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  1. snapdrag0n

    Running Instagrammers #6 Never take advice from this bunch of plonkers

    New thread time!!! Title win goes to @runningbutnotinfluencing, censored slightly due to a swear (I know it’s tame but thems the rules). Title would be: Running Instagrammers #6 - Never take advice from this bunch of dicks. Small recap (it’s hard when there’s SO many Runfluencers right?!) •...
  2. snapdrag0n

    thewelshrunner & kellogs_ontherun #4 Injury, hospitals & gluten-free galore. It all went wrong at Phantasm24

    Bravo to @runderpants for winning thread title 👏👏👏 I had to sadly make a minor edit because of character limits. Title would’ve been: thewelshrunner and kellogs_ontherun #4 - Broken tits, hospitals and gluten free galore. It all went wrong at Phantasm 24!
  3. snapdrag0n

    thewelshrunner and kellogs_ontherun #3 At Home with the Bonkdashians

    Congrats to @instaclowns for just clinching most liked for this gem. Old thread - Recap: Our favourite Welsh couple are making unwise training decisions yet again. Both have...
  4. snapdrag0n

    Running Instagrammers #5 “we go again”

    Well done to @personalbest for this one! 👏👏 Old thread - I’ll try and recap later but TIA if someone beats me to it!
  5. That’sOk

    Thewelshrunner and Kellogs_ontherun #2 roll those dice but please ignore their advice

    New thread Congrats to @instanonsense for the winning thread title 🏅 Recap anyone? How many miles a week is Matt covering in his multiple sessions… how close to a BQ is Kelly…
  6. snapdrag0n

    Running Instagrammers #4 Fumble bus, sell out runners and Nick ‘do as I please’ Bester?

    Hello! New thread :) Could someone do the TLDR please? Old thread -
  7. snapdrag0n

    thewelshrunner and kellogs_ontherun

    You asked for it, this is the new home for thewelshrunner and kellogs_ontherun. Enjoy!
  8. snapdrag0n

    Running Instagrammers #3 Worn-out sell-outs.

    New thread! Can’t believe we’re on #3 already. Old thread here - Click “threads” and “watch tagged threads” to never lose a thread. Rather than just watching the new...
  9. That’sOk

    Running Instagrammers #2 Wannabe Elite Wednesday, (over)Training Thursday, Fracture Clinic Friday

    Thanks to @Instagrime for the thread suggestion however I have had to shorten it to fit! Does anyone want to do a recap? Also do we want a poll making, open to ideas
  10. WeepingCassandra

    Running Instagrammers

    (Mods hope this is the correct process and the right place!) A thread for discussing runners on Instagram to avoid derailing the PMG thread too much. One thing that’s come up in the PMG thread is that some instarunners just seem to be addicted to marathon training block after marathon training...
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