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  1. S

    WhatMummyMakes #16 plz don’t b mean it makes me sad, Nina’s all mine she has no dad

    Good Morrow fellow high society instaparents, fairy worshippers, cheese lovers & pastry enthusiasts, welcome to Rebecca Wilson’s latest thread. Mother Gothel hasn’t been doing much in terms of, ya know….her job? Which is providing weaning content, but is still living up to her trademark of...
  2. Puffin_island

    Whatmummymakes #15 Nina’s off washing the car with the other, Bex has no content with no one to smother

    Thank you to @FakeSmile for the thread title. It's also pretty apt for the recap for the previous thread. 😂
  3. M

    What Mummy Makes #14 Brownies made imaginary friends cry, what else can air-fry, kissing my content bye-bye

    Distinct lack of content from Bex of late so not much of an recap I’m afraid! Had to shorten the title a little to fit but thanks to @JarvisCockerSpaniel for the suggestion
  4. Ronlonglegs

    WhatMummyMakes #13 "Got rid of the spouse, Butchering the house, obsessed with a brambly mouse"

    First time attempting to set up a new thread. Thanks to @Hippo1958 for the excellent thread suggestion. So becks has been to Greece, allowed a strange adult to massage panini, she's eaten alot of pastry and cheese, still driving 100 miles a weekend and she's moved into a new house to live out...
  5. S

    WhatMummyMakes #12 Burst out of my Barbour Coat, No one gives a hoot about MyNini’s post-it note

    Thanks to @JarvisCockerSpaniel for the thread title! Anyone wanna do a recap? 🥒 🧀
  6. S

    WhatMummyMakes #11 Pout My Nini, pout pout My Nini, you’re my meal ticket, my cash cow, Panini

    New Thread for Rebecca Wilson (What mummy makes) thanks to @Synergy for the new thread title. Anyone want to do a recap? 🧀 🥒 🍿 💃🏽 🥒
  7. E

    WhatMummyMakes #10 Hello from the other siiiiide ... I have a husband that I hiiiiiiiiide.

    Congrats to @foreverfeds for the new title with 61 reactions! Nothing was going to top that!! What has been happening in Becky and MyNini's world? They got gifted Adele tickets after Becky-with-the-bad-hair complained on insta that she didn't get any. Which meant another trip down to London &...
  8. Y

    WhatMummyMakes #9 I would drive 500 miles & I would drive 500 more, just to be a mum who’s child saw downtown abbey age 4

    Hopefully have some this right it's my first thread 😬. Well done Borntorun on a fantastic winning title, I've had to condense it a bit to make it fit, be sure to post a smug boomerang to celebrate 🙂. To recap: Bex and mynini took a trip to Yorkshire, Bex checked herself in as Ms Wilson and...
  9. Q

    WhatMummyMakes #8 Raisins and mayo are foods of the devil, but pastry and cheese are simply next level!

    Well done @foreverfeds on a great winning thread title 👏🏼 First time I’ve ever started a new thread so here goes, hope I get it right! Some of the highlights of the last 3 months of Becky with the Hagrid hair (feel free to add)… - Loves taking her best friend (aka 4 year old Nini) on day...
  10. S

    Whatmummymakes #7 A mother who smothers, refers to husband as the ‘Other’

    Well done and congrats to @jollycat for the winning thread title! Join us on watching Rebecca Wilsons’s journey of self destruction by: - testing how many thousand calories she can fit into a meal per day and legally pass it off as a ‘healthy eating’ -examples are pastries stuffed with cheese...
  11. SophSpinsSillyStories

    Whatmummymakes #6 Trying on clothes that are clearly too small! No one believes Nina is really that tall!!

    Thanks to @moreteavicarXoXo for the winning recommendation. You may collect your reward of pastry and cheese from Costa in Carlisle. Hope this works - it’s my first thread! Previous thread recap: Nina turned 4 and rather than spending the day at soft play with her friends, she had a 121...
  12. Em_

    WhatMummyMakes #5 Can't visit a shop without signing her book, a meal without cheese would have her shook

    Thanks to @Borntorun for the winning thread title. Quick re-cap Rebecca mentioned the husband on her 30th Birthday. Rebecca took Nina away when she had a sickness bug. Rebecca took Nina to pick up a prescription because she had an ear infection and it took a couple of hours, then dragged her...
  13. C

    Whatmummymakes #4 Always on a Costa break, what is it Mummy actually makes?!

    Welll Done to @jollycat for the best thread title suggestion!! Recap: Went to Costa Went to Costa Got on a train had a costa Wrote her new book in Costa New book out soon she’s just finishing writing it in Costa Took photos of said book for cover, didn’t get hair or makeup done She’s...
  14. Lilykins

    Whatmummymakes #3 Crispy hair and close up shots, how many times can you pop to the shops?

    Excellent thread name suggestion by @Hadtodoit To recap last thread : •More Nina content as ever, even filming the poor girl when it’s clear she doesn’t want it •Always banging on about being ‘best friends’ with her child - probably doesn’t have any other friends • Mysterious husband is no...
  15. H

    Whatmummymakes #2 do you like it? Do you? Do you?

    Thanks to @Eenymeenyminymo for the suggest! my first new thread so hopefully I’ve done this right!
  16. Casperron


    This women! Why is she so bloody obsessed with forcing her child to eat every single crumb on the plate. I don’t think it’s normal behaviour. Toddlers go some days not wanting to eat as much. And shoving a camera in her face filming her eat every meal isn’t healthy either. And now she’s bringing...