that has a trail of disaster behind it and more waiting to fall out of closets in the future?

    Just a quick Turnip Watch. Are you paying the turnips, running a cult, or am I watching a hostage situation? Team Turnip, just blink SOS with your eyelids, and help will be sent. I implore you to release "team turnip". How will they work again if any future employer starts googling your business and then looks at them over the interview table after reading and watching your talentless unedifying tripe?

    In the words of Frozen, "let it go". Reinvention is always possible. There is always hope, but not in the diet fitness industry where you are as welcome as Novichok on the doorknobs of the nation.

    Maybe try the “ wibble and pencils up the nose” thing. Its old but effective.
    Next week "how to save for a rainy day" the tax man cometh.

    Partial list of "ideas" first quarter 2022

    The following is a partial list of ideas Dan came up with during the first quarter of 2022.

    As you can see, these are obvious delusions and/or had zero effort or follow through by Dan. As usual.

    Credit: Imnotsureyouknow

    * Boxing.
    * Weight loss.
    * Bitesize videos.
    * DW festival.
    * DJ child abuse.
    * Walk with Wheeler.
    * Storytime with Wheeler.
    * Cooking with Wheeler.
    * WhatsApp.
    * Training Steve Cleverly.
    * Making everyone hate DJ.
    * Its Emma/Amelia/Ashleigh.
    * Its all DJ.
    * Everyones calories are too low.
    * Im not fat I'm a beast.
    * The DW Show feat Sean and Kaz.
    * You wont be able to speak with him soon.
    * Phil and Holly.
    * Paul Holywood.
    * Worth $1,200,000.
    * Gaming and Comedy Channel.
    * Where's Wheeler.
    * NHS Heroes for anyone.
    * Who uses scales? You! Centimeters.
    * Get walking; I do.
    * Depression is deflectable.
    * "Dude calories".
    * I'm not a therapist.
    * Martine McCutcheon.